Worry, anxiety, fretting, concern, stress, etc. these are all emotions that are based on a possible future event. The end result is based on a possible happening far from you, in the future. Possible. Not sure just maybe. Most likely maybe not. So why is it so many worry about the possibility of something being highly negative? Why do we pace back and forth until the floor boards are worn? Over the ‘idea’ of something bad being the outcome. The answer is simple and it stems from not being present. There is a seed deep inside of the minds of all of us that can be watered to manifest the most wonderful things into reality. Let us water it with good thoughts so we can grow beautiful flowers. When the anxiety comes, close your eyes and see a wall build higher than the clouds, leaving you and the sun together on one side. The right side and the heavy cloud of anxiety on the other. The left. Flip to the other side of the world to your other self. See the circle spin like a dial. Counterclockwise. See the sun and you together on the left side and the worries as a raging thunderstorms on your right. See it disappear behind the wall. Stacking higher and higher passed the clouds until it is not longer in sight. See amethyst below your feet and let it shine into the soles of your feet, through your center, through the crown of your head, and out. You are now grounded with amethyst energy and purple color therapy. You have prevailed through real happenings in your life. Serious situations you have been crowned triumphant. You can conquer anything that comes your way. In this case all you have to battle is the thought that maybe the end result will be negative. But to speak positively, I doubt it will end that way. 😏😉 #BePresent #ThereIsNoSpoon #amethystLessons #amethyst #WorryNot #become #Enlightenment #Lightworker #andTheSkyWasMadeOfAmethyst

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