Andy Weir (author of The Martian) on why Stun-Settings on weapons would be cooler than lightsabers

“The absolute best technology in sci-fi is arguably the most mundane concept in the genre’s arsenal: stunners.

From Star Trek’s “phasers on stun” to that one (and only one) time in Star Wars when the stormtroopers used a stun setting to subdue Princess Leah, stunners are such a staple of science fiction that no one even questions them. As a literary device, they allow the protagonists to get into gunfights without being mass murderers. But if stunners existed in real life, they would change the world.

And don’t talk to me about tasers. Those are one-shot, very close-range weapons that can do long-term physical harm. I’m talking about fictional stunners, which are as effective at range as handguns, and render the target unconscious without hurting them.

We could all just carry them around. They’re not like real guns. If someone gets mad or loses their temper, worst that happens is someone gets harmlessly knocked out. But if somebody tries to rob a bank, everyone stuns him. If somebody decides to go on a killing spree, everyone stuns him.

What’s that? There’s a hostage situation? The police come and stun everyone. Riot? Stun everyone. Worried about the new stun powers turning your country into a police state? Well, you outnumber the police and you all have stunners. Whatever your political leanings, stunners downgrade potential conflicts to a non-lethal arena.

Even criminals would get in on the action. There’s no longer any need to threaten the life of the 7-11 clerk. Just stun him and take the cash drawer. No one has to die. Of course, the clerk will probably have a stunner, too, so there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll just wake up in jail.

If there was an area-of-effect version (why wouldn’t there be?) the military could deal with conflicts in civilian areas much better. “Sorry we knocked you out. There were terrorists on your roof so we blitzed the whole block to be safe. Here’s your hat, it fell off when you laid down. Have a nice day.

Yeah. You can keep flying cars and lightsabers. I’ll take stunners.”


Refusing to touch alcohol in the Gunfighters/drinking wine in the Smugglers

Either the Doctor’s drinking to keep up appearances here or he hit the bottle after the departures of Steven and Dodo, or maybe Ben and Polly’s arrival made him reach for the alcohol, or he developed a taste for it on some unseen adventure, or most likely the sly old git’s been fibbing all along and he just does whatever the hell he feels like at the time.

  • me *desperately trying to sleep*:.....
  • my brain:.......
  • me *desperately trying to sleep*:......
  • my brain:in Hamilton an American musical, during the song 'Aaron Burr, Sir', Aaron Burr sings "fools who run their mouths ought wind up dead" and right after that we're introduced to John Laurens who sings, "yo yo yo yo yo! What time is it-" and so on. John Laurens is the first to die out of the four of them. He is killed in South Carolina in a gunfight against British troops. He refused to retreat or surrender, and so he charged at the enemy. He was struck by several musket balls and was killed.
  • me *desperately trying to sleep*:........
  • my brain:......
  • me *desperately trying to sleep*:..... I may not live to see our glory

Wherein Social Media Specialist Marya E. Gates discusses her love of Spaghetti Westerns, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Sunday Morning Westerns.

When we were preparing to launch Shane (Plus A Hundred More Great Westerns), I could not contain my joy. I love westerns. I’ve been a fan of westerns for most of my life. 

My family was always a family that watched film and television together. My parents (especially my Dad) were big fans of sharing films they loved with us, no matter how old we were (this led to an ill-fated, nightmare-inducing introduction to KING KONG for my brother as a toddler). 

One of the earliest film series I remember watching with my Dad was Sergio Leone’s DOLLARS TRILOGY. If memory serves, we watched it either right before, or right after STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION aired an episode where in Worf and his son take a trip in the holodeck to the “Ancient West,” at which point (due to an engineering problem) they face off with a bunch of villains modeled off of Data. The episode entitled A FIST FULL OF DATAS was a direct homage to A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (’64), but also featured references to FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (’65), and THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (’66).

Here’s the original television promo:

This became one of my favorite episodes of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and I would rewatch it (and the Leone films) many times throughout my childhood. I mean, what is cooler than Worf as a gunslinger cowboy?!

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY became one of my all time favorite films (it consistently makes me Top Ten when I’m forced to narrow my favorites down). While I love Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name (aka Blondie), and Lee Van Cleef’s Angel Eyes really is one of the all-time great baddies, what makes the movie for me is Eli Wallach as Tuco. Tuco is not a good guy, but he’s not really a bad guy either. He’s just a guy doing his best to stay alive and maybe end up in a hot bath every once in awhile. Tuco makes my Top Five Characters of all time. Tuco is really everything.

