I simply cannot stand with Taylor Swift, girl is out here dragging artist and these men shes supposedly dated, playing the victim. Calling them out in songs, publicly bashing them, but when someone wants to turn around and do the same, suddenly it’s “character assassination ” girl choose a side.

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Brigham (part 9)

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4 months before the wedding…

“Addison please…” She huffs in response to my plea and picks up her bag. “No- don’t do that. Don’t just threaten to ruin my life and then walk away on your fucking high horse! Talk to me!”

“Amelia, I will not stand by and watch you lie your way through your vows to a man you have been cheating on,” Addison scorns, speaking as harshly as my mother used to in the days when I was a ‘nothing but trouble’ teenage girl. How little things have changed…

“Addison, nothing is going on! You cannot accuse me of something you have no evidence of,” I fight back, watching her shake her head in disbelief as she brushes past me, storming out her own office. I follow her. “Please don’t do this… Please don’t make me pick a sister to be a bridesmaid. I want you.”

“I’m not going to keep this secret for you anymore,” she insists. “I don’t want to be a part of your lie to Luke. I like Luke.” Her eyes are scarily wide as she marches on, and she has an amazing knack for exaggerating every point she makes with a bob of her head. “He’s brilliant and amazing. If I had someone like Luke loving me, I wouldn’t be squandering that away with some guy I happened to date back in college. You’re being an idiot, and I warned you to stop.”

“You caught us kissing. Once. It was a mistake. And it was months ago. But I can promise that it has not, and will not, ever happen again,” I justify my actions with promises. “Please… Please Addison. You don’t have to lie and pretend everything is ok, but please do not destroy Luke. Don’t destroy our life together over my one stupid mistake.”

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Will you do me a favor? Go watch @wannabe_vampire "video evidence" she posted of Paul saying he hates SC & he hates doing SC romantic scenes.

I’m glad you put “video evidence” in quotes because that accurately describes how much that is evidence of Paul hating Steroline. Here’s the link for anyone interested though I hate giving this girl promo since she’s so starved for attention she made a post about her NOTP her pinned tweet while tagging Steroline and KC (who has nothing to do with that video, obvious much?)

Anyway nowhere in that video does Paul even mention Steroline he’s just talking about how him and Candice have a very platonic relationship in real life so doing love scenes is awkward and he cracks up sometimes. He talks about brushing his hands through her hair and caressing her skin and how he loses it sometimes and says “I can’t do this with a straight face.” Then Ian says that the only thing that’s worse is directing those scenes (which I guess he’s referring to 6x16.)

None of this is new, Paul has said this before, he said it 80 times at SDCC last year and kept saying how Joe King is a good friend of his so it’s awkward to make-out with his wife. Of course none of this is surprising since making up dialogue and ignoring facts is the way most of them watch the show too.


The wind that blows sounds like a ghost whispering its sweet nothings into the girl’s ear; serving as a source of anxiety & pain rather than comfort. She’s lost, hurt & tired but knows she cannot stop. There’s something dangerous lingering about – her instincts never lie to her, but any person who is able to hear will tremble upon the loud sound of judgemental bells, echoing from tree to tree troughout the whole forest. 

How many hours had passed? Or had it been days? She can never be sure, yet she still goes on; searching for those like her – even if the thought that she may be the only one makes her whole body weak. Hope should already have been lost but it grows only stronger, burns brighter than ever before when grey irises stumble upon a stranger’s back. They seem far too thin, abnormaly tall & the thought that she has finally find another survivor makes dry lips curl into a smile. 

H–Hey! Stop right there.

