10x21 coda

Sam can barely see through the rain, it’s in his eyelashes and it’s pushing his hair in his face and all he can make out is the big, red sign of the motel. 

He thinks, We’re too late, before he even sees the busted door.

He throws a look at Dean, who is definitely thinking the same thing. Their hands are shaking as they hold their guns up superfluously. Knowing what they’re going to find inside makes Sam just want to turn around and go back to the bunker.

But they don’t.

They follow the trail of blood to the bathroom.

And find Charlie, covered in blood.

Holding a knife. Smirking. The Frankenstein dude dead in the bathtub. 

“Buckleming can suck my dick,” is the only thing she says before stabbing the guy one more time for good measure.

Fluff attack

For snogfairy because she reblogged an angst thing I wrote (*internal screaming*) and from her tags I think she might be in pain. Also she DEMANDS happiness and when the queen commands, you obey…so here you go, Philine! To mend your broken heart XD

“Natsu!” Lucy shrieked, giggling as her husband rubbed his stubbly jaw against her cheek and neck.

He chortled and then blew a raspberry against her cheek before showering her face, shoulders, and neck with butterfly kisses.

“Natsu, stop!” She gasped through her laughter, attempting to fend off the affectionate dragon slayer with her bath sponge.

He finally stopped once she’d splashed water at him, pouting a little as soap suds dripped from his hair and face. “What was that for?” He asked dejectedly.

“I was trying to take a relaxing bath.” Lucy said, sliding further under the water and bubbles. “I don’t need overly affectionate dragon slayers interrupting my quiet time.”

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