Knowing the Reason

It seems funny that now, I just laugh at all the reasons why I cried before. All those raging dramas are now turning into a farce little by little.

We often say “everything happens for a reason” and I somehow believe in that. My past self would have never known that what’s happening right now would actually happen. I mean, isn’t life full of questions and answers? Of what if’s and what could have been?

December 23, 2012 & February 25, 2014. Break up #1 and Break up #2 respectively. Tonight, I looked back on those dates and recalled why we ended our relationship. To give an answer, all I can say are four simple words: Trust, Fear, Loyalty, and Honesty.

I don’t want to elaborate them because doing so will only make me appear bitter with our past relationship. But with everything that my mind knows right now, I couldn’t help but affirm how thankful I am that I decided to let you go.

It’s not that I’m still mad at you for throwing away the almost 3-year-relationship that we had. No, not at all. I had forgiven you for all the wrongs you did to me and likewise, I had forgiven myself for all my incompleteness towards you.

So why am I writing again about you?

Well, there’s no reason at all. I just want you to know that wherever you put me before has dragged me into a better place in life. I have waited for this day to come: the day wherein I get to be reminded of why the past had to happen.

And if I am to answer “why”, then it would be because GOD said so.

I believe that God loves me so much that He enabled me to bleed first to remind myself that I can carry pain and still go on in life. God made me hurt so I can be a stronger woman and know how worthy I am in His eyes. God told me to let go because He had a greater plan for me. And finally, God pushed me to rock bottom so that in His perfect time, I would stand higher as before.

God is the main Reason of why things had to happen. He will always keep us on track. We just need to believe and trust in Him.

To God be the Glory, now and forever! Solo Dios Basta. :)


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