Sometimes, it may seem like you are walking through life without anyone else there to support you. Sometimes, life can seem so overwhelming, that the very thought of it makes you choke.

However, you’re never alone. How? You will forever have your own self with you. It’s true. Just because it is not another physical human, does not mean that you do not keep yourself company.

So remember this next time you’re feeling like the only person on this planet. You are constantly loved and supported by none other than your own self.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
SILF = Sim I’d Like to F…ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

My SILF is…

Omg, it took me like two days to admit it… So… Despite the fact that I hate rich Russian boys, I know personally at least two guys going under Volkov name (it means ‘wolf’ btw, did you know it?), and I’d never in my life f… ondle any of them, I admit YES MOTHER FUCKING OF GOD I ADMIT…

My SILF is…

Yulian Volkov by @furiouslydecaffinated.

Here, I said it. Now it’s your turn.

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Ps. I was tagged by @stories4sims, btw, thank you so much, my dude ♥

The biggest culture shock in my life happened shortly after I moved to Japan, yet it had nothing to do with Japan. Another American offhandedly mentioned a store called Cub. I asked what that was, and she said “You know, like Save-A-Lot.” I was still confused. She explained that it’s a grocery store, to which I said, “Oh, like Pick ‘n Save.” Then she was surprised. She had never heard of that, which seemed impossible to me. I had no idea that grocery store chains were so concentrated by area in the US. I was under the impression that every American got their groceries at Pick ‘N Save, Jewel-Osco, and the like, because they seem to be the only grocery stores. Turns out, my friends in other states have never heard of them.

Oh hey.
I finished it.
Like a week ago.

I feel very relieved and happy.
But I also really miss working on this. If I don’t start another big project soon, I might just start another one of these.

Also, its crazy heavy. I feel like I am wearing a bears coat. I love it. I can’t wait to move back to somewhere where it snows.

Note: I still have to fix the raglan seams… but I spent like three hours sewing all the seams up and I would like to pretend I never have to sew another one again.

P.S. THANK YOU ALL for your super supportive and amazing comments. I really appreciate them. I wish blessing on all of your very own knitting and craft projects 💕

honestly the people who think taylor will never release another album/will retire from making her own music now baffle me

like you honestly think she reached absurd legit unprecedented levels of commercialization with 1989 and then decided to do nothing else ever? 

also you think taylor swift, who is like the most driven person i’ve ever known of in my life, has reached a point where she’s like “yeah, i’ve done all i wanted to do with making my own music! now i’m all about writing for others and there’s nothing else i want to accomplish with music of my own!”

????????? oooooookkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

the-opal-essence  asked:

Do you headcanon any favorite Cuban food for Lance? In my story I want Hunk to try making whoever's in a healing pod's favorite food. I googled Cuban food and ropa vieja is the national dish, so I'm wondering if that would be a good favorite food, unless there's another dish you think he would like? I also want Pidge and Keith be shook at the spiciness "I feel like I swallowed the sun! What's in this?" "It's called flavor, heard of it?" Would it be ok to tell the origin story of the dish?

i do have headcanons for Lance’s fav food!! my top three Lance cuban food hc’s are: 

  • pastelitos de guayaba y queso are like his “i’ve had A Day and a need something that will make me happy and tastes like childhood memories and never fails to make me feel 100% better” fav food
  • papas rellenas is like Lance’s “i wanted one but then i ate 16 and i don’t know how that happened and i tried to stop but i’m eating one rn and i love it help me tell my mother i lo—” fav food
  • arroz con pollo is Lance’s “this is the dish that my dad will cook for me on my birthday with a side of platano maduros and i will cry because i love it so much” fav food 

as for ropa vieja……i have to confess……..i don’t like it lol. It is the national dish my dad loves it and he makes it all the time and i just……don’t lol 
but if you want like some good feel good food dishes there’s picadillo (which like my feel good food ngl) which you gotta eat with arroz blanco, and also congris, and yucca fries (which are like a gift from god, and though they aren’t specifically only cuban who cares they are DELICIOUS)

