“...Where is our child ?” - Wonder Woman x fem!Reader

Hey, so because I often receive messages about you guys wanting “more Wondermom” (yes, “Wondermom” became a thing) well…I’m writing this story. This is basically a part 2 of : “take care of my babies or you’ll die”, so if you didn’t read that you can if you want, so this story will make more sense and…Boom, part 2, hope you’ll like it

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The present :

You and Diana were sitting side by side on an upside down car, looking at the destruction the latest “League fight to save the World” created. 

Fortunately, everything happened after the small town where things went down was evacuated (thanks god your brother, Bruce, was always planning things so carefully and almost always managed to bring the villains where he wanted them to be, in inhabited places). But oh the destruction was still there. 

The small coffee shop that was absolutely the cutest and that made you want to sit in and drink a warm cup of brew was no more. 

The school, a school that eerily resembled the one your son used to go to, was no more.

People’s houses were gone. They all lost everything (though probably, “Wayne Enterprise” would get a new charity and give money and men to rebuild the place). All their possessions  were no more. Pictures of their families, the same kind that hung in your house, souvenirs and all…no more. 

Worst, the library and book shop right next door were no more…You sighed as you see a few pages of destroyed books fly in the wind. 

Your Diana’s arm is around your shoulder, and you cuddle closer to her as you witness the destruction you and your friends were responsible for…But hey, you saved the World again. Small sacrifices were always needed you know ? 

Still, her presence reassures you, makes you feel better. It always have. Having her beside you always made you stronger. 

Your wife’s voice startles you, as you weren’t expecting her to speak right now, in that short moment of peace after the storm :

-Remember when I said that I did NOT want our child to ever fight ? 

You smile weakly and straighten up a bit, turning your head to look at her. She smiles back at you, and you take a wild strand of her hair to put it behind her ear lovingly, brushing your fingers along her cheek, before saying : 

-Yes I do. The good old days. 

-When he wasn’t born yet and we could still hope. 

-Really, what did we expect ? He’s ours, of course he would have to fight one day…

-I just wished there was another way. That he could have had a normal life.

A loud sigh behind you makes you jump a bit and you both turn around…to be faced with your brother and his sons. 

The sigh was from the youngest, Damian and…oh God you couldn’t believe that brat was already an adult. You wished you could turn back time, to moments where he was not that giant man, but a tiny insecure boy who often came to his aunt for advices and hugs (yes, hugs. It was a secret between you and him). 

You don’t even have time to say anything as Damian begins : 

-You know, Thomas isn’t a baby anymore. He’s perfectly capable to handle himself on a battlefield. After all he’s from my…our family, there wasn’t any other way, and such an extraordinary being couldn’t have just a “normal life”. He’s important. Hell, he even saved Superman’s life today. He’s vital part of the league. And…

You roll your eyes and cut him off : 

-Yes yes I know Dami’, you told us a hundred time. 

-And yet you still baby him. You know, he just turned twenty and…


Diana chuckles lowly, your nephews (but Damian) full on laugh at the face their little brother is making (seriously, it could be the illustration for the word “annoyed” in the dictionary), and even your brother utter a small smile. 

Of course you know your boy isn’t a small child anymore but…you can’t help it. You can’t help but being a little bit sad and angry at yourself for ever letting him become a superhero too. You can’t help but feeling guilty about the life he’s doomed to lead. You can’t help but worry about him constantly. 

Sure, he’s twenty now but…Some things never change. 

Speaking about things that never change : 

-Wait…Where is he ? 

Bruce looks away and his sons do too, but you catch Tim’s look before he can and it’s impossible to avoid your gaze once it’s locked on something and…With a dangerous voice, you ask : 

-Spit it up Tim, my boy…Where’s our child ? 

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In time, may you all find the peace that you need after the storms have come and washed away all of the solemn moments that you are each facing, apart, on the same flailing voyage.
—  H. Murcia 12:51AM 5/16/2017

Once, there were three maidens
Of past, of present, and of future
They were always there, in shadows.
Their makers paid them no heed.

