therefore aliens

please give pidge a robot girlfriend in season 3
lance will tease her abt it and she’ll be like “lance ur literally dating a big fluffy purple alien leave me alone”
keith yells from the next room “I’M STILL NOT PURPLE”

There are only two choices here.

1) Sherlock series four continues through to the end as a bunch of trippy psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo and doesn’t give the audience anything to trust, therefore alienating that audience and losing respect and money.

2) This whole show has been about the relationship between John and Sherlock – what tears them apart and what brings them back together again – and series four will crescendo into a beautiful reconciliation between our two favorite men, having us cheering like Benedict, “love conquers all”.

It’s what people say when they can’t figure out how ancient humans accomplished something.

Rather than say, “I’m too stupid to figure this one out on my own”, they say, “I am smarter than these ancient humans, and since I can’t figure out what’s going on here, they must have had help from aliens.”

We need more hubris in this world.

—  – Neil deGrasse Tyson on Ancient Aliens

Headcanon for Lexie Grey being Alex Danvers is just being backed up by the fact that both characters are actually called Alexandra. 

Lexie Grey did not die. Not really. She got called back to the DEO because of a big alien threat, therefore she had to ‘die’ and leave everyone in Seattle behind to return to National City. 

Also, Alex said she had to give up a medical career.


oh thank god some exposition

that being said, we’ll see how well this goes and if the exposition relies on the “it’s aliens and therefore beyond human ken” excuse or if it’ll actually be thoroughly explained.

also between what im about to read and what i’ve already seen, this might actually become a central examination for a larger essay or smth

yeah ok call it what you will, but im determined to figure out how these multiple romance symbols tie into the midnight crew

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When he first saw what appeared to be the sentient armor flailing about in Gabriel’s arms he could only really think one thing. “What a drab shade of green.” Gabriel chuckles at this, the body in his arms heaving and writhing against his own unyielding chest. He hums, chuffs, grunts some Spanish before everything goes still with the armor in his arms. Now limp, he all but tosses it towards Sunyatta and the weight suprised him. “And the orange .” This time sunyatta is the one to laugh, idly tracing two taloned fingers beneath the head of the thing and feeling a smooth heartbeat. It was organic. “Atrocious.” “Find out where it came from. It had some pretty high tech weaponry, nothing to far from our own but still handy. Useful. Do what you must, but get the truth.” Gabriel fades, wavers, dissolves into his mist and Sunyatta can feel it phase over and through him in places. A reminder. A warning. He chooses to ignore it, but he will complete the task. The potential this thing in his arms had was great. It was human. Utterly so. But… different. He had to pull it apart, had to know how it ticked. He removes his fingers from its pulse and shifts it so it’s bridal style in his arms, uses one of his feet to lift up a hatch in the flooring. He descends smootly and lazily, idly tracing the familiar darkness with his eyes and finding the operating table on sheer memory. Bless Mercy and her old equipment, he would have such fun! He takes the thing and lays it on its back, strapping it’s neck and wrists and ankles into mesh restraints of a material similar to chain mesh but much much stronger. He does not remove it’s armor, though. Instead, he traces lazy paths on the orange of its helmet, a visor most likely, with a silvery talon. He taps it, willing it to wake in the slow dark of the room. It won’t see anything but his eyes when it wakes, and that’s what he wants.

Tap tap tap

So you know how some sci-fi stories feature alien races or animals that like live in space and eat space dust or whatever? Well sound doesn’t travel in space therefore: deaf aliens. And better yet, aliens that don’t have vocal chords or ear drums at all because there’s no point. Aliens with crazy sharp eyesight so they can see signs from miles away if there’s nothing in their way. Aliens with MULTIPLE eyes so pick up information from all directions. Aliens that glow who send messages across long distances using biological light shows. Aliens with extremely complex languages made up of nothing but signs made using all parts of their bodies. Space aliens that actually live in space.

“Allosexual” and why using it is harmful to even Asexuals

This has been spoken on before. Clearly, it hasn’t gotten through. Here is my take on it.

“Allosexual” is a term that means “experiences sexual attraction.” However…

The term “allosexual” is harmful in general because it hypersexualizes those who feel sexual attraction. It is used, typically as a joke (but an offensive, not actual joke kind of one) to differentiate between asexuals and people who “just want to fuck all the time.” Well, that’s already got homophobic implications since same-sex relationships tend to be incredibly hypersexualized. That being said, I’m not here to make big point on that part of it. My point on it is this: 

Why is the term harmful to the asexual community itself?

Because there are people in the asexual community who feel sexual attraction. Demisexuals, gray-asexuals, and other asexual-spectrum people are a part of the asexual community, too. 

Even those who identify as asexual can experience sexual attraction. And in this situation, I don’t mean the spectrum, or those who identify being on it. I mean, people who identify as pure asexual. 

When we, as asexuals, demonize “allosexuals” we demonize members of our own community, and therefore also alienate them from it. 

