Things I have learned by joining the local Methodist Church’s coffee & knitting circle (where I am the only person under 60 years old):

  • How to double knit very, very quickly
  • Mrs. Jonson on the third pew won’t mind her own business, bless her heart. And she buys her pies pre-made for all the church functions.
  • Ways that women cheated the system in 1950s Texas to get into college and start careers. Including a memorable “He told me I wouldn’t last a week, but then 6 years later, I had to let him go because his production was way down.” *drinks sip of coffee*
  • We Might Be Conservative But Gosh Darn That Trump Bless His Heart He Doesn’t Know Anything About God Or Texas
  • And On That Note, God And Texas Are The Only Good Things Left In The World. Erin Write That Down.
  • How to rescue a dropped stitch and make it look like it never happened
  • Public schools and inclusive, desegregated education will single-handedly save the world
  • Sharing recipes is a sacred bonding and community-building tradition that rivals the greatest political negotiations and land deals in history
  • “It’s better that you prefer girls honey, the Boyfriend Curse doesn’t apply to your girlfriend and a lovin’ god’ll keep on a-lovin. You better make that girl a sweater.’” 
    • (Boyfriend Curse = knit a sweater for a boy and he’ll leave you when you finish it)
  • Mrs. Barbara’s husband cheated in ‘76, resulting in a divorce. She thought it was the end of the world because her youth had already passed, but now she’s an engineer and married to a kind, good man who she met when she went back to college in ‘79.
  • “The only things you can trust in are God, your good sense, and the wisdom of those older women you grew up admiring. The rest is crap.”

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that post u made reminded me that i have a communism question for u. so whenever i talk about it with my friends they always ask me what a communist society would look like, how there would be jobs without money, etc and up to a point i can explain it but i quickly lose confidence once they ask about details like. in terms of who would do the "dirty work" aka the jobs ppl don't want, how would u "buy" things without money, that kind of thing. i know theres prob not a simple answer but ya

a moneyless system is easy to explain. you dont work for money in the current society, you work for the goods and services that money purchases, but it is not the thing that provides your electricity. power isn’t generated by how much cash they can funnel into the furnace. get rid of money and the exchange-value system for the much simpler use-value system that is already in place. if someone argues that people will consume inefficiently, then theyre suggesting that capitalism is somehow more efficient by throwing away billions of pounds of food per year and refusing to shelter homeless people just because they can’t afford it. we have the technology to produce a surplus of basically everything and market mechanisms as we understand them would generally be made unnecessary in any realistic model of human consumption (many capitalists like to come up with absurd quantities of such-and-such commodity [10,000 gallons of water per day, for example] being consumed by one obnoxious person that ruins communism for everybody else, as if thats actually a problem worth a serious investigation)

communist society can’t be drawn up and pointed at like “this is it” because its the future. we can provide a rough framework for how it could function based on how our current society is able to operate (like above when i said that we currently produce a surplus, so we know for a fact that people could be provided for in the future) but we won’t know what problems may arise in the future until we get there. this is absolutely something that can seem disheartening, but for people that are so goal-oriented that they will settle for the current conditions just because they dont want to go through the work of building a better society, they are generally privileged to the point where they dont understand the necessity of radical change. they aren’t the ones suffering every day, so its easy for them to dismiss something that seems like a lot of work, even if its the only chance of survival for a large portion of the population.

the dirty work thing is an easy enough argument to dismiss when you’re well-equipped with the knowledge to do so. it often takes the form of the doctor-janitor story, where a doctor shouldn’t be paid the same as someone that simply takes out the trash, but this is a misunderstanding (and actually quite a funny one. they couldn’t have picked two better professions to compare tbh because its so easy to refute). doctors are certainly important to a (literally) healthy society. they are the people we go to so that we dont get sick and die. janitors are considered the lowest of the low because they dont actually do anything besides mopping or whatever (???), but imagine a world without janitors (or perhaps a world without their function is a better way to put it). without them, we would all get sick and die, same as a world without doctors. all of the dirty countertops in the world would make us all rush to the doctors office as we caught each others illnesses (a funnier thing to think about is how the market would react by suddenly producing a large amount of doctors to meet the demand of sick people, essentially reducing them to just another profession, removing the elitism that surrounds them. this is actually similar to doctors in the early days of capitalism. they were no better than the local trader, butcher, etc because all of them were important to the well-being of the population).

