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please give pidge a robot girlfriend in season 3
lance will tease her abt it and she’ll be like “lance ur literally dating a big fluffy purple alien leave me alone”
keith yells from the next room “I’M STILL NOT PURPLE”

the signs when they've had enough of everyone's shit:
  • Aries: *scrolls through memes on instagram* you will beg on your feet when i destroy the world one day smh *forgets the fight and hugs you 2 mins afterwards*
  • Taurus: Give me a coffee or I will write a novel and insult you all in it because im too nice to say it in your face
  • Gemini: *smiles evily and plots your death in spanish* yes Karen I love you haha :)
  • Cancer: *sighs* what can i do when i love them
  • Virgo: *puts glasses on and invites you for tea* Sit down, we need to have a deep, thorough conversation and analyze all the possible aspects of the spheres of our conflict, therefore solving it properly, without further misconceptions on that particular topic.
  • Libra: Ya'll don't deserve me smh but ur all my friends and i wont do anything bad bc i love u
  • Scorpio: *sobs up* I just wanted to be supportive but y'all dont know when to stop
  • Sagittarius: *kills everyone in their way with their laser-beam eyes*
  • Capricorn: Oh look, Im sad, therefore im gonna turn off my phone, stay at home for 3 millenias and play trashy video games
  • Aquarius: *finds new friends and doesnt even give a shit about their old friends*
  • Pisces: I just need to get laid, otherwise I promise there will be casualties
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“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.” says really rich actor with an estimate net wealth of $75 million.

Ah, may day - or as I like to call it, The Howl’s Moving Castle -Day.

On Undertale and fighting

Okay so chat posts are not the best for reblogging with commentary but regarding this:

Even in the Pacifist run, there are some fights you can’t get out of. The important thing is 1. to recognize which fights are which, and 2. to spare even these enemies once they are no longer threatening you. You can’t spare Asgore or Flowey until you’ve fought them, and the Omega Flowey fight in particular is set up in such a way that there’s no question of trying until after the fight is well and truly over. This latter is especially noteworthy because it’s the one time in the game where you’re in a similar position to the monsters fighting a No Mercy human.

Undertale is about power in a way I think often gets overlooked. You have the power to SAVE. That means you’re never in any real danger in these monster fights. Sans even makes a point, in some neutral endings, of saying self-defense is fine- but was it really self-defense, for you? Whether looking at it from the perspective of Frisk, a hidden Chara, or the player themselves, the answer is no. If you die, you come back unscathed. If a monster dies, they’re just dead. The monsters also have a real reason to fight. They have a long and very serious list of grievances against humans, and are suffering from human action against them even if the humans themselves have forgotten the monsters exist. And when, in the Pacifist route, do we face unavoidable fights? When we face entities with tremendous, genuinely threatening power. A king who knew he was doing the wrong thing, chose to kill, and succeeded six times, in the process teaching the entire underground that this was the only way to deal with humans. An entity who killed without remorse, for fun, over and over and over, threatening literally the entire universe in the process. You reach both of them eventually, but it’s not by playing nice and showing them how nonthreatening you are. Flowey, in particular, you have to confront forcefully just in order to make him listen to you at all. Until you do that, he’ll keep dismissing you as weak and stupid.

In the No Mercy route, you are the power that must be fought because it can’t be reasoned with. I think it’s worth noting that Undyne Undying is the very next boss after Papyrus, and Papyrus is practically the spare option personified in his own fight. Papyrus is a kind of point of no return, where you can’t possibly pretend not to understand exactly what you’re doing. Immediately prior to Undyne Undying, you get a kind of confirmation of that point of no return in Monster Kid. In No Mercy and No Mercy alone, Undyne is an unambiguous hero. At no point is her violence towards you considered anything other than justified (unlike in other routes, where it ranges from “understandable but not especially heroic” to “wow that was messed up”). That’s because of your own unambiguous serial murder. You are not an entity that can be pacified, so long as you hold power without consequences; therefore, there must be consequences. You will kill literally everyone if not stopped; therefore you must be stopped, period.

As a moral, this means that when you are the one with the power, you have a moral obligation to seek peaceful resolution when you can. However, when you aren’t, you have a right to defend yourself. Undertale leaves us a challenge much more complicated and difficult than “Never hurt people, because it’s bad”. It insists in strident terms that every life is valuable, and leaves you with the sometimes-contradictory task of actively defending all those lives to the best of your ability. Everyone has a right to live- not only your enemies, but your friends, and people you don’t know, and you. Defending that right means avoiding killing whenever possible, but it also means not meekly accepting your death or the deaths of others. In other words:

“Don’t kill, and don’t be killed.”

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how do you make the sparkles fall behind the image? like only on the background

hey, love! so i’ve been asked this a lot, and i finally have a day off so below is how i end up with something like this: 

(the psd used in this example can be found here)(i save my sparkle gif from here) (this is more to show how to remove the gif from over the model, a tutorial for how to use the gif in the first place can be found here)

this might get a bit wordy since i can never manage to keep things short, and since this is a little bit more complicated than the usual ‘sparkle’ effect, i’ve added a few pictures along the way to help but please feel free to ask any questions!

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This is How Yoon Bum Will Escape Sangwoo (KS Ending Theory)

Okay, after reading Chapter 27 I’ve come up with a theory for Yoon Bum’s escape (and, possibly, the ending to Killing Stalking). I call it the ‘Turned Tables’ theory. And yes, your brain is going to hurt very much after reading it.

DISCLAIMER: The author is fantastic at throwing twists everywhere, so if this doesn’t happen I won’t be surprised. However, if it DOES happen the Internet owes me a puppy….and a million dollars. Anyway, moving on to the theory…

(Bear with me, it will take a while to get there because we are going to have to take a little trip inside Sangwoo’s head first…)

Although Sangwoo’s split between child/killer, affection/cruelty, mother/father has always been there, in Ch 27 we finally see 'Child’ take the reins (for like, a minute…). We see his vulnerability and fright, his willingness to please (if only, for his own feelings of security).

From Bum’s capture until now, Sangwoo has been recreating his past step for step, leading up to his parents’ murders. He is recreating these events in the hopes that they will result in a 'happier’ ending this time, not because he regrets killing his father (and, possibly, his mother too?), but because being able to choose the ending gives him power he didn’t have before. For Sangwoo, everything is about power. Why? Because, growing up, he had none.

His father controlled him through violence. His mother controlled him through love, and through a guilt born of love. She used Sangwoo’s love for her to guilt him into behaving the way she (and the father) wanted him to behave. How? By making Sangwoo feel as though he was responsible for his father abusing her. She (inadvertently?) made Sangwoo into a puppetmaster—the true villain—by implying that he was causing his father to abuse her, that if it wasn’t for Sangwoo, the abuse wouldn’t be happening at all. Example: 'you made a mess – why would you make a mess if you love me? What will your father do to me when he sees this mess you made?’.

Getting back to the 'choosing the ending’ thing. His parents’ murder(s) were a response to years and years of abuse—it was a defiant, but defensive, decision. A reactionary one. The choices for Sangwoo were 1. kill the abuser(s) to stop the abuse, or 2. let the abuse continue. Even though he killed, the killing didn’t give him a true feeling of control because it was not an offensive move. Hence, this could be why he kidnaps and kills (mostly) women in the way that he does; he creates the entire scenario from start to finish. He chooses the victim and every single thing that leads to their death/burial.