The other thing about GBU that I love so dearly is Ennio Morricone’s score. Every score the Maestro does is going to be a masterpiece, but for me his score for this films top them all. The iconic score is exciting, and melancholic, and a thing of beauty. One of my all-time favorite sequences in film would not nearly be as perfect without Morricone’s cue. And no, I’m not talking about the stand-off at the end. Rather, the sequence entitled “Ecstasy of Gold,” with none other than my boo Tuco:

But back to STAR TREK for a second, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the 1968 episode from the original series SPECTRE OF THE GUN, wherein the team end up pulled inside Kirk’s mind (kind of) and act out the Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral. Here’s the original promo for that episode:

While the TNG episode is clearly more of a riff on Spaghetti Westerns, the TOS episode is more in the vein of 1950s westerns like Fred Zinnemann’s HIGH NOON (’52) or John Sturges’s GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL (’57). 

I wasn’t familiar with these other more traditional westerns until a few years ago when I started what I like to call Sunday Morning Western, wherein I, much like the title suggests, watch a western on Sunday mornings. This really opened up a broader world of westerns to me beyond Leone (and other Clint Eastwood starring westerns). I just watched my 101st Sunday Morning Western a few days ago and I’ve still got so many left to watch! 

That’s what’s so great about this genre; it keeps changing, and adapting, but with a through-line that connects everything together (even singing cowboys!).

With that in mind, I hope you can join me as I live-tweet Sergio Leone’s masterpiece THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY tonight at 12am ET / 9pm PT

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Miniba :-)

1. He gave his father ‘the talk’

2. Once a rattlesnake bit him, after 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died

3. He once went to the psychic, to warn her

4. If he were to punch you in the face you would have to fight off a strong urge to thank him

5. His tears can cure cancer, too bad he never cries

6. He once brought a knife to a gunfight… just to even the odds

7. When he meets the Pope, the Pope kisses his ring

8. His friends call him by his name, his enemies don’t call him anything because they are all dead

9. He has never waited 15 minutes after finishing a meal before returning to the pool

10. He makes really great guacamole. 

Eisuke Planning Every One Of His Routes...
  • Eisuke:Okay, so I'm gonna start off pretending that the only thing I want MC for is coffee, and I'm gonna be really horrible to her just because why not
  • Eisuke:I'm not gonna smile, not even once...
  • Eisuke:... Okay maybe just once in the epilogue, maybe
  • Eisuke:I'm gonna make another enemy in another country because I'm too good and these fools are too jealous
  • Eisuke:I'm gonna nearly lose the hotel
  • Eisuke:Nearly
  • Eisuke:There needs to be at least one CG of me and MC in bed - Make sure I look hot
  • Eisuke:I'm gonna come up with an amazing master plan
  • Eisuke:I'm gonna involve MC in my amazing master plan, but I'm not gonna tell her because, well why not?
  • Eisuke:The amazing master plan needs to include me showing off my epic acting skills
  • Eisuke:There's probably gonna be a gunfight...
  • Eisuke:...Thank God I have a mobster and a cop as two of my best mates
  • Eisuke:This whole thing is gonna end in me being slightly richer than I was before, and no - I don't have any casual clothes
Kaibigan Foundation’s statement on their beneficiary victimized by the ongoing War On Drugs

WARNING: Graphic content ahead on the statement. 

Yesterday, July 18 at approximately 11 in the evening, three “suspected” drug pushers were killed in a “said” buy-bust operation in Dagonoy St. Sta. Ana, Manila. They are namely Jomar “Totong” Manaois (20), Jefferson Bunuan (20) and his cousin Mark Anthony Bunuan (18). The police said that a gunfight ensued leading to the death of the three. Their main target was Jomar but since Jefferson and Mark were there, they also shot them as they are Jomar’s “cohorts”, said Police Superintendent Robert Domingo, Manila Police District Station 6 chief.

One of the victims, Jefferson Bunuan is a scholar of Kaibigan Ermita Outreach Foundation, Inc. (KEOFI) since he started his schooling. Jeff was the fourth of five children and became an orphan at an early age. Jefferson perfectly understood the situation of their family that’s why he was very keen to finish his studies. As described by her mother, he is a diligent student. In fact, he sometimes goes to school even without an allowance.