its important to understand this because this is actually similar to the old marxist feminist argument that women’s unpaid labor (in the home) is just as important as mens paid labor (in the factories). this is perhaps a little dated in some ways since capitalism has directly included women in the process of production, but before that, [the western concept of] gender was a clear-cut system of labor, where men produced and women reproduced, both in the sense of reproducing children [again, in terms of western concepts of gender, not actually getting into trans politics here] and also in the sense of reproducing labor. by taking care of the husband and her family, the sole duty of the housewife, she was responsible for the commodity producer (and the future generation of commodity producers and labor reproducers), and by extension, production as a whole. if it weren’t for this process of reproduction of labor on the microscopic level, the production of commodities wouldve been impossible, and this remains true for the doctor and the janitor, two very different jobs that fulfill the same basic purpose: to keep society going. to argue that one is more deserving of pay because one requires more “skill” than another or that one requires more education than another isn’t actually a criticism of socialism, but a realization of the cruelty of capitalism, where only those with enough wealth can afford to educate themselves and sustain their wealth (not to mention that this completely ignores the absurd fact that healthcare is a profitable industry, which it shouldn’t be).

one of the easiest ways around this argument though, especially if you want to get more into what communism would probably look like, is to just say that most of these things would be automated or taken care of on a community level. healthcare could be almost entirely abolished if we were to get to a point where we didnt have competition and the profit motive preventing us from finding cures for diseases just because companies make more money from selling monthly prescriptions than they ever would by actually stopping illnesses in their tracks, and for many other cases, machinery could be introduced in the emergency room (as is already done today) to make the doctors job easier. i think its safe to assume that janitorial work would also benefit from the introduction of machinery into the cleaning process and this work would become less stressful and more accessible to the general public.

(also, on the job question, id be a bad commie if i didnt quote the bit in the german ideology where marx says “… in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.”)

so there you go. hope that helps.

Things Said/Heard while Making Holiday Cookies
  • “Now we gently fold the mixture, because we’re not heathens.”
  • “It’s like a whole peppermint atmosphere in here.”
  • “I SAID we aren’t heathens!”
  • “Make sure none of the wrapping goes into the mixer.”
  • “How old is this food processor?”
  • “I’m not saying that spaghetti is inherently humorous, but I will say that adding spaghetti makes most things funnier.”
  • “Why were you crying?”
  • “I was thinking about spaghetti, and I laughed so hard I cried. I’m a parody of myself, I know.”
  • “Gentlier! GENTLIER!”
  • “Man, it sure would suck if we accidentally baked bits of razor blades into these cookies, huh.”
  • “How much extended family do we have? No, wrong question. How much extended family do we like enough to give cookies?”
  • “You’re doing fine. No, wait, that was a mistake.”
  • “Spread them out more. We don’t want to make one mega-cookie.”
  • “How much extended family do we like enough to give cookies without bits of razor blades in them?”
  • “You’re doing it wrong. Here, let me.”
  • “I licked it.”
  • “Measuring is for squares. Just eyeball it.”
  • “I can do math. I can do LOTS of math.”
  • “Don’t lick that.”
  • “We should stop eating these.”
  • “It does say not to use this in ovens, but I don’t know what that means.”
  • “I’m glad you’re so smart.”

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Hey hon! Good luck on the new blog ♡ Can we get some RFA + chubby!MC?

