Sponsored By I.N.K Culture, Prestige Sound, Rock The Dub, Good*Fella Media and Liveband Mag. “Phlegm EP” consist of 13 tracks produced by BackPack to season everyone for his future LP “S.P.I.T.” (Acronym soon to be announed via This qualified, compact body of work is the groundwork for what’s to come forth from J. Dot The MC and BackPack. The two childhood friends began creating music, J. Dot The MC rapping and BackPack making beats, not too long after entering their teenage years (15-16) and they are beyond ready to showcase their talent and developing message to the world.

In J. Dot The MC’s new, controversial single “Quiet Place” (Produced by BackPack), the emcee has ironically been embedded in his own “Quiet Place” up until recently announcing his return this October 1st. Coming off of his debut release “Phlegm” EP, J. Dot has grown as an individual first and foremost, and also as a well-rounded recording artist. With the Hip-Hop industry in a rut of familiarizing oneself with vital truth and knowledge, and how to righteously convey it, it is still more exciting right now than it has possibly ever been. “Quiet Place” will be to true J. Dot The MC supporters what “Phlegm” EP was supposed to be for the world! New, exciting and only a testament for what is in store.