From the beginning, Yoon Bum was not like the others for that very reason. He was male – not a victim Sangwoo would normally choose. He arrived unexpectedly – Sangwoo did not bring him there. He didn’t behave the way Sangwoo expected his victims to – Bum loved Sangwoo, even during the pain Sangwoo inflicted on him. So, from the start, in a weird way the tables have been tilted in Bum’s favour because he controlled the beginning – Sangwoo did not.

Yoon Bum began in the basement and has been steadily moving up to the top floor. Sangwoo, by allowing this, has been relinquishing his control in increments, allowing more of the Child to surface and the Killer to retreat. Now that Yoon Bum is on the second floor, the Child and Killer are evenly matched and it can go either way from here. The tables are at the tipping point. From this moment on—if Ch 27 is any indication—I think we are going to be seeing some EXTREME moodswings as Child and Killer fight for dominance. Why must there be dominance?

Because Sangwoo is not capable of being a mentally balanced human being.

He is Killer or Child. It is one or the other because he has absolutely no sense of self. His childhood was so screwed up that it stunted his psychological development, preventing him from ever reaching the point of adult self-actualization: aka the moment when children/teens become adults with their own established, individual identities that are separate from their parents’. As a result, there is no Sangwoo; there is only father or mother.

Because of this, Sangwoo is going to realize, probably pretty soon, that the only way to avoid killing Bum and avoid being like his father, is to completely become his mother. This means, he will have to give up the control/power he has spent his entire post-parents life cultivating. He will have to revert to being the pleasing, submissive, affectionate mother only. And because Mother and Child are, in some ways, one in the same he will also have to go back to being the abused Child with no agency whatsover.

“Hey, wait a minute!” you, the reader, shout. “If he becomes his sweet, doting mother, then that’s great! He will shower Bum with love and they will ride off into the sunset!”


I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that there was never a time in Sangwoo’s life when his mother was not being abused. Ergo, to Sangwoo, that abuse is integral to her identity. Since he never knew his mother before she was abused, he has no idea who that pre-abused person was and therefore can’t recreate her without the abuse. And, if the abuse is there then the abuser must be there too. So, for Sangwoo, his mother cannot exist without his father; there must always be both. But then, if Sangwo completely becomes Mother, who will be Father?

That’s right. Yoon Bum.

If Sangwoo TRULY chooses to become the new Mother to avoid killing Bum (who is currently Mother), in order to give child/past-Sangwoo the agency/control he never had, he will—oh so ironically!—have to give up the control/power that adult/present-Sangwoo currently has and become that child-Sangwoo again.

Does your head hurt yet? MINE DOES! But we’re not done yet!

So if (and this is a BIG IF!!!) Sangwoo becomes the powerless, abused, doting Mother he will NEED Bum to become both Father AND Child, because in order for Mother to exist she needs both a husband to fear and a child to love (and, possibly, manipulate?). So, where does this leave Bum?

If Bum becomes Father, then his word is law. Even if he becomes Father+Child, he is still in control because, although Mother would emotionally manipulate Child she would never dare to disobey Father. So, Bum would be in the ultimate position of power and could use that to ultimately escape.

However, here is the wild card.

Throughout the story, while Sangwoo was recreating his past, he was putting Bum in the exact same position child-Sangwoo was. This fierce cycle of affection and violence, could potentially cause a major, unexpected shift in Bum. Although Bum’s childhood wasn’t exactly the same as Sangwoo’s (we assume he had a normal childhood up until his parents’ deaths) it was similar. He had the affectionate/manipulative aunt and the violent uncle, and then he experienced this affection/violence cycle again with Sangwoo, whom he had seen originally as a savior. Now that the hero worship is waning and Bum is becoming apathetic toward Sangwoo (because of the “you’re disgusting” comments, Sangwoo now = the uncle, in Bum’s eyes), there is the chance that—if Sangwoo becomes the docile Mother—Bum could take advantage of Sangwoo’s new-found vulnerability and decide to stay with him in that controlling role of Father, rather than escape.

From here, who knows where it could go?

That is my theory so far. Again, if I’m right, I expect a puppy and $$$. Please and thank you!

BONUS MINI-THEORY: Right now, I don’t think Sangwoo’s father killed his mother. I think Sangwoo’s father almost killed his mother, but Sangwoo killed him in order to stop him. Afterward, I think Sangwoo bandaged whatever wound his mother had (and the two of them went to clean off in the tub together?). Then, recalling how violently Sangwoo killed his father, his mother said something along the lines of 'you’re just like him’, which sparked Sangwoo to first say, like he said to Bum “I bandaged your wound! I did all this for you! You’re ungrateful!” kill her too, (in the tub perhaps?), because he thought she would leave him. He may have even deluded himself into believing that his father DID kill his mother – not him. 

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Bath (Peter Parker x Reader)


Warnings: bad injuries, mentions of death, reader and Peter getting naked

Word Count: 1,259

A/N: I’m so sorry I’m posting this after 20 years this was requested bc I was so lazy to write anything, I know, I suck SO much.  And I’m so sorry if this wasn’t good, I actually didn’t like what I wrote :((

Originally posted by thxrapyy

Although it was 3 a.m. in the morning, the streets of Queens were still busy and noisy. Y/N was sleeping with her windows open for two vital reasons; it was too hot to sleep with them closed and also her boyfriend Peter might have come in any second, badly injured. This never really happened before, Y/N was thankful for that, except one time. But even that time Peter wasn’t injured at all, he just wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend.

Y/N was still sleeping when suddenly she heard a loud noise coming from the outside of her apartment. As soon as she heard it, without thinking, she ran to her window and saw a very struggling Peter, desperately trying to climb up from her window. Y/N didn’t want anyone inside the building to hear Peter’s painful moans and also she didn’t want him to fall down in front of her eyes too so she helped him get inside and closed the window. She turned the lights on and regretted doing it the second she looked at Peter. She let out a loud gasp and started to tremble. Peter looked horrible. His suit was ripped off from several places, there were scars all over his face and he had a serious injury down his belly, dripping off a lot of blood.

Y/N was too devastated to move, she tried to talk: “I-I… Peter, what the hell?” She whispered, a tear running down her cheek. She kneeled down to check his wounds, she knew how to mend some of them but the others seemed too hard for her to handle.

“We need to take you to a hospital.” She said in a serious voice and got up to take her car keys. However, Peter was quicker than her, he shot webs to her arm and caught her.

“Don’t…” He could manage to whisper. Y/N was quite pissed off now. “Don’t?!” She threw her loose arm in the air fiercely and kneeled down in front of him once again. “Peter, listen to me carefully, I can dress the wounds on your face or even stitch up the one on your belly but I can’t know if you have any internal bleedings or not. What if you are having a brain hemorrhage right now? How will we know that? God I haven’t been to a medical school, I’m a high school student for god’s sake!-“

“Y/N… Please don’t yell at me. I-I just need some water, do your best, my condition is not that bad, trust me.”

Tears streaming down Peter’s clearly frightened face broke her heart. She was too harsh on him, he just needed her help. “Okay…” She whispered, nodding her head. Peter ripped the webs off her arm and she quickly got up and got her first aid kit and a glass of water for Peter.

“Okay Peter, now I’ll rip the suit off you, so tell me if it hurts I’ll stop,” she said in hurry and picked the scissors from the first aid bag. While Y/N was focused on her work, without thinking anything, Peter chuckled: “With pleasure, please do that more often.” This made Y/N blush therefore without hesitating, she hit Peter on the shoulder.