Thank you ! ;3; I went with headcanons, I hope that’s okay and I added V and Saeran since it’s my first request ~

Yoosung :

  • He loves it so much! He thinks it makes his s/o even cuter, doesn’t matter what’s chubby about them either, it’s more of his precious lovely s/o to hug and cuddle with in his eyes.
  • If they weren’t confident with their body, he’d spend his time complimenting them and he would constantly kiss the places they like the least.
  • I think Yoosung has to have a little bit of chub tbh, I mean he doesn’t exercise + sits all day eating junk so hah; if anything, it makes him more comfortable than his s/o is like him.

Zen :

  • He knows better than anyone that appearances don’t mean anything - he’d never judge someone on their physical appearance, let alone his darling.
  • If his s/o was uncomfortable with their weight, he’d spend his time roaming his hands all over their body and try to convince them to wear clothes they like but are too shy or uneasy to wear in public and just stay at home with him while he tells them how beautiful they are.
  • If they ever wanted to exercise with him, he’d be happy to teach them but more than anything, he’d rather make sure they’re comfortable with who they are and what they look like.
  • His mother used to tell him he was ugly and it really hurt him so he knows how much meaning words can carry and he’ll make sure his s/o is always being told how pretty they are because he’s convinced that the more they hear it, the more they’ll believe it themselves.

Jaehee :

  • I think after opening her coffee shop, Jaehee might gain some weight - nothing extreme - but since she bakes pastries for her business too, she has to taste them before putting them on the menu + now that she’s not a slave secretary anymore, she actually has the time to make her own food and eat three meals a day – which brings us to Jaehee and his s/o baking and eating together a whole tray of cookies on a lazy sunday and it’s great and there’s no reason to feel bad afterwards bc Jaehee’s baking is A++.
  • I don’t think she cares about appearances either, I mean sure, she goes on and on about Zen’s face but when it comes to her s/o, it’s different and she’d just want them to be happy and comfortable with their body bc she’s got more cookies that need to be tested.
  • + she’s a woman, she knows the pressure you can feel by living in a society that focuses so much on appearance (and I think it’s especially harsh in South Korea) so you can bet that she understands her s/o if they don’t feel like they look good enough bc she’s been there at one point of her life.

Jumin :

  • He may be a perfectionist but he also follows his own rules and standards; doesn’t matter if society says you have to be skinny to be pretty - in Jumin’s eyes, his s/o is the most perfect being in the whole world take that elizabeth and if someones talks shit on his s/o, he’ll ruin their life.
  • Does his s/o have trouble finding clothes that fit them well? Not anymore because now they have 5 stylists and fashion designers who’ll make anything they want just for them and it’ll always fit perfectly - regardless of the style of the clothes;
  • But I honestly don’t think he’d even realize his s/o is chubby, he’s a practical man and he focuses on what’s important aka his s/o is beautiful, amazing and perfect and he loves them.
  • So, I think his s/o would have to tell him if they were insecure about their body because it won’t even cross his mind that they could not like themselves.

707 :

  • He eats chips all day + sits in front of his computer; he’s even worse than Yoosung so he’s most definitely chubby but he’s hardly insecure about it and he’ll do everything he can for his s/o to be the same.
  • He’d constantly grab at the chubby parts of their body - is it their cheeks, their stomach, their thighs? doesn’t matter bc he’ll hold and squish and squeeze before rubbing his face on them like a cat - he might even purr if they brush his hair.
  • If they ever wanted to lose weight, he’d actually go on the same diet as them and exercise together. He’d be willing to give up on Honey Buddha chips and if that’s not a proof that he loves them then I don’t know what to tell you + he’d think it’s funnier to do these things together.

