P'tit Habibi - Marrakech, Morocco

A charming refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of Marrakech’s chaotic medina, P'tit Habibi offers a private outdoor cinema and delicious Moroccan home-style cooking in a stylish, dreamy atmosphere.

Complementing the riad’s beautiful inner courtyard are 5 unique rooms furnished in a truly exciting mix of traditional craftsmanship, rich Arabian touches, and contemporary styling.

The rooftop terrace, with its splash pool and beautiful views, is definitely a highlight.


#GrowingUpAGirl: A Female Athlete’s Perspective

By Amanda Connerton

There’s a new trend swimming in the hashtag pool and it is definitely making a splash! Last Tuesday, #GrowingUpAGirl started trending on Twitter, and the impact has been huge. While some of these tweets were harmless and funny, the overall response opened my eyes to a prevalent, societal issue: the unrealistic and unfair expectations and double standards for females in today’s society.

To get an idea, here are some tweets I came across:

After reading just a few tweets, I could see that my fellow females were on to something and it got me thinking about my own experiences. Growing up, I definitely fell victim to pre-established gender roles and expectations. For example: having to choose the “girl” toy from the Happy Meal, having to dress “like a girl” for holidays and functions, and the overgeneralized reminder to “act like a lady.” The requirements and expectations of growing up a girl were a headache and they only got worse, especially as a female athlete.

In 7th grade, I was asked to play on my middle school’s football team. Though I was interested, my father kindly refused, reminding me that football was a “boy’s” sport. I was 13 and pissed off because I was told “no.” However, the gender discrimination didn’t really hit me until high school, when the girl’s soccer team scrimmaged against the boys team during a practice. I was very excited (perhaps more than my teammates) because I was fearless, relentless, and tough. My perserverance must have shined through because I was approached by the boys coach the next day in school. He complimented me saying, “You’re an impressive player,” but unfortunately, his kind words took a turn for the worst by following up with, “you play so strong, on and off the ball, for a girl.“

“For a girl.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase, I wouldn’t have to work a day in my life. Though, I’m not so sure that would be worth it. It’s gotten to the point where being a female in today’s society is a struggle and some would even say it is treated like disability (“you can’t do ______ because you’re a girl”). It is not only sad, but also infuriating.

As a female, everywhere you turn, you’re under scrutiny. If you enjoy sex, you’re considered a slut; if you don’t, you’re a prude. If you wear make-up, you’re called conceited and superficial; if you don’t, you’re lazy and don’t take pride in your appearance. To be completely honest, sometimes being a girl feels like a lose-lose situation. But the good news is, in order to change a situation, light needs to be shed on it, and that’s exactly what #GrowingUpAGirl is doing.

One by one, we can call out the unrealistic expectations and pressures put on girls in today’s society. Lately, younger generations have been doing a phenomenal job of pushing the boundaries and challenging the norms and societal expectations. A little involvement goes a long way; just look at the attention a few 140 character blurbs on the internet have received. I encourage everyone to browse the web, search the hashtag, and consider your own experiences involved with gender discrimination or unrealistic expectations. Who knows, maybe 20 years from now our daughters can tweet about the revolution of changing gender roles and stereotypes? It only takes a pebble to cause a ripple.

About this blogger: Amanda is a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island. She majored in Psychology and is an aspiring Forensic Psychologist. Amanda hopes to work in the legal system assessing criminals and researching the minds of serial killers. She spends most of her free time singing, writing music, playing guitar, running, and wishing she had a puppy.

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Bryn Mawr’s BMI Backlash

cacilias  asked:

Can i ask how you do your splashes on your gifs? They're lovely btw c:

Hi. First of all, I’m sorry for answering this publicly; but I thought I might as well make a tutorial so I can reference this next time someone asks me. 

Now, I’ve already made another colour splash tutorial (HERE). The thing is; while that tutorial works really well with anime like Tokyo Ghoul because of fast-moving scenes and vague outlines; the quality of the gif tends to decrease (because of all the colour-desaturation). Anyway; I thought I’d make a tutorial of the method I use most. 

This method works really well with: 

- short gifs 

- gifs that don’t have a lot of movements 

- gifs with definite/clear outline (of the object you want to ‘splash’) 

- patience

1. Get you gif ready. Re-size/crop/trim your gif as you’d like. Don’t re-size your gif after you’ve done the colour splash because you’ll lose the quality. 

2. Add Black and White Gradient layer on the gif. Make sure your Background and Foreground colours are black and white. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map… You’ll get a new window titled ‘New Layer’; just click OK. Make sure that this Gradient Layer is on top of the gif layers. 

3. Turn off the Gradient Layer’s visibility by click the eye icon of the left side of the layer. 

4. Duplicate the Gradient Layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer… and click OK. 

Now, this depends on how many frames your gif has. I’m just gonna duplicate 5 layers. (You can always add more Gradient Layer if needed so don’t worry about this now.) 