“Ahh!!” Peter yelled in pain, he was no more smirking like an idiot. Y/N realized what she had immediately:” Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Peter, are you okay? “

“I’m fine, keep undressing me,” Peter tried to smile through the pain, he didn’t want Y/N to feel bad. “Idiot,” Y/N sighed.  Now, Peter was sitting on the floor, with nothing but his boxers. “Alright Petey, now we have to stitch that up because I’m pretty sure you will die if I don’t do that immediately.”

She picked out the needed materials from her bag and started to stitch down his belly. Both of them were silent because Y/N was too focused on making Peter feel better and Peter didn’t want Y/N to get more worried than she so he tried too hard not to scream, the pain was unbearable.

After a while, Peter couldn’t take it anymore so he yelled: “Oh God!” scaring Y/N since she was not ready for such reaction. “Peter, I’m so sorry, am I hurting you? If I do, please tell me I’ll try to be gentler, I just don’t want you to lose any blood I was-“

Peter brushed his fingers through her cheeks, now wet because she was sobbing and whispered: “Hey, hey, calm down. I’ll be okay, I have you. It doesn’t hurt, you couldn’t be more gentle, trust me. Go on.”

Y/N nodded and wiped off the tears on her face, got back on work. Peter loved watching Y/N most of the time, but this time was different. He thought she looked more beautiful than ever. The sight in front of him was just fascinating. She looked lovely with her messy hair and bare face. Even her ridiculous pajamas looked so pretty on her, Peter thought. When Y/N tilted her head, because she was done, to look at Peter, she saw that he was mesmerized. “Earth to Peter Parker, are you okay?” She giggled, waving her hands in front of his eyes. He just nodded and watched her pick up the first aid stuff from the floor.

“Now, I have to bathe you, then we can look to those little scars on your face, alright?”

“I think I just have to get injured more!” Peter’s face lit up once again. Y/N was blushing again but seeing how happy Peter was, she was also relieved so she didn’t say anything about what Peter just said.

“Hey Y/N?”

Y/N was trying to understand if the water was hot enough while Peter was sitting in the tub, full with water.

“What? Is everything okay?” Y/N asked with a concerned face, now giving her full attention to him. “No. I just need something.”

“Tell me.”

“Can you come in here?” Y/N froze, staring into Peter’s eyes. They had never done such thing before, and Y/N felt his cheeks burning. She wasn’t expecting Peter to ask something like that from her, but tonight with the adrenaline rush and possible death, Peter seemed to be more suggestive than ever.

“I-I… I have to get you towels.” She turned around and acted like she couldn’t find any towels until Peter said: “Umm… You just put them right next to the sink and I think they would be enough for both of us?”

Y/N mumbled: “Damn it!” It wasn’t like she didn’t want to get in the tub, she really did want that. She turned around and started to get undressed.  When she got to her underwear she stopped for a second, looking at Peter, who was staring at her but now trying to act like she wasn’t interested in his girlfriend, undressing in front of her.  Y/N chuckled at the sight of a very red faced Peter, who was acting like he was seeing hot water for the first time in his life: “You are an idiot.”

When Y/N finally managed to take her bra and panties off, she got into the hot tub and sat between Peter’s legs, putting her head on his chest. “Hey, tell me if this is hurting you, I can get up,” she whispered, not wanting to get up at all. “On the contrary, I’m feeling better now. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head, smiling.

“I’m so glad that I have you,”

“I love you too.”


▼ Aged-up | Pro-Hero Life

■  When they finally became pro-heroes, in commemoration of this achievement, they decide to mate. Katsuki will never forget Todoroki’s face when that damn half-to-half noticed the mark on Izuku’s neck. He even took a photo. It helps him to be happy after some failed mission or plans that does not work;

■  He also has a photo of Uraraka’s shocked expression;

■  They promised that they would dedicate themselves to reaching the top they had always wanted. They will reach the top together but they never specified who would get the first place, so it’s a constant contest. They may be known as “wonder duo” outside the doors of the agency, but inside, they are known as “duo who even compete to see who drinks coffee faster”;

■  Izuku tries to ignore some assholes who say that because he is an omega he’ll never able to become #1 Hero;

■  But Katsuki never ignores those motherfuckers. He will never admit it, but his favorite pastime is to boast how his omega is strong and powerful, so it’s a real affront to him to hear those assholes vomiting a lot of shit to Izuku. HE IS AN OMEGA AND SO WHAT? GO SUCK A DICK, FUCKING BASTARD, DEKU IS BETTER THAN YOU IN BEING A HERO! YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT YOUR LAME LIFE, YOUR DISGUSTING BITCH, WE’RE GOING TO LAUGH ON THE FACE OF IDIOTS LIKE YOU WHEN WE’RE IN THE TOP!;

■  They have just mated, their careers as ascendant pro-heroes take a lot of time out of their lives and they are almost never at home. Even having so little time for themselves, they don’t regret their choices;

■  Due to the hectic routine of a pro-hero, Izuku began to take suppressors. Obviously obeying the medical orders to have at least four heats a year - one every three months;

■  Katsuki and Izuku want children but not now. Well, if they don’t get time to have sex, imagine to take care of babies who demand an untold amount of time (in addition, without sex, without pregnancy)! By the way, the apartment they bought isn’t wide enough for a child.

▼ Pregnancy | Children

■ Between the two, the one who most desires to have children is Katsuki;

■ Izuku often tries to imagine how his pups will look like. He wants to have, at least, two. Will they look like him? Or will they look like their alpha father? What about their personality? What about their quirks? Will they ever have quirks? Izuku hopes that his children don’t inherit Katsuki’s personality (but Katsuki’s quirk is another story);

■ Late at night (after sex), Katsuki joked that his only fear was that Izuku decided to put the name of their child of All Might. With a very serious face, Izuku said “Our kid will be called All Might Midoriya-Katsuki.” Katsuki got pissed, saying that if Izuku went to put the name of some hero in the child, that put his! Izuku couldn’t stop laughing after that;

■ The first time Izuku gets pregnant, he has no idea and therefore accepts without thinking twice about a dangerous mission along with Katsuki, Todoroki and two other heroes. With difficulty, the four of them return alive but extremely wounded. Izuku is one of the most injured. He cannot understand why he feels so sick, he knows he has lost a considerable amount of blood, but there is something different this time, something he cannot tell what it is. The answer comes later in the form of a doctor with a sad expression on her face.

The doctor explains to Izuku that he was pregnant (a month and a week). Izuku repeats quietly, lip trembling “I was …?” and the fact that she looked away gives Izuku the answer he didn’t want to hear. Trying to hold back the sobs, he asks if his mate already knows the “news” and the doctor says no because she thought it best to talk to Izuku in the first place. Izuku begs her not to tell Katsuki anything.

Izuku feels guilty for not being able to protect that fragile life (ignoring the fact that he didn’t even know he was pregnant), but he knows that if Katsuki knew about the miscarriage, he would never forgive himself. His alpha would blame himself a thousand times more than Izuku is blaming himself now because it was Katsuki who brought the subject of the dangerous mission to Izuku, challenging him for the first place in the hierarchy of the heroes. Izuku spends the night crying in mourning for the baby he never knew.

Eventually, Katsuki learns about the miscarriage and as Izuku predicted, he blames himself for it. Izuku is continually haunted by nightmares, he speaks of it in his sleep. One night, Katsuki decides to pay attention to the murmurs of his omega. He finds out why Izuku is so far away from him since returning from that damn mission that almost cost them their lives.

The problem is that Katsuki understands everything wrong. Izuku is avoiding him because he knows he will end up telling his alpha about the miscarriage. He doesn’t want to make his alpha suffer. Izuku doesn’t want Katsuki to blame himself for something that was not the fault of either of them since they didn’t know about the baby, but that possibility did not even cross Katsuki’s head.