V :

  • He’s an artist + a pretty positive person who sees the best in people and he doesn’t care about appearances either - he sees beauty anywhere, in anything and anyone and his s/o is certainly not an exception.
  • Whether he’s blind or not, he’ll think his s/o is goshdang beautiful, he’ll smile like an idiot every time they cuddle and he gets to hold them / lie on top of them and he can trace his fingers on his s/o’s curves.
  • If he’s blind and his s/o was insecure, he’d seriously consider getting surgery for his eyes because his partner wouldn’t believe him when he said they were beautiful bc he couldn’t see them and he’d do anything for their well being and getting their confidence back.
  • Honestly, more chub = more of s/o = more to hug = happy V

Saeran :

  • With the life he’s had, judging other people’s physical appearance has never been anything he even considered doing. Maybe he was actually envious of other people who weren’t as skinny as him because they looked more healthy to him - since he had a weak health and a frail body, he always looked too thin in his opinion.
  • So having a chubby s/o might fascinate him because of the way their body would feel under his hands, how you didn’t see all their ribs protruding from their torso, unlike him. 
  • He might actually prefer a chubby s/o and would be a little sad if they wanted to lose weight because he’d miss their chub but as long as they’re okay with themselves, that’s all that matters - and if they’re not okay with themselves, he’d try to help them and in return, they’d help him accept himself.

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... Will you finish the fourth one when your patience is restored? XD

Actually, that’s there as a joke. ‘Too many bones, too little patience’ just seemed like a funnier thing than, say, ‘Sorry, kids, this blog is PG’. Especially considering there’s really nothing to censor there.

I never had an actual outfit planned for that last panel though — and why would I, if I the joke didn’t call for it? — but I do have a full-body thing without clothes, if you wanna see. I actually drew it first and then dressed it up like you would a paper doll :D

I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a full skeleton before. Even a cartoony one.

GOM + Kagami being there for You

This is something I really need and I hope you will like it.

Kuroko Tetsuya

‘‘I’m sure she didn’t mean it.’’ He stated in a serious voice, gently massaging your back with his left hand.

‘‘Oh she did, she meant it. She had spat these words with such venom that I almost died there.’’ You sobbed into his arm, getting more hysterical as the seconds passed by. ‘‘We don’t even see each other that much. What can’t she be a little nicer?’‘

‘‘S/o-’‘ Kuroko called your name and your head immediately perked to look at him in the eyes.’‘-your mother has been alone for a very long time, she doesn’t know how to deal with her almost adult daughter. I’m not trying to excuse her behaviour, because what she did was plainly wrong, I’m just trying to show you that her words don’t describe who you are at all. It’s just some nonsense she says to make herself feel better.’‘ He stroked your head affectionately at which your heart melted, leaving behind the heaviness you carried after meeting your mum earlier that day. ‘‘It’s not good, but you can’t change it. There’s no need to cry over it, when you have so many people thinking you are amazing. Including me, of course.’’ Your boyfriend pecked your lips and your foreheads touched, staying still.

‘‘Wow Tetsu, I wasn’t aware you could talk so much.’‘ You laughed, earning unamused glare from him and a light punch in the gut.

‘‘You are an ungrateful brat sometimes, I swear.’‘

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Kagami Taiga

‘‘Taiga, the light of my life, you don’t have to stay here with me and rot, you know?’‘

‘‘Please, you would die without me here.’‘ And with that he put the thermometer in your mouth, making you unable to speak, however, when he finally took it out, you started arguing once again.

‘’I’m really okay, you didn’t have to leave practice for me. It’s very unprofessional.’’ He raised an eyebrow at you, not taking your stupid excuses for a reason to just get up and go home. You both stared at each other for what felt like a minute, before you eventually gave up. ‘’And I feel like I’m using you, okay - you got me.’’ You rolled your eyes and rolled onto your other side to avoid his shocked expression. It’s not like you didn’t want him to be here, it’s just that he could do so many funnier things right now, which didn’t contain cleaning someone’s house and jumping around a person who can barely lift a finger.