Photo of Jefferson along with fellow victims who were murdered as part of the ongoing War On Drugs in the Philippines [Photo by DZMM TeleRadyo]

Jefferson is the person encircled in blue

A closer look at Jefferson’s body, now inside a body bag [Photo by Lovely Bunuan, sister of the victim]

For eleven years, he stayed as a beneficiary of Kaibigan. As a kid, he was very shy, but he participated actively in different activities of the foundation. Despite of financial difficulty, he managed to graduate in elementary and high school. He also took up skills training program in a Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

Jefferson’s childhood dream was to be a policeman. He was a first year college student taking up BS Criminology in Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST). He was also a volunteer of Lambat Sibat, a program of the Philippine National Police (PNP) which aims to prevent crimes in the country. That’s why Kaibigan was so shocked upon hearing the news.

According to her sister Lovely, it was 10PM when the policemen conducted their zoning at Brgy. 770 when in fact, they were waiting for Totong to go home for them to catch-on-act the suspected buy-bust operation. Unfortunately, Jeff and Mark were sleeping in Totong’s house that time. It is because there was no space in their house since Jeff’s sister just gave birth.

After almost an hour, Lovely with her relatives came to Totong’s house as they had throb that something wrong was happening. The policemen inhibited them to get nearer to the said house and told them that everything was fine. Unfortunately, few minutes later, SOCO team came and got the dead bodies out of the house. Lovely firmly went to a proximate distance to see the bag and saw her brother and cousin both dead.

According to Police Superintendent Robert Domingo, the group was armed as they entered the door so they just protected themselves and immediately shot them. This is contradicting to the fact that Jeff and Mark were sleeping at that very moment according to Lovely. Another thing is that Supt. Domingo said that there was a gunfight when in fact Totong (being the only one awake that time) surrendered and told the policemen not to implicate his two friends. This is according to Lovely based on the story of three girls who were also inside the house before the incident occurred. Also, according to her, these girls said that the policemen released them out of the house for inside investigation. The three men were left inside the house as the policemen entered and in just few seconds later, they heard Totong surrendering, followed by 7 gunshots.

The dead body position of Totong signifies that he maybe fell down backward when he was shot from surrendering position. This is all contradicting to the statements of the policemen that the group initiated the gunfight and a buy-bust operation was happening.

Due to these FACTS, Kaibigan Foundation raises its voice to the authorities to investigate this “unjust” killing of innocent people! This is very discriminating and it violates the human rights. We are after the justice and we don’t want these things to happen again as we advocate human (specifically children’s) rights protection.

If you would like to help in Kaibigan Foundation’s initiative to bring justice to Jefferson and all the other people victimized by the Philippine War On Drugs, you may keep in touch with them through their Facbeook page and Website. Click here for information on how to donate to them. 

Lastly, please signal boost this post so that more can extend help to Kaibigan Foundation’s initiative to protect the rights of innocent people who are victimized by the Philippine War on Drugs.

Dogs To A Gunfight - Daredevil blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

Am I the only one who’s really disappointed that all the episodes of Season 2 didn’t use onomatopoeia as their titles? Episode 1 is Bang, then you could have had Crash, Wallop, Slap, Ding, Bonk, Ka-Boom, Splash and so on.

Originally posted by cuervojoe

Dogs To A Gunfight mostly deals with the aftermath of Bang. Poor Foggy is running up and down the stairs of every building to try and find Matt, and Karen is clearly very shaken up about what happened at the hospital and is struggling to maintain composure.

My favourite thing about Dogs To A Gunfight is the way it explores vigilante justice, its moral implications and questioning how far is too far. Karen suggests to Matt that Punisher is the result of Daredevil’s actions and the public’s perception of Daredevil. By accepting Daredevil as a positive force for good against crime, New York has essentially given Punisher permission to do what he does.