Once, there were four maidens
Of beginnings, of strife,
Of mystery and of victory.
A quartet befitting the dawn of war.

Once, there were five maidens
Of journeys and serenities,
Of battles, secrets and endings.
Peace reigned after the wild storm.

Once, there was a maiden…

…Who came back home after a long absence.
In the lands she travelled through…
…She’d found adversity. She’d found love.
She’d found the truth, she’d found death.

Her five sisters greeted her happily.
“After all…
…there had always been the six of us.” Said she,


The Rainbow Portrait - Imagery Explained

This is one of my favourite portraits of Elizabeth I, mainly because of all the hidden imagery in it. Let’s start with Elizabeth herself. She was almost 70 at this point (1602), and yet in this painting she is ageless. This painting is like Tudor photoshop - so few people would actually see Elizabeth in real life to realise that she was probably a frail old lady which of course would have been seen as weak and vulnerable. Given the option, she would much rather they saw her like this.

The rainbow that she holds represents how her reign was a golden age for England. Rainbows symbolise the peace after storms, and so, in Elizabeth’s hands, England has been restored to peace after the turmoil of religious upheavals and civil conflicts. The words above the rainbow, ‘non sine sole iris’ mean ‘no rainbow without sun’ - i.e. this golden age would have been impossible to achieve without Elizabeth, it’s sun.

The embellished snake on her sleeve represents knowledge. In the Abrahamic religions, the first man and woman were tempted by a serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. Once doing so, they gained knowledge of the contrast of good and evil. So the snake represents the acquisition of knowledge. Above the snake’s head is an armillary sphere (similar to a celestial globe), which, in the Renaissance, was one of the key symbols of knowledge and scientific learning.

The pearl necklaces and bracelets represent Elizabeth’s beauty, purity and wealth. Pearls carry the same meaning today, but in Tudor times pearls were not farmed, and natural pearls are extremely rare - so for Elizabeth to be wearing so many displays her enormous wealth, and that of her kingdom.

The flowers on her bodice are a reflection of descriptions of Elizabeth in some recently published (1599) poetry which compared her to the Greek goddess Astraea. Astraea is a virgin goddess of innocence and purity, who is also often associated with Dike, goddess of justice. Astraea ruled over humans during the Golden Age before ascending to heaven.

Finally, the crescent moon on her headdress is a symbol strongly associated with Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting, who swore never to marry.

Haikyuu!! Characters as Gods and why

Tanaka Ryunosuke || God of War

Tanaka has a somewhat obsession with the concept of war and fighting, even though he doesn’t fight. But as of why he’s chosen for this particular category, it’s because War isn’t always a bad thing, like many of what is not always what it seems. Yes, War is violent and hurtful, but at the end of every war, there must be peace. Like after a storm. There is no storm that lasts forever, such as war.

Bokuto Koutarou || God of Love

I have said this once or twice. Bokuto has never been seen angry, nor even any type of annoyed. He turns anger into hurt for others and for his own behalf. He is a peaceful and nice person that is willing to make friends with the worst of people, sparing them free compliments and pats on the back just because he can. He loves you, and there is always love he can spare. He probably even hugs trees when he bumps into them.

Kuroo Tetsurou || God of Peace

Like Bokuto, he will spare a compliment to the worst of people because he wants to help. He just wants to help. Now, I know he dislikes Daishou, but Kuroo knows that rules must not be broken. If he were a slightly different person, you would see him and Daishou in some sort of fight. But no, Kuroo is a peaceful person and probably hasn’t fought anyone, or even hurt anyone on purpose.