Katsuki thinks that Izuku hates him (but he doesn’t know if it is because he was the one who brought a mission to Izuku or because he wasn’t strong enough to protect him and the baby). Katsuki believe that he is a bad alpha that only serves to afflict the person that he loves. He calls himself a fucking idiot because he didn’t realize the pregnancy before (by the Izuku’s scent). Izuku wakes up with the sound of Katsuki’s cry and he doesn’t need to think too hard to understand why his alpha is crying;

■  It’s hard for them to talk about it, so they’ve decided to try the only possible option to overcome it – therapy. Izuku to overcome the fear of having another abortion, Katsuki to accept that it wasn’t his fault;

■ The second time Izuku gets pregnant, it’s planned. Katsuki couldn’t be happier. In fact, his happiness includes calls Kirishima at 2AM just to give the news - HEY, MOTHERFUCKER, GUESS WHO WILL BE A FATHER? and his mother – I DON’T FUCKING CARE IF YOU WERE SLEEPING, OLD WITCH, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU A FUCKING GOOD NEWS!

■ Izuku waits until morning to call his mother. Inko didn’t know about the miscarriage, he didn’t dare tell her, so she is absolutely happy with the news. They end up spending almost two hours on the phone;

■ Uraraka (mated with Iida) and Todoroki (unmated) appear at their home after receiving the news. Uraraka with a bright smile says she is praying earnestly for the child to have no trace of Katsuki because no one deserves such a curse. Izuku laughs though he’s keeping his alpha from killing Uraraka;

■ Katsuki and Izuku are still frail with past events, so they took a number of precautions. One of them, if not the main one, is that in the first few months (before Izuku takes maternity leave), Izuku must not accept dangerous missions or anything that goes from rescuing a cat from a tree (Katsuki’s exaggeration);

■ Even though he has agreed with Katsuki before attempting to conceive, Izuku always finds himself in a dilemma when a very strong villain appears. Should he go there and help his friends defeat the villain (risking his baby’s life) or trusting his friends?

■ Izuku soon discovers that pregnancy is not that wonderful time that everyone says. He gets tired more often, morning sickness puts an end to his appetite, he feels more sleepy, his nipples are more sensitive (don’t dare to take advantage of it, Bakugou), his mood swings scare even his moody alpha;

■ Inko decides to spend time with Izuku during pregnancy. She knows that her son and son-in-law are lost. Especially Katsuki, who does not know how to deal with the flurry of instincts he has to suppress. He is an overprotective, territorial and bloodthirsty alpha (in fact, he is more to overprotective, territorial and extremely affectionate alpha, but nobody dares to comment);

■ Izuku’s nest, as well as at the beginning of Katsuki’s courtship, mixes sheets with the scent of Inko and Katsuki. He feels relaxed and safe;

■ Izuku panicked during the pain of labor, thinking he was having an abortion, but his mother was there to calm him;

■ Throughout the pregnancy, Katsuki tried to dominate his alpha side, the one that said to keep Izuku out of the world, to protect his omega and his offspring, but in the hospital, listening to his mate scream in pain, he had to be restrained not to blow up the whole damn place. He could not disrupt the childbirth;

■ When Katsuki first sees Izuku with a baby in his arms, he almost cries. It’s such a beautiful scene, that fragile thing in his muscular arms. Izuku is exhausted, but he seems so proud of himself;

■ Katsuki did not want to hold his daughter for fear of hurting her. She looks a lot like Izuku. She has freckles. He will not let anything in the world hurt that pretty little thing.

It’s sort of a first part, I guess. I’ve written several headcanons katsudeku omegaverse, but I do not have enough confidence to put them here. 

On Fandom and Hypocrisy on the Mage-Templar Conflict

After the anon hate I received on another blog (all the more reason to keep anon turned off here), I need to say something loud and clear:

You cannot take the worst actions of a few extremist Templars (Alrik, Karras, Mettin, even Meredith at her worst), who are explicitly stated to be extremists beyond the rest of the Order, and apply that to every single Templar without also therefore by the exact same logic take the worst actions of mages like Tarohne, Uldred, Danarius, Idunna, Quentin, Corypheus, Erimond, etc. and apply them to every single mage. If all Templars must be considered evil abusive rapists then so must all mages. It is completely hypocritical to pick and choose who’s evil and who’s not due to what side you prefer.

There are indeed some evil sadistic Templars who get off on hurting others, like Alrik (who, I shall remind you as explicitly stated in the codex, was working behind Meredith’s back, though that does not absolve her of fault and responsibility as Knight-Commander, but don’t you dare come to me with that “Meredith is an evil psycho bitch who wanted every mage raped” bullshit I keep seeing when that is not actually part of her character). The presence of a few bad Templars does NOT negate the many, many good people among the Order. Just as the presence of the depraved Tevinter magisters and other incredibly abhorrent maleficarum we see throughout the series, particularly in Kirkwall, does not automatically mean that every single mage including Bethany Hawke and Wynne is also evil and depraved.

There are good people on both sides. There are bad people on both sides. There are a whole lot of people on both sides who are in between because this is a very morally gray issue. Stop trying to force it into an all-or-nothing, black-and-white conflict when it is not and cannot be, particularly when your arguments become increasingly hypocritical in order to try to force it into that mold.

The Templars are NOT evil evil oppressors, and no amount of anon hate is going to prevent me from loving and appreciating the Templar Order. So take that.

A Tour of Your Astrological Solar System

You are the Earth, and the planets, stars, and satellites that float around you are necessary to your existence, as are you to theirs.  Although an understanding of astronomy isn’t exactly critical to an understanding of astrology, figuring out the way you relate to your own solar system can be helpful.

The sun is the largest body in the solar system.  It is that around which all other planets revolve, and it takes up the dramatic majority of the solar system.  Thusly, the sun is the most important “planet” (the sun and moon are technically luminaries, but for the sake of ease will be referred to as “planets”) in your birth chart.  The sun shines through in every other position, and it must be taken into account when interpreting any other part of the birth chart, as it is the planet that is most likely to change another planet’s expression (unless that planet is tightly aspected).  You are, however, not necessarily the sun.  Rather, it is the guiding body around which your life is centered.

Mercury is the planet that lies closest to the sun.  It is so close, in fact, that it is never farther than one constellation away from the sun, meaning that Mercury is always in the sign of the sun, or the signs before or after the sun.  Mercury, as the sun’s closest confidante, is related to how we communicate.  Self-expression is tied tightly to the ego, just as Mercury and the sun are basically inseparable.

Venus is the third planet, and it lies between the sun and Mercury (the ego and communication) and Earth (the effective self).  Venus relates the ideal to the real as both the planet of love and relationships and the planet of values and style.  Venus, the way we relate to others, is also closely related to our ego.  Predictably, that means that Venus is also never far from the sun; Venus can only be in the same sign as the sun, or within the two signs before or after.

Earth can be likened to the real self in astrology.  The best way to relate it to astrology is to call Earth the houses.  The first house cusp is, after all, determined by the constellation on the eastern horizon at birth, so counting the ascendant as the effective “Earth sign” works.  Although the other planets may disclose our traits and tendencies, the houses are where we express those traits, just as, although we’re affected by all planets, our lives take place on Earth.

The moon, in stark contrast to the rest of the astrological planets, does not revolve around the sun, but Earth.  The moon is the astronomical body that is closest to us, so it makes perfect sense that the moon, in astrology, is the inner self, the subconscious, passive personality.  The moon makes our existence as Earth possible, and it’s something we fiercely needed in order to support life.  Therefore, without tapping into the energies of our moon signs, we miss out on something truly vital.