We cannot do this any longer. We shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

I think every ace out there can think back to a time when they’ve had to explain that asexual people can still have sex, can still have biological children, can masturbate, etc, etc, etc. Well, why then, do we forget about the asexuals that do these things? Why do I see so much hypersexualization and demonization of those who want that? Especially when asexuals are a part of the group that can have that and can want that!

I will say this as many times in this post as I have to:

There are members of our own community who do want/can want those things.


I have also seen a lot of hypersexualization tagged often with aromantic, as well. Not only does this continue to perpetuate the incorrect thinking of “aromantic = asexual” that we have tried to eliminate for years (and it’s being perpetuated by US, the people that try and try to eliminate it), it hypersexualizes aromantic people who feel sexual attraction and alienates them from their own community since they are not both aromantic and 100% asexual. And that, is 100% not okay. 

So, yes, “allosexual” is harmful to even us in the asexual community. Don’t use it to hypersexualize people who are already plenty hypersexualized (if you don’t think this is true, you are living under a rock, but here is a great (at least I think so) quick, article by a lesbian woman on the subject). 

Don’t use it to hypersexualize and alienate people who are a part of your own community

It’s so harmful, not only for it’s demonizing implications, but also because, quite frankly, it seems to take roots in homophobia, and, even if it doesn’t come from a homophobic place, it is homophobic - and, this, once again, alienates members of our own community. Because there are gay aces. There are bi/pan/poly aces. 

And no one should feel alienated in their own community.

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If it’s okay to ask, what was the filipino case called?

I made a mistake; there was no Supreme Court Case about Filipino citizenship, as there were no petitions brought to the Court, as far as I can tell. However, there was a case brought up agains the anti-miscegenation laws that barred Asians and other people of color (eg, Black people) from marrying White people.  In the case of Roldan v. Los Angeles County (1933), it was ruled that a Filipino man, Salvador Roldan, was able to marry his White wife.  This is because Filipinos were classified as “Malays” at the time, not “Mongols,” and therefore were not included within the text of the document at the time.  Two weeks afterwards, the law was amended to include Filipinos in the anti-miscegenation law.

The Tydings-McDuffie Act reclassified Filipinos as aliens, and therefore unable to apply for citizenship (as they were not white; see Thind decision).  The Repatriation Act of 1935 offered to sail Filipino residents back to the Philippines, and was framed to be luxurious and grand.  In fact, it was just sparkly deportation. and Carey McWilliams of Nation pointed it out that it was more like “Filipino exclusion.”

Sources: Takaki, Ronald T. “Dollar a day, dime a dance.” Strangers from a different shore: a history of Asian Americans. Boston: Little, Brown, 1998.
Wikipedia (timeline)

Something entirely new

they had arrived here days ago. what they were looking for was unsure but still had the colony nervous and fearful. the king  floated infront  of us, once again warning us all

“we know nothing of these alien invaders therefore  assume they can only be dangerous.  resist taking your land forms and stay far away from the dry lands until they leave this planet”

Kalel frowned at that. exploring the dry land was her favorite past time. there was so many treasures she found up there. with these visitors it made her want to go up there even more. how  could they really be dangerous? as far as she could see f from afar they were walking about mostly.

she wanted a closer look. the mermaid had to know what exactly they were dealing with. once it got closer to the sunless times Kalel made her way out of the city line. the girl nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a tug on her tail, whipping around she saw it was her friend  Helmi

“your going to the surface to see the aliens arent you???” she accused, sounding displeased

“just a quick peek, ill be back before anyone even notices” Kalel said quick starting to move but was grabbed again 

“what if they see you?”

“they wont. just.. dont tell my father where ive gone ok?” the blue haired girl pleaded. the white mermaid frowned reluctantly letting go of the other “just dont get eaten ok?”

Surfacing, Kalel swam to where she saw them last, she could see some sort of flickering light on the Island. how was that possible the sun had dissappeared for  the time being. it drew her  closer and closer


Chromophobia manifests itself in the many and varied attempts to purge colour from [Western] culture, to devalue colour, to diminish its significance, to deny its complexity. More specifically: this purging of colour is usually accomplished in one of two ways. In the first, colour is made out to be the property of some ‘foreign’ body - usually the feminine, the primitive, the infantile, the vulgar, the queer or the pathological. In the second, color is relegated to the realm of the superficial, the supplementary, the inessential or the cosmetic. In one, it is regarded as alien and therefore dangerous; in the other, it is perceived merely as a secondary quality of experience, and thus unworthy of serious consideration.

— Chromophobia, David Batchelor

I’m not upset because Liam said Larry isn’t real. I’ve heard that before. I’ve heard it a thousands times, I hear it daily. It’s been said in a million different ways and I get it. That’s fine, whatever. What I’m upset about is that Liam took this opportunity to present himself in a magazine for gay people and to talk about his support for his LGBT+ fans but instead he took it as his opportunity to make it about the ship between his two band mates and then proceeded to not only belittle Rainbow Direction but misinterpret the entire purpose of it’s existence and therefore actually completely alienate a good majority of his LGBT audience. I’m angry. I’m upset. I feel belittled. Look, I don’t know if this was actually Liam, Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I have no proof. But I’m angry. I’m upset that this is what this opportunity turned into.