5. Select the 1st Gradient layer. Unclick ‘Propagate Frame 1’ (on the top right of your layer panel). Make sure you select the 1st frame of your gif as well; then turn the 1st Gradient layer’s visibility back on. 

6. Select the Eraser tool and start ‘erasing’ the part(s) that you want to ‘splash’. 

7. For the next frame; select a new Gradient layer (make sure you select the 2nd frame as well) and repeat Step 6. Keep going until you’ve done all the frames.

TIPS: My gif has some repeated movements; meaning there are identical frames. Therefore, I can just select those identical frames and then select the (already edited) Gradient layer correspondent to them. 

8. Sharpen/Blur/edit your gif as you like. Here’s the final result.

ohhh my god just nearly sharted myself i was sitting in my room and i could hear what sounded like something splashing around in the water of the bath i was running. Got to just outside the slightly ajar bathroom door and could DEFINITELY hear something splashing around. 

I was alone in the house. I KNEW i was alone. Therefore, like any normal person, I started imagining strange slimey creatures with too many eyes or none at all, swimming around in my bath, waiting to pounce as I looked round the door. Or something that shared the appearance of a human baby but Definitely wasn’t a human baby, drowning pitifully in the waters with completely black eyes staring right at me. It would be up to me to save it, but if i touched it would it attack me? would it curse me? (this is when the sharting nearly happened).

anyway it was a shampoo bottle floating around under the tap’s spray.

BEHOLD. My first ever digital drawing thing!!! I had to heavily reference this photo, so definite credit there. And the water splash PNG I found on google images.

I made the background and did the displacement thingy, as well as the actual painting. I used the Paint Mixer Brush tool, all done on Photoshop CS6.

Tell me what you think!!

Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Color Splash is a great game. It’s not as good as the first 3 and the game play of the first 2 is sorely missed, but it’s still a great game that’s worth playing.

The game improves from Sticker Star in nearly every way possible. It’s basically what Sticker Star should’ve been. The return of the hammer is fantastic, Huey is a fantastic partner, the level design and atmosphere is fantastic, and it has some of the best music in the series. None of the songs are annoying and the 4th boss theme is one of the best individual songs in the series. I also really love the lighting on some levels and the things are rendered so gorgeously well. They look almost 1:1 with real life. The Lemon thing is probably the greatest example of this. The cards are much better than the stickers and being able to hold 99 of whatever card you want instead of the whole different size stickers makes a huge difference. Battles are still mostly useless but with the paint gimmick, there is an incentive to do battles in this game to get “experience” so you can hold more paint. Plus, being able to kill enemies with a first strike really makes traveling that much easier and fun. While the story isn’t anything special compared to the first 3 games and the loss of seriousness is sorely missed, the writing is fantastic and there’s some great humor that makes up for it. Even the ending is pretty powerful which is something I didn’t expect.

Despite all this, the battle system is still awful and really needs to go. The cards, which are basically ammo, needs to be removed in favor of dedicated jump and hammer attacks that the first 2 games have. The things, as great as they look, also need to go as they really ruin the boss fights. The boss fights, just like in Sticker Star, thanks to the things, turn the battles into unwinnable puzzles if you don’t use the right thing at the right time. The bosses themselves are disappointing since it’s the Koopalings who need to be erased from the Mario universe period, but the fights are pretty fun regardless. Luckily, there’s some extra bosses that are just pure strategy that are fun to fight and they all share the same super awesome boss theme which is one of the best songs in the game.

The game also suffers from the “same Toad syndrome” that plagued Sticker Star and the lack of new, original characters really hurts. The pacing is pretty decent as there’s a ton of freedom, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the first 3 games. This whole level select system also needs to go but it’s not super terrible.

And one of the most frustrating things about this game is the huge amount of instant death scenarios. These need to be removed from gaming period but this game is a huge offender of them. It’s super annoying and it’s good for nothing. They plagued Metroid: Other M and they plague this game too. Another stupid issue is that you can take a ton of damage in the over world from random obstacles which is just plain annoying and shouldn’t exist. What makes this real bad is that even if you have Mushroom cards to heal, you can’t use them to heal yourself like how items worked in the first 2 games. Also why do 1UP mushrooms heal your paint but not bring you back to life? That’s also a dumb decision.

Probably the best thing about this game is that it feels like a Paper Mario game. There’s a story, you have a dedicated hammer, it’s very long, and there’s tons of great music and all sorts of amazing surprises that you really don’t want spoiled. This is something that Sticker Star didn’t have any of that and it’s great to finally play a real Paper Mario game despite some of the dumb stuff that remains from Sticker Star.

While Color Splash is weaker than the first 3 games, it’s still a great game and I’m glad that it exists. It’s basically what Sticker Star should’ve been originally. While I do want another game in the same style as the first 3 games and I’m not sure if I can handle a 3rd game that plays like Sticker Star, Color Splash is a great entry in the Paper Mario series and is a fantastic send off as Nintendo’s final, exclusive game for the Wii U.