Now Matt insists there’s no connection between Daredevil and Punisher, saying that Daredevil doesn’t kill people and so on. First of all, that’s a blatant lie. Daredevil has killed someone. Nobu from Season 1, albeit unintentionally. And second, considering the majority of Season 1 was about Matt struggling with his own moral compass and even considering killing Kingpin, that shows that there is a connection between Daredevil and Punisher after all. The difference between them is merely one of degree. Both work outside the law and both are pursuing their own personal vendettas. Daredevil may not use guns, but considering the amount of blood and broken bones he leaves behind him, he has no right to try and claim the moral high ground and he should take some responsibility for Punisher’s existence. We learn this isn’t even the first case of this happening. There have been other gunmen before (dubbed Devil Worshippers) who have tried copying Daredevil’s example. Punisher is merely the most successful of these copycats.

Which brings me to the ultimate question. Why is Matt still fighting crime now that Kingpin is gone? He claims people still need his help, but… do they? I find it very interesting that Foggy lies to Karen saying that Matt has a drinking problem to explain away his injuries (which Karen is very skeptical over) because in a way he’s actually right. Matt’s not addicted to alcohol, sure, but he is addicted to power. The power he has over human life. The strength and reputation that Daredevil provides him. He may be convincing himself that he’s doing the right thing and helping people, but in reality it’s just for his own self satisfaction. And it’s gotten to the stage where he’s completely disregarding his own personal safety, going out to fight Punisher again in a damaged helmet for instance. Daredevil is Matt’s addiction. Just look at the way he reacts when Foggy tries to take the suit away from him. He looked like he wanted to lamp Foggy across the face. I found that to be legitimately frightening. I think that’s a very unique and interesting approach that I haven’t seen before. Having a superhero show where you actually don’t want him to be a superhero for the sake of his own mental health.

Mind you, it’s not perfect. There’s the whole thing where Matt’s echolocation thing goes on the fritz. I just let out a preemptive groan when that happened because I knew they weren’t actually going to do anything with that. They just used it to create a contrivance for Punisher to kidnap him at the end and that’s it. I’d be very surprised if that were to happen again in a future episode.

And then there’s the whole thing with the DA going after the Punisher. I know we’re supposed to hate her and be totally awe inspired by Foggy, but I’m sorry. I’m completely on her side here. Nelson & Murdock are on the verge of bankruptcy because they accept bananas instead of cash as payment. I wouldn’t take them seriously neither. Mind you, it doesn’t excuse the DA’s own shitty behaviour. Using that Irish informant as bait?! In real life, she’d be lucky if she just got disbarred. I hope they’re actually going somewhere with this and not trying to convince us that this is perfectly legal. Admittedly I’ve only studied British law so I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure using a man as bait for a killer is illegal in America too. And so is misleading his defence attorney. And finally, who hired those sharpshooters? They have worse aim than a stormtrooper from Star Wars. (Briefly I thought perhaps this was supposed to be a satirical jab at American gun culture. Their trigger happy tendencies used to mask their own impotence. But then I realised I was being far too generous. Yeah, they’re just shit so as to make the Daredevil/Punisher fight look more dramatic).

For the most part, Dogs To A Gunfight is very interesting all round and tackles some very good ideas. I can’t wait to see how they are explored further.

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I just love the sarumi relationship, Misaki being the gangster boyfriend and Saruhiko being the important officer sqeee~

Since it’s Sarumi Day and the start of Sarumi Fest, today’s asks will be all Sarumi-flavored :D

So okay, maybe in this AU Homra’s like this big mafia-style gang that keeps all the smaller gangs in line and has territory wars with other mafia groups and everything. Fushimi was a member and then one day they have a big gunfight throwdown with rival gang Jungle. Fushimi ends up being left behind with his whereabouts unknown – Yata was injured in the fight and didn’t know Fushimi didn’t make it out until it was too late to do anything about it. Obviously he’s super upset about the whole thing and is constantly wanting revenge against Jungle for ‘taking’ Fushimi away. At the same time, even though Kusanagi and everyone are trying to get Yata to accept that Fushimi’s most probably dead Yata refuses to believe it, certain that if he just keeps looking he’ll find Fushimi again.

One day Yata gets sent to inspect this warehouse where a gang of drug dealers has been hiding. Yata sneaks in by himself, prepared to take down anyone he sees. He finds a locked door and breaks it open. Inside there’s a single person tied to a chair, looking totally beat up. The person stirs and looks up and Yata just falls back in shock because it’s Fushimi, looking thin and pale and worse for wear but alive. Fushimi recognizes Yata immediately and gives him this shaky little ’…Misaki?’ Yata can’t believe that Saruhiko’s here, he’s alive and where the hell have you been all this time did someone kidnap you what happened. Fushimi says he can explain later, he needs Yata to help him get out of here. Yata frees Fushimi and the two of them start to make their way out of the warehouse when suddenly the gang members show up and attack. Yata gets to fight side by side with Fushimi, just like old times and together they take down the rest of the gang. Yata turns to Fushimi with this triumphant smile, which is when Fushimi slaps some handcuffs on him and calmly tells him he’s under arrest for interfering in an official investigation.

