I went back and watched the Ella and Erin show from the Red Stars and I thought if this was when she was feeling guilty about having feelings for Erin. Because you could always see that Ella was nervous and she would blush and it was absolutely adorable. And all the people saying that their love is wrong and that they’re going to hell. But if you see there relationship you can tell that it is made of pure love. And it pains me so much to see 12 year old girls saying that their going to hell because of their love. When that kid doesn’t know the power of love and what it does to a person straight or gay.

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Not so much a confession, but I have to tell someone/get it out. I've been feeling worse and worse lately and last weekend I attempted suicide. It obviously didn't work, which just made me feel even worse. I haven't told anyone. And since I've been feeling worse I've been eating even less of what I was having before. I'm terrified. I never thought I'd be trying to take my life again after a couple years. Last time I was hospitalized. Maybe I should be again.

If you think that is what is best for you please go to a hospital. You need to be alive, you need to be. If you think you are going to hurt yourself you have to go there. Promise?


Ya know guys as easy as it is to roast your a*s when you make fake accounts to harass me cause I don’t kiss Erin’s a*s allow me to remind you what our lil’ Erin Anthony has done.

1. Made an ED page on me out of spite.

2. Caused several people to go into depression including a nine year old child

3. Made someone attempt suicide.

4. Harassed several users for the freaking fun of it cause they wouldn’t kiss her smelly a*s.

5. Hacked into someone account AND caused a DDoS attack on the website

6. Had bullied people for being gay/bi/pan/really anything other than straight, being trans/non-binary/really anything other than cis, and for their skin color/racial statuses.

7. Caused someone I know personally to go into a panic attack.

And there are plenty others. Those are just some I’d love to highlight for your wee lil’ minds.

So if you have a PROBLEM with me not LIKING this c*nt, then you are indeed white knighting her.

You want to be friends with a psycho? Go ahead. I can’t control you. But EXCUSE MEEEE if I wish to partake in the company of people with intellect. Though I’m sure you couldn’t manage that yourselves, could you?

Go ahead and make fake accounts and insult me, say how I’m obsessing over Erin (when really it’s the other way around) cause you have the ability to and I’m not the police. But know that not only is this harassment against the rules but it is cyberbullying. That, in itself, is a felony. While I would rather just let your own moronic selves put you in jail I’m sure plenty others won’t.

If you have a problem with me you can take care of that by pulling that log out of your a*s and actually have a mature discussion with me. Yeah, those things exist guys! Who woulda thunk it?!?!?! :OOOOoOOO

Now I’m off to play some more Splatoon. Take what I had into consideration. And if you’d still love to view me as the devil that’s cool with me. Just means you think I should rule the kingdom you’ll eventually be damned to yourself. And hey, if that’s what floats your boat so be it.

Building a better datemate

This feels wrong tbh. Like. What do you want me to do as a datemate and i just?? Dont know??? Like ur ass wants a fucking to-do list so im going to try my hardest to do the thing

1. Lets not be serious all the time. Though i enjoy like, srs business conversations with you i feel like we cant just. Not do that sometimes idk babe its just like you say that we have nothing to talk about but when i try to like launch into something you always just kind of. Dont catch on like me and erin had basically nothing to talk about but we still made it work like youre worried about finding things which is good but also we can just like blab to each other like thatll work toooo

2. Be stable. Like in the way like stop trying to uber fuckin change yourself for me like i dont want that shit man and i kbow its hard 4 u but like u gotta stand on you own two feet like itd be nice if u stoped tryin to look to me for guidance because im like 12 years old and improtant desicitions scare me

3. Kiss me on the forehead when we hug: this is just a like height difference otp thing i was thinking about dont ask tbh dont ask

4. K so i went through some relationship goals tags and all im seeing is like “kiss me in this spesific place” aaand im not really super about tht life idk im sorry ill get my shit together for like kissing maybe probably eventually 5. I just wanna be haaappy with you like. Stress free which i know dosent exist per say but just like shitty jokes and making fun of things would be super nice i want to laugh you have a nice laugh i want to hear it moooreeeeee 6. Actually the more i look at this the more im realizing tht its super tragic x1000000000000 we dont live anywhere near each other im cry 7. I think thats it im like done i feel like this is not ehat u wanted but whaatever sorry babe

name: erin
timezone: EST
zodiac sign: sagittarius (if any of you are into MBTI stuff - which is more up my alley - i’m an ISFJ!!!)
hogwarts house: gryffindor #pottermoreconfirmed
patronus: i feel like it would be a sheep
favorite HP book: prisoner of azkaban or order of the phoenix
favorite HP character: this question is so rude… but harry, sirius, ron, luna, and hermione are my favourites 
go-to face claims: i don’t have any preferences really, but i do love using holland roden (she’s my wife low key)
random fact/talent: i can play guitar and i speak horrible, broken french
gif-spirit animal: 

