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One year with Killian Jones;
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Since I’ve experienced so much attitude in my time at Mode, I’d like to posit an observation: One thing that is often lost in the changing of an attitude is the cause for that change. This is best understood when you consider attitudes on a personal level. I ask you, dear reader, to think back to a time when you experienced a major shift in your life. Was it an external change, something that happened outside of you, and forced a change of attitude to help you adapt to the future? Perhaps you saw a friend demonstrate a prowess that cast her in a new light. Heck, maybe it was as simple as your friend getting a makeover. Or perhaps that friend was undergoing her own life change, one in which she would no longer be present in your life, compelling you to make your own change to keep her in it, even if it were in a new context.

Just as important: Maybe the change was an internal one. Maybe you realized you were no longer interested in maintaining your status quo. Perhaps you wanted to try new challenges not only in your professional life, but also in your personal one. Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

—  extract from Daniel Meade’s final letter from the editor.


Being Hermione’s best friend but you don’t know about the Wizard world and suddenly she pulls you to Hogwarts and asks you to help her, Harry and Ron Defeat you know who👀

“But how can I help?"you asked curiously.

"Y/N your the smartest girl I know, Voldemort hasn’t seen you around here therefore he won’t be expecting you. I’ll teach you everything you need to know"Hermione informed you as she guided you into the library where Harry, Ron and the others were waiting.

The DM I sent Nathan Zed about getting Day AFP

THIS IS IMPORTANT! You know that gif u just used of the girl walking out the door?! She is a contestant on Big Brother and can win America’s Favorite Player (aka $25k) we just need to get her the votes!!! It helps that’s she’s now a meme but black women tend to be targeted quickly on this show and therefore never win AFP. It’s not right! Da'Vonne has provided so much entertainment while being talked down to and disrespected by the men on that show. She has a young daughter and could use the money. Please spread the word!!! The link to vote for her is