You’re amazing, every one of you! 💕

Thanks for following me even though my posts may look very chaotic sometimes since I love pretty different things. I dunno what to do now tbh, I’m not an artist and I can’t do anything good for you in return. ꒰╥.╥`⑅꒱ But since I have a lot of free time next week, you can request SV and FFXIV gifs or recolours for your SV stuff if you’re interested. ٩꒰•ᴗ•⑅꒱ You can always message me if you’re having a hard time with SV modding or game issues in general (for the games we have in common ofc!), I’ll do my best to help you out if I can! ♡

Thank you for keeping up with me anyways, I love you all. ٩꒰•▿•⑅꒱۶