anonymous asked:

Hi S.G Admins, thank you so much for your great working and wonderful sub, I appreciate ur hard work so much & I have a lot of pleasure from watching your work thank you. I wanna ask you about the uploading of ur videos, actually I don't want to re upload long time or official vids, but there are some short vids or certain passages and funny clips I'd like to reupload it on my instagram acc. & I will mention the source so? Make sure you have every right to refuse & I'll not feel sad at all, thnx

yes feel free to cut the video for funny passages and stuff as long as you credit us, we say the same thing about gifs you can make them as long as you credit us :)  dont re upload our videos on streaming sites since we already provide that but instagram and gifs on tumblr is allowed with credits ^^

-Admin R