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Lol I wanted to do this for prom season, but I obviously missed it…but yaaay, two cool dads taking their daughter prom dress shopping. xD


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i will protect you fiercely. and i will always sing to you when you can’t sleep.
and i will always be excited to hear you laugh. i bet you guys are gonna have
wildly different laughs, huh? i love you so much it hurts, and i haven’t even
met you yet. it’s crazy. so, i guess what i’m trying to say is, you are gonna
have to take the good with the bad when it comes to me.

Okay but consider this

Kirk is always trying to get Spock to hold his hand more often, and Spock is like “You know I care deeply about you ashayam, but I just don’t see the point in holding hands all the time, it’s not logical.” So Kirk is like “That’s where you’ve got it all wong.” and then proceeds to tell him that story about how when otters swim they hold hands so they don’t float away from each other. And from then on Spock is just like no captain, we must ALWAYS be holding hands. On missions where they stop by and just say hello to whatever life form is on a neighboring planet? Holding hands. On missions where they get locked up, bruised and bloodied in the middle of a war zone, and almost don’t make it? Holding hands. Wether it’s a landing part of two or twenty you can bet what they’re doing. Flying the Enterprise? On shore leave? While Kirk is reading a book or even brushing his teeth? You got it to all of the above. 

So one day Kirk just can’t stop laughing at the difference and he’s like “When I said that about holding hands I didn’t mean ALL the time, though I certainly DO appreciate the gesture.” as Spock clings endearingly to his sleeve while they plot course for the next planet together. And Spock, in a very quiet voice, says seriously as he turns to Jim. “Captain, I couldn’t bare the thought of you floating away from me, especially out here in space. It would be… most illogical for that to happen.” And from that moment on, Kirk no longer laughs whenever they bring up the subject of holding hands. If anything, he squeeze’s Spock’s hand just a little tighter instead. 

Some explanations about Last Game from the staff

In the special booklet with the DVD/Blu-Ray the staff explain some things about the movie. I’m not gonna mention everything but here are some that stood out the most

  • the change in game location (aka the gymnasium)
    • unlike the manga which is black and white, having a change in scenery in color left a bigger impression rather than having the same place twice
    • in street basketball you tend to use more “trick/showy play” which is not seen among Kuroko and the rest of Vorpal Swords so they wanted to show a match that fits them more
    • with all the monitors and such, it has the feel of an NBA match and they wanted the match to come off with a professional image
  • Himuro and Kagami no longer wear their brotherhood rings
    • they feel they no longer have the “need” for them to express their sibling bond
    • by the way Kagami wore his ring in middle school too; it was just inside his shirt
  • Midorima can shoot with his right hand
    • there’s at least one shot where Midorima uses his right hand to shoot (or well dunk in one case)
    • in reality, skillful players are able to use both hands so they wanted to show Midorima’s ability to shoot with his right hand
  • The staff calls the track music where Bokushi debuts (same as the anime track) “Akashi’s empire” haha
    • (no that’s not the actual name of the track)
    • the staff got excited when it appeared in the movie
  • Aomine now has developed a goal in basketball : to play in the NBA
    • they say that sort of dream would’ve been impossible for his Teiko self but after fighting against Seirin and Jabberwocks that’s now changed
  • What about Nijimura???
    • with consultation from Fujimaki-sensei, basically they wanted to focus more on Kuroko, Kagami and the GoM and felt the flow wouldn’t be as smooth from switching the match in Japan and then showing his impression of the match from America a few days later. They point out that in Last Game it’s not that his presence was erased, he was just not written in the movie. (basically he is still there, just not shown on camera)
  • Kise calls Takao by “Takaocchi” XD

Hey!! I always have to remind myself of this, so I may as well remind everyone else too!

If you’re still embarrassed about something that happened years and years ago, nobody else remembers or cares by now!! The only reason you remember it so well is because you were the one at the center of it, and rehearsing the event in your head and remembering how uncomfortable you were at the time further cements it into your memory, so it’s easy to think that everyone else who was there at the time remembers it as vividly as you do to this day or that it was just as significant event to them as it is to you, but that’s not true! I’m willing to bet $99 that nobody who was there has even thought about it since. None of them care anymore (if they even cared that much to begin with), so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about anymore!

Things That Happened Today at School

- Two people got married at gym because someone had the license to wed people

- “Hey dude!” Dude: *Shrieks*

- “Ding dong you are wrong”

- “I’m Cancer!” mind you a teacher said this

- A guy ran like his life depended on it while heading back inside the school after gym

- *Drinks from water fountain* “I wish this was vodka.”

- “I want Lucifer to rise up from Hell and take me with him”

- “Wait we had homework? What was it?” “All of the above”

- While i was reading a book at lunch my friend would randomly read lines and make them sound sexual. Ex: “HarRy gRiPpeD hIs bRoOm tIGhTLy-” or “Oh nO, hE mOANeD”

- Someone fell and then yelled “I’VE MCFALLEN”

- Hot potato with a penguin stress toy

- “Hey Mr. Abraham Lincoln!”

- “Fullfill your want to feel like a newborn baby!”

- “[Student Name] and her brother’s honry- wAIT NO” (They meant to say hoodie)

- “It’s too hot for my soul” Friend: “What soul?”


- “You guys have dicks?!” referring to me and my two friends accidentally walking the same direction as guys (the opposite direction of which girls were to walk)

- “Stop being such a bitch mom!” “YOU’RE ADOPTED.”

- “I’m going to disown you.” “But you already did!” “I’ll do it again!”

- I got an apple put down the back of my shirt

- “You rock!” *Student the rolls a rock at someone*

- “Wanna know something sad?” “My life?”


- “I’m concerned for the mental health of the students at this school.”

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