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What is peace worth to you?

You can be right, or you can have peace. You can have the last word, or you can have peace. You can resist life, or you can have peace. You can stress out about things you can’t change, or you can have peace. But in all these scenarios, you have to choose. You can’t have both. There cannot be peace while there is also the opposite of peace! Choose wisely. Ask yourself, “What I’m about to say or do, will it cost me my peace? And am I willing to pay that price?” - Bernadette Logue

There are some people whose turbulent waves of behaviors will drown you no matter how well you think you can swim.

Steve Maraboli

ive been in the worst place i could be mentally and emotionally lately and im genuinely not kidding when i say that every 20 some-odd minute episode of every sitcom i watch has made me forget how fucking depressed i am and, as temporary as it is, i let myself be happy and i’m not kidding when i say that comedy has basically kept me alive and i’m sure ill be grateful one day

anonymous asked:

i mean, discord recently got video and screensharing, so there's not really any reason to use skype anymore?

I mean, I literally don’t care about your opinion whatsoever and I’m free to use whatever I want and it’s really none of your business what I choose to use anyway, so maybe keep your snarky, condescending ass comments to yourself?