My first How-to styling video…


Heres a video to show y'all how you can get a bigger & fuller rockabilly pompadour, by using a blowdryer… all while using a light pomade!


Tales from the barber shop.

Thursday: Manned the shop solo since the owner called out. Had to deal with the phone/walk-ins/his pre-booked appointments, ON TOP of my appointments! 10:30-7:30. Friday: Opened up at 9 to get the water heater installed and service booked appointments. Rocked solo until 1, while still managing the phone/walk-ins and my appointments. 9-7:40. Both days without a lunch-break. And I typically start at 11… Back at it again at 7:30 to take care of a client, since I’ve got a booked morning and he couldn’t do anything after 12. I don’t write this because as if I’m saying I’m the hardest working barber out there – I’m not. But I write this because this is what you do when you’re a fucking adult and take the initiative to get shit done RIGHT. Whether it’s barbering or any other profession, you need to get off of your ass and get shit done if you want to see progression and growth. Quit expecting handouts or anyone to help you – rarely do people help out to genuinely see you grow, but do it to either get recognition or to get rid of your presence because the sooner you get it - the sooner you’re out of their hair. There are too many people expecting shit to be done for them or expect to do the bare minimum but expect to see the biggest rewards. It doesn’t work that way. Here’s to everyone that works hard to earn it.

Moving Forward with the Blog.

To all the blog readers: I’m just about ready to get back on track! But, there’s one thing I’ve considered doing which will slightly change things up a bit with the website… I’m considering changing my platform from my current Wordpress (which is my primary blog,) to my secondary blog - Tumblr. It’ll be much more efficient for me to stick with just one platform (Tumblr,) as Wordpress has certain limitations cause me to not post regularly on the blog. But, I want to get some opinions from folks whether or not they think it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, it’s more-so important that I get back into the groove of things and it’s ultimately my own decision, but I do enjoy getting input from the readers.



I know a lot of folks have been wondering when I was gonna do one. Since I’m officially labeled a blogger and all, I guess it’s only right. So for you ladies who want some free pomade for your fellas, or for yourselves, and you cats who are too lazy or broke to buy it yourself, here’s your chance!

The rules are simple, yet long… So click to continue reading!

External image

Now, the rules are simple…


External image


Ok, that was mean. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have a giveaway or few in mind! So if you unfollowed me for this joke, you’re gonna be missin’ out on some good shit!

Ok, I did this quick little picture because well… Photos like this bug the shit out of me.

While it’s all “cute” and all, to have a guy all greased up and his lady all dolled up, sharing a drink at a soda shop… Guess what, it’s corny. I don’t give a shit. It’s corny as fuck. It was fine in the day when you didn’t have folks making “photo shoots” of it, and it was fine when Danny and Sandy did it, but guess what, it’s tired.

Come on folks, why not try to be relevant? Think of new ways to do a “Rockabilly Greaser Pumpadour photo shoot?” Stop doing cliché shoots, with cliché poses, and maybe you’ll be able to progress. I’m not saying this to be mean, but when you think about it…

How many times can folks see the same poses, same back rounds, same styling, until this rockabilly photography thing is irrelevant? Well, not too many because in my eyes, and many others, it already is irrelevant.

These photo shoots lack one (out of many) things. But this one thing, is major… And that is character. Sure, you’ve got the guy dolled up as a character, a greaser. But there’s nothing much left to that. Figure it out folks, it’s not that hard.

It’s ok if people trust me or hate me, that’s fine. I’m not a professional photographer, stylist, or anything like that. But I sure as hell know what the hell I’m doing and what I’m talking about. So you might want to take it into consideration ;).

Ok folks, that was enough ranting for one day! What am I saying, you can never have enough ranting! But, it’s early, I’m hungry, and potentially horny. So, I’m gonna go make breakfast in the nude while burning out my neighbors eyes with my shiny pompadour and glowing mane of… Well, you get the picture.

But for those cats still wondering, “is there gonna be a pomade giveaway?” YES! YOU IMPATIENT MOTHER FUCKER! YES! It’s coming!

I have everything all planned out. It’s gonna be a good one, trust me. Or at least, I hope it will be. But, you folks won’t be disappointed. Especially if only a few people participate, you have a pretty good chance of getting free shit!

It’s not going to happen until a little while after VLV14, but trust me. It’s underway. Besides, I wasn’t planning on doing one till after I’ve reached the one year mark. So you’re already lucky that it’s coming as soon as it is!

Well, that’s all for now.

Till the next hate fuck…

Stay Greasy.