Iwaizumi Hajime || God of Temptation

Now, You may ask “But Bk, why Temptation for Iwa?” And I can tell you exactly why. I know that Iwaizumi would be a better fit for Peace or Tolerance or Honor or such, but Temptation spoke his name. Temptation, like a lot of other things, isn’t all bad. Temptation is the father of Determination besides Addiction and Greed. Iwaizumi has ways of getting people on his side, as he even has Kyoutani as his side Dog and Oikawa as his side Chihuahua. He tempts his teammates to win by offering them pride and victory. He is the perfect fit for Temptation. Plus those arms.

Tsukishima Kei || God of Light

Why light when he’s such a rude asshat? Well, Tsukishima may be one of the worst of people, but don’t forget that this is temporary. As a child he was somewhat nice, to people he was close to, and still is. Such as light is close to his way of life. It burns those the closest, and warms those a degree away, and does nothing to help those far away. Tsukishima has no close family members or friends, knowing that he isn’t the best person, knowing he might hurt them. Those who are his friends, he can be fairly nice to. And people he dislikes or has no feelings for, he couldn’t give a shit.

Kyoutani Kentarou || God of Life

Another strange one, I know, but there will be more. Kyoutani can be rude, pushy, and can even hurt. But is life any different? Life is both the best and the worst thing, such as Kyoutani. He is grumpy, but not hateful, causing himself to be thanked and even rewarded by others, but not always liked or accepted.

Yamaguchi Tadashi || God of Darkness

Now, I’m not saying Yamaguchi is Darkness because Darkness is sad, because that’s the exact opposite of what I’m saying. Darkness coincides with both fear and tranquility as some are afraid of the dark, and some find it calming. When you wear a dark sweater, you don’t feel colder, you feel warmer, as Darkness absorbs warmth and light. Such as Yamaguchi does. Tsukishima compliments him in strange ways, but Yamaguchi always sees the warmth in his words, finding his confidence through them.

Sugawara Koushi || God of Spirits, Souls, and Death

Sugawara is also a peaceful person, but he himself wouldn’t be found ruling peace itself, but working alongside it as one of the Main Five. I’m not saying death is always peaceful, but Sugawara also works with Spirits and the Soul. Sugawara has a supernatural ability to tap into someone’s spirit and soul, almost like Oikawa does, to bring out the best in his team. But he’s not just bringing this out, he’s guiding them not just to victory, but to pride, to happiness, to peace. He is the guardian of Spirits and Souls, therefore, he is Death.

Ennoshita Chikara || God of the Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)

Ennoshita controls these as they unlock Spirit. Ennoshita is one step under Sugawara and Daichi as The Four Elements are one step under the last Element of Spirit and it’s companion, Justice. Ennoshita is true to these four elements, as he is a true Neutral like most of whom I’ve already and will list.

Oikawa Tooru || God of Technique, Strategy, and Strength

Oikawa represents and controls Strength, as it too, is a father of Determination, Greed, and others, but still a few steps down from Spirit. Oikawa is by far the strongest character when it comes to not giving up and giving it his all, even if he himself is sometimes weak. He brings out all the strong points in his teammates flawlessly and with ease with his Techniques and Strategies, he truly a master of this category.

Ushijima Wakatoshi || God of Guilt, Fear, and Weakness

Ushijima is not a bad person, but what reflects off of him is. Many are afraid of him, find guilt in themselves for not beating him, or find themselves to be weak for the same reason. Of course, all of these have a brighter side to them. Guilt is a factor or someone’s being that tells them they did something bad, therefore, they confess to themselves that what they have done or what they will do is a bad thing, giving them the option to be a better person. Fears are tricky, but fear is a temporary thing, something that can be overcome with hard work. Weakness is what blossoms into Strength, or the other way around.

Akaashi Keiji || God of Time

Akaashi is Time. He finds ways to spare his time wisely to spend it with friends or himself. He can stop it if he’d like, but would be one to want to know what happens next, or to wait. He controls time almost like he controls Bokuto. He almost doesn’t, he just slightly manipulates. He works alongside Life, Death, Space, Justice, and Peace in a large circle around all the others.