Yata’s all wait what the fuck and Fushimi just ignores him, pulling his PDA out from his pocket and telling someone that he’s secured the area. Fushimi glances back at Yata and smirks, noting that he shouldn’t be surprised Yata’s still hanging around with all those hooligans. Turns out that after being left behind Fushimi was held by Jungle for a while before being saved by the police special investigation unit Scepter 4. He’s all bitter and miserable because he assumes that Homra – and more importantly, Misaki – just left him behind and didn’t ever intend to come after him, and when the special investigation unit’s captain Munakata attempted to recruit him Fushimi chose to join up. He’s been well aware of Homra’s movements all this time though (not because he’s keeping an eye on Misaki of course, this is just official business and all) and he actually allowed himself to get captured by the drug dealers in order to get inside their hideout and take them down. Poor Yata’s all upset and hurt because he was so worried for Fushimi and still cares about him so much and now here he is working for the police and treating Yata like an enemy.

So Yata gets dragged off to the police station by Fushimi and held for a bit until Kusanagi comes to retrieve him, Kusanagi and Munakata get to have a nice little verbal dance as Kusanagi notes that Yata has not actually in fact done anything worth detaining him over and Munakata makes vague references to his awareness that Homra has a lot of illegal shit going on that Munakata is currently overlooking. Fushimi’s perfectly happy to have Misaki in handcuffs forever but he does reluctantly hand him back over to Homra upon being ordered to. Yata’s still all hurt that Fushimi really thinks Yata left him behind while Fushimi doesn’t want to hear Yata’s excuses because he feels like Yata must have given up on him and of course why wouldn’t he it’s not like Yata ever cared about him in the first place.

Shortly afterward Jungle starts making some moves again, like maybe besides being a mafia they’re also a bit of an underground terrorist group plotting bombings all over the city. In order to take them down Scepter 4 ends up having to work together with Homra and of course this means Fushimi and Yata keep getting thrown together. In the end maybe Fushimi has to infiltrate Jungle again and Yata goes after him, not wanting to let him go this time. Instead Yata ends up being cornered by Jungle’s thugs and Fushimi is put in a situation where the only way to save Yata is to blow his cover even though that would put himself in danger and jeopardize the whole mission – so of course he does it, jumping in to save Yata right before Yata’s about to be killed and the two of them end up fighting together to escape. Afterward they’re both all tired and beat up, leaning against each other at the police station and Yata takes Fushimi’s hand and tells him that he’s never letting Fushimi go this time, so he wants Fushimi to just trust him all right. Fushimi mutters that he doesn’t trust stupid thugs, but his hand tightens around Yata’s anyway.
At least 50 feared dead in Nice terrorist attack
At least 50 people were killed in the southern French town of Nice when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday on Thursday night, French TV channel BFM TV said. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT
  • At least 50  people are feared dead and 150 have been injured in a Bastille Day attack in Nice, southern France

  • Eyewitnesses reported a gunfight between police responding to the attack and suspects at the scene

  • Gunmen are believed to have taken hostages in two hotel and a restaurant in the city according to witnesses 

  • Witnesses said the driver crashed his truck into a group of people, jumped down and opened fire with a gun 

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I am thinking of getting a conceal carry permit. I have a glock 23, I've done a bit of research, and tried it out and I'm probably gonna get a nice Galco IWB holster. My question is ammo...I feel, if I am in a situation where I need to use my weapon, it is incredibly dire and I can't have too much ammo. What do you suggest for that? Are there shoulder holsters, that ONLY have the pouches for magazines? I feel 3-4 extra mags would be ideal.

How many people are you thinking you’ll engage? I don’t think you really get how defensive shooting scenarios are. You fire and retreat. You don’t stay and shoot everyone. You can make your own with strapping and mag pouches but I only ever carry 16 rounds. If I need more than that I’m fucked from the start. My job is to get myself and others out of there, not to get into a full on gunfight.