now as for the spiciness, i gotta be honest with you and say that Cuban food isn’t really spicy. like at all. it’s very flavored, with lots of spices, but if you’re thinking of like heat spicy as in “holy shit my mouth is on fire” yeah that’s not Cuban food at all. 
you have to remember, a lot of the Cuban dishes are Caribbean-ized versions of Spanish dishes, which aren’t really spicy either. not all Latin food is spicy, and flavors depend on regional availability of ingredients. Cuban food is much more salty/sweet/savory/rich rather than hot and spicy. 


“ I was never a weak child. That’s why it felt pretty weird when that happened… I had a "phase” of sickness, if you could say it like that. When i was about fourteen or fifteen years, i just… Started to feel tired. Everyting went slow, my eyes seemed heavy. And since i fainted in class pretty often, i had to… Rest up for a couple of days. A doctor said it was stress, another suggested a lack of vitamins…

Well, long story short, i got better with time. So, in the end, it wasn’t the big thing! I’m glad that nothing worse happened. “


Nothing new today. I was just catching Pokemon for a future mass evolution. Highlights of today were a Dragonair, Dratini and Pikachu catches. Those were cool!

But this gives me the chance to post some interesting screenshots from the past couple of days like that double Dratini spawn! I caught 4 Dratini and a Dragonair that day. And I actually see them quite often lately. No complains, I have to power up my Dragonite to the max.

I never see Pikachu (only ever had 3 Party Pikachu from the event) and when that Jesus Pikachu appeared in the water I had no pokeballs left :/ So, I missed it. But the game said ok, let me repay you with another today. Thanks game.

That Murkrow was fun. Because look at its 911 what’s your emergency CP lol.

Finally, who told you buddy Pokemon don’t walk next to you in game. :P That Skarmory appeared so randomly next to nowhere! It fled.

Sunflowers beside the railroad tracks,
sunflowers giving back the beauty God gave you
to one lonely traveler
who spies you from a train window
as she passes on her way to another train station.
She wonders if she were like you
rooted to your bit of earth
would she be happy,
would she be satisfied
to have the world glide past and not regret it?
For a moment, she thinks so,
then decides that, no, she never could
and turns back to her book of poetry,
remembering how hard it was to get here
and that flowers have their places as people do
and she cannot simply exchange hers for another,
even though she wants it.

-Passage For Allen Ginsberg, Ai Ogawa (1979)

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Because I just have to: How would all the Dark!bois vary with shared shower time with the reader? *with the exception of poor Gear, sources say he'd short out*

Dark would be gentle at first. Moving in behind you and kissing your shoulders as he steps under the spray. He loves it when the two of you are under the hot water, the steam glistening off your body and the water running off you. Dark never misses a chance to treat himself to you in the shower. 
He’ll have you jump and wrap your legs around his waist as he’ll move into you. 
Dark would stay in there for hours if you let him. Just having you against the wall as your moans echo in the bathroom. He gets turned on by just the thought. 
Afterwards, he’ll allow you to wash him off and he’ll help clean yourself. Another reason to have his hands on you.

Anti likes teasing you in the shower. The water causes his abilities to become extra energized, meaning his fingers vibrate and shock you with every touch. 
He’ll play between your legs for the longest time as you two are in the shower. Chuckling and enjoying every whine and groan as you try to get him to give you release. 
But Anti will refuse you your climax until you give him a decent hand-job or blowjob. 
Once you’re both finished, he’ll kiss you and lather you up with soap. Squirting the shampoo at you and laughing when one of you slip over.

A just takes you as you are. As soon as the two of you are in the shower, he’ll push you against the side of the shower and fuck you until you scream. He’s a simple entity with simple needs. 