Yahaba Shigeru || God of Space

Yahaba is another one in which works in the Main Five. He as Space is all of which everything resides in besides Time. Such as Yahaba, as he isn’t a main character, but somehow manages to be a very important part of the plot. He is always there, not just standing around, but he is always helping without most realizing he even is. He is holding them together such as Space holds up all the galaxies and planets and stars.

Asahi Azumane || God of Artistry

Asahi is a gentle soul, but still cannot be Peace, so he is a few steps away as to what helps create peace. He is all things creative, such as Art and Music. He is not only Peace, but all emotions. Artistry can motivate an emotion, or help calm it down. It can go both ways.

Kunimi || God of Greed

Kunimi is not exactly greedy, but he can promote it and represent is fairly well. Kunimi promotes it somehow in a good way, by tempting Kindaichi by victory, therefore, creating greed in his friend. He himself, like Tsukishima, doesn’t seem to play Volleyball for just fun. He has something to gain in it, as there is a grain of greed implanted inside him, for motivation.

Nishinoya Yuu || God of Giving, Receiving, and Defence

Nishinoya is a giver of many things. He is his team’s Guardian Deity, He is Protecting his team while receiving their love and support. Sometimes he may seem unimportant, but without him, things wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t be right.

Kenma Kozume || God of Addiction

Kenma is an addicting player. Many take him for granted, but when they see what he possesses, they can’t help but want to see more. It not only works with people, but Addiction can manipulate other things. He can manipulate himself into doing what normal people cannot do, like a special type of drug manipulates living beings into seeing things, or acting a different way, such as what Kenma can to to a ball with a simple hand flick, or to a person with a glance.

Hinata Shouyou || God of Happiness and Determination

Hinata has to be one of the most optimistic and determined person in Haikyuu, that making him incapable of letting go of his goals, such as what Determination does to a person. Need I say more?

Kageyama Tobio || God of Hopelessness and Depression

Once again, I’m not implying that Kageyama is depressed, but I am saying that I think he was at some point, probably as a moody teen. Kageyama may or may not have been, but he also has ways of taking those things out of a person. When Hinata was being jittery, he just threatened Hinata with these things and he was fine. Kageyama, by what we know, had a hard Middle School life, being hated by his peers because he was grumpy. Now, Kageyama has a lot to reflect on, now that he has moved on from a tough time into an age for himself where he has a whole team of friends. Hopelessness and Depression are temporary, and can be used for motivation if you know how.

Sawamura Daichi || god of  Honor, Order, and Justice

Order and Justice is an important thing, not just to humans as a way to describe crimes, but to the fabrication of the universe. Order is important, as without it, the whole fabric of the universe could be jumbled, and could fall apart any second. Such as without daichi, Karasuno would not be the same at all. The freak duo could possibly not be able to work together without his help in the justice of their greeting quarrel.

That’s all I have so far. If you have suggestions, go ahead and message/ask. Enjoy! ~BK

The Elements

He was water and she was fire. She was destruction, she was chaos. Her touch burned and left death in her wake. He was restoration, he was the peace after her storm. His presence left healing and harmony in its trail.

She was air and he was earth. He was nature in the fullness of spring and all the life it brings. He was everything that reminds you of home, he ran on legs of ice, gleaming pale against the stars. She was the lost voices carried in the wind. She was the mountains’ song, she soared on wings of fire that shone brighter than the sun. They were polar opposites and when the came together they made the elements.

-Julie Aime

anonymous asked:

Hi, where do you think Kaneki is in the fool's journey? judgement? Also, I'd like to add Uta to the top 5 most mysterious chaacters :o

Hi! The Tsukiyama Extermination Arc was the Tower Phase [x] so going on from that should be the Star which mentions this:

The Fool is suffused with a serene calm. Radiant stars shine in a cloudless sky serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration.The Fool is blessed with a trust that completely replaces the negative energies of the Devil. His faith in himself and the future is restored. He is filled with joy and his one wish is to share it generously with the rest of the world. His heart is open, and his love pours out freely. This peace after the storm is a magical moment for the Fool.

