Happy Birthday Rich&Rob!

Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict’s birthdays are this month!

(Rich’s is the fourth & Rob’s is the twenty-first!)

As a way to say happy birthday I am initiating a card project! Please send in your names and whether or not you want to be included on one or both of the cards! (There is only one card per King of Con)
The dead line for this project is NEXT FRIDAY September 11th, 2015 - I will be at Dallas Con and will have the chance to give the cards to them then.
Please join me in wishing the Kings of Con some very happy Birthdays!
-Reba, MCO Owner

anonymous asked:

do you know where I could get a king krule shirt? besides their site because they don't have my size on there :-(((((

These are the only ones i could find, but if none of them work i recommend DIYing it and buying a iron on and doing it. hope this helps:]


Having achieved more than 739 awards in his lifetime, Jackson is recognized as the most awarded and nominated artist of all time. Michael Jackson’s achievements include 31 Guinness World Records — including one for “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time” - 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 18 World Music Awards and the estimated sale of 1 billion units worldwide. Winning countless awards for his humanitarian endeavors, the singer has been honoured by two Presidents of the United States. He has also been named as the artist of “the Decade”, “Generation”, “Century”, and “Millennium”. 

i just wanted to show u my locker and let u know that sometimes it is the only thing gettin me through school so thank u kind angel for supplying me with these photographs of the one and only mike wizowski long live the king

this is beautiful

Final Nominations Announcment!

First of all, thank you all so so much for submitting categories and nominations, and then using this weekend to spread love to the fandom through this blog! Administrators have sent out messages and you all responded quickly so.. without further ado! Here are your nominee’s for this year’s 2nd semi-annual PTXAWARDS!







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Thanks to all who nominated and to all the nominees! The last thing for you all to do is vote! Voting will end NEXT SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd at 7 PM  EST and remember to shameless self-promo! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Remember way back when Marlene King said she had only seen one person guess A’s identity completely correctly? Like everything? And she said she wouldn’t say which social media it was on, but I’m gonna assume it was Twitter because that’s where she seems most active. She said once the episode was released, she wanted to send the fan something as a congratulations for being right.

Well there’s an interview with Marlene and Shay from like 2 days ago on the YouTube channel and Shay says people might have guessed “who” correctly but they couldn’t have guessed everything unless they were in Marlene’s head.

And where is that lucky fan now? Why no word about them? Why aren’t they like “I was right all along! Look here’s my original tweet!” ?

Because the story got changed somewhere along the way. That’s the only way this makes sense.

peppermintempress asked:

what would be on your top 10 animated film list?

That’s tough, but let’s see… Out of the current ones, I think The Lion King is the only one I would (personally) keep if we’re going by quality and not the box office numbers. I’m not going to put it in order, but here are 10 of my picks:

  • The Lion King (WDAS)
  • Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli)
  • Toy Story (Pixar)
  • ParaNorman (Laika)
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 (DWA)
  • Beauty and the Beast (WDAS)
  • Bambi (WDAS)
  • Akira (TMS Ent.)
  • Summer Wars (Madhouse)
  • Anastasia (Sullivan Bluth)
words can’t hurt me these shades are gucci
—  cristiano ronaldo probably

you were always bleeding out moon beams over the kitchen sink or digging up soil in the backyard because you thought it would make you something holy. you liked it best when i called you a tattered king, you were the only one i knew that could wear their mess so bravely. you taught me scars could be a second skin as long as you didn’t pick at them. when the demons try to communicate, you don’t have to respond. they’re just speaking out of turn. when the angels try to communicate, don’t ever respond. they’re just filling up your wishing well with water and leaving you to drown at the bottom. you told me my poetry sounds a lot like slamming doors and it tastes like after a nosebleed when you can’t wash away the metallic aftertaste. you told me my bruises were just sunflowers trying to bloom from under the skin but if i touch them too much i’d stunt their growth. i liked when you came around because it all went silent and you liked it because it made your brain work again. so we sat on the floor and i rehashed conversations with fallen angels that painted their hands like ladybugs and you told me about conversations with dying stars that were always pumping you full of other galaxies so you’d survive on other planets because heaven knows you were too good for this place. you promised you’d take me with you when the time came and we’d find a place where it’s spring all the time so my hands would never freeze and you’d never have to worry about lakes drying up again.