A year ago today #3

A great spot to nearly always be guaranteed of a great photo is at the ocean pools where you will always find someone exercising in the pool, all year around. This shot for some reason missed my selections last year, and I cant understand why.

#Cronulla Shire in #Sydney #Australia #therealshire Visit the Shire and while your here Visit NSW its a great place to be living. (at Cronulla Beach)

Visa out of #TheRealShire check.

Camera, check.

iPhone and #Oloclip, check.

Money, check.

Insanity for heading into +Sydney on a 32c day, check.

Off into the big smoke for some last minute Christmas shopping. (at North Cronulla Beach)

Year 5: day 273

I struggle nearly every day to create my daily photo, it’s not an easy thing to do especially when I normally only do my thing at sunrise, I am sure anyone who frequents the area on a regular basis must think I am strange, honestly, I don’t care anymore, I am down there for me, I am down there to clear my head and prepare myself for the day. I have received lots of messages recently from all over the world telling me that they look forward to seeing what I post every day, I can’t understand why, but I guess for the same reason I follow the people that I do on #google+ #facebook #instagram #flickr #eyeem and #tumbler

#iPhoneonly #cronulla #therealshire @australia @visitnsw @visittheshire @cbnsr (at North Cronulla Beach)

Sunrise Sunday 29th March 2015.
If your in the Cronulla area get down here today there’s a classic car show, and the Shark Island swim, plus the odd surf boat or two on the beach.
#therealshire #Cronulla #sunsise #MyNikonLife (at North Cronulla Beach)

Our first weekend of Spring inAustralia today and we are expecting 27c here in Sydney today, it feels like summer already.

We are also attempting to elect a new government for our country today, here in Australia it is compulsory to vote which means we all have to make our way to polling booths and put pencil to paper to make our vote, what a waste of time, why isn’t this process electronic.

#iPhoneonly #Cronulla #TheRealShire

Year 5: Day 250 (at North Cronulla Ocean Pool)