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  • what is your name: Sarah
  • a four letter word:  Sand
  • a boy’s name: Sam
  • a girl’s name: Sandra
  • an occupation: Shopkeeper
  • something you wear: Sandals
  • a colour: Salmon
  • a food: Salad
  • something you find in the bathroom: Soap
  • a place: South Korea
  • a reason for being late: Slept in
  • something you shout: SHIT
  • a movie title: Star Wars
  • something you drink: Semen
  • a music group/band: Seventeen
  • an animal: Sheep
  • a type of car: SUV
  • title of a song: Sing for You

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Earth and Sea and Sky TV

I cannot get a grip on the ladder
that dangles in front of me.
Somewhere else there’s somewhere different
and I’m hardly here already-
my feet are slamming and my brain’s tip-toeing
Trying hard to feel it but I’m up here floating
and my words do no justice 
to how my boat is sailing
and I’m a girl overboard. 
Among sofas and laptops and sunglasses and tan.
On pavements and lamp-lights and coffee and dance 
all I can see are stars 
but they do nothing to light the way.

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  • what is your name: Clara (on here anyway)
  • a four letter word: corn
  • a boy’s name: Carlton (been watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
  • a girl’s name: Caitlin
  • an occupation: cook
  • something you wear: cap
  • a colour: crimson
  • a food: cake
  • something you find in the bathroom: cupboard
  • a place: Canberra
  • a reason for being late: caught in a snowstorm (…or in traffic but whatever, brain, do your thing)
  • something you shout: Clear!
  • a movie title: Casanova
  • something you drink: coffee
  • a music group/band: Chameleon Circuit (damn this was hard)
  • an animal: crow
  • a type of car: caravan
  • title of a song: Come With Me - Echosmith

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what does the tweet mean? i mean, its an old tweet

Right. That’s the point. He tweeted that in February and then tonight he insinuated he spends all his time with the baby and doesn’t have time for anything else. Basically the point is he has been writing again. He has been writing and traveling and m.i.a and doing lots of other things that do in fact take up a lot of his time. The 90 minutes or less twice a week he spends with the baby cannot be considered “all his time” but the general public has no idea of most of these things. Tonight was basically nothing to help further his career and highlight the work he is actually doing and supposedly doing (why no mention of 78 productions or the girl band) but just more of a push of the het narrative.

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most to least likely to date a curvy girl?

I’m 100% sure that if the boys liked someone, they wouldn’t avoid dating them because of their weight, whatever it may be. All of the boys seem to care more about a persons personality rather than their physical appearance, so as long as their S/O was healthy I’m sure they wouldn’t care what they weighed.

I want every single person who reads this to remember that weight and beauty have nothing to do with each other. Roald Dahl put it perfectly when he said:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. “–” If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Love yourself, no matter your size, no matter your gender, no matter your eyebrows, no matter your skin colour, no matter what. Love yourself, because you deserve to be loved.

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ok but how about harry in a different role, where he has to do a heated scene with the girl and it turns him on... and he's got an offer for her after the set ;)

like, a tv show perhaps? because all the shows i watch nowadays are not PG. there’s always sex. you’re getting finished with your last scene which has nothing to do with harry but you cannot. get him. off. your. mind.

so you finish up, and say goodnight to everyone and you’re leaving set and you stop short when you see a figure in the distance. he’s under a street lamp leaning up against his car, hands behind his back.

he looks like a fucking angel and you have to hold back a gasp.

“ello”, he rasps.


“S’just, kinda wondering if maybe…. well maybe it’s not a good idea”, he works out the scenario in his head with his hands and before he can finish, your mouth meets his and he’s helping you into his car.

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What's the best age got a girl to get married do you think ? Or is just about when you actually become mature enough ?

Maturity does hold a great deal, although you should take these Hadiths into consideration;

— Ibn Mas‘ood, said: We were with the Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬, young men who had nothing of wealth. The Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ‎‬ said to us: “O young men, whoever among you can afford it, let him get married, for it is more effective in lowering the gaze and guarding one’s chastity. And whoever cannot afford it should fast, for it will be a shield for him.”
{Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5066) and Muslim (1400)}

— Abu Hurayrah, said: The Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ‎‬ said: “There are three whom Allah is bound to help: the mujaahid who strives (in jihad) for the sake of Allah, the mukaatib (a slave who has made a contract of manumission with his master) who wants to pay off his manumission, and a man who gets married, seeking to remain chaste.”
{Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh at-Tirmidhi}


I feel shame whenever my teachers ask
me to write something
and I cannot give them anything but
a blank page. I feel shame whenever I
forget a step in a math problem
and my teacher looks at me
and tries to hold back a laugh.

