unnecessary and immersion-breaking gender issues in the Elder Scrolls:

  • all the Greybeards were men
  • we talked to a number of dragons in the main Skyrim game + DLC. they were all ostensibly male
  • Briarhearts were all men. What the FUCK.
  • Uriel had four kids and ALL were sons??? really???
  • Five god-kings (including Nerevar) and only one was a woman.
  • Only one of the Fighters’ Guild’s four leaders was a woman, and while she was the head, she was also the one who stepped down at the end.
  • the Aureals and the Mazken. There were a few male Shivering Isles guardians, but nearly all were women. I’m not against this in theory, but the Mazken were also called “Dark Seducers” vs. the Aureals’ nickname of “Golden Saints”. Also, the imagery of the Mazken, who exposed their bodies and were guardians of Dementia, vs. the Aureals who wore heavy armor that exposed less skin (although still more than you’d want if you’re fighting, jeez) had negative implications for women who have sex, like they’re “impure”…and, you know “hysterical”. historically mentally unstable. Which is messed up on several dozen levels.
  • ARMOR. FUCKING ARMOR. WHAT THE FUCK. I killed this rotten asshole Tyrellius outside of Bruma. he wears a chainmail cuirass that covers everything up to his neck with a mock-turtle leather collar. his sleeves go down to his wrists. I take his cuirass and put it on. it has magically lost its sleeves. it has a scoop neck. there’s even a tiny cleavage slit where someone with decent aim could shove a sword right through my solar plexus. I am so dead. not to mention forsworn armor. and this is all vanilla game stuff!
  • the knights of the nine were all men.

feel free to add more


Having achieved more than 739 awards in his lifetime, Jackson is recognized as the most awarded and nominated artist of all time. Michael Jackson’s achievements include 31 Guinness World Records — including one for “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time” - 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 18 World Music Awards and the estimated sale of 1 billion units worldwide. Winning countless awards for his humanitarian endeavors, the singer has been honoured by two Presidents of the United States. He has also been named as the artist of “the Decade”, “Generation”, “Century”, and “Millennium”. 


SeKaiYeol vs Light

anonymous asked:

About ur chess thingy I think that Eto = The queen (she is the most powerful piece and has "unlimited movement in any of the eight directions"), Touka = bishop (she "follows the path of the head and the path of the heart"), Furuta = the knight (he alternates between the black and white squares (the organizations) and can make a move that even the queen cannot make), and thats all I have for now but I think that this ark right now is just one big game of chess.

Oh, this is amazing! So I’ll make a list:

The Two Kings ‒ Arima and Kaneki (x)

The whole game revolves around the King just how Kaneki and Arima have influenced everyone around them a lot.

However, the King is the piece that can only take one step at a time, making it a weak piece when it comes to the ability to move. → This can be connected to the fact that while both Kaneki and Arima are very powerful people, they are also the ones that aren’t allowed to ‘move’ freely.

  • Arima does everything under the orders of the CCG and V.
  • The same goes for Kaneki. In TG, all of his moves were ‘controlled’ by others ‒ Kanou and the Clowns. And in :re, the CCG has been closely watching his every step. Also, we should consider the theory that Eto probably wants him to become the leader of her revolution but only as a figurehead.

The Queen ‒ Eto

The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. → With her two identities as Eto and Takatsuki, she has influence over both the human and ghoul worlds.

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Boys Republic’s One Junn on King of Mask Singer

Das Schloss Linderhof is a palace in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, near the famous Ettal Abbey. It’s the smallest of the 3 palaces built by King Ludwig II and the only one he lived to see completed. Ludwig knew the area from his youth when he had accompanied his father King Maximilian II on his hunting trips in the Alps. When he became king in 1864 he inherited the so-called Königshäuschen - in 1869, he began enlarging it, then decided to tear it down and rebuild it on its present-day location in the park. Although Linderhof is much smaller than Versailles, it is evident that the palace of the French Sun-King Louis XIV (who was an idol for Ludwig) was its inspiration. The symbol of the sun, which can be found everywhere in the decor represents the French notion of Absolutism that, for Ludwig, was the perfect incorporation of his ideal of a God-given monarchy with total royal power. The palace is surrounded by formal gardens that are subdivided into 5 section, decorated with allegoric sculptures of the continents, the seasons, and the elements.
Sign the petition: NY Board of Elections: Conduct Full Statewide Audit of Voter Purges
All New Yorkers deserve to vote. Call on the NY Board of Elections to audit the voter purges and publicly publish their findings. Click here to add your name.

“The right to vote should be seen as a sacred right for all citizens. However, the New York State Board of Elections has purged over 60,000 voters from the rolls in Kings County — the most populous county, which houses Brooklyn — between October and April, just before the New York primary. A voter can be moved from active to inactive status if they have not voted in two consecutive federal elections (or four years). However, only 10,000 voters have been added to the “inactive” list, meaning that over 50,000 voters are unaccounted for. Kings County is one of only seven counties, out of a total of sixty-two, that reported a drop in Democratic voters. As of April 19, no official explanation has been given for why these voters were removed from the rolls.

We demand a full, statewide audit of all voter purges across New York. We further demand that the unedited results of the audit be published online for public view.

That’s why you should sign this petition to Todd Valentine and Robert Brehm, Co-executive directors, Peter Kosinski, NY Board of Elections co-chair, Douglas Kellner, NY Board of Elections co-chair, Andrew Spano, NY Board of Elections commissioner, and Gregory Peterson, NY Board of Elections commissioner, which says:

“Conduct a full audit of New York counties that have purged voters from their rolls in the past year. Make the results of the audit public.”


A/N: Dedicated to the one and only @yoonginhales and because of that goddamn Star King episode. I know I said I’m on hiatus but this is a quick drabble :D

word count: 1.1k

Couple students grinned the moment they entered the classroom; there wasn’t a sign of the grumpy old man behind the desk. As students filed in, chairs scraped against tiled floors as meaningless chatter echoed around the room. It was a good Monday so far, the sun filtered in through the bright windows and no pop quizzes dampened their morning.

Jimin sat comfortably in his seat, leaning his chair back as he conversed with Taehyung and a couple other students. His messy brown hair fell across his brow, threatening to cover his eyes and he had to flick it away with his hand. “I wonder who’d be our substitute teacher,” his friend mused aloud and Jimin only nodded his head, still far too sleepy to be paying attention.

The sudden clicking of heels against the floor nearly silenced the entire classroom. It seemed like everyone was holding their breath. Heels usually meant a woman, would she be old and strict or young and lenient? The door knob turned and every student’s eyes were fixed on the door but once the substitute revealed herself, the class let out a collective breath of relief.

Except for Park Jimin who gasped.

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All that stuff in the Chimera Ant arc

There was so much talk of what it meant to be king, and Meruem said it was ridiculous that people could become ruler due to blood alone. You need qualifications.

Now, here in the DC arc, we have a bunch of arrogant, entitled brats who were raised to believe they are the only ones who can be king. Even a baby with no achievements has the chance to rule.

Kind of a throw back 


Here’s my first attempt at customizing some Funkos…i don’t normally care for them and i only own one funko and its Scar from Lion King lol. But seeing other people’s customs i was inspired to make a few for my desk at work. The Ghouls head is a boulder, i over-did it with the clay.
I don’t know who David Nix is, but i searched for forever for a funko with the basic body/hair shape of Papa and he was the closest…he also worked for the Ghoul too and i found them on ebay for $5. The whole little project cost less than $20.