Dear taylorswift, my dad just gave me the news that my gramps just passed away. I just wanted to let you know since I told you about this the other night in loft 89. I will never forget the way that you held my hand and let me cry into your shoulder and you made me feel like everything was going to be alright. Last night, I truly felt like you were talking to me during your clean speech and I lost it and my dad even cried and my friends all hugged me. My dad truly feels that my gramps has something to do with me meeting you, like it was all fate, and we’re all so thankful for you. I love you so much, Erin.

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If you go on the pics Erin recently liked on Instagram, she liked a pic of the jewellers that made her ring... And if you go on their website you can see the price of Ella's ring... Wow

dude you are into some p.i shizzzz

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positivity+ progeny-of-a-justified-legend

Send me any URL you want, and I’ll talk about the things I like about them and their blog (x)


When talking about accounts that I feel absolutely privileged to write with, this is one I would certainly include. The quality of their writing, their story-telling ability, and a never ending ability to keep me thrilled with reply after reply is beyond incredible. I have no idea how they manage to pull out quality plot after quality plot but they just keep going, not only with threads with Erin’s but all the partners I’ve seen them write with. When I first came across their account I wasn’t entirely sure how I could make Erin fit into his world (thank you anna-j for help with that as well) but somehow I managed to stumble through and Raylan-mun was kind enough to continually deal with all the mistakes I have no doubt made and continue to make. I’m so impressed by their ability to keep all the timelines straight and continue to have a vision for where each thread should lead. Each of their replies are exciting and I always feel like I’m being taken on an adventure with Erin with each of them. The world and stories that have been constructed are really incredible and I just adore writing with them more than I can eloquently put together. I’m really lucky to have had the opportunity to write with them and continue to write with them.

I’m so tired of being seen as a joke in my own house. Because I smell like my terrible job when I come home from work, because I was “late to dinner” because of my job, and had to see seven other cars parked around my house, because I don’t want to go to the ball game with the 11+ people that I just ate with, because I really want to sleep and destress for a while.
“Oh Erin, family is hardly ever over”
“Oh Erin, you’re ruining the evening”
“Oh Erin, start being more social”
“Stop being so rude”
When family comes into town, the last thing I want is to be made looking like a freak show in my own house, especially when I’m tired from work all weekend.

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Hi :) I was the one who asked you about the hair straighteners awhile back lol my boyfriend and I have officially booked this europe contiki for next year now. I just was wondering if you did much research or planning on what to do in each place before you left or if you just went along with the tour and decided the day you were there ? Thanks heaps :)

Hi again Erin!

Wow so excited for you and very jealous, wish i was jet setting off to Europe again! To be honest i was OBSESSED with my trip back in 2013 and did so so so much research! I made lists in a special notebook i had prepared for the trip and even made notes of what clothes i should bring… weird i know!

But in the end all the research i did made no difference because on the day you kind of make decisions of where you want to go based on the amount of time you have in each place and who wants to go where. I do suggest making a list of places you want to go to so you have a rough idea then when you’re there your Tour Manager will give you a map and a run down of the places you can go and have access to. 

One example of my research going to the dumps was in Paris! i was keen to do as much as i could but in reality we only had 1 full day. To make things worse it was raining in the morning and at the end of the day our train line was obstructed so my friend and I had to run across the city to get to another train line. 

Moral of the story - it’s good to research in advance to see what you want to visit but don’t count on that list being checked off fully! I suggest making sure you visit your top 3 or 4 places then if you have time the other ones will be bonuses!!

Hope this helps! xx

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What would your 23-player roster look like if you could pick players from all over the world?

That is a very good question. And one that is going to take some research. I mostly know the English, Germany and American teams. So my answers are pretty biased there. But USA and Germany combining teams would beat any team made up of players from anywhere else in the world. 

GK: Hope Solo, Nadine Angerer, Erin McLeod

Yup I picked 3 of the best in the world. And you know what. I’d play Hope and pray the other two never touched the field even if I had them. Because sadly in this sport you never want your #2 to go in if you’re #1 is playing to their potential. But seriously that would be a hell of a keepers unit.

