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        ↳ When someone asks Cas to choose them over Dean.

Trust me when I say, living in the “light” is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was the moment I let go of all my pain, all my anger. When I started to understand the power of true forgiveness. When I accepted all my mistakes, and took a hard look at the human being that I had become. 

Every day I have to continually remind myself of who I am and who I want to be - who Jesus has called me to be and by loving Erin, who only reinforces that, you think she hinders it.

In which Ella Masar preaches a sermon about love.

4&6: A FourTris Fanmix (LISTEN HERE)
1. i’ll be your home - inland sky  2. don’t shy from the light - neulore   3. as long as you love me - jaymes young   4. work song - hozier   5. i’ll never go away - erin mccarley   6. your soul - RHODES   7. gold - jamie scott & christina perri   8. love me like i’m not made of stone - lykke li   9. carry me home - sohn   10. don’t let me go - RAIGN   11. fire meets gasoline - sia   12. sacrifice - zella day

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I was so worried to tell my parents about my ED.But I finally did yesterday and they both responded with so much love. All they want to do is support me and it feels amazing. :) thanks for encouraging me to tell them. It wasn't as bad or scary as I thiuht it was going to be. First steps, right?

This made me so unbelievably happy, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. This is an incredible first step towards recovery, it’s not going to be easy all the time, but it’s going to be incredible and you so so so deserve it. We are all wishing you SO MUCH luck in recovery. We love you!!


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Just sent $100 through PayPal. I've never tried that before except for student loan payments, so I hope it worked. :x Please take care of yourself. It's not a waste if you eat; you're worth every bit.

oh my g od, thank you SO MUCH, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, bless you. i don’t know what to say except thank you. this will not go to waste.

we finally got good news today— mom might have erin back much sooner than expected if she follows through with treatment, i’m officially eligible for SSI, and dad made himself look like a complete jackass in court!

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes :)

Ohh my gosh you are amazingly sweet, thanks for mentioning emmabuttons and I in your post!

I don’t really associate with many people on tumblr, but I’ll give it a try.

emmabuttons It might be a little biased of me to say, but this lady is amazing and perfect. I wouldn’t even be into OUAT (or half of the things I am into) if it wasn’t for her. If you don’t follow her, go do it! Her blog is cute and she makes great gifs, too.

captaincronut I had been aware of her tumblr and that she went to set but never really spoken to her until yesterday. She was so nice and fun, the time flew by! It was a boring filming day for me and good conversation made it a good day. (Also Erin was wonderful, though I only follow her on twitter. Thanks, you two!)

dr-rushs-glasses I followed this blog recently and I have to say that they are one of the nicer people I’ve met through tumblr. Although we have some differences in ships, there have never been any arguments or ship wars. Always thoughtful in opinion and respectful in conversation, definitely a fun person to talk about fandom things with. (Also the only person I know who also likes SGU!)

boyfriendhook This is my favourite CS blog ever. Not a lot of people seem to be able to just say what they need to say and also say it in a respectful way, but she does, which is really admirable. She doesn’t start unnecessary drama and she’s very entertaining. We haven’t spoken much but I love to see her posts on my dash.

desperationandgin I haven’t really talked to this person but I absolutely love to see them on my dash. They’re my favourite OQ blog and they seem to love Cruella as much as I do. There are also some pairing differences here but their tags are so fabulous I don’t even care.

rumplegasm Special number six blog because they also love Rum/Gold, and their “glam rock lizard” tag makes me laugh so much every time I see it that I’ve actually found myself calling him that in person.

Go follow every one of these blogs if you aren’t!

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically, but if any of you lovely people I’ve tagged would like to do it, please do~

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Please don't stop blogging because of a few people your blog helps me so much to know I'm not alone in this and has helped me with my recovery process immensely

We’re not going to stop blogging. :) We really love this blog and the way you guys encourage each other towards recovery and the support you find here. This blog was designed to be a safe space and we are going to continue to strive for that. We recently finished our recovery directory and we want to continue to build things up from here and have you guys feel safe, supported, and heard. <3


AHH this made my heart smile. Thank you for sending this, sweet one. - Tegan

Recipe Redo Time!
Smorgasbord Cookies
Renamed and Adapted from “Erin’s Go-To Cookies” via the book The Happy Baker

Check out the video I made to help you make these!

