The girl squad has been kind of distancing from each other but I would love to see a scene where they all notice how their badass Muslim beautiful friend who keeps it cool at all times, who gets shit done 100% finally breaks down and shows how vulnerable she has been and how much she needs them to lift her up.

Sana was Noora’s rock when it came to Dickhelm, she literally was Vilde’s knight in shining armor several times (that scene where she takes her bridal style kills me everytime), remained Isak’s support and Even’s cheer squad and defended Eva from Iben’s physical agression.

This girl needs a big hug right now. She has been keeping a turmoil inside her and it’s gonna blow up when no one else expects it.

you know what? i’m gna say it, jimin is so cute and he looks adorable when he doesn’t have any makeup on, when his hair is messy, when he has swollen eyes, a soft tummy, a pimple on his face, when he just cutely pouts, when he squint his eyes whenever he laughs so hard, it feels like the whole world is balanced and nothing bad could happen, the fresh breeze outside, the sun shining brighter than ever, the birds are chirping, my crops growing, my family healthy, thank you jimin, i love you