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Random Fact #235

While learning Latin can be tricky (there’s a lot more moods and tenses than in Modern English), reading it aloud is actually quite easy, because Latin has no silent letters.


Simple: A vast majority of written Latin was inscribed into stone (and papyrus wasn’t particularly cheap either), so there was no room for such a frivolous thing as a silent letter.

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AU where Scourge doesn't exist and we get the epic ending we deserve with Firestar and Tigerstar battling each other. None of that anticlimax bloodclan crap the books pulled

Hello, Meepit!

I quite agree that having Firestar and Tigerstar actually fight one-on-one as seems implied by their established sworn-enemy status would have greatly improved the ending, along with not dragging Tigerstar out as some punch-clock, card-carrying annoyance to be snuffed out again in a minor scuffle at the end of Oman of the Stars. Other things that could have improved Tigerstar and that book as a whole are:

- Tigerstar is not so blatantly evil and therefore flies under the radar, but perhaps has some genuine beef against Bluestar and her handling of TC– bringing in kittypets, giving Greystripe a slap on the wrist, her own illicit affair, etc. Therefore he could become a misguided villain, with an idea that isn’t bad, but then takes that to it’s absolute most vile conclusion, thereby upping his fear factor more than “I am so evil watch me do bad things while no one but the hero notices or can stop me!”

- Tigerstar goes to RiverClan as opposed to ShadowClan. RiverClan is the clan that is supposed to have the bitter rivalry with TC over Sunningrocks. It’s been around at least since the time of Mapleshade and Oakstar, if not before, and has cost many lives: Birchface, Flowerpaw, Mapleshade and her kits, Ravenwing, Frecklewish, Appledusk, Reedshine, Oakheart, Whiteclaw, etc. Leopardstar harbors a deep dislike for half-clan cats, and dislikes TC. Therefore it seems the logical foothold for Tigerstar would be an already harshly-inclined leader, who runs the clan that most often opposes and fights with TC, which also happens to have the most half-clan cats besides TC– because of all those TC-RC relations.

- Scourge and BC do exist but are brought in by Blackfoot and co as an attempt to actually rebuild SC, which has experienced a violent dictatorship, a destabilizing coup, a severe illness outbreak, shoddy governance, etc. They would hope that these strong stray cats could beef them up, and while many BC cats are happy to become part of SC, some and Scourge still want the leadership for themselves and remain a conflict to be dealt with after Tigerstar has been cleared up by Firestar.

Just some potential ideas I’ve had and debated with others. Certainly would make for an interesting rewrite or fanfic.