My holy trinity of Supernatural fan fiction have had a dry spell the past couple of days. That means no Dean smut for me. the-pri-experience deans-colette deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Ladies, what’s the deal? I mean at this point, I’d even take some Sam smut (for SHAME)

 I’m sending inspiration.

Have some sexy back.

and some sexy wink

and some booty

and the mouth thing

and dat belly

And of course my favorite GIF ever of Dean:

I love you guys! 

If I don’t hear anything in 24 hours I’m sending the pelvic thrusting.


Didn’t I tell you we needed to be careful of him?
After letting two guys walk, You give me a pitch like that?
Did you really want to fight him that badly?
If you can’t do as I say, then get off the mound right now.
You need to learn You’re standing on the mound representing the entire team.
The number you have on your back is a lot heavier than you think.

“but Miyuki’s words…
His stern words got Furuya’s head back in the game.”