Revenge, Nice and Hot. || Closed

The first thing he noticed was the metal device clamped around his neck, followed by the fact that he had been locked in a concrete box with just enough room to sit up. He had to admit, this was not he expected. Closing his eyes, he pinched the skin between his eyes and thought, remembering the last few moments. Angie, hearing the footsteps coming up the stairs after him, activating her Vortex manipulator. And then the door was thrown open and he felt a sharp pain in his neck.

Sleeping Darts.

Weapon X had gone way down hill if they were containing their specimen in boxes now…

the-real-holmes is the best Sherlock RPer I know. Not only does she rp as Benedict But she also does the Robert Downey Jr. Version. Too see her in character and have both characters go at is is brilliant. She is always keeping them in perfect character what with thier dialects and what they do, say and like; even if both together are technically AU. - confessed by anon