After Earth is Mars.  Mars is the last rocky planet, and it is also the final fast-moving planet, so it rounds out the personalized part of the birth chart.  From what I seen, people actually act like their Mars signs, which makes a lot of sense given that it is the planet of action.  I have seldom met someone who didn’t actively use the traits of their Mars sign.  Mars is the least specific personal planet, and it plays a part in everything we do, driving us.

The first of the gas planets is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.  Jupiter is often referred to in astrology as a “small sun” as it is the ruler of Sagittarius, a fire sign, the only fire sign that isn’t ruled by the sun itself somehow.  Jupiter shows us, quite literally, where we are large, where we may be excessive, as well as how we expand.

It is well-known that if there were an ocean large enough to carry it, that Saturn would be able to float.  How funny it is, then, that Saturn, in astrology, is the planet of heaviness.  If Jupiter is how we expand, Saturn is caged by her rings, and she restricts us.  Saturn is what challenges us, what we are meant to overcome.

The final three planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are called generational planets because they move so slowly that the signs stay the same for entire generations.  These planets don’t necessarily strongly affect one person, but they can define time periods and generational ideas and transitions.  Just as these planets are very from the sun but still part of the solar system, they may not be immediately noticeable in the person but they can be tapped into during transits and with aspects with the personal planets.

Love Has No Height Restrictions

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Series Note: This is gonna be a series where Bucky is dating a Tall!Reader and Steve is dating a Small!Reader. Two separate stories but named the same thing. I’ll be updating this when I can, I’m mainly focusing on Bucky x Tall!Reader more but I have a few ideas for Steve x Small!Reader. 
Summary: You’re a new Avenger, Natasha’s friend. You’re taller than most people, most men, and that intimidates them usually. Only Bucky takes a shine to you and you don’t know how to act when he becomes shy and nervous around you; thinking he’s intimidated by your height and strength. 
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Swear words and height shaming (? is that a thing) 

Got this idea from my friend and her boyfriend. When asked to be tagged for this you’re asking to be tagged for both Steve AND Bucky stories, please do not request to be tagged for one or the other, as I am tagging for the whole series which includes both their stories. - Rosalee

You had always been a little taller than your friends growing up. As a child it was never mentioned, simply a little growth spurt, to begin with, all your friends would catch up with you, eventually. Then when you hit your teens and puberty settled you had shot up. You were taller than most boys and all of your friends; it was no longer ‘normal’ or a ‘growth spurt’. The high school boys didn’t fancy or like girls taller than them and the girls were always laughing at you. You were lanky and skinny, just bumbling around the school corridors like a ‘sasquatch’ they’d call you.

When you finally left school and going to University you were already on the six-foot mark. You had moved away from your hometown and people seemed more welcoming to you, you didn’t get any boyfriends but you had friends, people that didn’t bully you for being tall. Having a boyfriend was the least of your troubles but you always knew it was because of your height. You stayed away from heels, despite the fact they make your legs look great and you tried not having friends below five-foot-five because smaller people make you look taller. The taller you are the worse you are; so you had grown up to believe.

Men had a difficult time wanting to be with you, especially if you were significantly taller than them. They were brought up to be tougher, taller and manly, with you as a girlfriend it defeats the purpose of all that. Women are meant to be petite, graceful and fragile, and you simply didn’t fit that mould, therefore, you were without love or romance. It shouldn’t bother you but it does.

The problem was you didn’t look like those runway models either, you aren’t skinny, you’re average with a toned stomach and wide waist (your mother would say “good baby-bearing hips”), you also had thick thighs from all the mountain climbing and training you do. You went from lanky to lean, some would say “built like an Amazon Warrior Princess”, not that many men found that attractive.


“You gonna stare at that target all day?” You were snapped out of your thoughts by Natasha; you turned and tilted your head down at your fiery haired friend. “What’s up?”

You had met Natasha a few years back when SHIELD was still kicking and you were just part of the Tactical Team for her and Steve Rogers. You became fast friends, which led to now; you being part of the Avengers, your skills and agility proving useful on most missions. You fought differently to Nat; she used precision and graceful, ballet, moves in her fighting style. You opted for brute force; you packed a mean swing and used your strength rather than quickness to fight, almost like Captain America but with a graceful twist to it.

“Nothing,” you tried to lie, “just got a few things on my mind.” You shrugged, it wasn’t the entire truth but it wasn’t a lie either, you could never lie to Nat.

Natasha cocked an eyebrow but smirked. “Bucky has been looking for you, by the way.” She grinned as you looked away from the target, once again, back to her with curiosity. “Wanted to train with you today,” she toyed lightly.

She knew you had a thing for Bucky, she knew before you even did, of course. Steve brought him in a few months ago, he was a little timid and shy but he eventually opened up, becoming more of a valuable member to the team. You gave him a little space because you didn’t want to intrude on his time or his healing process. Eventually, he started to come to the gym and would usually watch you train before just starting to spar with you.

You had an easy friendship with the man. Only he was a few inches shorter than you, you being six-foot-four and Bucky just hitting the six-foot mark, it was noticeable but he never made a comment on the fact he had to tilt his chin up or the fact your hands are nearly as big as his own.

“Thought he was training with Sam today?” You asked nonchalantly.

Natasha refrained from an eye roll and opted for crossing her arms instead. “He was meant to but decided he wanted to train with you instead,” she huffed, “you going to go?” You looked down at her, her only being five-foot-five.

“I suppose I have to,” you placed the gun down with a light thud and shrugging your leather jacket back on, you glanced at the sly red-head. “What are you planning, Romanoff?” You asked with suspicion.

“Nothing, Y/N, never you mind.” She toothily grinned as you left the shooting range in the Avengers Base.

You finally made it to the gym, already changing into workout clothes; a tank top and some leggings. You see both, Steve and Bucky, over by the weights each equally pushing each other to prove they’re stronger than the other. You chuckled at them before walking over and standing by their heads, resting hands on your hips and looking down.

“What’s the award title ‘Biggest Loser’?” You laughed as Steve chuckled and Bucky jumped at the suddenness of your voice.

You shocked Bucky so much that he lost his grip on the bar he held above his head, his metal hand slipping and the weight coming to drop on his neck, this would be how he died; embarrassing himself in front of you. Before that could happen you grabbed the cool metal bar, holding it up and stopping it from crashing down on his neck. From where he laid he could see your arms tense, your face in full concentration at keeping the almost double his own body weight off of him.

He slid out from underneath the bar, sitting on the bench and panting, he turned just in time to watch you readjust your grip on the metal bar and begin to use it. Dropping the metal bar to your thighs with your arms straight, little tension or strain, before you hoisted it back up to your neck and you puffed out air, you did this five times before setting the bar down with a bright grin.

“Such a show-off,” Steve snickered at you placing his own weights away before sitting up. “Thought you were in the shooting range for the afternoon?” Bucky watched as Steve stands up, he stands two inches shorter than you, crossing his arms the same time as you do; it’s uncanny how you both do that, you both work similarly on the field too.

“Natasha said that Barnes wanted to spar with me, so here I am.” You shrugged as Bucky frowned, you uncrossed your arms at his face, “you did, right?”

Bucky becomes nervous. His cheeks felt hot and so did his neck; you raised your eyebrows as Bucky began to mutter to himself, you glanced at Steve who was trying not to laugh at his best friend. It takes almost a full minute till Bucky actually replies to you.

“Uh-I’m fine,” he mumbles looking away from you and you bite your lip, nodding stiffly. Bucky stands up and walks away to different gym equipment away from you.

