imagine one day
constantine gets in a fight with another magician.
or a god.
and whoever it is like
slams him against a wall
and taps into his brain
pulls a couple clumps of circuitry while constantine’s screaming in pain
and leaves him there
with all the memories from ravenscar, all the delusions
pouring into his skull
fresh as the day they were caused
and the saint of last resorts
one of the best magicians in the universe
is sat there tearing at his face
: )

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secret: in eighth grade i had a huge crush on my friend and he sat next to me in latin class ... and one day he rubbed his foot up against my leg, like on purpose. and instead of being cute i kicked him really hard in the shin and told him to stop, and his shin really hurt but he stayed friends with me and so i liked him even more after that but i never told him :/

Well… At least you’ll know how to defend yourself in dangerous situations.. But why didn’t you ever tell him?? Guys won’t know how you feel unless say something! ( unless they’re really observant) next time another guys rolls around, speak your mind love💗

I remember the first day we met like it was yesterday. When you introduced yourself, I just saw you nothing special, just another cute boy. As we started talking, I began falling for you. Months later, I’ve never cared so much about anyone, ever. I don’t know what true love is since I have never experienced it. But I’m damn sure this is the closest thing I have ever been to it.

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I just suffered from a really bad breakup so if possible could I have Nohr or Hoshido sibling reactions/hc to someone suddenly breaking Kamui's heart? T-T

Ooohh, I feel like I need to do this asap, sorry if this is too late!! I hope your broken heart heals and you find solace in reading some of our other headcanons! 

  • Marx would storm out of the castle without another word and hunt down whoever dared to hurt his little sibling like that. There is no escaping his anger. The others make him leave Siegfried behind, but he grabs a wooden sword as he leaves anyway. Marx would then track down whoever it was and threaten to beat them to a pulp if they ever decided to show their face to the Nohr royal family ever again. He is the generic overprotective older brother. When he comes home, he instantly pulls Kamui into a hug (which he never does) and tells them they were too good for that piece of crap anyway. 
  • Camilla would be surprisingly wise about everything. He gets really pissed at first, pulling out an axe and getting ready to mow that asshole down, but when Camilla runs into her arms angry and crying, Camilla would comfort them and realize she was being ridiculous. She would immediately wrap her arms around her little Kamui and hold them until their tears subsided, rubbing their back and letting them know everything would be okay because Kamui never deserved a jerk like that shitface anyway. 
  • Leon is worse than Marx. He wouldn’t get physical, oh no. He would plot. And he would execute. Leon would think of the jerk’s family and their business and find ways to ruin them. No one doubts his ability to track down whoever that was, find out what they value the most, and bring about their own pain and hurt in the same way Kamui was hurt. He wouldn’t kill the family, but rather, cause their jobs to become more stressful in a way that they’d take the anger out on the heartbreaker. Kamui would tell him there is no need to do that, and it makes Leon’s heart break to see his older sibling being so rational at a time like this. He’d run over to them and just hug them, rocking back and fourth. 
  • Elise would instantly cross her arms and agree with everything Kamui says about the scumbag. She would then waste no time in getting Kamui their favorite foods and sweets, bring them blankets and cuddle up with them, tell them jokes and funny stories, and keep their mind off of the loser. After a while, Kamui finally grins at one of her bad puns (there is NOHR way you could stay upset over a piece of trash like that), and Elise tells them they look delightful when they smile. 

Again, do not feel so sad over a heartbreak, just keep on moving fourth with your life because you are a wonderful person who is a total Fire Emblem dork and that just makes you such an awesome person alone! I hope you feel better soon, I know you can do it! *insert Shia Labeouf yelling “just do it!”* 

If I Loved You, Chapter 1/3

Outlaw Queen Week Day 2: Fake Relationship

“I know you’re not really in love with me.”

Regina smiled, resting her head on Robin’s shoulder as he spoke.  She ignored the tiny flutter of excitement in her stomach.

“Right,” she said. “Of course not.”

“But if you were …”

“Then what?” she asked, looking up at him out of the corner of her eye.

His eyes twinkled as he let out a laugh.  She smiled in spite of herself.  But his arm wrapped around her reminded her too much of another pair of arms that would never hold her again, and her happiness faded as quickly as if she had been doused with ice water.

It had been like this for months, ever since the runaway queen had stumbled blindly into the outlaw’s path, having turned down the chance to learn magic and fled the castle the morning after her wedding.

“I will protect you,” he had promised when she told him her story.

