My fellow females: It’s time to evolve. I see way to much negativity from the ladies I follow, and it makes my heart heavy. If you are a model, or public figure, you have a responsibility if you like it or not. Quit trying so hard to look tough. Real strength comes from inspiring others. Those who are awake have no need to judge those who are still asleep. If someone is jamming you up, and being ugly to you, try to remember that just like love, negativity can only spill out of a person when they’ve filled themselves with it so full that it overflows. People who cause pain, are full of pain. Be better. Embody your inner goddess, the divine mother, and learn to nurture those who try to harm you. The results will astound you. I hate seeing all these “bitches get stitches” and other comments and hashtags. You’re simply delaying your own evolution, and feeding the machine you think you’re fighting. Join us in this shift of conscioussness, embrace your god molecules and rise above. Quit confirming archiac sterotypes of women (specially tattooed women) and be a beacon of light for those who look up to you. Not even mentioning the fact that if you’re constantly fighting with other women, maybe you should look at the real source. It all grows from you. Leave the negativity behind, quit celebrating your own struggles, and make a real difference in the world, just by changing the way you think and act. It’s time to evolve. The divine female in me salutes the divinity in you! <3 #namaste #positiveliving #cosmicconsciousness #wakeup #mothergoddess #divinefemales #therealsecret #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld

Let your light shine so brightly, it helps bring the others out of the dark. <3 #cameronrodgers #brandivonblackphotography #positiveliving #bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld #therealsecret #lawofattraction #universallaws #SPIRALOUT #spiritualguides #transcend #enlightenment #innerlight @waylonrodgers