Natemare takes his time. Enjoying the intimacy in the small space. His hands will wander over you as he kisses you under the spray. 
He’ll hook your leg around his hips and slowly grind against you. Sliding into you only when you beg for him. 
He likes washing your hair for you, though. Once you’re both spent, he’ll lather up his hands with shampoo and massage your scalp. He likes it when you do it to him as well. Natemare just likes having your hands touching him.

G enjoys shared showers since he can touch you and clean you off from the day. He doesn’t need to do anything else. He’s content with just using a sponge or bar of soap sliding over your skin and watching you smile and kiss him gently when he looks at you. 

The Author finds inspiration in the shower. And with you under the spray he has someone to share those ideas with. 
But he’ll distracted by the hot water on your body, your skin flushed with the heat and he’ll give in to his needs. Asking permission before beginning to play with your body.

“Okay, for real now.”

Dean is serious, sitting straight and looking like he’s working in another case– and this is half weird, half funny because they’re supposed to be on a short vacation or whatever. Sam isn’t sure how he should feel about this. so he just hums in response, turning a page of his magazine. He can’t remember why he’s even trying to read it, but he’s grateful for Dean’s interruption.

As weird as it is.

“Why do you never say ‘yes’?”

Oh. So that’s the reason behind Dean’s sudden behavior. Sam has believed they’ve got that settled a long time ago.

He can’t remember when Dean started asking, really. Maybe after Stanford and Jess, maybe when they first kissed in the back seat of the Impala when Sam was 13. At first it was just an innocent joke, something they threw around only to have something to look for– a promise of sorts. They’d always be together, day after day, as long as Dean kept asking and Sam kept refusing, and it was good. No matter how fucked up their lives were, they still had a constant there, keeping them together.

But then time flew by, things got even more fucked up than ever and with everything the world had thrown at their faces, somewhere down the road that question turned and twisted into something meaningful, real and deep as a fresh wound. Despite Dean’s best efforts, though, Sam’s answers has never changed.

‘You goin’ to marry me today?’

‘Ask me again tomorrow.’

Dean is still staring, still waiting for Sam’s answer, and Sam sighs, pushing the magazine aside to look up at his big brother. Their eyes lock for a second or two and even if there’s a thousand and one things Sam could say, there’s only one answer he’d always pick.

“Because if I did, I’d never get to hear you ask again.”

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Ok but real talk: what you DON'T like about Jackie?


Like, she grow up in a racist society circle and her parents must had been especially racist, for the way Pam uses people, especially latinos, and Jackie absorved all of it, too. And please, notice how it starts to go away little by little when she starts dating Hyde. But then, well, we knew what happened.

(This is also why I can’t and will never ship Fez/Jackie)

Another thing I don’t like is that she doesn’t respect boundaries during the first seasons, especially when it comes to goddamn poor Hyde. Like holy shit, look at the way she follows him around during season 2-3 and puts him in very awkward positions.

She gets him into stuff he doesn’t like without even asking him first if he wants to or something, she keeps hugging him and taking his hand without permission, and overall throwing herself at him, it’s awful.

OH! I HATE THAT SHE HITS HYDE PEOPLE WHEN THINGS AREN’T GOING HER WAY! That’s goddamn abusive! MAN, THAT’S ABUSE! I hate, hate, hate especially that she hits Hyde when he doesn’t do something she wants.

Because it obviously is hurting him, it’s abuse, and god fucking dammit, he has had enough of that. His mother used to hit him, his drunk ass father probably did too, and he doesn’t deserve his girlfriend to also hit him because he doesn’t want to lie to her or shit like that.


That’s also mostly what I work on when I write her, too lol.

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Will's hand moving across the notches of his spine brought Nico back to the present again, although he was still frowning. "I can't remember what she named the cat. I don't know what it looked like, and it helped me so much." His breathing was getting shallower again and he pulled the blanket tighter around himself as he tried to remember. "I'm not supposed to- I can't forget anything about her. What if I forget face?"

