OK tumblr denizens, I would like your input on something.

In an ideal situation I would purchase all the beautiful Stacy Fahey prints in the world but because of $ restraints, I can only have one.

Below are the two I am having trouble choosing between. Please help me pick and FYI you can follow her here:

Dandelion Dreams



by all accounts I shouldn't have gotten such a great ending

I spent so many years miserable because I couldn’t put my arms around my girlfriend (then my ‘definitely not girlfriend’), or hear her laugh at my dumb scattershot jokes, or stand with her in the middle of the sidewalk on a sunny fall day sharing messy street food, or take her temperature with a kiss when she’s sick.

it was a long time. it was hard. I was so unhappy.

but today, despite an uphill battle against circumstances and the whole goddamn Pacific Ocean, I got to do every one of those things, and it keeps being better than I ever imagined.

AJ Cook's hair is actual certifiable goals

I dare you to even TRY to find a picture where her hair is not 100% perfection. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN CHALLENGED. But first, look at these wonderful pictures of this adorable sunshine child, please.

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