Steve sighed. “it’s fine, Steve. I get it; it happens a lot, more than I care to admit.”

“What happens?”

“Men feeling emasculated around me because I’m taller, stronger, than them. I get why Bucky is like that around me, it’s fine. He wants to feel in control and have power now, being around me doesn’t give him that” Steve grimaces at you for a second, you look far too chilled to be saying stuff like that, especially when he knows how Bucky really feels for you.

Steve shakes his head, “it’s not like that with Bucky.” You rolled your eyes and begin to walk away, “honestly, Y/N, Bucky likes you. He just isn’t very good with the whole… feelings and being open about them bit, yet.”

“Sure Steve,” you sarcastically retort. “I’ve been dealing with that type of behaviour since I was twelve, guys becoming twitchy and intimidated by me, like women can’t be tall or stronger than them. Don’t defend Bucky’s actions, it’s fine, he’s the only guy that I’ll let it slide, for now.” You turn swiftly, your H/C hair snapping behind you as you walk out of the gym.

Steve turns to his best friend who was on a treadmill, “Bucky, you’ve got to tell Y/N how you feel.”

“No way, she’ll laugh at me,” the man grumbles and refuses to meet his best friends stern glare. “Besides she doesn’t like me, I’m not exactly dating material, Steve.”

The blond rolls his eyes so hard it almost gives himself a headache. “Trust me; you need to speak with her. She thinks you’re intimidated by her because of the fact she’s taller than you,” Bucky momentarily stops running and almost falls off the machine, his eyebrows furrowed in question. “She’s had to deal with guys- ask her yourself, bro.” Steve snapped before walking off to the punching bags.

Bucky presses the button a few times before the treadmill slows to a stop; he grabs his towel and stalks out of the gym. Heading to your room, the full intention of finding out why you think he’s intimidated by you.

When he finally reaches your room takes a deep breath before knocking. It’s a few seconds before the door opens, you’re still in your gym wear, he can tell because he’s staring at the floor where he can see the Nike white trainers. Slowly he drags his eyes up to meet yours, chin tilting upwards due to standing a little closer to you than he intended. E/C eyes meeting his clear blue ones, only your eyes are glassy, watery almost. A slight redness forming around them, indicating you had been rubbing at them.

“Are you crying?” He asked in disbelief. He had never seen you cry; you often let out any emotion through sparring or training. This was unusual and different, an emotion he hadn’t dealt with before, not with anyone else, at least.

Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. “What so I can’t cry now?” Your raised voice made Bucky flinch backwards, “What because I’m big and tough I don’t cry? Well, I do. I may walk around here like I’m one of the guys but I’m a girl, Bucky, I have feelings and they get hurt just like everybody else’s around here.” You snapped, quickly wiping away the now angry tears that fell down over your cheeks.

“I didn’t mean it like that- I didn’t- I’m sorry?” He tried and you scoffed at him. “No, not what I meant. I mean, Steve told me that you think I’m intimidated by you because you’re a girl who is tall, I’m not. –“ He stopped when he sees you cross your arms, eyes a blaze as you glared at him, as if he had just offended you in some way.

“Oh, I see,” He frowns at your tone of voice, condescending pitch. “You aren’t intimidated by me because I’m a girl. So, if I was a guy that’s taller than you, you would be intimidated?” He stumbled to find an answer to that question. “You should just go, really. I’m not in the mood to be looked down to- I mean up- whatever.” You slammed your door and slumped against it, tears falling freely now that Bucky couldn’t see you.

(Because this was in my drafts and I can’t add tags, have this till I can figure out a way to get my laptop working again. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused, I really wanted my vamp!Bucky series up but I can’t add the tagging list. This was beta read, unfortunately, this isn’t my edited version because I can’t get on my laptop! - Rosalie)

A Night Out

Cho Chang was sipping her Martini in the corner of the café. “I love this place. Never thought I’d say this but Blaise Zabini made a fantastic and much needed safe space. It has a much better vibe than most wizarding pubs.”

Though ‘The Liar’ had more muggle than magical customers, the concealment charms were done so well witches and wizard could walk and talk freely without any risk of exposure. There was even an enchantment in place to notify magical folk if someone knew about the wizarding world or not, making it a lot easier to flirt without falling on your face, which was useful since this was the only place in Britain where queer witches and wizards could try to court muggles or each other without the risk of being outed.

If you didn’t have someone’s permission to mention they were queer to people outside of the pub, then you couldn’t bring it up. It was physically impossible, a trick Draco Malfoy had learned during his career as death eater. Every time he woke up because of a nightmare, bathing in cold sweat, he thought about how he’d used his teenage mistakes to create a safe place for lgbt people like him with one of Voldemort’s favorite spells, and then he could relax again.

“I agree. In most pubs everyone keeps looking at me like ‘Oh, there’s the bitch that abandoned our saviour, how dare she show her face in public.’ Like, have they ever even thought that there might have been a reason I left Harry that wasn’t self-centered and awful?” Ginny took a sip of her wiskey. Since she’d become a mom free nights like this had become way to sparse for her liking, so she made good use of them when the opportunity presented itself.

Cho nodded in agreement. “Last week I was at the leaky cauldron, and some middle aged wizard actually came up to me, saying 'I’m so sorry for your loss, Cedric was a wonderful and gifted boy’, like, yes I miss him, but am I supposed to mourn about him 24/7? Am I not allowed to smile and be happy? It’s not that I don’t care about his death but it’s been fifteen years! I never opted to be the national face of mourning lovers!” She chucked back her drink and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Anyone need a refill?” Oh, if her mother could see her now. Molly would jump out of her skin.

“Evening Malfoy, haven’t seen you here in ages. And a vodka tonic since you’re asking.”

“Pans, get us some shots will you?” Malfoy sat down next to Ginny with a dramatic sigh.“That ex-husband of yours will be the death of me Weasley, I swear to Merlin.”

“Don’t offer drinks if you’re not getting them yourself, you idiot.” But Pansy went to fetch them anyway. She knew how tired and worn out Draco’s job made him, and his nights off were even more scarce than Ginny’s.

“Sorry love, tough day at work. Can’t be bothered.” He let his head rest on Ginny’s shoulder. Only three years ago they’d met for the first time since the war, but with both of them being recently divorced and queer in a homophobic society they had gotten over their differences quicker than expected.

“Not introducing me now, are we? How rude.” A tall blue haired woman in a tailored red suit approached their table.

“Ginny, Cho, meet Gabrielle. Gabrielle, meet Ginny and Cho. She’s the new Hogwarts nurse and a pain in the butt. Wouldn’t get too cozy with her.”

Ginny didn’t respond. The hair, the combat boots, the long row of piercings in her left ear, the suit. This was her. This was her dream girl. Damn.

The woman unapologetically moved first over Draco and then over Ginny, flopping down in the corner of the booth. Pansy came back with a tray full of vodka shots and began a rapid conversation in Chinese with Cho. Judging by the tone of her voice it was gossip.

Normally Ginny hated it when they locked her out of conversations like that, but the impression of the clad-in-red ass was too fresh in her memory, rendering her unable to think of anything but that. Anything but butt.

“Well Gin. Long time no see eh? Last time we met was at my sister’s wedding I think?” Ginny looked at her with new eyes. Of course. That Gabrielle. Gabrielle Delacour. She hadn’t recognized her since she now had short hair and a lean, mature body.

“Je crois que tu as réduit Ginny au silence, Gab. Félicitations, ça n'était jamais arrivé avant, même quand elle m'a vu avec Pansy dans un bar gay à Paris.” Noted Draco.

