therefore aliens

please give pidge a robot girlfriend in season 3
lance will tease her abt it and she’ll be like “lance ur literally dating a big fluffy purple alien leave me alone”
keith yells from the next room “I’M STILL NOT PURPLE”

harry: i need to convince the world that i am a human and not an alien…therefore, i must mimic human emotion while on social media

harry’s brain: try saying something to show you are excited like “yay” or “exciting”

harry: what about how fun?

harry’s brain: yes that sounds great

@Harry_Styles: how fun!

harry’s brain: no that is too excited…they’ll be suspicious….

@Harry_Styles: how fun.

harry’s brain: that is perfect. incredibly natural. I’m so proud of you.


Fifth Element song “Il Dolce Suono” performed by Zhang Liangying

Quote from composer Eric Serra

“For the scene to work, we needed her to sound like an alien, therefore we had to create notes that no human could sing. So I purposely wrote un-singable things, some too low, some too high, sentences that were too fast, I would then arrange it with the sampler.”

Voltron character headcanons based off things I've done

-Thinks about life for more than a minute and cries
-Put a frozen pretzel in a microwave for 14 minutes
-Looked at a minion and lost all will to live

-Acts cool and nonchalant but is constantly plagued with the thought of what kind of government fairytopia has
-Got a everyone on a bus to chant dick but no one suspected he started it
-Went through so many Wikipedia articles that he has extensive knowledge about the Kennedy family

-Saw a small dog and cried
-Set up a mini restaurant for family and insisted that they had to order
-Binge watched barbie’s youtube channel

-Uses Mc- as a prefix to everything (ex: McParanoid, McMeme, McGay)
-Thought freckles were dirt and tried to scrape them off causing a small cut
-Accidently came out as bi because of a stupid username on kahoot

-Spent a whole week trying to grasp the concept of sexual attraction
-Got bored playing sims and covered a sim’s yard in garlic
-Forgot what a tornado was and got confused by the concept of twirling wind

-Wondered if aliens are real but realized if they are then she would be the alien to them so therefore she is alien and they’re real
-Looks at girl and wonders if she’s wants to be her or marry her
-Spends a whole week looking nice and fancy then wears pajamas for 72 hours straight

-Can’t take a good selfie so makes every selfie goofy so no one knows
-Taught a group of small kids how to dab with proper technique
-Spent fourteen years thinking people said “blush you” instead of “bless you” after a sneeze

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AU where everything is the same, except the universal translator only produces Google Translate - quality translations and therefore all the aliens speak in grammatically incorrect sentences and make weird vocabulary mistakes that frequently cause misunderstandings.

Also, the juxtaposition of Lena and Lillian is actually really interesting. Like Lena is the epitome of the ‘shades of gray’ personality type whereas Lillian very much the ‘black and white’ type. 

Take their attitude towards aliens. 

For Lillian, all aliens are evil, no exception. She was eager and willing to leave Supergirl (and Mon-El) on the ship, even though Supergirl had helped Lillian get her daughter back. She doesn’t care that Supergirl is trying to do good. And that she actually helped Lillian. She just knows the Supergirl is an alien and therefore by virtue must be evil. The worst human is still better than the best alien.

Then look at Lena who takes it more on a case by case basis. She obviously admires Supergirl and although an alien, knows that she is genuine in wanting to help people and even goes out of her way to help as well. While also being wary of dangerous aliens and knowing that they’re out there and everyone needs to be careful. And I think she also recognizes, in no small part thanks to Lex, that humans can often be more brutal than aliens can be. 

Like in 2x21 when Lillian was like “I thought you’d finally see my side.” Lillian sees the anti-alien thing as a zero sum, black and white situation. Whereas Lena, who had just been kidnapped and blackmailed by an alien, was still concerned about Supergirl’s safety and completely turned around by her mom’s cruelty. (Also goes to show that Lillian knows nothing about her daughter if she thought Lena would be okay with leaving Supergirl up there to her death). 


Calling all those strongly opposed to Karamel as a couple, Mon-El as a character, and the deplorable writing of the Supergirl staff and the toxic messages they’re sending: racism, sexism, misogyny.

We have the power to incite change. We have the power to turn the tables. Write them. Write media outlets. I’ve read some of your arguments, and they are great. Send them. Flood their inboxes. Give them all the negative press we can. Target the sponsors of the show.