I feel ashamed whenever my classmates’
hands go shooting up and I
have nothing to say, and I
can’t do anything but sit there in silence.
I feel ashamed whenever I
let my emotions get the best of me
and I have to run out the class
and comforted by a strange girl in the bathroom.

But nothing compares to the shame I felt
on the day that I learned that a former schoolmate
let the rope win in a game of tug- a -war with himself
because here I was whining and crying over such insignificant things
not realizing how had already overcame my biggest detriment

Shame, when you think about it
it is truly humbling. It knocks you off
your high pedestal and really make you think.
Am I being grateful? Would my grandma be proud?
Or would she turn in her grave?

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  • what is your name: Joy :)
  • a four letter word: jook ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • a boy’s name: Justin
  • a girl’s name: Julie
  • an occupation: lol Janitor
  • something you wear: jacket
  • a colour: Jade
  • a food: Jello
  • something you find in the bathroom: Jacuzzi tub
  • a place: Japan
  • a reason for being late: just sleeping to late …Lol i dont know what else
  • something you shout: JUST DO IT BITCH
  • a movie title: Jack falls
  • something you drink: juice
  • a music group/band: JYJ
  • an animal: jaguar
  • a type of car: Jeep
  • title of a song: Just Go - Rania

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Literally nothing happened, these two girls are textbook abusers and need to be stopped. I'm on anon because I don't want to have to deal with that shit again but boy am I tired.

From what I know gen has apologized for their doings, apologized for everything and moved past it, so please, leave them be, as they have done something that the other individual, cannot seem to do.

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It is 12:04AM and I'm thinking about this guy I'm pretty sure I'm in love with and I hate myself because I fell in love with him when he was dating this girl AND NOW HES MARRIED and he admitted to crushing on me but I know he doesn't feel the same obvs because he's married and I want to get over him because I'm a horrible person and he and I are friends but how do I get over him.

Hey hey friend, there’s nooo point in hating yourself for having feelings for someone. That is something you outright cannot control. There is nothing wrong with having feelings. The only time morality comes into play is with conscious actions. 

Dude is married now, so he has made the decision to be with someone else. It’s not you, and oh lordy, does that suck ass.

I bet you’re amazing. I bet that there are parts of you that draw people in and that light up rooms and changes people’s lives. It’s probably why he’s your friend. 

He does see something special with you, and he obviously cares, but dwelling is not something that will help anyone. Hating yourself and being angry at your heart won’t either. 

I fell for one of my best friends who didn’t have feelings for me (won’t mention him by name, but he knows who this is. Might even read this. Hey nerd.), and getting over him was awful. I watched him dating other people and I felt that being so close to him as a friend just made it harder to deal with the lack of reciprocation. But in the same way that I couldn’t help liking him, he couldn’t help NOT liking me. That’s nothing that either of us should feel blame or guilt for, from ourselves or anyone else. 

Same to you, my darling. 

Be as supportive as you can, and if it hurts too much, back away a little. Love yourself with the same ferocity that you love him with. You’re worth it too, and your heart and your feelings will work around it no matter what path you end up taking. 

Get some sleep and it will feel a little better in the morning. <3

I posted a risque type post on facebook about how im lonely third wheel of life and im always gonna be like that foreveeer and stuff but i was kinda lmaoing it for safe messure

a few ppl liked the post 

probably relating or some shit 

and then today my dad sent me a fb message like 

‘take that sad post off fb because its too sad and pathetic to look at and doesnt suit a successfull girl like you’ his words not mine

and i shit you not

i cannot feel greater disdain seeping off of that message 

it reads so fucking much like ‘oh god take that off youre supposed to act like nothing is wrong stop doing that youre embarrassing me ‘ 

and it infuriates me