“Honnêtement, avec un corps pareil je me fiche pas mal de son silence.” Gabrielle let her eyes roam the redhead’s body for a bit, before downing her first shot and extending her hand.

“I believe new introductions are in order. It has been way too long since that wedding.” Stunned, Ginny shook her hand. There was a firm grip from both parties despite the fact that Ginny felt like she could die right there on the spot. She’d thought Fleur was beautiful, but the suit and bright blue hair dye of her sister made her feel things she’d never experienced before. Things she didn’t even know she could feel. Damn.

After another round of shots Ginny could still only listen to the woman sitting next to her, still a bit too dazed to form a full sentence. It was probably the veela blood in her veins. It had to be.

“While Ginny’s still searching for her tongue, I have to ask Draco, how exactly is Harry going to be the death of you?” Cho was usually the quieter one, but she’d downed a few drinks and could now almost outdo Pansy when it came to gossip. They were a good couple, Chang and Parkinson.

“How not is a better question. He came into my classroom three times before lunch, three times! I think even my least intelligent students are starting to notice how often their defence professor has potion related questions now. I even confiscated a betting list. Three sickels if 'Drarry’ becomes 'canon’ before the end of the year.” Draco stressed Drarry and canon with greatly exaggerated air bunnies. “I don’t even know what canon means, but if I guessed it right about half of my sixth years are going to lose some serious money if me and that idiot don’t snog before June.”

“Oh quit your whining Draco, it’s not like you don’t want 'Drarry’ to be 'canon’ or something.” Gabrielle grinned at him, looking way to smug for Draco’s liking.

He let out a deep sigh. Yes, of course he wanted to snog Potter senseless sometimes, but the messy haired man didn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. The school board already wasn’t happy with Draco as a head of House and potions professor, and turning the saviour into an unnatural, disgusting homofile could very well be the last nail in his coffin. Even if he was the only Slytherin teacher and the snakes would therefore be left without guidance if he was fired.

The needs of his students were much more important than his need to be loved. Need to be loved, ulgh. Since when did I become so sappy? Sappy for Potter of all people.

“I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing. Or not exactly, obviously. I mean we’re still talking about Harry here, but he knows the complications of a possible relationship. He wants to use his fame for something good, something noble.” Ginny had found her tongue back, apparently. She’d also made quick use of the situation when Draco lifted his head off her shoulder by leaning into Gabrielle. Inch by inch they were drifting more towards each other, like slow working magnets.

So you’re saying he just wants to fuck me to make wizarding Britain less homophobic? Should’ve seen that one coming.”

“Draco! Don’t say stuff like that! If Harry is really going to use you I will personally knock him of his high horse and tell him he can’t treat people that way. But I won’t have to because he’s genuinely interested, and he doesn’t use people. That’s just not how he is. Get over it Malfoy, you just turned into a lovable person.” Ginny looked at him with fire in her eyes. Try to disagree with me and I will fight you, they seemed to say.

“Drarry? Is that how the kids are calling it these days?” Gabrielle snorted, removing the sudden serious atmosphere out of the conversation. “I’m sure I could think of a better couple name for the two of you.”

Draco muttered something that sounded like ‘This is exactly why I didn’t want to bring Gabrielle with me’, but other than that he responded by dropping his head on the table with a loud thud.

“Ah, look! He’s embarrassed!” Ginny upright laughed at him while slamming her hand on the table. Smooth as fuck Gabrielle “supported” Ginny’s laughter by putting an arm around her muscled waist.

“What about Malpot?”

“Or Potfoy!”

Suddenly Pansy grew serious. “Guys. Guys. Guys. Hear this. Harky.” Cho nearly choked on her drink.

“No, no, no, no, no. Listen. It should totally be Draky.”

“Aaaand…. I’m leaving.” Draco got to his feet and dramatically swung his cloak over his shoulder. “At least Harry and I have a ship name that sound better than Gabinny.”

“Oi! At least Ginny and I do more than awkwardly talk about potions.” Gabrielle put another arm around Ginny’s waist and pulled her on her lap. “Can’t say that about you two.”

“Can’t say what about who?”

Draco turned on the spot.

And was met with a pair of emerald green eyes.

Translation of the french lines (provided by the lovely @jk-destroyed-our-best-gay-ships ):

“I think you rendered Gin speechless Gab. Congratulations, that has never happened before, not even when she first saw pansy and me in that Gay club in Paris.”

“Well, with a body like that I sure don’t mind her silent to be honest”

This one shot is for @sappypotter because she was feeling down. Hope things get better soon!

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Prompt: Darth Vader is asked probing questions about his level of pain, answers (or doesn't) in a way that disturbs everyone.

hah, thanks for the good prompt, anon! i’m happy to answer :) it’s been a while since i last star warsed, be gentle. also i have no idea what i’m doing, hopefully it was at least serviceable 

Luke wrung his hands. The black glove he wore over his prosthetic rippled as he moved it, like the beating of an eopie’s hide.

His father was stretched out on the bed in front of him - his knotted, twisted skin was almost translucent beneath the white light. It wasn’t enough for Luke to miss the blisters, fanged red and bleeding, and the cracks in the skin that oozed and festered - maltreated burn scars. Luke swallowed the bile in his throat.

It was wrong - it was like seeing a skinned, beaten anooba left in Tatooine’s sun, with the chain grown into its neck and its ribs jutting out. It was disturbing. It was disgusting. Luke refused to look away.

Vader must have felt the roar of emotions through the force, because his eyes - milky, pale, it was like someone had sucked the color out of him - were watching Luke. 

Whatever moment they were having, it was interrupted by Dr. Byonlin, who swept into the room with more grace than Luke would’ve guessed for a man of his size. His stride was long, haughty, and when he looked down at Vader, his brow was raised as if to say, is this all?

Luke felt, more than saw, Vader bristle. He patted his father’s hand, and then rose. “Dr. Byonlin, it’s good to see you.”

Byonlin shook his hand. “Skywalker! A pleasure, as ever. How have you been?”

“Uh, good,” Luke answered. He’d met Byonlin, once - late at night, the harsh light from the hall filtering in through the shuttered windows. He remembered the desperation that had numbed his lungs. He remembered begging the man for help. 

Byonlin studied him, and then nodded. When he turned to Vader, his expression soured. “It looks like you and I are to be working together to keep you alive. I highly doubt you need this explained to you, but I will anyway: I do this for your son, not for you. If at any point I feel unsafe, I drop this, and you languish under sedatives and painkillers until you finally choke on them.”

Vader’s eyes were still on Luke. Luke nodded. Vader seemed to take that as confirmation, and for what Luke would likely never know, and he said, “Yes.”

Byonlin’s eyebrows crept into his hairline at the quiet, small rasp that was his father’s voice. 

Luke sat down. “So, uh. What is…”

Byonlin ignored his interjection. “As you know, I helped perform the emergency surgery that removed the actual - the… suit. I have some idea of what I’m getting into. But what I need is the full and total picture. If I’m being honest, you shouldn’t be alive right now. You should’ve been dead a long, long time ago.”

Vader gave him a gimlet-eyed stare. “Do you have a purpose other than dispensing useless information?”

Luke pinched the bridge of his nose. “He’s, ah, grouchy. Don’t take it personally.”

“Don’t worry about my feelings, Skywalker,” Byonlin said. “I mean no offense, but I don’t put stock in the opinions of murderers and slavers.”

Slavers - “

“Ah, I wouldn’t say that,” Luke said, quickly. Vader’s rage in the force was apoplectic: toxic, like a viper, like it had killed everything it had touched, and that only a fool would question its power. 