And with the king’s soldiers hunting for her, the best way to do that was to take on a new identity.  Gone was Queen Regina, and in her place was Regina of Locksley, a simple peasant woman who lived among the outlaws in Sherwood Forest.  With her ragged clothes and uncombed hair, no one who saw her would ever mistake her for royalty, even if it was true.  Her so-called “romance” with Robin was just the final layer of the illusion, the reason his men believed she was there.  She knew he had feelings for her, but he had never tried to push her into making their fake relationship real.

“You lost your True Love,” he had said. “That’s not an easy burden to bear.  I hope someday you do heal from that and find love again, but if it’s not with me … I just want you to be happy.”

Maybe that was it.  Maybe that was why she felt so safe in his arms, why she found her thoughts lingering on him.  It wasn’t love she felt, because her heart would always be with Daniel, but he was a friend, someone she could trust, someone who – though she couldn’t make herself admit it – she couldn’t imagine her life without.  He was an anchor in her storm, a fire on a cold night, a light in her darkness.

But she wasn’t in love with him.

He traced her jaw gently with his fingertips, tilting her chin up so that she was looking him in the eyes.

“But if you were, I would be the luckiest man in the world.”

Regina’s heart fluttered.  His eyes were so soft and blue, and she was reminded vaguely of another pair of eyes that had looked at her in almost just the same way, gentle and protective and full of awe, as if he couldn’t believe she was right there in his arms loving him back.

Except that she wasn’t.  She wasn’t in love.

“If I loved you …”

What would she be?  Surely not the luckiest girl in the world.  That sort of thing wasn’t possible for her anymore.  Not from the moment that Daniel had collapsed onto the floor of the stables, his heart crushed into ash.  But she couldn’t deny, if she hadn’t loved and lost Daniel, if she was just here in Robin’s arms loving him, really loving him …

“If I loved you, it would be like a beautiful dream,” she finally said. “It is a beautiful dream.  But it’s not … it can’t be real.”

He nodded, a smile on his lips that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I understand.”

But as he squeezed her hand comfortingly and stood, leaving her side to gather firewood or speak to some of his men or whatever it was he was doing, Regina couldn’t help but miss the feeling of his arms around her.  She couldn’t help but wish for the dream to be real, even though she had made enough wishes as a child to know how futile they were.  She couldn’t help imagining the taste of his lips and the feeling of waking up in his arms, safe and warm and loved more than she had imagined she could be ever again.

Maybe not today.  But someday …

No.  She wasn’t in love.  She couldn’t be.

To be continued …

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Do you ever just cry because of how far Toby & Spencer have come? Like, she used to be so critical of him and he didn’t trust anyone and felt like no one loved him. They both never really had anyone who would drop everything for them. They understand each other so well and connect so well together. Just the way that they smile when they see one another. Just think of the beginning when she saw him crying behind that fence. He looked like he had no hope and now LOOK AT THEM TODAY. HOW HE SPINS SPENCER AROUND AND THE WAY HE SMILES WHEN SHE LOOKS AT HIM. THE WAY HE IS SPENCER’S SAFE PLACE TO LAND. IM SORRY BUT I NEEDED TO GET THESE FEELINGS OUT.

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Can I hear five random facts about [tidal]? Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people’s inboxes whose characters you’d like to know better! :)

Poor Tidal, this looks like a mug shot! Okay here we go!

1. Tidal never really had a relationship with his mother, he was pretty much raised by his father Conner and the rest of the Rain family.

2. The  Appaloosa Plains Cove of Mermaids completely rejected him because he is half human. He has not seen another mermaid besides his mother since then :(

3. This caught up with him when he was a teen and he was rather moody and kept mostly to himself, except when ever his younger siblings were around. He loves children.

4. He just has not found the right girl yet, even his high-school sweetheart was not “the one”. He is a romantic and wants that “spark”.

5. Despite being a mermaid, he actually hates eating fish. “Fish are friends, not food!”.


“If he were to walk in here right now, all of the barriers would be down and we would have the kind of fun and laughter that no two men could ever have.” – Jerry Lewis

“I don’t need him like I need my left arm.” – Dean Martin

“Our partnership works because of the way we feel for each other that nobody can duplicate, so there can never be another two-act like this because there’s never going to be two guys who feel this way about each other. There couldn’t be two men who are as close to each other as we are."— Jerry Lewis

Martin & Lewis (July 25th 1946 - ∞)

I would like to extend my congratulations to Noel Fisher for getting out while the getting was good, and implore him to never sign another contract or make another appearance on the formerly good show known as Shameless ever again.

“We went to another bar which was a Polish bar and we walk in and there’s a couple old guys at the bar and a Juke Box and he walks up to the Juke Box and he puts 40 bucks in and I was just so impressed, like, I’d never ever been with anyone who committed to like taking over a Juke Box, it was one of my first favorite things about being friends with him.”
-Autumn de Wilde, Heaven Adores You

Baby Foyle in Beasts

Hi! I recently saw Baby Foyle in the 70s series Beasts, in the episode ‘What Big Eyes’. I can recommend the DVD!