After the Tsukiyama Extermination finished, I really can’t say that any of this fits Black Reaper. But in Cochlea, we now have a much more serene Kaneki with these scenes:

Radiant stars shine in a cloudless sky serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

He is filled with joy and his one wish is to share it generously with the rest of the world.

There was also Kaneki coming to accept himself when Hide appeared in his mind and Touka’s wish to see him later, both of which showed him he had something to live on for and hope for the future. 

I might be wrong but I really do think that Kaneki has just moved through the Star phase of the Journey. If that’s right, then next arc will be the Moon. I think Furuta’s build up over this arc is getting ready for his involvement in the Moon phase, as he was shown with the Sun and Crayfish from the Moon card on his birthday calendar page:

I hope Mr. Moon Moon Shuu himself will show up too :’)

anonymous asked:

How do you think an arc paralleling the one after Aogiri with Hide taking Rize's place would work/be? Also, when on earth will we get to see the real Rize?

I think that as of now, with chapter 86, we just reached the final stages of the Star phase of the Fool’s journey (x and x for reference). Precisely, these: 

His faith in himself and the future is restored. He is filled with joy and his one wish is to share it generously with the rest of the world. His heart is open, and his love pours out freely. This peace after the storm is a magical moment for the Fool.

By taking the role of the OeK from Eto’s and Arima’s hands, Kaneki has found his clarity again. He will share something with the world, and that something will be the seed for a revolution that, in his intentions, will change the wrongness of the world from its core. 

But, the next phase in the Journey is represented by the Tarot of the Moon, and with it comes another challenge: 

What effect could spoil this perfect calm? Is there another challenge for the Fool? In fact, it is his bliss that makes him vulnerable to the illusions of the Moon (18). The Fool’s joy is a feeling state. His positive emotions are not yet subject to mental clarity. In his dreamy condition, the Fool is susceptible to fantasy, distortion and a false picture of the truth.

The Moon stimulates the creative imagination. It opens the way for bizarre and beautiful thoughts to bubble up from the unconscious, but deep-seated fears and anxieties also arise. These experiences may cause the Fool to feel lost and bewildered.

I already gave my two cents about what I think will happen during this phase. For better clarity, you can read my thoughts here. But, making a short summary, I think that Kaneki isn’t ready to start a revolution, yet. He’s been set up for a role he didn’t want and motivated by the resentment against V and against what the CCG stands for by his despair for Arima’s loss. 

To say it with Dazai’s words, Kaneki is not ready for revolution because he currently lacks love. This isn’t even his revolution. It’s Arima’s and Eto’s, two of the most violent characters of TG. So, as the tarot suggests, he’s setting himself up for delusion. 

So why do I think that all of this is relevant for your question about Hide? Well, because I think that we won’t get to see him just yet. Maybe not even in this phase of the Journey. 

I think that the Moon phase is supposed to be a parallel to TG and specifically to Kaneki’s search for Rize. Back then, his agency was also fueled by the thought of having some sort of power. He thought he was strong enough, and that he would eventually use that strenght to find the answers he was searching for. 

But in the end, finding Rize only opened a whole new can of worms full of self doubt, which made him question the legitimacy of his path and his resolve for the future. 

I think that Rize and Hide already parallel each other, in a way. Rize is a symbol of Kaneki’s ghoul half, while Hide of Kaneki’s human one. Aside from that, both of them once had the role of fuels for change in two opposite situations. The hallucination of Rize, his ghoul half, was what gave Kaneki the final push forward to kill Yamori and accept his inner ghoul. The hallucination of Hide, his human behalf, on the other hand, was what gave Kaneki a reason to chose to live and to pursue his own path using his empathy and his good heart as his strongest weapon, which ultimately resulted in the suicide of Arima (and thus not death by Kaneki’s hands like in Yamori’s case), 

What I’m trying to say is that as of now, Kaneki lacks Hide’s influence. He already has Rize’s, but I think that he needs something to counterbalance his own self-destructive tendencies. 