If you are sick and tired of seeing them neglect Alex/Maggie in favor of Kara/Mon-El who spend 99% of the time arguing, tell them. If you are disgusted by the way The CW canned the interracial coupling of Kara/James as soon as they switched networks in favor of a white male, express yourself! If you are baffled by the message they are spreading by insinuating that we as women are supposed to forgive the man in the span of a few hours no matter how deeply betrayed or hurt we feel, let it be heard! If you are pissed because they sent M'gann to her home planet therefore alienating (pun intended) yet another black man to allow for more Mon-El screen time, shout it out! Whatever has struck a nerve with how terribly this season has gone all because of a privileged frat boy from Daxam crash landing on earth, let them know.

Don’t think it won’t matter. It will. Ratings matter. The show may be renewed for season 3, but we have the power to dictate how that season will play out. Storylines are NOT set in stone. We have to be proactive! Raise hell. Stand up for Kara Zor-El because clearly we cannot trust anyone else to do it for her. Let’s take our show back.

If anyone remembers the shit storm with The 100 and the whole Lincoln/Lexa thing, then you already know what a fandom can do when they write sponsors and fight for their voices to be heard.


got into a spiel about comics on twitter and i want to reemphasize something

Key to a quality comic are (IMHO): 

Readability - it could have the best story with the best art with the best character but none of it matters if I don’t know the order of the panels or dialogue. Readability in the overall story is just as important. Stories suffer when it’s so wildly complicated that you need to take notes to understand it. Plus it alienates audiences with reading/comprehension disabilities. 

Interesting Story: Everyone has a different standard to which a story is considered interesting. This can usually be judged on the premise alone. Many stories start off strong and then fall into cliche’d and predictable territory, or abuses its audience. Stories abuse their audience by, making fun of their target audience, turning an important/widely favorited character into a cliche or gravestone with no important relation to the story, discriminating against a people group, and baiting by making promises without delivering. 

Fleshed out Characters: flat one-dimensional characters can only make a story so compelling. If I can summarize a character with the “____ one” and have someone completely understand the character without any further explanation then that character really isnt up to snuff with carrying an entire story. (aka cliche’s and tolkenism)  Unrelatability is also a huge factor. Too many comics don’t know what their audiences want or relate to. If it wants to relate to young women, then another gritty emotionless muscle man will target men with power fantasies and much less likely be relatable to the target audience of young women. And if the whole cast doesn’t include a huge demographic then it is therefore alienating that entire group of people. Who a comic excludes is as important as who it is including.

Visual Appeal: This does NOT mean well-drawn. Which is also very subjective and personal. Art style and color must reflect the mood and style of the story it is trying to tell. If a comic is supposed to be funny, but the character’s facial expressions don’t transmit the joke properly then the writing loses punch. If all the colors hinder the readability then it weakens the whole. The visual appeal also falls into the important category of being relatable. If the characters are depicted in an offensive manor towards a people group, then that’s who its alienating and effectively made at the expense of. Visual Appeal is pretty much the blanket that holds everything together and denotes the flow of the entire story.

(feel free to add to the discussion or send me asks abt it, i’d love to continue the conversion)

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Who is most likely to believe in conspiracy theories? <3

Eren, Sasha, Mike

That reminds me that today I overheard a guy talking about the moon landing being impossible, because the computers of that time couldn’t have calculated the distances and routes of the moon’s and earth’s rotation and therefore aliens must’ve sent us this data. He also said that ages ago an extraterrestrial lifeform has hit earth and has been inactive for a long time until like 26 years ago or so. I have no idea why exactly 26 years ago, but he said so, so it must be true lol

It genuinely confuses me how stans get pissed at Chaol for “not accepting” Alien when if we go by stan logic (since they love claiming that Sardines and Alien are two different people!), Q0S would’ve been the first time he had ever even met her? And therefore Alien wasn’t actually the woman he loved??? 

Supposed homophobia of the Supergirl cast

Okay, so I know that  a lot of you are angry and think that they literally & purposely made fun of the lgbtqia+ community. I know how many of you ship Katie McGrath and Melissa Benoist’s characters on the show-I ship them too BUT they won’t and shouldn’t be a couple. Note that this comes from someone who thinks that Katie McGrath makes everything look gay even when it isn’t on purpose.