Oh yes, isn’t he the cutest thing in this?

The director has figured out that baby Kitchen has a very nice profile. Look at him adjusting his tie, just like big Foyle:

There are budgies in this episode and they bring tears to his eyes:

He keeps refusing tea:

Then he learns of the werewolf story line:

He practices his tongue acting:

Then his co-stars start to chew on the scenery. To his credit, sweet baby Kitchen just chews on his hand:

He pulls on his forelock, something you’ll NEVER see big Kitchen do:

The he makes a promise to never, ever do another TV show about werewolves:

Baby Kitchen then realizes his future self will have two kids, a mortgage, and tuition bills. I think he just threw up a little in his 28 year old mouth there. Don’t worry though, it’s all going to work out:

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ok, another thing is killing me .. when stiles asks scott if killing in self-defence is ever alright. and scott just makes it worse.. how can he say things like that??? the next time stiles is in trouble he wont fight back and also he will be so ridden by guilt until then, and he wont ever tell scott, because certainly scott will hate him. he said it was never okay!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh scott! *wants to throttle him*

I would say that for me, Scott sometimes makes these rules that he expects himself to follow but not necessarily Stiles. So he sets these hard lines that he isn’t supposed to cross because he is powerful and if he crosses them, it could too easily go terribly wrong. 

But, when he’s saying these rules aloud for himself, it comes off as he believes that everyone has to follow them. Which isn’t actually what he thinks. What he thinks is that he has to follow them and he must also make sure no one is ever in a position to break them. He has to be there to stop Kira from killing someone, he has to make sure Liam has full control, he has to protect and save every single person in Beacon Hills. 

But I don’t think for a second he would turn his back on Stiles if he knew the full story. I think he would be horrified, yes, but not at Stiles- at himself. That he wasn’t there to save him, that Stiles thought he couldn’t tell him, that Stiles has been shouldering all this alone.

So, remember, Scott is saying these things because he is setting standards for himself and because he doesn’t know the full situation. Scott would stand by Stiles (and the rest of his pack) through anything. At least, that’s how I see it!

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Can we discuss the headcanon that Dave and Karkat learned ASL so that they could always talk to each other during meetings and Karkat has volume problems. Like they tell jokes and shit to make each other laugh but no one knows because it's just hand symbols???? Please?


like this just sprouted another hc?? for me?? like okay so i basea  lot of physical hcs of karkat off his blood; what if hes got bad hearing? like it just never fully developed and when it was just him and his crabdad ofc he learned to be really LOUD bc thats all hes ever known and to him it sounds normal and then he starts to be around others who are like so quiet and he doesnt get it.

dave being like one of the most quiet and  hes so monotone and karkat cant read his lips or face for any hints at what hes saying and its so frustrating. he gets louder and louder to compensate and its just a mess until they finally DISCUSS it. dave speaks louder while he and karkat are developing their gestures (bc i doubt either went into the game with any idea of asl so theyd have to make up their own system?) and then he can tone it down bc he gives guiding little gestures while he speaks to help karkat along with it and just

boyfriends who work around each others little catch-ups

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"Come onnn teach me how to twerkkkkkkkkkkk"

“Come onnn teach me how to twerkkkkkkkkkkk” you giggled at Cal as you took another sip of your drink, him eyeing you suspiciously. 

“Really? You don’t know how to twerk?” He took another swing of his beer and you nodded. 

“Yep, never, ever learned.” you slurred and moved your hips to the beat. 

“And what makes you think I know how babe?”

“Oh Cal! You have to know!” you squealed and put your drink down. “You got a booty for it.”

“Mm, do I?”

“Yes Cal, now teach me!!” you smiled and pulled him off the couch, him setting his drink down and laughing. 

“I don’t know how babe!” he said onto your neck as he pulled you closer, you pouting. “Just go like this-” he grasped your hips in his hands and started to move them against his, you smirking at the soft breath that left his lips. 

“This is grinding Cal-”

“I know, feels nice.” He kissed your cheek and you groaned, moving away and sitting on the couch, pulling out your phone. “Babe-” he whined and sat next to you, kissing your neck softly. “What’re you doing? I thought we were dancing?” 

“I wanna twerk!” you smiled and went on youtube, searching ‘how to twerk’. 

“You want to that bad?” he said and you nodding, clicking on the first video you saw. You listened to the girl explain the movements, you huffing at the complexity of it all. You stood up and slowly got into the position she was, bending your knees slightly and starting to shake your ass like hers- but not like hers. Your movements caused Calum to burst out laughing, you blushing and stopping instantly. “Oh my god-”

“Stop laughing!” you yelled playfully, pouting at him.

