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that one EU student that constantly has silver nitrate burns because knowing is better than living in fear of what she can't see

Gogurt (it was a funny name at 18 when he realized he could have people call him anything at all; at 21 it was both less funny and very, very attached to him) had always been the child that slept with the lights on. Nothing was more terrible than not knowing - not the uneasy sleep in the lamplight, not the exasperation of his parents when he didn’t grow out of it…and later, not the sting of the silver nitrate. Better to know. Better always to know.

It wasn’t why he was majoring in Esoteric Photography, but the first time he’d burned himself, four months ago, had hissed and shook his hand and squeezed shut his eyes, he’d opened them again and the world looked different. And he’d known, after he saw what was hidden, that he’d never, never be able to step back into blindness, knowing what was waiting in the shadows and the trees. Better always to know, even if it didn’t save you in the end.

(Over spring break, his friend THE Aubrey Hepburn (she still thought her safename was funny) looked closer at his hands, and pursed her lips, and said ‘You know Cat Eyes from East Quad makes glasses for this, right? You’re enough of a hispter to pull that off, there are other options, idiot’)

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even if i unfollow all my idiot friends are still gonna eat your shit up and ill still see it on my dash, just do me a huge favor and delete this blog please. you've got like 10 others to run. do this awful blue website a favor

you know tbh anon i had a really nice day today. i got something off my chest that’s been worrying me for a while, i reached out to someone who’s gonna change my life for the better, and i’m genuinely in a really, really good mood. this ask means nothing to me but for what it’s worth, imo your friends deserve better than you, (i wonder if they know that this is the kind of person u really are?) and i hope you’re done with this because you are like, really boring

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So they kiss for funsies and imitate oral sex, but Gillian apparently turns into such a shrinking violet around David that she can't speak up about not liking when he grazes her breast? What's with this sudden outrage?

The outrage was around even when the BTS came out, but certain people had less, volume, let’s say, to their voices, because most of the fandom was Gillovny. Now that things are different, they feel emboldened.  

Honestly, I barely heard any outrage over Gillian moving Hugh’s hand during the red carpet.  But David accidentally (and familiarly, which is what I think scares them) brushing her breast and Gillian not reacting angrily? That’s something they’re prepared to be furious over for no reason at all.

This is the couple that made out in the hallway - for fun! - after David got married.  Who were hanging off one another with Gillian’s ex (Clyde) sitting a few feet away from them during a set party (and he wasn’t her ex at the time). Who, like you pointed out, imitated oral sex with the cameras rolling. Who took an entire day to film the IWTB bed scene.  Who had one half (Gillian) lay her head in David’s lap during Kimmel making it look like it was there for oral sex and not because she was laughing.  Who had one half (Gillian) with a lot of shots of the bed photo show up in her camera roll/photo gallery on James Corden.  And, of course, the breast brush in the BTS clip.

Yeah, this woman can speak up and choose what she does and doesn’t want or feel comfortable with.  And she was obviously and openly comfortable with all of this.

Pre-S2 Celebration Weekend is Approaching!

The season 2 hype is burning now more than ever with just over a month left before we’re treated to beautiful new animation, music and the return of the characters’ wonderful voice acting. Now, more than ever, we would love to hold a canonverse weekend in celebration of the continuation of the Attack on Titan anime!

The weekend event will take place from March 31st to April 2nd, the weekend that episode 26 of Attack on Titan will finally air!

Before moving on, we’d like you to take this survey. It’s nothing serious, just a general feedback due to our low turnout in the Valentine’s event. Is there anything that we can do better here on the blog? Are you guys too busy or intimidated to participate? Are we not giving you enough time to prepare content? Things like that. 

Most importantly is that within the survey, at the very end, is a place to vote for the prompts for the upcoming Canonverse celebration. The only part of this survey that is required is the prompt voting on the last page. The rest is optional, but feedback would be appreciated! We will close the voting on February 28th and announce the final prompts on March 1st. 

Thank you all for continuing to follow us and enjoy our events! We’re looking forward to the new season and all it may bring!

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You know you can be a communist without bashing religion right? I thought you were better than that

I got nothing against religion, but I do have major problems with how Pat Robertson defines “God’s Plan”. It’s a front for reactionary ideology. If revolting against Trump means revolting against Robertsonism, two birds with one stone.

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Ayato if the new bride had glasses, would you make fun of her??? Would any of you guys make fun of her?? ;3; (I have glasses btw)

Ayato: Ha, of course I would! But I guess it depends on how cute she looks in them… Reiji, though, he looks super dorky in them.

Reiji: What? There’s nothing wrong with my glasses.

Laito: Well, I mean, I’d have to say you look better without them…

Subaru: Yeah, they make you look like a smartass.

Reiji: …I’m suddenly starting to like Shu a lot more than you guys right now.

Shu: Wow, that’s a surprise. 

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Answer asap please! Thank you. Recently I slept in my binder now it's harder for me to breathe and now my chest hurts... also I regularly keep my binder on for more than 12 hours at a time. What are the side effects of doing these?

Permanently deformed rib cage & breathing troubles to go with that, suffocating, death……

I know that dysphoria is a killer and that it must sound nagging and annoying to hear the “don’t bind for more than 8+ hours at the time” advice over and over again, but it’s not advice that’s given for nothing. There are many very serious health issues (and at times death risks) that comes with binding for such long periods of time.

Please do try to look after yourself and take breaks from binding when you can. Even if it’s just one hour or two out of your binder every now and then, it’s better than nothing.

