we lay our scene. stab wounds cry “aut caesar, aut nihil.” it’s what he wanted. to be like caesar. to carve empires into wasteland. he wanted to be like
divine but snarling. digging thorns into his forehead
like his own earthly halo. he came from the belly of a courtesan, he knows bloody sheets and defiance. but his seed was sacred. god’s own writhing essence.
but now, he is beaten at his own game. christ had humiliation hammered into his palms, caesar died squirming, empires crumble. and power is
and no glory waits for him. only judgement. there is only room for one
king in heaven. he may meet smoking circles and hell’s monarchy
bites chunks out of subjects.
he feels the fall. the floor he bleeds on
is worth less than one of his guilded threads. oh, the rise was
magnificent. golden crowns hide smoke and mirrors. leather hands
pulsating necks. daggers dipped in
poison. men are sliced open like fruit
but justice fails. titles outweigh the end.
he feels stolen kisses numbing his lips and he remembers how
they had french dirt on their thighs.
and he was once joined,
hip to hip
to a girl with strands of sun beams in her hair.
she resembled him.
sometimes, blood
is thicker than water and adoration is
damnation by another name.
he is naked now. he has gone
full circle.
he started with nothing and he
has ended with nothing.
but this is no rebirth. he will not be resurrected, like lazarus, in the morning.
if the stone rolls away, he goes with it.
aut caesar, aut nihil. aut caesar, aut nihil. aut
aut nihil.
he was caesar.
now he is nothing.
he will rot.
he will decay with his shallow latin mottos.
except, now they are tangled prophecies and they become written history.
the borgia bull has choked on its own cud. he is only a man. and to the emperors who
whether it is better to be feared or loved,
well, the answer is
‘does it matter?’

and to you:
you who searches for the worthiest of
turn back here. take the next fork in the road.
this one was like a roman coin
jammed into battlefield teeth.
it was beautiful. it was terrifying.
but it plummeted.
and now it soaks in its own sin.

—  il Valentino // o.m. 

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“And you have two actors who like really love each other, and have each others’ backs and would go to the end of the world for each other.”

Are you guys ready for our trend in honor of Kat Graham? We did one for Ian the Bamon King, so it’s only right we do one for our Bamon Queen too. Here’s all the info you need about the trend:

What: Bamon Fans Support Kat Graham

When: April, 10th at 4 PM EST

More info:

The first letters in CAPITAL. (nothing but that Pls) don’t use ❌ bamon fans support kat graham❌ or  🚫Bamon fans support Kat Graham  🚫 or ❌Bamon fans Support Kat Graham🚫

Bamon Fans Support Kat Graham


I really hope you have you tweets schedule, if not here are ways to do so. Helps if you can’t be here during the trend. Here are a list of where you can schedule your tweets and how to draft them.

You can find a detailed tutorial here. In case I missed something let me know.

1. You can use drafts on Twitter app. Works on Mobile

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And lastly once again the time. Time is essential.

New York (U.S.A. - New York)             Friday, 10 April 2015, 16:00:00   EDT  UTC-4 hours    
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P.S.: We want to help Kat promote her new single because she deserves it, so if possible please add the hashtag #Buy1991 in your tweets at the time of the trend, thank you. See you all there tomorrow! :)


game of thrones season 5 - the wars to come

we all must choose. man or woman, young or old, lord or peasant, our choices are the same. we choose light or we choose darkness. we choose good or we choose evil. we choose the true god or the false. free folk, there is only one true king and his name is stannis. here stands your king of lies.
behold the fate of those who choose the darkness.