therearecat  asked:

Top queer characters 2015. I'm going to keep sending these as I think of them.

yes, please do!

  1. kitana kiki rodriguez as sin-dee, tangerine
  2. rooney mara as therese belivet, carol
  3. desiree akhavan as shirin, appropriate behavior
  4. cate blanchett as carol aird, carol
  5. mya taylor as alexandra, tangerine
  6. lilly tomlin as elle reid, grandma
  7. louis garrel as jacques de bascher, saint laurent
  8. chiara d'anna as evelyn, the duke of burgundy
  9. gaspard ulliel as yves saint laurent, saint laurent
  10. sebastián silva as freddy, nasty baby

therearecat  asked:

How and when did you decide you wanted to study film?

i was always pretty obsessed with pop culture in general (as are both my mom and older sister) ever since i was a young kid (maybe around 5 or 6?). i was always fascinated (and terrified) by the idea of “celebrity” and i remember always being incredibly thrilled and captivated by “awards season” and other televised hollywood events. 

i realized how important film was to me when i was 14. i often credit slumdog millionaire (the first film i saw in an independent theater) as being the first film that made me think “hmmm, this is so much different from movies i usually watch… and i really like it.” it’s not my favorite movie now or anything, but it will always have a special place within my subconscious. and of course, when it swept the entire awards season that year, i for some reason felt really “special” since i had already seen it. 

from there, i begged my parents for a netflix account and i just tried to watch as many things as possible. i also sort of credit tumblr (and starting this blog) with giving me more of an incentive to be more adventurous and to explore as much as possible within the film community/world. 

by the time i was like 15, i kept a running list of personal film ideas, which i often fantasied about writing/directing/acting in sometime in the near future. looking back on that list, they were mostly really terrible/generic ideas, but as an uneducated teenager, i thought i was a #genius. 

i always knew i wanted to study film/media in college since i genuinely couldn’t (and still can’t) imagine studying anything else. though, tbh, i feel like i’ve learned more about film and the business through individual study than i have in the classroom environment. 

i originally wanted to be a film critic (this blog was originally only going to be for film reviews, hence “01sentencereviews”), but now i think my true dream is to be a screenwriter. i’ve written 5 features in a little over a year and i am starting to find screenwriting contests to enter since i’m almost done college. i’m currently working on my sixth and i have a lot more ideas i want to flesh out into words, but stressful times are definitely slowing me down, which i’m not happy or proud of. the abundance of media surrounding me is exhausting and overwhelming, but it’s also so goddamn invigorating and essential to my natural being that sometimes i just get stuck and can’t really seem to do anything meaningful or constructive. 

i, of course, often feel like i’m the only one who can truly direct my screenplays or play specific characters within them, but i literally have zero experience in either of those artistic fields (though i do deep down genuinely feel like i have the ability to achieve them… idk my combination of mild depression, extreme anxiety, and narcissism is weird…)

anyway, i’m not really sure where i’m going with all of this or why i wrote all of this or if any of this answer is satisfying to you, but i guess this is the gist of why i love film so much and why it seemed like such an obvious choice to study it. i’ve sort of just always felt comfortable knowing that films exist and that they will live on forever, and comfortability within the strangeness that is “life” is something i’m sure everyone desperately seeks.