Nightmare Before Christmas Fan Art Gallery featuring Jack and Sally
Her Ladyship Skellington” and “His Majesty the Pumpkin King” by Russia-based Lydia (Ink-Yami)
Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack and Sally” by Poland-based Daniel Kordek (daekazu)
The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Dou Hong (Dou-Hong)
Nightmare Before Christmas” by Canada-based WikkidStudio
Jack and Sally in the Night” by Artisticenigma, TheRealJoshLyman, Angieness
Jack and Sally 2” by Germany-based StellaB
NBC” by Hungary-based MaLkAvIaN-pRiMoGeN
TNBC: Jack and Sally” by Poland-based Daniel Kordek (daekazu)
Just Jack and Sally” by Hungary-based LadyLotte

Yaaaaaay! I did fanarts =) I love drawing flip art… And how could I resist undertale? Definitely more a labor of love this time…

I did 6 pencil layouts, separately traditionally inked 6 pieces, then colored. I make my own tea and coffee stain textures for there was that. Too. Had to stop myself from doing underfell as well. All 6 pieces were done in a period 52 hours…with a total of 7 hours of sleep. Needless to say I took a nice little 4hr nap afterwards. Oh and there are 3 more =)