there. is. a. difference


EP11 comparison! tv on the left and bd on the right (x)
note: the last two bd pics were clearly distorted from the camera lens, so i fixed them a little bit according to how the backgrounds should look (ie no bendy walls/reflections)

(part 1)


Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I’d say.

i’m screaming that naoko akagi, chief executive scientist slash supercomputer bioengineer, likely 1) met misato and kaji in college, 2) interacted with them in some capacity, and 3) actually enjoyed them as human beings. did misato invite her to a thursday bar crawl? did kaji call her a milf? did naoko find their bumbling idiot comedy routine endearingly hilarious? how fiercely did ritsuko regret her decision to introduce the three? i have a lot of questions 


Anakin Skywalker would barge in and try to force the information out of the guy.

Obi-wan Kenobi would sit at the bar, have a few drinks, and charm the information out of the guy.

Plo Koon shows up dressed in the best Jedi robe in canon, simply places his lightsaber on the bar to assert himself, and gets the information.



In the short of 5.0.5 being big, that scenario appears ( first photo )

In the short of 5.0.5 and Dementia fighting for put like they want the picture of BH this scenario appears ( second photo ) it’s the same than the other


In the short of Dr Flug and BH with the invent for protect your house, THIS SCENARIO APPEARS, IS DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS


musical!squip is so different from book!squip so I made designs for both

actually the play and the book have a lot of differences but this is the one that stands out the most

Bisexual Violet Baudelaire moodboard

Combeferre who knows when Enjolras needs advice but also knows when Enjolras just needs a hug and to be left alone.

Combeferre who doesn’t understand his friends’ body dysphoria when first faced with it so spends a whole day reading up and researching so he can be as kind and helpful to them as possible.

Combeferre who doesn’t like to fight but when Courfeyrac got called a poof in a bar the guy was against a wall so quick… Courfeyrac eased him away but he was endlessly smug.

Combeferre who has tattoo sleeves of the universe on one arm and flowers on the other arm because, though he finds endless beauty in space and longs for it every day, he doesn’t want to forget the beauty of what is right on the ground with him. 

Combeferre who worked up a watertight legal argument so Jehan could change their pronouns on their work documents.

Combeferre who is constantly low key aware of how long Enjolras has been wearing his binder in case he forgets (it happens… hes a busy dude).

Combeferre who is helpful and caring as well as fiercely protective of his friends.