‘’You are sick - me taking care of you has nothing to do with using anybody. I’m doing what I want and this is what I want. Now face me, because it’s time for your pills.’’ You groaned loudly at his statement and he laughed upon seeing your pouting face. ‘’See? It wasn’t so hard.’’ He praised after you swallowed the medicine and chuckled once again when you shot him a very nasty glare. ‘’Now I’m going to make some dinner and we can watch a movie or something.’’

Your redhead boyfriend got up and started walking towards the kitchen, when you tiredly moved to catch his sleeve in your fingers. He turned to you quickly, asking if something was wrong and you just shook your head.

‘‘Everything is fine, it’s just — thank you Taiga, seriously.’‘ You didn’t dare to watch his reaction, but somewhere deep inside you knew, he was very happy right then.

‘‘You are welcome, s/o.’‘

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Aomine Daiki

‘‘Okay, what the fuck did he do again?’‘ 

‘‘Nothing really.’’ You replied, wiping already cold tears with the sleeve of your blouse from your cheeks. ‘‘It was my fault, anyway.’‘

‘‘Your fault?’‘ He questioned angrily, swallowing all the frustration he had in him. He didn’t want you to experience someone’s anger once again. ‘‘Him being a jealous prick for no reason is your fault? Don’t make me laugh.’‘ You flinched at his harsh words, and he immediately regretted uttering them. So much for making you feel better.

‘‘I shouldn’t have met up with your team behind his back - I just really wanted to see you! But you know how he is.’‘ You cried once more, cringing at how pathetic you must have looked right now. 

‘‘Yeah, I know that he goes around flirting with everything that moves and you can’t even hang out with your friends. That’s ridiculous.’‘ His brain started creating very vivid images of him killing your boyfriend in many interesting ways, but then the realisation of the meaning of his words hit him. You weren’t aware of his disloyalty towards you and he didn’t mean to just scream this information at you. His eyes went back to yours and he noticed how they shined with fresh tears in them. He wanted to call it a very beautiful sight, but it wasn’t the time nor the place for it. ‘‘Shit, I’m sorry - I didn’t mea–’’

‘‘It’s okay Daiki, I suspected something, I just needed a valid proof. Although, I have been thinking about breaking up with him anyway, he was slowly getting violent and it’s not something I want to be around any longer.’‘ Your body was trembling a little, but the real war was happening inside Aomine’s mind, who, upon hearing that some low life wanted to harm you, was ready to slaughter the guy’s entire family just to make you safe. ‘‘Thank you, I realyy appreciate your support.’‘

‘‘Everything for you, s/o.’‘ It really wasn’t a good time for his confession, but once you healed, he would make you the happiest person in the world.

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Kise Ryouta

‘S/o-chi, you look very out of character, did something happen?’‘ His question didn’t particularly surprised you, because you seriously looked different than usual. That day was relatively hot, enough to wear some shorts along with a short-sleeved shirt, but you against your normal outfit decided to wear a hoodie with trousers. Even your mood was worse than ever, your grumpy face only confirmed it.

Kise was extremely worried about you and was scared that someone may have done bad things to you. He was intensively staring at your blank face, awaiting an answer that took too long to form in your mind and you were just observing him with saddened eyes. ‘’Will you tell me s/o-cchi?’’

You sighed, suddenly wearing an expression of discomfort, which twisted into embarrassement very quickly. ‘’Ryouta, do I look fat to you?’’ This question came out as a whisper, but he heard it almost too correctly. Millions of imagines started haunting his memory, especially the ones with him constantly worrying about his weight as a model and an athlete.

‘‘No, s/o-cchi. Did someone tell you that?’‘ He asked, concerned and ready to fight.

‘‘Not exactly.’’ You stopped your words from flowing out of your mouth to take a deep, relaxing breath. ‘‘I just overheard some of my classmates conversation and, you know, they weren’t saying nice things about me. That’s it. Not a big deal.’‘ You dismissed your problem, obviously trying to drop the topic, but Kise was having none of it.

