therealstartrekcaptions asked:

send some stories my waaaay i need things to draw STAR TREK THINGS

Thank you, like a lot.  Here’s some we’re planning on including, if they strike your fancy.

Reconfigure (domestic McSpirk, with a daughter for added adorable.  We do have character designs for her here and here, but neither of us are that great at drawing.)

Aberration (a mirror pon farr piece.  Mainly Spones but also McSpirk. Also some Chahura which is loads of fun. If you want to read ahead let us know… there’s plenty more.)

Every Hearbeat I Have Left (a super sad Spirk piece.  We’re planning a follow up Spones/McSpirk piece too because why not.)

And we have a few other short fics in the planning stages.  So.  More info to come?

Thanks again you really rock. 

- Sally

I hit 1,000 followers oh my god

Let me start out by saying that you people are the best. Just awesome.
I never expected the blog to get so popular so fast, and I’d like to do an interactive sort of thing? If any of you think you are up to the challenge, send in what you think the caption for this photo should be. I’ll announce the winner and post the edited photo a few days after. Thoughts? Message me. Thank you and good night *ollies out*