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Hi, I was wondering do you have any recommendations for Christian blogs that are not homophobes? There are so many great Christians blogs out there who suddenly are a lot less great after throwing out some 'hate the sin, love the sinner'-bullshit and I'd be a lot more comfortable with following Christians who are positive and accepting and stuff of people who do not happen to be cishets. Thank you!

Of course, lovey! I know the feeling. I’ve had the same problem. I followed a buttload of Christian blogs a couple months ago, then ended up unfollowing a significant number of them because of their “hate the sin, love the sinner” crap on sexuality. 

So here are some of my favorite Christian and Catholic blogs, that either are openly supportive of sexuality, or have given me no reason to believe that they’re against it. That’s saying, I don’t know if some of these have the “hate the sin, love the sinner” ideology, unfortunately, simply because I haven’t seen them post about the subject of sexuality at all. If they do post something homophobic or problematic, I will unfollow them and take them off this list.

notbecauseofvictories isn’t an exclusively Christian blog, but she has the honor of being the one blog I check every single day other than Taylor Swift’s, which is a pretty high honor, cause she’s amazing. Her thoughts on Catholicism and Christianity are always tons of fun to read, and I have the biggest tumblr crush on her.

Some exclusively Christian blogs: godoftheoppressed spiritualinspiration sweetandlovelygirl7 passionistheart goodgirlsdivein veilofyourlife matthew-2819 raise-your-cross goddaily thewordofgodsays theredsojourner heckyeahjesussaves queertheology littlethingsaboutgod lukexvx jesuschristtheprinceofpeace girlwhocriedsupernova blakebaggott believe-out-loud

A lot of my friends on here, such as forestintrafalgarsquare violinmuscles apriludgte crepuscular-my-dear-watson peetamelarked lyras0xford magicmadnessheavensinss shakeitoffandout anachronizomai slytherinroman-from-nowhere and so many others are super rad people and are Christian and queer, or Christian and super supportive of me and all my Catholic queerness. Those people don’t post exclusively Christian stuff, as they are fandom blogs, but they are great Christian people and I recommend following and befriending them. I can recommend a few more of my friends that fit in this category if you would like~

Hope this helped! Happy tumblring.