I decided to look back at some of my older recipes to see what needed a face lift. Go check out the before and compare with these photos, I know that I notice a big difference.

Now for the recipe ;)

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I get it. I really really really do and I love you so fucking much Ashy. But I am probs the most emotional person to set foot on this earth. And if I’m going to cut out all the people who have ever made me cry that would include, mom, dad, Cassie, professors, Erin, Alyssa, my DM, Hanna, and you. I know you want to hate him and I know why and I fully support you telling him he’s a moron. I just don’t want you to be mad that he makes me happy bc I luv u and if u did hate me the fob concert would be hella awkward


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Christina is her BFF, she hangs with her all the time and kae even made them a ship name, she hardly hanggs with seiko anymore and didnt even go to erins bday. So yea that is her BFF. I would change ur header pic too they aint together no more.

That’s not her BFF and I suggest you stop trying to tell me what to do. I’m not changing a damn thing! 

Dunno if any of you are fans of cooking but one of my go-to places for recipes is smitten kitchen. Erin and I got in a bad habit of going out to eat regularly so today I went through and read recipe titles out loud - anything that made him or I say “mmm” I bookmarked. Fair warning, Erin was apparently in the mood for potatoes so there are a lot of potatoes featured.

Just got back from an EPIC shop, here’s our menu for the next week:

- Broccoli Potato soup with Irish soda bread

- Cornmeal fried pork chops and goat cheese smashed potatoes with a light citrus spinach salad (no recipe)

- Spaghetti pangrattato with crispy eggs with roasted Brussels sprouts (no recipe) and rosemary bread on the side

- Pear, arugula, and pancetta salad with Caramelized Onion Gruyere Biscuits

- Potatoes with soft eggs and bacon vinaigrette over salad, probably with leftover biscuits or rosemary bread on the side


Erin’s Pet Sitting Service will be terminated until further notice. If ever I had plans to own a cat in the future, Izzy Valentine your crash course in cat sitting has made me see the error of my ways. I love you but when it comes to living with cats I’m going to mark that as “never again”. Thank you for this life lesson Izzy. Now go forth …and keep going -_-



I recently read an excellent blog post by Erin of Kreed’s World entitled I’m Fine. It eloquently describes how parents of special needs children will frequently answer the question “How are you?” with “I’m fine” because it is easier and safer than telling how they really are doing and feeling.

It is a great post, please go check it out.

It made me think of this exchange from the Doctor Whoepisod…

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The Warriors Fandom

Hey! you like Animorphs? Do you want it butchered down and stupifyed for crazy cat ladies? that’s the Warriors books for you!

The warriors books are made by some crazy cat lady called Erin Hunter. but instead of catching the Crazy Cat Ladies Erin wanted, she got a bunch of whiny Otherkin.

Good job erin. What an american hero.


The warriors fandom was the first “OMG Why” Fandom, before Bronies became the go to for “why do you autistic scumbags exist”.

Instead of a tolerant, well educated fandom creating good pieces of work, The Warriors Fandom hate any semblance of criticism, and will willingly make some of the WORST THINGS EVER MADE.

I suggest you go to for proof on that statement. they make shitty art, shitty fan-fic, and best of all, SHITTY OCs. They’re always the same thing. Some apprentice working as a healer or fighter. Hey, MLP Ocs are the devil’s armpits, but atleast they have SOME SEMBLENCE OF A CHARACTER. These morons are a OC Factory, churning out turds everywhere you go.

I don’t even know what people like about it. It’s downgraded animorphs, nothing new added or changed. Animorphs dosen’t have a fandom, and it deserves on. It’s a story that actually has some Balls. Warriors just pretends it has balls, just cuz.



tonight was amazing I really needed to scream my heart out to every Pearl Jam song and let out all the stupid shit I stuff inside. The Alice In Chains cover band was amazing and man I broke when they played Nutshell. It really made me miss Layne he was amazing and it makes me sad that he life was taking way too soon. So yeah I feel a million time better all the broken heart shit from erin and all the anger I had I finally let it all go in the house of blues. I love pearl Jam and if you know me you know Eddie Vedder is one of  my hero in life.