Father. Please.

Luke watched as Vader’s fists slowly uncurled, but the thunderous snarl didn’t leave his expression.

Byonlin’s eyebrows were back to his hairline. “I’ll just - get right on with it, then. I’ve scheduled a few procedures, but I’ll get into that later. What I want to establish now are a few basics. I need some background. First: what injuries made your - suit - necessary, and how long ago?”

A vein throbbed at Vader’s temple, and he bit out: “Fire. Triple amputation. Twenty-four years ago.”

“I’m going to guess it was the right arm and both legs, because those prosthetics are of the same make - but that would mean you haven’t updated or replaced any prosthetics since you first got them. Is that a correct assumption?”


“I shouldn’t have to tell you that that is an absolutely insane amount of time between upgrades, and that you’ve caused unnecessary damage to those wounds?”

“If you would like to continue being entirely useless, go ahead.”

Luke sighed.

Byonlin continued, a harsh twist to his mouth. “Furthermore, I’d like to mention the actual damage done to the burn scars themselves - that is a case of serious neglect. Your suit was very poorly designed.”

You are a waste of air.”

“Father, please,” Luke said.

“What would you say is your pain level?” Byonlin asked. 

“Irrelevant,” Vader growled. It failed to be intimidating when it sounded more like the rattle of a weak gust of wind.

“I would say it’s extremely relevant, actually.”

Just answer the question.

Vader’s reply was a harsh burst of fury that nearly made Luke jump back, and then he said, “I do not notice it. It’s been twenty years since I have lived without it, therefore, irrelevant.”

“Do you think there’s a noticeable change in the level of pain, say, in the last five years?”

“If I concede, will you cease your pointless line of questioning?”

Luke covered his face with his hands. It would be a long day.

Creepypasta #1211: My Sincerest Thanks

Length: Short

Dear Sir,

It has recently come to my attention that I have been negligent in areas of etiquette. Particularly in the composition and dissemination of letters of thanks. Therefore, without further delay, allow me to express my gratitude.

Thank you for the package containing the toy clown’s head and parking meter faceplate. I found the clown head to be unique, with its interesting paint job and crown of animal fur. The faceplate is certainly something that I was lacking. I found it all the more interesting given that it evidently came from the street in front of my apartment.

Thank you for the package containing seventeen live roaches. Though I’ll admit to something of a shock upon opening the box, my cat did enjoy the subsequent hunt.

Thank you for the envelope containing photographs of myself in various state of undress. It called to my attention the poor state of my bedroom curtains, and ultimately allowed me to splurge on a new set.

Thank you for the package containing my cat’s paws and tail. It was certainly unexpected, but I am grateful to you for demonstrating the frailty of life.

Thank you for the package containing the bloody police badge and lock of hair. It was quite unfair of me to involve the local authorities, when all you are doing is sending me gifts. I understand that now, and I appreciate the thought.

Finally, thank you for your letter today. Had you not sent it, I would not have seen my ungrateful behavior for what it was. Etiquette is important, and I would be remiss for not adhering to it.

Yours in sincerest gratitude,


Credits to: Middlenameredundant (story)

HUGE post about Drautos

My speculations about Drautos based on little number of canon facts we have but still remaining mostly in headcanon space. MANY gifs.  

However you look at it, Titus Drautos is a man of ideas, or maybe better to say mental constructs. He put himself under immense pressure, being a double agent for 10+ years leading a major force for two opposing armies. Successfully leading both, I can’t stress that enough, because that’s just crazy. And for what? What possible motivations could he have had?  

There are two major ideas he seemed to be living by. Both artificially constructed and absolutely disconnected from him by the end of the movie.  

Personal grudge against king Regis and the wellbeing of his homeland.  

First, I just want to say that it’s very clear to me that neither pure power nor any other personal gain was ever his goal. And there was no loyalty or other positive feelings towards the Empire. That much is clear from his words and his actions. 

I’m going to take the majority of what he says at face value because some offhanded phrases were revealed to be meaningful later on and I think he is trying to tell the truth as much as possible not to get tangled in a web of lies as any respectable spy would do. 

Also I regard the majority of his words about someone to be actually about himself as it is a customary way to show character’s motivations in any story.    

Like here. Drautos is feeling he has no power without the magic on loan from a person he hates. That was probably the reason he started working with Niflheim in the first place, to get an alternative which he got in a form of his armor.    

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Jealousy / Michael Clifford

Summary: Michael thinks you need to be reminded who you belong to. Do I need to say anything else?

Requested: “Can you do a part two to the recent Michael Clifford smut with orgasm denial??“

- I decided to detach this from the previous MC smut and write it as a one shot. Of course, feel free to read it as if it were part two. Enjoy!

Warnings: Dom!Michael, punishment, orgasm-denial

Word count: 3.4k 


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I have been awake all night because my girlfriend is out of town visiting her family for a couple of weeks and I don’t sleep well without her. 

Therefore, I have been thinking about that wild episode of Wynonna Earp that happened last night. Most specifically about when Wynonna and Dolls go to the homestead to get Waverly and Nicole and how Nicole was just casually hanging out around the house naked right after sex. Someone had mentioned something about her having gone for a snack, which would mean Dolls found her in the kitchen, but I think that must be wrong, because certainly Wynonna and Dolls would have found her naked and asleep in the kitchen before Wynonna went upstairs to the bedroom as the stairs are adjacent to the kitchen …here is what I’m thinking went down

I think that Waverly and Nicole made sweet sweet lady love which we, of course, saw the beginning of before they cut to the diner scene when everyone goes to sleep. Then I think that she was in the bathroom, which is downstairs for either a shower or post-coital bathroom use. I’m leaning towards shower because they made it pretty clear she was almost completely naked and mind you that this is the middle of winter in Canada (I’m from near the Canadian border in Montana, very near to where Purgatory would be, that being said, in the middle of winter, in a house of that age, it is very unlikely anyone would just be casually walking around naked, she’d probably at least wear a robe, I’m speaking from experience). So I think she was getting ready to hop in the shower when she fell asleep, but not actually in the shower because her hair wasn’t wet when we saw her. Also, I was a bit impressed that she was finishing getting dressed at the bottom of the stairs, with Wynonna, Dolls, and Waverly all right there. Which led me to think about the shower thing more. Her clothes were with her in the bathroom, or a spare uniform in the least, considering she was just doing up her pants in the scene that she was finishing dressing in. Which indicates to me that she didn’t go back upstairs, and her having spare clothes in the bathroom actually makes a lot of sense. When Nicole and Waverly spend the night together, which seems to be pretty often, it would likely pretty much always be at the homestead, since Wynonna had Waverly move from the apartment above Shorty’s to the Homestead for her safety as revenants can’t step foot out there. I also believe that Nicole would respect and agree with this since she puts Waverly’s safety first. All that being said, as a Sheriff’s Deputy, Nicole absolutely works shift work that rotates, which is code for lots of weird hours, she would be getting up super early or coming in super late. So it would make sense for her spare clothes to be somewhere that isn’t in the bedroom, so as to not wake Waverly up while she’s getting ready to leave for work. Also, she seemed a little uncomfortable getting dressed in front of everyone, but not so uncomfortable that she wasn’t doing it. Which indicated to me, that Wynonna is pretty much always around when she’s half naked trying to get ready for the day at the homestead, so she’s just learned to live with it. 

So, there you have it, my extensive thoughts on Nicole’s new life of living part time with the Earp sisters. Feel free to ask me for more of my opinions on this.