exodusandchill  asked:

Okay so why Sehun? Why is Sehun your bias? WHY IS HE THE ONE?



A long time ago, like 7 years ago, I created this image of what I imagined the most wonderful man to look like/act like. I had the description really down to a point and I would literally sit and day dream about this guy that didn’t exist cause everyone around me just wasnt worth it. When I would get hurt really badly I used to tell me that somewhere out there, theres someone like this manifestation that would love me the right way and treat me the right way. It was really childish and day dreamy and kind of embarrassing but ive had some really bad things happen to me from guys ive been with so it was something that gave me hope. The first time I saw Sehun I went ballistic cause he looked like almost exactly as the guy I had made up in my mind. This sounds dumb but I was so overwhelmed and I went to go look into him.

 I watched so much EXO content after that and I just fell in love with Sehun. He is so soft and caring about everyone around him and he has this shy side to him which ive always found so adorable. But when he laughs its like the whole emotion overtakes him and any thing he was holding back doesnt exist anymore. The way he moves, sits, walks, dresses I admire so much idek why. I love his playful side so much. The vlive with him and Chanyeol really made me love him a lot cause he was so silly, shaking his hair around and dancing and making a fool of himself just cause pcy and the viewers found it so funny. I could listen to him talk for hours and watch him and I wouldnt get bored like im just so enchanted. I admire his work ethic so much I love his dancing I love his rapping and I love how he wants to improve all the time and im so glad we’re gtting so much more of him this era it warms my heart. 

this is embarrassing I know but I’m happier being in love with the Sehun I think I know than with any guy i’ve ever been with. 

Lets have a sleepover!!