‘‘It is a big deal, because their words affect you and they shouldn’t. Look at me, I’m a model and people still mock me behind my back and say really disgusting things. The society will never be happy and it’s their loss. You don’t need to live like them and waste your life on hatred. Be happy, show  them who is the boss.’‘ Both of his hands were on your shoulders as you looked at yourselves. He was clearly determined and you just speechless. And then in the simple blink of the eye you burst into tears, asking him to go home with you so you could change into something more comfortable.

‘‘Sure, lovely. Maybe we could hit a beach on the weekend, what do you think?’‘

‘‘Gladly.’‘ You aswered with no hint of saddnes on your flushed face.

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Midorima Shintarou

Midorima wasn’t subtle, but easy-going. If he didn’t think his head would explode, he would ask you what’s wrong a long time ago. However, your moping was getting slightly worse with each day and it made him think that the situation was more serious than he previously predicted. He tried to talk to you about it for hours, but once he bit his tongue, the second time he almost walked into the wall and basically - he was scared for his life. But he also loved you dearly, so there was no going back this time. He would do it, he really would.

‘‘What’s wrong with you? You looked like somebody had died, nanodayo.’‘ At least he asked, okay? No one was talking about being nice and shit.

‘‘Nice as always Shin.’‘ You laughed, without a humour and came back to doing your math homework.

‘‘I didn’t mean it like that. I just—worry.’‘ The last part was uttered so quickly and quietly as if he didn’t want you to hear it at all, but you did and it shocked you.

‘’Mn — it’s nothing, really. I think I’m just being paranoid and all.’’ You smiled tiredly, putting your pen down and he turned his face to you, to listen to your confession even better. ‘‘My parents are behaving kinda weird, something’s going on and all I’ve been thinking about it is them getting divorced. I know it’s not my choice, but theirs, however, it makes me anxious. Sorry, if it’s annoying.’‘ He focused on your words, processing them and trying to create a perfect response, which would be honest, but also helpful.

‘‘I know it may be scary now, but I swear that even it they separate their ways, they would still love you the same.’‘ He grasped your fingers lightly in his, face going red. ‘‘As I do, nanodayo.’‘

You looked up at his words, blushing almost as much as him. ‘’I love you, too Shin. Thank you.’’

‘‘It’s nothing, nanodayo.’‘ He replied and pushed his glasses a liittle higher on his nose. His hand never leaving yours.

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Akashi Seijurou

‘‘Ugh, I’m so frustrated Seijurou, I don’t think I can keep this up.’‘ You said at the verge of the tears, pushing math book away from your body. Akashi looked blankly at you, not knowinng how to motivate you to stay focused for a little more time.

‘‘Let’s try again, I will explain better, alright?’‘ He caressed your cheek, desperately trying to stop you from crying. It was the last thing he wanted to see you doing. Even though, he didn’t show it that much he really wanted you to be content. He was clever and on top of the class, but he could admit that math could be really hard. He knew that it was your worst subject and seeing you try so much and then failing was heartbreaking. So he decided to fight with you, teaching you every chance he got. You praised him for it all the time, despite his scary appearance he was really patient with you. You couldn’t help, but love him more for it.

‘‘Okay, okay, but it’s so terrible. I feel like the worst person on the Earth! How did I even get to Rakuzan? I’m the dumbest person I know!’‘ You cried, your words slightly muffled by your palm. Akashi couldn’t see your eyes, but he knew they were probably red with a dark bags under them. You were really hard-working, hee admired it in you.

‘‘You are not dumb, you just need a little practice, love. Nobody was born a genius.’‘ 

‘‘You were.’‘

‘‘I was not, I was just pushed into being the best. I’m glad that you weren’t.’‘ He stated, giving you the most lovestruck look he could pull out, just because you couldn’t see it. It may sound stupid, but he was scared you would find out how important you were to him. How you mattered.