“You won’t forget something that important to you,” Will replied softly. “Sometimes me forget the small details, like what the cat looked like or what your sister named it, but we don’t forget the big picture. You’ll never forget how much she loved you or that she was the one to name you.” Will tried to calm Nico down as best he could, speaking quietly and quickly to assure Nico that he wasn’t going to forget what his sister looked like. He didn’t need to slip into another panic attack. “Tell me about what she looked like. Describe her to me. That way you’ll know you haven’t forgotten her.”

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OK i tell you a secret, after disaster at RN Melka fired her previous personal coach LOL now she's without personal coach at all :/ Grebs only helps her as all the coaches from NT staff , in another note Spiri fired her personal coach too , after not making team for Cluj :D russia never disappoint :DDD

Is this anon :D Russian :D :D :D? I honestly can’t tell bc you seem to ask people to translate for you, but you know stuff like this. :///

Interesting if true; tbh Melka’s coach probably isn’t elite caliber and she should have been handed off to Yelfimov (Komova’s coach) once she hit junior level.

Kind of dumb for Spiridonova to fire Fomkina IMO, but whatever. 

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HEYYY!! I'm rewatching 6x10 and i wonder, when Mona was in Radley and she tought Cece was Ali, Mona said "I did everything you asked me to" what "Ali" tell Mona to do?? And Cece said "I'm proud of you", Mona replied "Thank you Ali" or something like that. I never realized that..

Mona thought ALI was telling her to keep taking her medication. “I did everything you asked me to” was in response to “keep taking your meds”. How anticlimactic is that! They really got our hopes up that there was an A Team and Mona was taking orders from someone. It kind of makes sense that she was talking about taking meds, rather than taking orders from another A, because Wren did tell us in 323 that CeCe was visiting Mona to help her get better. So it does make sense. But, they could’ve done it a bit better by not being so dramatic and saying “I did EVERYTHING you asked me to”. She should’ve just said “I did what you asked” or even “I’m DOING what you asked”. They definitely changed route here. There’s no way this was always intended to be the story. They planned on Mona taking orders from Big A, potentially Red Coat, but they changed it. It’s the only thing I can think of.

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Hey, just wanted to say that I followed your blog for the ffxiv content (which is quality btw); what I didn't expect was having other gaming interests line up so well. I'm on behemoth but I hope to run into you in an instance someday. Lots of love for this blog! Excited to see how you'll react to stormblood.

Oh my god. I really appreciate the nice words! I’m happy you love it! I’m glad you think it flows! I’m always at war with myself whether I should reblog another game or not, or make a side blog just for that, but at the same time, I’m lazy and I like variety. (But in moderation. It’s a weird balancing act I try to do.)

So I absolutely appreciate it! You never know, we might just run into each other! It can be a pretty small world. XD

And I can’t wait for Stormblood. Sooooo much, you’ll be hearing about it from everybody!

disconcision replied to your post “oh look someone who has never taught calculus is having opinions on…”

imo you should upturn a giant bag of differentials and integrands all over the fuckin floor, peace out, and just let nature take its course. alternatively, parcel it out battle royale style. like, some lucky kid gets u substitution while another shakes in the corner clutching a 2.

don’t give @gininthecampari any ideas

im still just equations-lady.png out here trying to figure this out like

them: ugh god stop trying to ruin another pristine fandom with your disgusting opinions

us, repeatedly for years: we would literally pay you to never look at us or talk to us again


SILF = Sim I’d Like to F…ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

The Simblr community never fails to amuse me. This tag seriously made me lmao. I was tagged by my girl @purrsephonesims! Shockingly I’ve never thought about this, but after contemplating long and hard, I chose: 

Noh-Varr by @bustedpixels | He’s gorgeous, has beautiful eyes, and he can fly. 

I’ll be tagging the following lovely people (I know this tag is a bit risqué, so please ignore if it’s not your cup of tea!) : @soneasims @vicarious-sims @pink-tea @vivificus-zombiae @momobunniisims