So basically, right now Kaneki is about to enter the Moon phase, which will make him face a challenge; again, using the tarot’s interpretation words:

The Moon stimulates the creative imagination. It opens the way for bizarre and beautiful thoughts to bubble up from the unconscious, but deep-seated fears and anxieties also arise. These experiences may cause the Fool to feel lost and bewildered.

What are Kaneki’s deepest fears and anxieties? Up until now, they have been that of becoming a violent person by pursuing the steps of his parental figures who were also abusers and thus violent people themselves, and that of not being able to save his loved ones (and also that of being the major cause for their downfall, but this was implicit in his fear of violence). 

And up until now, what is his biggest regret? Who are the two people he thinks he’s killed by his own two hands, despite it not being true? 

Yep, Amon and Hide. Hide technically has not yet been confirmed to be alive, but that’s just semantics at this point. If it wasn’t obvious before, now the canon confirmation that Kaneki and Hide’s children play was foreshadowing of the current plotlline should convince the remaining disbelievers that Hide will have a role in all of this (as the “witch’s servant”, whatever that means). 

As I see it, Hide could fit in the current events in two ways:

1. He will show up during the next phase of the Fool’s Journey, the Sun, which has been described like this:

It is the lucid clarity of the Sun (19) that directs the Fool’s imagination. The Sun’s illumination shines in all the hidden places. It dispels the clouds of confusion and fear. It enlightens, so the Fool both feels and understands the goodness of the world.

In this light, Hide’s and Amon’s influence, his canonical pillars who have always kept him grounded, could be seen as the two necessary aids who will bring out that “Love” he’s currently lacking and who will set thing back into perspective for him so that Kaneki can pursue his own revolution, and not Eto’s or Arima’s. 

2. Hide, being the Witch’s servant, will temporarily betray Kaneki, and thus be part of the Moon phase (and appear sooner than expected). In this light, he could be a parallel to Rize also as the catalist for Kaneki’s crisis which will lead to a new clarity of mind and a stronger resolve to set things right. 

Of course, this is just a prediction and as such I could be completely wrong about all of it. But if you have any thoughts (supporting or not this theory), feel free to add up! o/ 


I see a woman finding herself.

All she is destined to be laid out before her.

By God’s hands she has been made new.

A woman immaculately sculpted from a mold that has been broken,

Filled with power, love and grace, and wrapped in the finest silk.

Finally prepared to meet her expectations

She hits the ground running.

Running, not away from anything,

But toward everything that could be.

Her burdens heavy as lead,

But her will as strong and as firm as stone.

Her mission has been etched on the scroll of her mind.

Her heart has received the message and is prepared to lead her.

Her body shaken yet unable to be broken,

She runs.

Pacing the earth steadily and quietly,

Yet an immense hunger radiates from inside her.

Fierceness unscathed by the wildness around her

It embodies her, it becomes her.

Everything she has longed for twinkles in the distance.

New horizons unseen and unfelt she wishes to reach them.

For this she is willing

To run,

and run and run and run.

She breaks the barriers meant to block her.

She crushes the thorns meant to yield her.

She tears apart the web of deceitfulness meant to sway her.

She’ll keep running,

Until she smashes into her dreams.

Everything meant for her will be.

Nothing can stop her!

Not you, or you, or you

or him.

She has found a greater love from within.

It propels her.

She knows where she belongs.

Her soul is filled with peace and happiness.

The stillness after the storm lingers about her,

She runs.

Knowledge and wisdom, she beseeches thee.

Power and gilded glory, she rebukes thee.

She runs not boastfully.

Her burdens as heavy as lead,

But her will as firm as stone.

Her body shaken yet unbroken by the journey.

Just ahead lies her destiny, and for this

She runs.