there. is. a. difference

people bitch about the saloonatics art style but i don’t get it because saloonatics is one of the very few eddisodes that actually make the gang pop out! for example, matthew has a pointy nose, long noodle legs etc. edward’s body is rounder and bubbly and thompson has wider legs and thin arms and the list goes on (just look at their refs sheets)

i really love their designs in that eddisode because it gives them more personality!

When people say that season 3′s depressed Kara is ooc and that they want the old Kara back

i love these two !!! (ᗒᗨᗕ)
prompto’s birthday is coming up so get ready for best boy spam! ♡

dirk was acting so weird last episode ? like he called himself a psychic when he’s always been very adamant that he isn’t one. and I feel like him screaming that he solved the case was him scrambling to have some kind of “success” after months and months of “failing” the tests they put him through and being told he was doing really poorly.