“It’s funny!” he laughed harder and you crawled onto his lap. 

“It’s not supposed to be funny! I was trying to be sexy for you!” you said softly and he smiled, starting to calm down. 

“You are sexy. And you make me laugh.”

“I wasn’t trying to be funny!”

“I know, but you’re a funny girl and I love you lots.” He kissed your lips softly, pulling you closer. “You don’t need to dance to be sexy. You already are sexy- so fucking sexy Y/N.” he hummed into your neck, you quickly forgetting about learning the new dance move. 

Happy Friday, sexy people! I’m struggling with self worth today. My long standing fuck buddy texted me yesterday about work. He then reminded me that we’ve been at it for 5 years (with breaks for relationships) and he hopes we’re at it for another 50. I feel like I’ll never be anything more than that. Maybe I’m resigned to fucking him for 50 years and will never have someone love me or choose me. I’m feeling insecure with Will being gone. I just want to know that we’ll find a way to work. I really struggle with the notion that someone ever could or will love me. Sigh.

This weekend is family time for my nephews’ birthdays. We have dinner tonight and I’m invited to the pool at the resort tomorrow. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for that though. I might just need some me time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo

ok i went through my videos and there are literally SO MANY funny moments like when taehyung adlibbed a choreo during boys with fun and jin looked at him like ???? and then another moment when jin is dancing really badly but no one notices and another one where rapmon’s voice keeps cracking and another one where hoseok and jimin are dancing like idiots and then another one where suga gets stuck in his jacket and then there are the moments like the one where jungkook said “chicago, i just wanted to say…i love you” in a shy voice and yoongi stuttering while saying he’ll “never ever ever ever ever” forget us (yes he said ever 4 times) honestly this was the best night of my life

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What did cal say in that video you just reblogged when the girl asked for a kiss on the cheek? Did he say sorry I always get ill when I do that bc that's what I heard but how does he get ill from a kiss on the cheek. Damn you and your amazing writing of tattoo artist cal have turned me into a cal girl I mean I never even liked him like ever before. UGHHHHHH I HATE YOU FOR MAKING MY HEART DO THIS.

Its possible to get sick from one kiss, that’s why you never see calum kissing people on the cheek pictures. Also because he just doesn’t want to and needs a polite way to say it is another theory. And thANK U my smol flower :“D ily this means more than you know I’m not kidding

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Gabriel never ever wanted a little brother. He quite liked being the baby. Michael always got him ice cream, and Lucifer played with him. He got five good years of being the baby. And he soaked up the attention happily.

That is until Mommy announced she was having another baby. Then all people ever talked about was the new baby. Even when he had a super cool song to sing to everyone. They’d just want to talk about the dumb baby in Mommy’s tummy. Soon enough, Gabriel didn’t even try to sing his songs anymore. No one would listen to him anyway. And it was all the new baby’s fault.

Gabriel never ever wanted a little brother. Especially not this squishy red mess that couldn’t even do anything but scream when Gabe was trying to sleep. But the baby made Mommy and Daddy very happy, and Daddy told Gabriel that now he was going to have someone look up to him just like he looked up to Michael and Lucifer. Being only five years old, Gabriel stared down at the baby almost accusingly.

Yeah right. This little monster just wanted to steal his Mommy and Daddy away from him. There was no convincing him otherwise.

When Cassie was three years old, Gabriel decided it was about time he got rid of this stupid little monster. It wasn’t as if this conclusion was unprompted.

He had gotten the big part in the school Christmas play! He got to be Jack Frost. But in the middle of his big scene, stupid Castiel started crying and Mommy left. She didn’t even get to hear his song which he finished with tears his eyes. He wiped his nose with his sleeve and ran off stage the moment his scene was over.

Once his motive was established, his plan was pretty simple. Well, it would be simple if Cassie did anything anyone told him to.

“No, Cassie, if you wanna be a bird, you gotta jump out the window,” Gabriel urged, struggling to pick up his little brother and push him out the second floor window of their home.

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because I felt like it

Sandals in the Snow
Pairing: furusawa
R: Teen and Up
Word Count: 2445 

Fast. That was another thing Sawamura was to Furuya. Ironically enough, he was a lot like his pitch. A slow moving fast ball. At first glance, Sawamura seemed like he was moving just as slow or fast as anyone else, never quite running but not exactly staying put either. If you ever stopped watching him for any indiscriminate amount of time you would miss him, because he would already be moving on to the next course, only to change his mind abruptly and decide he wanted to be somewhere else before landing home.