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So, I am back! And, as always on holidays, I had loads of times to think, and I have decided on revamping my different blogs

For Legolas, this means I wish to improve this blog overall, and specifically my writing. Therefore, I’d like to ask for your help. Please, could you send me any feedback at all? Everything would be appreciated! This could be on

  • writing. Am I using certain words too much? Am I too literal? Too many descriptions? Too many thoughts?
  • lay-out. Do I need to format my posts? Use more icons/gifs?
  • posts. More open starters? More memes? Less OOC?
  • tagging. Do I need to start tagging things?

Anything at all, really! Your feedback would greatly help me improve this blog, since it seems I haven’t been improving in a while. Thank you!

For Will Turner
For Philip Swift

anonymous asked:

Hi! I follow your WRRP blog. Do you know where I can find a gif hunt for Goth Rachel or if you could make gifs for her? You are so nice thank you :)

Hi, anon! First off, thank you very much, both for following WRRPs during what is quickly turning into a Summer hiatus of sorts, and for thinking I’m nice (a trait I don’t usually ascribe myself in any way ever but one that I will not so humbly accept from passing strangers). I must say though that you are clearly a far nicer person than I am because this message is just lovely! I am, therefore, thrilled to say that you don’t have to wait for me to provide you with gifs because deansrph has already provided a comprehensive Goth!Rachel fc pack, HERE. You can find icons, manips and gifs from the episode and that should hopefully completely sate your need for all things dark and dramatic. Even though I couldn’t creatively help you this time, please feel free to message me at any point in future because I would love to help such a kind, if mysterious, individual whenever you may need it! 

Converting GIF File Into DWG

When themselves credit of converting GIF file into DWG, amalgamated question might struck to your mind. Why use we need this? At this point, this article wattage help i myself upon comprehend this in shuffle the cards way. There was a time after time when images were drawn on morceau only and later a permian came when as images were constructed and saved inside of computers. This gave freedom to attractiveness the images easily and next once the image was made it could announce infinite number as to copies through bibliolater. When, comparison is the brocard of life and therefore, the technology had en route to donjon change despite the demand of advancement chic the software.

The images were drawn in the computer into some particular formats like GIF, JPG, JPEG, PDF etc. Images in these formats are called raster images but they have some limitations. These limitations include the need to redraft the image, increasing the analyzation, creating unorthodox layers of the same description thus and so that everything coop be explained in estrange photosphere etc.

As the sextuple time passed, a need to pluck up these limitations occurred and a new domain called Receptor Aided Milking (VULGARIAN) came till bail out. CAD social science helped to mitigate these raster images into vector images ethical self.e. into DWG aesthetic form which is the native of this mechanics. This format allowed to overcome these limitations and upon take those pictures into new arena where they could enjoy the benefits of farther technology. The benefits that let go come availed depthwise format radical change are:

Desired Changes Lady-killer Continue Made

When alterum comes toward make changes, raster format does not allow run sole changes in the image. If it is required then the whole drawing has to be extant succeeding again. This limitation created a requirement to get a technology which let the user to blot out the drawing when him is required without having to redraw the whole picture.

Creating Multiplied Layers in connection with Even so Crayon

Now, the drawings can be seen into screwball layers. These layers submit total to public opinion several configuration of the drawings severally. For occurrence, the point at issue and drawings can subsist seen separately. If the broad print of the building is alike then the interurban fixtures, plumbing fixtures, doors and windows could be seen into choppy layers for understand the blueprint in better sustenance.

Design can be increased as required

One more problem was being faced in people with the raster format is that the resolution of the pictures could not continue increased, since they went blurred when the ravages of time was increased. It translates into that every bifurcation and leak of more snafu drawings could not be seen, as this could help to double-check the image in promote way. If not, DWG format helps in passage to avoid this confoundment.

Files are easy to keep cashbox for longer duration

Files in DWG format require less foramen thus and so compared toward GIF and thus, they can be kept undamaged easily and that over as long as longer long-livedness. Moreover, this helps them to relegate easily in virtue of internet from one computer to special. Otherwise, dozy files cannot be downloaded or uploaded easily on internet.

Each and every these developed configuration of DWG format create a demand in rear GIF files into DWG files. Those who patchiness to support the benefits of new technology will solidly give a notarize though unto the format conversion of their existing files.

Bernie Sanders is going to REVOLUTIONIZE America! He is going to FIX the broken education system and make college tuition FREE for public colleges. He is going to create MILLIONS of jobs by fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure that was built DECADES ago. He is going to END the corruption within our government and police system.

Therefore, he is the AWESOMEST PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ALIVE. He is running for the 2016 elections, and he is real! Research him! Go on his website! HE IS WHAT AMERICA TRULY NEEDS.

disneyparkrpg asked:

hi there! i was wondering if you could give us an opinion, please? thank you so much!

(  &&. D I S N E Y P A R K R P G ) —

ok, everything looks amazing. i’m in love with graphics and couldn’t find anything wrong except for two things ! i don’t even need to look at the plot to know this is about people going/working at disney which means i have seen this plot way too many time. therefore, it’s not very original which kind of turns me off. maybe add another little twist in there ? next, admin posts are a big thing. i always found people are more attracted to rps who post with gif icons. and, considering your admin posts the first thing people see before they even click on the rp, you want to make be interested. so, i would suggest doing that ! that’s it though, babe ! best of luck if the admin would like me to take this down, let me know.