‘‘I’m sorry Sei, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.’‘ You replied guiltily, throwing your arms over his neck in an attempt to hug him. It came out a little messy, but he appreciated it anyway.

‘‘I’m not angry, but you can still repay me by not giving up, okay?’‘ You sniffed, but didn’t dare to protest and opened a book once again. ‘’If you promise me that you will work hard I can give you a very pleasurable reward later, huh?’’ He whispered huskily in your ear, making you red all over your face as you nodded like a crazy.

Maybe he could motivate you.

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Murasakibara Atsushi

‘‘Why are you crying, s/o-chin?’‘

‘‘Oh Atsushi, I didn’t hear you coming.’‘ You replied, smilling through your tears. Trying to hide the fact that you were obviously upset.

‘‘Why are you crying?’‘ He asked as if he didn’t hear your previous statement, not liking being ignored.

‘‘No reason, seriously.’‘ You asnwered this time, but it only left his unsatisfied, wanting to know more.

‘‘That’s a lie, s/o-chin. Talk to me.’‘ He whined like a child and sat next to you on the floor, in front of the window, which showed you empty streets and a clear, blue sky, which perfectly imitated how you were feeling. Empty.

‘‘Sometimes people are sad, just like that, there’s no real reason, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. I just feel a little down today, you can leave if you want. I don’t want to burden you.’‘ You knew your boyfriend very well. He was bright and could be very clever when he wanted to, but there were things he just wasn’t aware of and simply didn’t care.

‘‘You don’t burden me. I want to stay and make you feel better somehow.’‘ Murasakibara replied, his body a little closer to yours, so you could smell his candy scent, which was more comforting that you could ever imagine.

‘‘It’s not that easy, Atsu.’‘ Your sudden and quiet laugh, sounded more depressing than you wanted it to, but it was just so hard to be happy, when everything just felt so wrong.

‘‘Okay, but let me stay, alright? We can just be here for each other, do nothing and cuddle.’‘ He stated and immediately enveloped you in his long arms after seeing you nod to his proposition. ‘‘I will stay here until you are happy again - and if you never are, I will still be here.’‘ He kissed the skin of your neck, squeezing you tightly in his embrace, shielding you from the world. And in that exact moment you knew that eventually, everything will be just fine.

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Jason don't tell me what to do Todd once forgot his belt and after Bruce told him to pull up his pants, he sagged for the next year out of protest, and Roy liked it .

-Jason found it pretty damn inconvenient seeing as he couldn’t really run or anything but goddamn it, if he wasn’t going to show up Bruce

-as a kind of joke Roy got him a whole bunch of crazy underwear to make the whole thing funnier (it backfired when Jason totally wore them seriously and then Roy had to see Jason kind of waddle around in these ridiculous underwear and baggy pants)

-Bruce found it extremely annoying, mainly because Jason would make a point of coming around to the Manor more often and making sure that Bruce saw that he was wearing his pants like that

-Alfred was the one who ended the year long Spite Parade because he got sick of Jason looking like a “juvenile delinquent” and “I did not send you new clothing for Christmas for you to go around like this”

Shy- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by tjgoalshie

Ok so that was NOT how I wanted game one to go, but it’s the Pens. Why guard Sid? Not necessary Caps… Oh wait… Anyway enough of me! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of alcohol

Anon Request: Love ur writing! Can you write a Andre burakovsky one where you meet his team and you’re kinda shy? Thanks! Lots of love<3


              You sat in the corner, smiling silently.

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One of the funnier things about D&D is that there are people who are soooo nerdy that wearing studded leather armor just shuts them down completely. A hauberk turns them from someone capable of twisting cosmic forces to their whim to basically a dweebus who can’t hit anything with his quarterstaff.

And wearing plate is a Herculean task reserved for the aberrantly strong.

the only thing funnier than seeing nazis getting blown the fuck out is “”””””””””””””””””centrists””””””””””””””” trying to cover for them under the guise of fighting againt censorship or whatever