Defenders: Ali Krieger, Becky Sauerbrunn, Julie Johnston, Meghan Klingenberg, Lucy Bronze, Kadeisha Buchanan, Annike Krahn

Yup I’d keep and play the Department of Defense. Maybe Kling for Bronze some moments. Kadeisha Buchanan and Annike Krahn would see some time too. But for my main 4? I’d keep the DOD.

Midfielders: Carli Lloyd, Lauren Holiday, Tobin Heath, Megan Rapinoe, Morgan Brian, Rumi Utsugi, Dzsenifer Marozsán

Yeah the ¾/5 I would start would depend on the team we’re playing. Carli Llyod, Rumi Utsugi, Dzsenifer Marozsán would see the most time on the pitch. The others depending on how we’re setting up.

Forwards: Kelley O’Hara, Alex Morgan, Célia Šašić, Anja Mittag, Marta, Lisa De Vanna

Yup Kelley is a forward now. Because it’s her natural postion and when you let her play in that role she is electric. Gotta have Alex even if she’s working on getting over being hurt because she can set things up. Šašić, Mittag, Marta and De Vanna speak for themselves.

adumblevine tagged me in a dumb thing so now i post 6 facts about myself

  1. originally i wanted to give my frog a cool name but my mom made sure uggie stuck
  2. according to my friend’s im the shadiest mother fucker around
  3. i used to work at a pet store!
  4. i think dentistry is hella neat so im going to school for that
  5. i am an au machine. no joke.
  6. ive eaten nothing but frosted flakes in the past three days

ok i tag uh… mcscooty, ghoullette, monsieurberds, dizzblaine, annnnnddddd chepsin! ngl you… don’t gotta do this i just wanted to use the tagging feature lmfao

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Omg No Fate Awaits Me and Race to Erase by Son Lux. But IN THAT ORDER. Have tissues on hand.

yes erin yes this is what i’m talking about yes thank you (this is going to sound corny but the first one immediately made me think of the winter time on my campus when i’d walk outside really early in the morning before class and before anybody else was really up and it’s all snowy and mmmm) everybody listen to these they’re v nice

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4, 5, 8, 12, 24, 30, 60, 64

4. What is your favorite word? 

5. If you were a type of tree, what would you be? 
I’m a fucking, majestic-ass bread tree

8. What do you label yourself as? 
Human. Uhm, horrible.

12. Who told you they loved you last? 

24. You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient known to humankind is at your disposal.
Can i get a really, high-class chicken sandwich with mayo, cheese, and lettuce made with the finest ingredients?

30. Your house is on fire, holy shit! You have just enough time to run in there and grab ONE inanimate object. Don’t worry, your loved ones and pets have already made it out safely. So what’s the one thing you’re going to save from that blazing inferno? 

60. Do you believe in aliens?

64. What do you think about babies?
They’re small humans, and i’d like to create one or two later in life.

@deni_2992 looking adorable 😍 in the custom vest I made her!! Email me at ✨✨ to discuss a custom order. 💋 #Repost @deni_2992
Thank you so much @erin_micklow I love it!!!! I can’t wait to go out in it! #punkgirl #punk #punkrockgirl #punkrock #punx #punkhair #punkrocker #upthepunx #punkchick #style #dekt #instastyle #punkvest #studded #angryyoungandpoor #machetemfg #rancid #againstme #dropkickmurphys #avenuerockers #diy #custom #battlevest

Hey, Papa

I was on the way to buy textbooks today and stopped at the light right next to a Keebler truck. I instantly thought of you. I went throughout my day as usual and prepped for my orientation for graduate school on Friday.

Last year at this time you were telling my mom, “I just don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want Erin.” Well, Papa, I proved them all wrong and I’m going to grad school! I made it even having to work for a while to make it there. I wish so badly that you were still here so I could call you every night and tell you all about it. I miss you to the moon and back a thousand times and hope you and grandma are still dancing and giggling and simply wondering why everyone is so gosh darn worried about you two up there.

Football season is coming up. That won’t be the same either. Go Illini!

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Erin!! Your package greeted me when I came home last night. It looks so pretty!! Thank you so much! I'm going to find a spot in my room to display it. You are awesome =)

I’m glad it made it there safe and sound. Enjoy! 😊

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Okay so I'm looking at the ice bath picture of Ella and Erin and the caption says that Ella going to get Rachel Axon was in the dog house for the temp. Do you know what that means?

because she obviously made it suuuper cold