caught up (on dialogic thinking)

(You know,
if you keep going
like this
you’ll end up
right where you started)

Looking down
into a bowl,
a river of milk
tiny circular floats,
a mockery of
calm, contentment.

(Was this morning
anything like
yesterday morning?
It was.
What was it?
The definition of

my throat was dry
and I splashed
Dewar’s against it.
A morning drunk
is a bad drunk.

(You ignore
your parenthesis,
my good man.
You take too long
to tie your shoes
and when you look up
the train has passed.)

Should I listen
this time?
It’s an itching
behind my ears
and I feel
the speed
of my life
has caught up with me.

Kissing In the Rain

It was raining.

Raven shivered under her sodden cloak, desperately trying to keep warm. Why she was out in this weather was beyond her; Robin had it in his thick skull that they just had to patrol that night, and Cyborg just had to conveniently take the T-car and leave her to walk home alone in the rain.

Just wonderful.

She would consider teleporting, but they’d done some pretty hardcore training earlier and Raven wasn’t sure she had the energy to safely transport herself across the city.

So she walked. In the rain. Did she mention it was cold?

Raven was definitely going to kill Cyborg when she got back.

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“– and that’s definitely lacking something…” kirsa popped open the cup of coffee she’d been given, took out a silver flask, and poured its contents into the coffee. “you know what, auradon, you’re not that bad. it’s exciting here. yeah, that’s right i’m talking to you –” she grinned at the nearest person, holding out her coffee like a toast. “happy new year, you sweet, sweet, problematic idiots. i love you all already.” 

cacilias  asked:

Can i ask how you do your splashes on your gifs? They're lovely btw c:

Hi. First of all, I’m sorry for answering this publicly; but I thought I might as well make a tutorial so I can reference this next time someone asks me. 

Now, I’ve already made another colour splash tutorial (HERE). The thing is; while that tutorial works really well with anime like Tokyo Ghoul because of fast-moving scenes and vague outlines; the quality of the gif tends to decrease (because of all the colour-desaturation). Anyway; I thought I’d make a tutorial of the method I use most. 

This method works really well with: 

- short gifs 

- gifs that don’t have a lot of movements 

- gifs with definite/clear outline (of the object you want to ‘splash’) 

- patience

1. Get you gif ready. Re-size/crop/trim your gif as you’d like. Don’t re-size your gif after you’ve done the colour splash because you’ll lose the quality. 

2. Add Black and White Gradient layer on the gif. Make sure your Background and Foreground colours are black and white. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map… You’ll get a new window titled ‘New Layer’; just click OK. Make sure that this Gradient Layer is on top of the gif layers. 

3. Turn off the Gradient Layer’s visibility by click the eye icon of the left side of the layer. 

4. Duplicate the Gradient Layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer… and click OK. 

Now, this depends on how many frames your gif has. I’m just gonna duplicate 5 layers. (You can always add more Gradient Layer if needed so don’t worry about this now.) 

5. Select the 1st Gradient layer. Unclick ‘Propagate Frame 1’ (on the top right of your layer panel). Make sure you select the 1st frame of your gif as well; then turn the 1st Gradient layer’s visibility back on. 

6. Select the Eraser tool and start ‘erasing’ the part(s) that you want to ‘splash’. 

7. For the next frame; select a new Gradient layer (make sure you select the 2nd frame as well) and repeat Step 6. Keep going until you’ve done all the frames.

TIPS: My gif has some repeated movements; meaning there are identical frames. Therefore, I can just select those identical frames and then select the (already edited) Gradient layer correspondent to them. 

8. Sharpen/Blur/edit your gif as you like. Here’s the final result.

BEHOLD. My first ever digital drawing thing!!! I had to heavily reference this photo, so definite credit there. And the water splash PNG I found on google images.

I made the background and did the displacement thingy, as well as the actual painting. I used the Paint Mixer Brush tool, all done on Photoshop CS6.

Tell me what you think!!