If your ribs/chest hurts a lot, try to go a full two-three days without binding and see if the pain goes away. If it doesn’t, you should go see a doctor if you can, because you might have bruised or sprained a rib. (Or if the pain and breathing troubles you are having are bothing you a lot already, you can skip the first step and go directly to a doctor.)

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a possible solution to you wanting to draw whamilton but not being able to draw gwash (even though im sure youd do great you draw sooo well): draw alex pining or being teased about it by other characters (that youre more comfortable drawing than wash)? im sure youve already thought of this anyway lol. also i love your art and your blog a lot and i love how nice you art to your followers. art and person goals tbh.


Oh my god… no don’t say that i’m prETTY SHITTY TO MY FOLLOWERS OADJFLKS

I am so flattered to hear that from you I hope you have a nice day…

and find a better goal please i’m nothing

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What are your thoughts on Nathan Chen's FS in general? Personally, I felt like I was watching a jump show... There was nothing worth noting in between the jumps, and the jumps themselves didn't look that good imo(but still pretty impressive!) Oh well. :c

I pretty much hate that that thing got 88 PCS lol

I’ll always say that Nathan’s programs are in no way better than Boyang’s. Nathan himself has better SS than Jin (nowhere near 9 though, but ehi, the judges were drunk or just blind), but in terms of TR there’s almost nothing tbh. Nathan has loads of potential, but personally, I don’t find crossovers and quads exciting on their own. His program is full of two footed skating, with very little (next to nothing) interpretation. I like quads when they flow with the program (see Yuzuru and Patrick’s programs), but I honestly don’t find exciting quads on their own. That doesn’t mean that I want to belittle Nathan’s jumps, because the kid has impressive toe-jumps, but as of now I don’t find his skating exciting. His GOE and PCS were a joke for me today.

I went to my second real HEMA practice today (and my first where I actually just did longsword the whole time). Of note:

  • I could, apparently, definitely be successful in longsword if I stuck with it. So that’s nice to hear!
  • I was the only woman both today and last week. (There’s usually another regular, but she’s been under the weather.) Which is fine but weird because sport fencing tends to be 50/50.
  • The guys there today weren’t huge, but they were all larger than me. I’m also the newest there, but I can beat the slightly-more-experienced-and-larger-than-me guys because I just go for them.
  • I don’t think I’ve sweated so much in my life. Those padded jackets are little saunas.
  • I keep trying to hit things that aren’t super important because it’s all the same in epee. Ah, well. It’s better than nothing for now.
  • While I am very into the “slam people in the face with the pommel” thing, I’m not super into grappling. I actually like grappling in general but it’s kinda scary when you’ve got a bulky mask on and a are holding a sword and the other guy is also holding a sword and is considerably larger than you .
  • Longsword HURTS. It doesn’t take as much wrist strength as dueling saber but man, swinging that thing around is a bit of a challenge. I also have eight (EIGHT) hot spots on my hands and I managed to rub off a chunk of a finger without even realizing anything was wrong:

TLDR: My hands hurt and I’m exhausted but I don’t totally suck at longsword. Although I do look ridiculous while doing it (I’m on the right):

I was informed

My sister’s straight, cis male fiancé thinks that Prompto/Noctis was more of the pairing in FFXV than the canon pairing.

While I am not the biggest fan of Promptis on its own, I appreciate that even completely straight video game nerds who know nothing about fandom were like “Dude, they’re gay. So gay. So fucking gay. Oh, the chick? She was there for like five minutes…. tops. I think they’re better gay.”

Stream request from LoadingScreen for @lordgun

This OC has some… problems, but …

Lets start at the beginning:

  • The stripes. Oh, the stripes. Stripes only really work if they’re just a bit darker than the rest of the coat
  • Which. yeah. Pure black on pure red always looks terrible. Its too much contrast
  • Same with the hair. The pure blue and red just clashed. With some lighter colors, they whole hair looks far better
  • The eyes were too dark, a lighter shade of purple works far better

Overall… some problems, but nothing you can’t fix

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I would love to be ur friend too but I'm too nervous and I'm not interesting I'm sorry (I say sorry a lot too and people get annoyed with that)

Cries// don’t put yourself down, I’m sure you’re great. TT TT When it comes to being friends, you have to realize that the people involved are treated as equals. Only assholes, who aren’t actually your friends, will treat you as if they’re better than you. I’m honestly just a regular person haha so you don’t have to be afraid– just treat me normally, and I’ll do the same. I remember back then I had the tendency to constantly apologize, but I realized, what am I exactly apologizing for? I didn’t do anything wrong… it’s as if I’m apologizing for the way I am and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If they don’t like me because of how I am then… oh well??? So uh ya keep that in mind. ^^;;;

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So now that they're really bringing back the original desperado, I think I'll need to dust off one of my all time fav fics, Slow It Down by intheblinkofaneye. Have you ever read it? I'm honestly so in love with the original characters in it and somehow I can relate to harry because fleeing the country is something I've always done when I've needed to clear my head a bit. Sorry to be gushing about it but I just love the fic so much, even if it has the type of narrative I'd not usually read ❤

Oh I don’t think I read it yet but it’s been in marked for later list fir a long time!!
Slow It Down : Harry’s a little bit broken and Louis’ a little bit oblivious. Or, where no one sees Harry’s cracks until he disappears in the middle of the Australian leg of their tour. Because in order to create a new masterpiece, the old one has to be washed away. And nothing does the job better than the sea. (54k)