“I wished I were dead. And if I’d kept my eyes shut, I could have almost touched the edges of oblivion. But I’d made a promise and had to keep it. Even if it meant living a life I no longer wanted. He was gone. They were all gone. The world I’d left only moments ago was now dust.”

I still remember the exact night you told me you loved me. Out next to the lake at midnight. You kept me warm from the freezing cold wind rolling off the water. You held me so tight, I knew I was safe from anything. The stars, my witnesses to call to account the exact words that came out of your mouth. It all sounded like poetry really. You promised me that these words weren’t just manifestations of your drunken thoughts, just because you had a few to drink. Now almost two years later, your love for me inanimate and lost, could you stand in front of me and promise me those thoughts weren’t just intoxicated thoughts?

hey! i’m still taking my art break, it’s been only like a week of not drawing and i am feeling some improvement in my arm, but i’m not jumping back into my usual amount because i don’t want it to get worse ;; thankfully furvilla and pokemon go has kept me busy but occasionally when i’ve been REALLY bored working on this and i’ve finally finished it ;;

money has been really tight now since i cant draw, i made this to auction and hopefully help out and ease some stress, i promise i’m not gonna push myself, so this’ll be the only pic you’ll see for a while. i appreciate all the kind messages ive been getting it means so much ;o; <3

if you’re interested in bidding, please go here:

baking — camila cabello.


“Mila, you’re going to eat all the cookie dough before we can even get it in the oven!” I whine in exasperation, smacking her hand away from the bowl. A pout formed on those plump little lips of hers, puppy eyes rounded off into a sad little glance. I wanted so badly not to give in to her typical antics, the same shit she pulled when she heard a no, but I gave in as always, dipping my finger into the bowl and scooping out a chunk before holding it to her lips. 

Her pout disappeared as quickly as it formed, replaced my a coy smile that promised of things I was yet to know about. Those pretty pink lips of hers parted, free hand holding onto my wrist as she took my fingers in her mouth, almost sucking on it as she took the chocolate chunk eagerly, though kept my fingers in longer than anticipated. 

“You’re trying to seduce me, now?” I chuckle, quirking a brow at the girl in sheer amusement. She nodded, unabashed by her intentions with me, and I was far from surprised. When Camila had her heart set on getting fucked, she’d either get her way or end up getting punished for fucking herself, which she still enjoyed. No one ever won in a sexual war against her. 

Camila hopped up on the counter and I pretended to ignore her as she spread her legs for me, easily showing off a wet patch that covered a majority of her thong under her t-shirt. What I wanted to focus on was baking, getting everything in the oven so I could get a hot treat in my mouth faster, and I didn’t mean her dripping little cunt. 

The young Latina peeled off the oversized t-shirt, letting it all to the ground and showcasing her perky little tits, nipples already hardened in the center of it all. She grabbed a nearby bottle of syrup, spilling it all over the span of her bare torso, biting her lip as she looked over at me with those doe eyes of hers again. 

“Oh, look, I’ve made such a mess. Maybe you could come clean it?” She purrs out, leaving a tingle running down my spine, but I fight against the urge to take her there. What I needed was to take my cookies to the oven. As I pulled the pan off the counter and nestled it inside the oven, I watched as a pair of red panties whizzed past my face and landed on the ground.

I initially looked over to glare at my girlfriend, but was stopped dead in my tracks at the view. There she was, one hand palming at her tits, letting the chocolate syrup glide down her smooth skin, and another rubbing vigorously at her clit. She was a vixen in this moment, legs spread for me and mouth wide open as moans spilled out from them. Those round eyes of hers looked over at me lustfully, digits circling her entrance and teasing herself. 

“Please fuck me, baby, your fingers always feel so much better in my tight little cunt.” She whines out, barely dipping a finger into her little cunt. I bite my lip, this close to giving in. Nothing tasted sweeter than Camila’s pussy. She goes back to kneading her clit, whimpers of pleasure falling past her lips, inviting me. I sigh as I move forward. As much as I didn’t want to give in immediately, I didn’t want her fucking herself. Her pussy was mine for the taking. 

Settling between her legs, my digits run over the length of her pussy, teasing the naughty girl for her bad decisions. 

“You want me to fuck you, huh? No one makes you feel good like I do, Mila.” I growled gently, nibbling on her earlobe. She nodded her head eagerly, attempting to buck her hips up into my hand, though I held her down with my free hand. I gently applied pressure to her clit, watching as her mouth grew even wider, absorbing every inch of pleasure she could get. 

Before she could process it, my hand smacked down against her cunt, giving it the spanking it deserved. She gasped at the contact, a loud whine escaping her pretty little mouth as I repeated the action a couple more times. 

“Such a fucking slut, you love it when you’re punished.” I chuckle, going back to teasing her clit. Eventually, I shoved three fingers into that dripping cunt of hers, feeling her stretch around me eagerly. 

I didn’t give her time to adjust because she didn’t deserve it, immediately curling my fingers up to hit her g-spot as I relentless pounded into her cunt. Her body shook with my every thrust, throwing her head back as her hips rolled into my fingers. 

“Fuck yes, baby, fuck my little cunt.” She cried, breathing heavily she she palmed at her tits with one hand, the other rubbing vigorously at her clit. I leaned my head down, pressing a kiss to the bare skin on her neck while I rammed into her with my fingers, encouraging her towards a release. 

“Cum for me, slut. Squirt all over my fucking fingers.” I commanded, slowing down my pace once I felt her beginning to clench around my fingers. I was letting her cool off a bit, and just as she had, I slammed into her a final time, causing her to hit her orgasm. Her back arched forward as she practically screamed my name while she came, her juices squirting all over the counter. 

“Oh, fuck, Mami!” She cried out, jerking through her orgasm. Just as she finished riding out her high, I heard the ding from the oven, and pull my fingers out, dipping them in my mouth to suck on her juices. 

“Looks like the cookies are done!” 


A/N: Hi, guys! This is my first smut since my break, and I hope you all like it. <3

hp-tmi-ts  asked:

I was pressured into sending nudes to a guy. He sent them first, I never asked him. I made it clear I was uncomfortable, I told him to search it up on google, I told him I didn't want to, but he kept asking & trying to convince me & because he was my friend and I didn't want to hurt him I gave in. This happened on three different nights. After all of them he made me delete the messages & pics, & promise not to tell anyone. I feel sick now because of this, but is what he did wrong?

Yes, very wrong.

Living below waterline - Witchyoucouldntburn

“No, no, no, I told you, Smaug. This is gonna be fun, I promise. And if it isn’t may my fins be speared by pirates.” He put his hand over his heart and the little seal pup tilted it’s head, holding a ball of kelp in it’s mouth. “Alright, now c’mon. It’s not too far from here.” He kept swimming and took a sharp turn before going up to the surface. Aiden poked his head out and almost came face to face with a surf board. “Too far!” He dove back down and swam away, laughing. 


You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep- promises like ‘I’ll always love you’ or 'I can’t wait to marry you.’ Now you’re saying 'I don’t know.’ Now you’re saying 'I’ve changed my mind, I’m tired, I’m going.’ You told me you wanted me to live with you but you’re still killing me, and I hope when you leave me my heart stops. I would have kept my promises.

Dear Lover ,

When I wake I think of you the most. Like how are you and what are you doing and most of all if you’re thinking of me too. The thought of uneasy questions hold me tight and the thought of you seduces my mind. Where have you been all my life ? 3 years and you didn’t express how you felt but kept hush as if someone held a gun to your head.. You could’ve saved me from him and him and him ..and him. But I’m grateful I can enjoy you now.

No one has to know how you make me feel but I also know that angels do mysterious things and you stole my heart I must say. Just promise to return it safely if you aren’t going to use it and if you do .. Read the label between my thighs that say “gentle ” or the tag on my bosom that reads “fragile , don’t shake” I’m not trying to spend money on another bandaid to fix a broken heart.
Lover , we plan escapades to New Mexico and to Amsterdam .. To Madagascar and even to Brazil. Doesn’t matter where we are as long as you hold my hand I’ll lead the way. If you stray I’ll make sure I leave bread crumbs so you can find your way back home. Here in my arms.

I dream about you. I dream of your skin ..chocolate with brown sugar specs . I dream of your love touching me in places I can’t even see. That love sure rises and rises .. Even above me.
City of God , would you like to go ? I’ve been there .. And it live in your soul . Angel , my angel .

Love, Jazs ❤️

From.KNK Jung Inseong Fancafe Letter 160723


While writing in the car I kept thinking about Tinkerbells so I’m writing this short letter

For the first time we went to a province for a fansign

I think it was a really enjoyable time, I liked it

Thank you to our tinkerbell for carefully coming, it would be nice if you all returned safely he he If you return safely send me a mention?? Promise!! hehe Like this we made even more nice memories huh?

Right now us KeunKeuns are also returning safely he he Make sure to wear your seatbelts too!

Because I’m in the car on my phone this is hard ㅜㅜ Now my eyes are relaxing, you guys worked hard, thanks for today and tomorrow

Busan-ah bye ㅜㅜ See you tomorrow my quails, heart~

Inseong’s Song Recommendaation XIA’s “you are so beautiful”

Translated by fy-knk

Boyd walked over, looking down at Sin and then crouching at his side. He couldn’t help pushing some of Sin’s hair back from his forehead and letting his hand rest there a moment, feeling the heat of his partner’s skin.

“It’ll be okay, Sin,” Boyd said softly. His fingers sifted through Sin’s hair and then he let his hand fall away. “I promise.”

He sat there quietly, feeling a little silly to be making such statements to such a strong person like Sin, and especially when he was unconscious. Yet he couldn’t deny the relief he felt at being able to say those words, and for the first time truly being able to believe them.

-Evenfall, Santino Hassell & Ais

Me Ranting (feel free to ignore)

Ok so I have to have the shittiest luck in picking friends. Right Now the only person I am really close to is a person named Kirra who lives like 6 hours away that I’ve been friends with for about half a year now. Excluding her, every fucking close friend I’ve made has fucked me over in some way. They all make the same promises, “I’ll always be here for you” - “You are like family to me”, etcs. Never once have they been kept. These people I was close with doing just end a friendship and be done with it. No. They make it their mission to make my life hell. The one made sure I was bullied in hs till i finally started speaking up in jr year and he got found out to be a chronic liar, the one got me involved in fights and to say lightly not so friendly people and leaves me high and dry after helping me realize i wasnt straight and dating me. The a couple years later i meet a group of people during my senior year of hs who become my best friends. What do they do in the end after finally getting me to start opening up and after i finally start realizing suicide isnt the option? THEY HAVE ME STUCK IN A ROOM (they took my keys away), SCREAM AT ME AND GO AFTER EVERY INSECURITY I HAVE AND SAY THEY ARENT TRUE AND IM MAKING SHIT UP AND WHEN I TRIED TO LEAVE THE ONE PERSON SAID THEY THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO PUNCH THEM FOR TRYING TO GET OUT THE DOOR AND NOT BEING ABLE TO DEAL WITH THEIR SHIT. and they all try saying that they are doing this for me. literarlly wha tthe fuck. I hide in my room for a week forgeting to eat,drink, and skipped anything i was supposed to do. They drunk call me and try to make it out to be my fault. Hell the one even texted and said that i need to get over it and deal with my ego. They even contacted my abusive mother to try to tell her i was lying about a lot of things and MY ABUSIVE MOTHER DEFENDED THE EVENTS THAT HAPPENED IN MY PAST AND TOLD THEM OFF. THIS WOMAN HAS GAVE ME A KNIFE AND TOLD ME TO KILL MYSELF BEFORE. the other friends i had besides them a few months later screw me over and steall all the work i did on a school project and said i did none of it while i had mono. so i basically lost all my friends b4 highschool ended. every friend i had after that has fucked me over. Literarly every single one. 

So yeah, I’m pretty sure I have negative luck in my life when it comes to friends. it doesnt help that i dont know how to make friends and have hella anxiety. Just I wish sometimes that life didn’t screw me over like this. I mentioned that i had a friend named kirra (best friend) who lives hella far away, but sometimes it wouldnt hurt for life to chill and give me a break. let me have someone who i can hang out with or something. Like having a boyfriend is not even an option because its like im on the first etchladder rung starting off in homestuck and getting a bf would just be like max god tier level. besides every guy i dated has cheated on me but ye. Just yeah, life sucks right now. college isnt going so well because i fuck up everything and my suicide attempts didn’t work because i always realize at the end what kirra might do if i left her.  so i just end up always escaping into music, art, and gaming because i can’t deal with reality and then fucked up because there was so much i needed to do and i never did it. So i just don’t know what to do. I don’t have anyone who can really be there for me when I feel bad and that would really help about now. i have 1-3(?) friends that live nearby but its not like im particularly close to any of them. I know for a fact that me not being involved in their lives or dying would mean nothing to them. So it kinda all just sucks. I need to move out of this house because of all thats wrong with it. If my dad every found out I wasnt straight he would kick me out, he said the same thing for if my sister ever dates a someone not white. basically its an EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC household. So just kinda waiting on my turn to have just a bit of luck and meet someone who is just there for me who doesnt live like a million miles away. That alone would be enough for me. I just have nothing i no one other than kirra right now. And i do love her (no romo), just i wish that she lived closer and that i had some else as well? that way I can just be happy for once. Someone who wouldn’t screw me over in the end would be nice. There is a lot i didn’t mention for pretty large reasons but yeah, if someone actually read this im sorry and thank you at the same time. 

Reading the comment sections on social media really ruined my mental capacity. people wanna hate each other so bad. people want to find something to hate and be offended by and make someone sad like I’m literally having difficulty sleeping right now because I’m aware of all the awful people in the world. why do people want to constantly tear someone down. I truly don’t understand it. i don’t understand the apparent joy you’re getting from it. the minute I stopped judging people and stopped the negative thoughts was when I became my happiest. I literally made a promise to myself years ago that I would never send hateful comments or messages to people especially on anonymous, which ive kept, and it’s truly made me feel better. I hope you all find happiness. I hope the next time you want to say something hiding behind a screen you take a deep breath and reconsider. I hope that negative energy leaves your body and doesn’t return so you can feel happy. glow up people come on we have to do better.

How do I tell my roommate she got to stop having sex in the apartment because the walls can not be thick enough to keep her weird loud ass sex noises from my poor tired ears and my self? The bitch has promised to make me waffles three different times this week and didn’t deliver cause she napped instead but now I got to be kept up at 4 in the morning because the noises she makes during sex is similar to what her rat of a dog sounds like when you accidentally step on it


“I have kept my promise, Erik,” Christine declared, arms spread wide as though to make a presentation of her presence. “I’ve returned to you. I hope you will trust I am a woman of my word from now on.”

In truth, she had very nearly broken the vow she had made during her last hours with Erik. The house on the lake was a house of horrors, despite its cheery toile de jouy wallpaper and tasteful mahogany furnishings, for it was in that house that Christine had stared into the face of death with all her fantasies in shatters at her feet. After all that had happened here, she had planned never to return. But at their parting, Erik had seemed so full of sorrow that Christine found, to her great surprise, that she could not truly bear to leave him to his solitude. In rage, Erik was a demon straight from the fires of Hell; in sadness, he was the most forsaken of angels. And the latter so deeply moved her that she was unable to let her fear of the former keep her away.

With a great sigh, she fell into a soft armchair, the night finally taking its toll on her. Her already-pale features were made all the more pallid from stress, and she looked stark white against the dark hues of the gown she had chosen to wear with the black domino mask which now lay discarded in her dressing room far above. If one did not know better, they would surely think her gravely ill. And yet still she offered Erik what she hoped to be a pleasant smile.

herocsandvillains  asked:

“please, you can’t die now.”

five words 

                he smiled up at her, pained and weak. he hadn’t known he could be capable of a love that would define his very being. he had spent most of his life gallivanting about the kingdom like an unsatisfied child, with no concern to the world around him. wasted years on a wasted life that didn’t deserve the woman who was staring at him with such love in her eyes. 

                but he’d had it. he had found his true love. the very creature he had spent his childhood with; sword fights along the lake, tear-filled nights of anger, and stories told with hope. the swan. emma. and here she was begging him not to die. a request he wasn’t sure he could grant. however much power he had as a prince, it meant nothing in the face of a sorcerer. rumpelstiltskin was intent on his curse not being broken, going so far as to cripple, to mortally wound him. he glanced to his arm, now bleeding profusely, as his severed hand lay a few feet from him. but it wasn’t the hand that drained the life from his body. it was the sword that had been driven through his chest. the pain was a distant memory now, and all he felt was cold. a stark contrast to the warmth of her body holding close to his.

                he exhaled, ragged and pained when he felt her fingers flutter gently across his face and over his chest, until she was touching the wound. he’d made a promise to her. to return to her, and to break her curse. he had vowed to himself that he would never let her go. that he would do right by emma swan. to cherish her, and to be the prince she deserved. to love her like no other could. but he was afraid he could only keep part of that promise. he reached up, and his fingers brushed across her cheek, leaving a streak of blood behind. he cupped her neck and gently pulled her toward him, eyes never leaving hers. he fought to control his breathing. he would be denied a future with her by that bloody crocodile. a future of happiness and love. a future he had so desperately wanted. to be ripped from her side tore a hole in his chest so wide it was consuming him. but it was nothing to the thought that he would leave her alone. again. while the first had been unintentional, this one was not. equal parts rage and sadness consumed him. the crocodile may not have won, but he had succeeded in keeping them apart. and all he had left was this. his very last moments with her. his thumb caressed the side of her neck as he licked the blood from his lips, the taste of iron thick on his tongue.

                “ i love you, my swan, “                he murmured as he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to hers. he felt her hand grip his coat, as her lips parted slightly against his. he took a breath, felt it rattle in his chest as he tasted her for the first time. she was everything he had never known. beauty in the early light of the morning as it touched the water’s edge. the melody of laughter as it touched his soul and lifted his spirits. the way her smile could light a room, and chase away the darkness. she was his joy, and his comfort. she mended his fragile heart. she was the very breath in his lungs. and he would have to leave her ———— forever

                he could feel the curse breaking, as the tears slipped down his cheeks, his hand shaking against her skin. it was a shift in the air, a ripple sent across the lake. until something gave, and a gust of wind crashed over them.

                he didn’t want to lose her, but his hand could no longer hold her to him, and it fell to his lap. he felt tired, his body dragging him down into the darkness that crept at the edges of his sight. death. he had no choice but to close his eyes, and accept it. he listened to her steady heartbeat as a small measure of peace settled over him.  she was free.

                “ i will always… “

Day Two Hundred Four

Today was good. I got $42 from babysitting for four hours. 

I then went home and painted for about four hours. 

Bassoon Goddess came over and we tried to write, but we kept getting off topic, but we are better off than we were before. We have to write 30 pages (together) of poems before August 31. That is the goal. It was fun hanging out with her. 

Night is now approaching, and I’m okay for now. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow, and I’m not really looking forward to it. A family friend died. I wasn’t close to her, but my mom was. 

I’m making myself promise that if it starts to get bad later, I’m going to talk to someone. I think.

I just saw the first 4 seconds of the 7x06 sneak peek and started BAWLING. I’m so fucking relieved right now.

Jesus Christ they’re TALKING ABOUT THEOR FEELINGS IM NOT OKAY my mascara is probably fucked up and I haven’t cried this hard in weeks

Guys the wait looks like it’ll be worth it. They kept their promise. I was really starting to lose hope, 5 episodes in and Emily already had a new love interest, and then we have a two week break to rub it in?

Idk if I should watch the rest of the spoiler. I don’t want to ruin it for myself… And I’m not sure I could keep it together

Blah blah blah sorry for this pointless rant I’m really REALLY emotional

more than I do now

I’ve never wanted you more than I do now

and I haven’t yet seen your face but I want to

I haven’t seen you smile but I know what it would look like

It would look like this:

A million stars in an evening sky staring right at me

A little child on an open field running fearlessly

It would look like rushing waves on an empty beach,

it would look like you’re falling in love with me

It would look like the colours that form when day and night meet,

it would look like unimaginable peace

I’ve never wanted you more than I do now, 

and I haven’t yet seen your face but I want to

I haven’t yet held your hand but I know what it would feel like

It would feel like this:

goosebumps on a chilly fall day,

that warm breeze at the start of May

It would feel like my heart beating out of my chest,

like the safety of a thousand promises kept

It would feel like staring into the bluest eyes,

it would feel like all my fears have just died

So although I haven’t yet seen your face, or yet held your hand,

I’ll hold on to hope that that I’ll get to 

in another land.