Capitol Coffee House on Beacon Hill, Boston

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When in Boston,  I went to the Capitol Coffee House on Beacon Hill. It is located right across the street from the Capitol building. I thought today was a fitting day to post about my delicious latte from this simple eatery. They serve your food on paper plates, but they made a fantastic latte. Sprinkled with a little cocoa, my drink warmed me right up on a chilly New England morning. Their place mats of the U.S. Presidents made for a great conversation piece during our breakfast. I mean, how many of you would even know what President Chester A. Arthur looked like?

If you’re visiting Boston or the Beacon Hill neighborhood, I recommend stopping by.

Capitol Coffee House on Beacon Hill

122 Bowdoin Street
Boston, MA 02108

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First New York City Snow Fall

We’ve had a very interesting week of weather here in New York City. Today, it is a beautiful November day, which is well deserved after what some New Yorkers had to go through for Sandy and on Wednesday during the nor’easter. On my walk home from work, I took a few photos. This is one of my favorites- a pile of delivery bikes that were certainly making no deliveries that night.

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