Honestly said, I think that us, shipping Lena and Kara is getting out of hand here which is why the cast reacted that way. Maybe they could’ve been more polite but the only thing they’re actually guilty of is how they expressed how they felt about this non-existent ship. I don’t think they’re homophobic. I think it’s us, who sometimes get triggered by every little thing. I am a part of the lgbtqia+ community but I also know that as much as I want more lgbtqia+ presentation on the little & the big screen, sometimes it shouldn’t be this case because if this happens, in a twisted way, we’d separate ourselves from the rest of the people and therefore alienate ourselves while we’re trying to fit in. 

I don’t like Mon-El. I think he’s a shitty character for the most part (although, I must admit that in some of the last episodes he was alright) but I ship him with Kara (for now). 


TheSE SHITS ARE ALL DONE, fun facts page ~coming soon~ I’m going to do it separately this time because I don’t want that massive length of writing to bug you all
With the ^ given ^ info you are definitely free to make as many as you’d like to, their hair is black, can vary in length, and do a LOT of crazy things so go nuts with that

real things about ben 10 canon:

  • gwen has magical powers because grandpa max got down with the roswell alien and therefore their family is all part alien
  • there was a special edition of the live action movie where the only difference is that for like, five minutes total of screentime, one alien is swapped out with a different alien who is never really explained and only appears like, once ever
  • ben renamed an alien once after CNN correspondent wolf blitzer
  • the excalibur is real. jekyll and hyde are real
  • according to the writer, heatblasts can have zits
  • ultraman is real but he’s named Way Big
  • alien frankenstein worked for an evil alien ghost

((anyways kon strikes me as the type of person who can watch 3 hours of ancient aliens and forget everything he knows about the world))


It feels like everything Tim has ever known has been suddenly turned on its head.

Which, okay - granted - might be an exaggeration just because he’s actually going to bed but Kon is staying up and mindlessly staring at his laptop. But the scene makes him stare and he has to rub his eyes twice to make sure he’s not hallucinating.

It takes a minute before he finds his voice. And when he does, it sounds just as confused as he feels.

“Kon?” he asks, like he’s questioning if Kon is actually Kon. (And, like. Given the sheer number of times heroes have been brainwashed or replaced by an exact copy… He’s sure it’s warranted.) It takes him a minute to realize he hasn’t asked anything relevant, and thus hasn’t acquired his boyfriend’s attention. He clears his throat. “Kon. Um. Explanation?”

“Just a couple more?” Kon asks, and Tim doesn’t even know what he’s asking for; He can’t even see the screen. All Tim knows is those are puppy-dog eyes. And that he’s weak against puppy-dog eyes, damn Krypto.

–Or, they were puppy-dog eyes, until Kon is distracted by his laptop again and turns back to look at it. The effect still lingers, and Tim finds himself wary of taking away something that’s clearly holding his boyfriend’s attention.

So he doesn’t argue. But, he is still confused. 

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“During the centuries of our Western history, the problems and developments which roused fundamental excitement in the West did not touch the problemless Jew, whose inner life had passed into fixity with the completion of the Culture which created this Jewish Church-State-People-Nation. Empty for him were the conflict of Empire and Papacy, the Reformation, the Age of Discovery. He looked upon them purely as a spectator. His only question was what they might mean to him. The idea of his taking part in them, or making sacrifices for one side or another, never came up. The British in India looked upon disturbances among the indigenous populations with the same eye.

In his ghettos distributed over Europe, all was uniform: the food-prohibitions, the Talmudic dualistic ethics, one for the goyim and another for the Jew, the legal system, the runes, the phylacteries, the ritual, the feeling. His Sufism, his Hasidim sect, his Kabbalism, his religious leaders like Baal Shem, his Zaddikism, are equally unintelligible to Westerners. Not only unintelligible, but uninteresting. The Westerner was absorbed in the intense conflicts of his own Culture, and did not observe, except in relation to himself, the life of the Jew in his midst.


The 20th century saw for the first time that he had his own public life, his own world down to the details. It realized that the comprehensiveness of his outlook was the equivalent of its own in breadth and depth, and therefore alien in a total sense which was never before suspected. In its previous centuries, the viewpoint of the West toward the Jew was limited by its stage of development at the time, but with the 20th century and its universal outlook, the entirety of what has been called “the Jewish problem” is seen for the first time. Not race, not religion, not ethics, not nationality, not political allegiance – but something which includes them all, separates the Jew from the West – Culture.”

Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium