what’s in your bag: james potter

James: *never leaves his house without something that would scream “Gryffindor”*

James: Oh look, a biscuit! *takes a bite*

James …or not?

James: A note I wrote for Lily but well…she didn’t even look at it so-

James: One day me and Pads went swimming in the Great Lake and found some of these - still waiting for our babies to come into this world ♥

James: Pete gave me this for birthday, how cool is that?

James: Oooh Sirius Black’s most prized possession - eyeliner, that guy can’t step out of the dorm without this thing. Maybe I should give it back to him? I don’t think so.

James: Chocolate. Probably Moony’s?

James: I don’t remember, but it’s all good, we’re like brothers - “everything mine is yours, and yours mine”, right?

James: …once I fell on my face and Lily gave me this. It’s a muggle bandaid, she said.

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JC submitted:

My prediction is this: at some point, another human fell into the underground and underwent a genocide route of sorts. Asgore and Toriel both die, but Asriel and Chara managed to stop the human. This makes the story similar to Undertale, but Asriel is even more pissed and determined to destroy humanity than Asgore ever was. While Chara normally wouldn’t be opposed to this idea since they hate humans too, they’re also extremely worried that Asriel won’t just stop at humanity; he might even destroy the entire world out of uncontrollable rage.

For this reason, Chara fled to the ruins and sealed the area off while convincing Asriel that they’ll send any humans they capture to him, all so that he can use the souls to break the barrier and power himself up to god-like levels. Chara is the only human that Asriel still cares about, so he accepts this idea and trusts his adopted sibling. But in reality, Chara has instead been killing off humans for good to make sure Asriel can’t escape. On top of this, they continuously reset the world to erase any memory of betrayal in the event that Asriel finds out Chara’s true motives or if a human escapes their grasp such as what Frisk did.

But now…after all these years, a human child has fallen into the Underground whose determination exceeds Chara’s, so it’s only a matter of time until Frisk escapes and Asriel finds out what Chara really has been doing all this time.

My final prediction is that Chara’s ka-bar knife was the very weapon said genocidal human used to kill off several monsters, Asriel’s parents and also the very weapon used to inflict that nasty wound on Asriel’s left arm.

Bee patches are due to arrive this week so I’ll be posting out all the orders you lovely folks have placed already, this will be the last run of the patch I make before moving on to my next one, but there’s still plenty left! And a final thank you to everyone that bought one from the first run, keep all your pictures of ‘em coming, it’s so good to see them out in the world! ✨🐝💖 

I wrote this on Facebook at 5:30 this morning

I woke up super early this morning and I think it’s just now fully hitting me that I actually finished the whole damn challenge. Yesterday I was proud, but right now, thinking about all the crap I’ve put my body through this year, the fact that I pushed myself far enough to finish is nothing short of a miracle. For that I am BEYOND proud.

And for those that don’t know, because I don’t broadcast it to the world, this last year was hard. I really struggled with depression, I laid in bed all day and binge ate like it was my job. I put off running a ton and spent my days napping instead. Between July and January I gained 70 pounds. I’ve lost a little bit of weight again, but I’m still up 30 pounds from where I was last year and not in as good of shape. But none of that matters right now because I finished. I may have ended up behind the scary Balloon Ladies at the end there, but I’m almost proud of that fact. I did it and I can’t believe it.

“Did ya hear? Ramsey’s takin’ a vacation- a sabbatical or somethin’.”

“So I guess Mrs. Jones gets to hold the reins, huh?”

Lindsay Jones was the heir to the Fake AH name. Ramsey trained her for when he left the world, trained her to be as good as he was. She was considerate and patient, but was still wild and formidable. Crews and gangs would gossip about the Fakes at underground fighting rings, just like they would about any big name in crime.

“That’s what I thought, but it’s some kid in charge.”

“What kid? Free? Dooley?”

“Nah, this guy named Zed or Treyco or somethin’. He looks fresh outta college.”

Every criminal and their mother was surprised to hear that Jones wasn’t going to be the person in charge while Ramsey was gone. Instead, I’d be going to someone they barely heard of. A few informants that like to call themselves historians on Los Santos’ crime will say that the new boss has been in a handful of heists, nothing big or memorable. No one outside the crew recalls ever having met him; not even the LSPD knows who he is.

“What’s Ramsey trying to do, drive his crew into the ground?”

“Now you be careful about whatchya say about those Fakes.”

“Why? What are they going to do?”

“I don’t know, Ramsey ain’t in charge no more.”

It’d be a fun year for Los Santos.

Femininity is Artificial

The amount of cognitive dissonance in women who believe that women are naturally feminine and just better suited to domestic roles yet still somehow equal in value to men dominating everything else on this planet is just fucking mind boggling!

Like how can you genuinely sit there and go, “yeah I think women are naturally suited to be domestic care givers and men are good at everything else! And somehow this is an equal distribution of roles which is totally fair!

It just reveals how low their opinions are of women, that they think women have a natural place cleaning up baby poop while men belong to leading world government and exploring space and what not.

They view men as ruled primarily by the human brain, but view women as ruled primarily by our uterus.

This is a lie which men sell to women, a lie that our role as subservient wives and mothers is somehow “just as important” as everything men assign to themselves.

Stop buying in to the lie that women are naturally feminine.

We are human beings, and femininity is an insult to our existence.


My social media hasn’t been very social lately. I’ve been a lurker and not a contributor. I’m not okay with that.

When I first logged in to twitter, tumblr, facebook and the like it was so I could connect with friends I already had. As we aged all of us became too busy to see each other on a regular basis as we had when first we became friends.  What ended up happening is that I made a lot of other friends from all over the world.

The last twelve months have seemed to have been very difficult on all of us. The content of our posts has changed, the content of our tweets have changed. We’ve changed. 

Is there still time to be lighthearted? Is there still time to laugh and make stupid jokes are do the dark clouds on the horizon make it impossible for us to enjoy what is in front of us?

There are good things in this world. There are good people. There is time for being serious. There is time for laughter. There is time for fear. There is time for courage. There is time for us to hold those most dear to us close. There is time to expand our hearts just a little more to let someone else in.

I miss you. I miss talking to you. Even those of you I haven’t talked to I miss. Let’s chat. Let’s laugh. Let’s be a bright little ball of sunshine for one another.

i feel like i live my life in extremes

like when i’m happy, i’m really happy
when i’m sad, everything feels hopeless and dreadful and terrible
when i’m angry, i’m absolutely explosive and loud and full of rage

when i eat, i really focus on all the flavours and textures 
smells are so strong to me, gross often make me feel sick, while good ones send me to absolute sensory heaven
i can’t sit still. i cannot. i’m always fidgeting or playing with something in my hands or bouncing my leg.

when i love something, you better believe i am super duper in love with it and have no chill
when i hate something, i get just as strong and passionate about my dislike for it as i would the opposite
i am very opinionated

i get super passionate about my interests
when listening to music i notice so many tiny details about the instruments and vocals

i experience the world so vividly and extremely
it can be overwhelming experiencing everything so full on (sensory overload)

but being able to experience the world so strongly is something quite special

derya-blog  asked:

Nice battle D ! I loved how you saved April when her shield went off and TigerClaw was still shoting in her way :3 good job dude !

Anyone who hurts my April is in for a world of trouble.

I mean…our April.


Summary: It is the fundamental nature of Oikawa Tooru to push forward. As a kid, he’d been a cry baby, still was, if Hajime was honest with himself, but it was always with the air of someone throwing themselves at the world and expecting it to yield. Oikawa Tooru would claw his way higher even if there was nowhere higher to go.

(Or: Oikawa Tooru has too much potential for his own good.)
Sequel to Savior, can maybe-kind-of-sort-of be read as a stand alone but you will be confused at times.

Pairings:  IwaOi, BokuAkaKuroKen

Chapter: 23/23

Tooru nods, squeezing a little tighter and burying his head in Hajime’s shirt. “Read to me?” Tooru asks.

Hajime leans back and grabs the book they’re working through this week from the nightstand. “Alright, where were we?”

“Page 97,” Tooru murmurs.

“Ok,” Hajime says, opening the book up obediently.

“Do the voices too,” Tooru says, nudging Hajime with his foot playfully.

Hajime groans. “Do I have to?”

Tooru just flicks his eyes up and looks pleadingly, and Hajime’s scowl barely hides how he caves immediately. “Fine,” he grumbles.


anonymous asked:

I hate it when certain members of boy and girl groups are pretty much ignored or have their achievements downplayed just because they don't have a conventional pretty boy look. Just goes to show how superficial our society really is, and no matter how hard you work or what you achieve, in the end it all still boils down to looks.

I was going to say that’s how the world is, but you said it for me. it’s sad, but that’s how it’s always been and I don’t see it changing any time soon. those who are conventionally good looking will always have an easier time in almost all aspects which is incredibly sad and really shows how wrapped up everyone is in looks instead of personality 

but also like ?!?! fight me namjoon is beauty and brains so??!??!????

I’m still alive. Been on a “get my shit together” hiatus. I FINALLY caught up with current episodes last week…I hadn’t watched anything since December. Anyways, I’m hoping to be more regularly here again. Obsessive fandom was a contributing factor to me not Dealing with my Shit, so I’ve been nervous to re-enter the mad mad world of Tumblr. My therapist thinks I’ve made signifigant progress in my treatment and believes that slowly reintegrating with the community that kept me alive last year, despite the drawbacks of being in too deep, will be really good for me. So, yeah. I miss ALL of you guys. And I hope to be back for real.

eene-fangirl  asked:

Do you think Edd comes off as the main character of the series?

No, the series as a whole is definitely about Eddy.  There are a lot of episodes that do specifically focus on Edd, but ultimately Eddy’s goals drive the show, and it becomes really clear in BPS that it is his story.  One could look at it this way: without Edd, the show would lose a lot of heart and good character dynamics, so it would be a whole lot less interesting and probably not enjoyable because Eddy would not have someone to offset his chaotic antagonism towards the other kids (like, wow this world would be cynical), but it would still be possible to create plots with conflict.  Without Eddy, not a whole lot would happen.  There would not really be conflict with the other kids.  No scams.  No hijinks.  Would Ed and Edd even be friends?  

So yeah, both worlds are very depressing, but one of them could theoretically still function as a show (and honestly there are a lot of shows that have the problems that this show would have- not a lot of interesting ways for characters to interact, and nobody pulling the more selfish characters back to say “Hey, wait a second, that’s not right!”  I think Eddy would go way too far in an incarnation without Edd and I do not think he would be nearly as likable…. and poor Ed would be along for the ride with nobody to remind Eddy to value his friends.)  The version of the show without Eddy would not be a show at all, just a bunch of kids living mundane lives.

Or maybe it was Plank’s story all along.

anonymous asked:

Is there a reason why we think Jemma is a 'good guy' in the framework? Is it because her avatar never had a regret removed so she's basically just a normal version of Jemma? Also I was wondering do you think there's a possibility that this world is completely topsy turvy and so Hydra is actually the framework version of Shield? It would explain why May works there.

Hi Anon!

The reason I think many of us are assuming Jemma is a “good guy” or in some sort of resistance is a combination of what we are getting from Jed’s interviews (she’s Underground but not in the grave) and that she wasn’t scanned.  So like Daisy where her Avatar was when they jumped in was 100% due to the ripples from the others fixes.   

Daisy for example still seems to have landed with Shield/Hydra.  She would have lived her life until the Pilot where it seems that someone else got to her.  The teams first mission was to bring her in.  With Coulson out of the picture that leaves May and Ward.   There is also a chance she is still part of the Rising Tide.  

What I feel we may see with Jemma is where would have landed without FItz with her at Shield.   We don’t know where the break is either.  The regret AIDA fixed for him will be what does this (and is very likely tied to his father).   Be it they never met or never got close Fitzsimmons never went onto the Bus (no Coulson).  Meaning Jemma would have landed somewhere else in Shield.

As for Hydra being in control.  I think what they story is going to be is if Hydra had succeeded during the fall.   This falls on May, Coulson and maybe Fitz a bit.

  • Fitz’s Mousehole saved Fury, Cap, and Hill.    The Triskilleon didn’t get destroyed that way.  
    • Or they tie it back farther and if Coulson never joined Shield he was never there to bring the Avengers together.  
  • Without Coulson and the Bus Team in the fall….no one stopped Garrett and Cybertek. 
    • This also means that groups NOT connected to Coulson and the bus team are still out there.   Real Shield from the Illiad (though if Mack wasn’t there we don’t know how that turned out).   The Academy/Weaver.   
    • Gonzales said he had his eyes on Fitzsimmons but Coulson bribed Weaver.  What if he just took Jemma.  Or she stayed on at the Academy?  We just don’t know.
  • A Shield Resistance allows for Jemma to repeat her role of going undercover in Hydra.  Perhaps her target was Fitz and what he was working on.  

The big thing to remember with Daisy, Jemma, and possibly Radcliffe is they are all self aware.  So it won’t matter what their Avatar was doing before they jumped in.  They now have control, free will, so they are most likely going to shift their focus and use their Avatars lives to get to their friends.   Both possibly having to play along for a bit to do so.  Hydra in any world is dangerous.   Their friends being part of or connected to Hydra puts their lives at risk, they could still be killed, especially once they start to fight to get out, even worse once AIDA realizes something is up and possibly turns the world against them in order to protect it.  

The girls also don’t realize that their friends aren’t ‘themselves’.  They don’t know that AIDA has in essence Tahiti’d them, giving them new lives, and suppressed their real memories.  And boy is that going to be a gut punch in the feels.   

anonymous asked:

Mom, I know this is not omegaverse... But just... The world is so unfair! I'm actually trembling... Can we like, talk about happy stuff? :,^) -Non

The world is bloody fucking unfair! 

Happy stuff

  • Getting a good mark on a test you were sure you’d bombed
  • Curling up on the Friday before a 3 day weekend with a mug of something warm, a good book/film, and a massive thick blanket
  • Bath bombs!!
  • The beautiful lights at Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas
  • Waking up on what you think is a Monday, only to realise it’s still only Sunday
  • That weird but good feeling you get when school is let out on the last day before summer
  • Eating roasted chestnuts
  • Rollercoasters!!!
  • Laughing so hard your cheeks hurt and your stomach aches
  • When a cat jumps into your lap and demands attention
  • Seeing a friend who had been very sad for a long time smile and sing like they used to
  • Getting praised for doing something really well
  • Winning unexpected awards
  • Ducklings
  • Really big, soft, comfy pillows
  • Buying things online and feeling like you’re getting presents when they arrive
  • Alternatively, your internet friends sending you things, and you’re ACTUALLY getting presents

I think that you should take your time,
I’m begging you to wait,
Cause things are going well now,
And I’m finally okay.

I know this isn’t how you wanted me to live my life,
So take your time in finding out,
Let’s stay like this a little while,
With only good feelings allowed.

If you could please just take it all,
All the time in the world,
Never find out my dirty secrets,
Your ignorance won’t get old.

If you knew what I really was,
You’d be so disappointed.
You worked so hard to fix me,
But my thoughts are still disjointed.

I can’t focus to do this right,
The way that you deserve,
And I can’t tell you that I’ve failed,
I can’t work up the nerve.

I wish that you could love me,
Unconditionally too,
The way that I have always,
Had no choice but to love you.

I got my wallet back in the mail today, everything still in it
There are good people in this world
Unfortunately the package didn’t have a return address I have no idea who to thank


To my ex-partner in everything

People write love letters for their exes, maybe also for their partners to be. This one isn’t different from the ones you see in thought catalog, the ones I tagged you with, it’s all the same. I know that you wouldn’t be able to see it, cause this is my little world where I know you wouldn’t bother visiting. BUT I want you to know that I still think of you, I wanted to tell you how good the food tastes at Rona’s. How happy I am with our perf arts classmates and wished that you were there. I can only imagine you smiling across the room with everyone.. Making smirks that only I can understand or nods to tell me I should stop there or whether to go on and continue with sharing a funny story. I imagine your wolf like eyes staring at me at the most unexpected times and tell me how beautiful I look today. at 10:55pm today, I still think about you and though we don’t probably have the same thoughts and feelings tonight. I will continue to miss you for the next three weeks.

I’ll get tired I promise. I know you don’t want me to go through everyday in pain.

I will let go of the memories you’ve left here in the four corners of my room and in my heart. I will stop thinking about you,

I will

Just not today.