It’s just a weird feeling, feeling kind of uninspired by any candidate running for president right now.  I’m not interested in purity tests about progressivism, and I’m not interested in being shamed if I’m a woman who supports a male candidate over a female one.  During the last two elections, I was really excited and invested and volunteered in campaigning, getting people registered to vote, donating some of the money I had to these campaigns.  I felt like I was part of something, and now I feel disconnected to all of it. 

It’s still early days, so maybe something in me will change.  Maybe there’ll be something in the future weeks and months that they’ll say to wake me up.  I mean, no matter what I’ll still vote because I’m not trash.  Voting is the very least you can do as a citizen of this country, and I don’t throw that kind of right away.  But I’d like it to feel like I’m really voting FOR someone, not to keep someone out of off office.