You know, it’s bad enough when you ship normally. It’s life-consuming, you search for fanfics and fanart and metas of your ships constantly, and it’s scary how much they affect your happiness on a day-to-day basis. 

But you know what’s even worse? When you crave them being together. Screaming at the TV because you’re honestly so tired of them circling each other and racking up the tension without doing a damn thing about it or screaming more when they finally do, devouring every fic you come across for the ship (even the ones with the bad smut where they say things like “member” which is usually a deal-breaker), crying at sad gif sets because they can’t stop breaking each other’s hearts and the tags are even worse, laughing at the crack, sobbing at their separations. Basically feeling every emotion imaginable in HD that they feel plus all of your own and never being able to stop, ever. 

I think a quote from Jimmy Novak would do nicely here: “It’s kind of like being chained to a comet.” It’s like getting on a roller coaster and never being able to get off. It’s like falling in love, except you’re in love with two people being in love and not just with a person, which is a million times worse while also being a million times better. It’s all-encompassing and there's nothing you can do to change the fact or to stop it, except to fall in more deeply than you already were. 

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Do you have any thoughts on Sheith ? I know it's a ship which has a lot of people who don't like it, but I think they have good dynamics ! (My first time being a multishipper (because I love Klance too !)

I know that this is probably a really unpopular opinion, but I honestly don’t mind Sheith all that much? There’s some in my queue (which is tagged accordingly, just like… so everyone can ready their blacklist now). I guess that it’s probably pretty obvious where I stand when it comes to the Paladins’ ages. I’d consider late teens to be anywhere from 17-19, but honestly, I lean more toward 18/19 just because I think that the idea of sending minors into space military programs is really dark and fucked for such a lighthearted series. Although I do respect people who dislike Sheith because of headcanon age differences, and I understand why some people are uncomfortable with it. I think that it’s important just to be respectful of people’s opinions on these things, even if they differ from your own. 

That being said, Shiro and Keith are my two favorites, and they’re very pretty with the best eyebrows in the universe. Shiro is obviously someone who Keith feels really comfortable with, and I’d kill a man to see some backstory about how they came to know each other. 

My personal headcanon for the two of them is that Keith came into the Garrison with a singular goal in mind: to be the best, to do the best, and not to stop until he’s usurped everyone. I imagine that most people avoided him just because of how standoffish he seemed, and no one ever really considered trying to get to know him because they figured that he’d be rude or cocky. Shiro though, being the beautiful ray of sunshine that he obviously is, probably approached him at some point and just initiated a conversation. He probably thought, ‘this kid seems so lonely, always by himself’, while Keith honestly just didn’t even notice that no one ever talked to him or that people generally want to have friends.

I feel like Shiro is probably one of those people who can be friends with anyone, and even Keith wasn’t immune to his charms, which was probably a huge shock to him, honestly. He was so used to being alone and he’d become comfortable in his loneliness, and finally meeting someone who gave him attention without him having to earn it probably really put him on edge. (’What does this guy want from me anyway? He’s always smiling at me and asking me about myself. He’s the top of his class though. He’s a legend. What could I possibly have to offer him?’) But, with time, I’d imagine that he’d probably just grown to accept it without constantly questioning what motives Shiro might have had. And, in his own way, I think that Keith really shows how important Shiro is to him. He’s always the first one to rush to Shiro’s side and make sure that he’s okay. He’s always the one trying to make things easier for Shiro despite what he might be dealing with. I have to admit that I ship it in an angsty “Keith pining unrequited” sort of way, and I’m so sorry!

I keep writing huge walls of text about all of this, and I apologize! If you’d like to talk to someone about ships though, I am definitely your gal. 

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Jalec shippers can generally be awful. I know that's sweeping with a wide brush considering I am a Jalec shipper, but holy hell. They dive on anyone who says anything remotely against Jalec. They also trash Malec in the Jalec tag. I made a post telling them to knock it off because I don't want to go into the Jalec tag and see hate for Magnus. I proceeded to be harassed by multiple people because poor little Jalec shippers have it so hard. People are seriously sensitive snowflakes.

seriously I’ve been getting anons about it since yesterday but I just deleted them all because honestly who thinks I even have the time. and the only thing I said is I don’t ship them romantically because they’re brothers like was that really offensive enough for people to scream at me all day about it?

this fandom is just so over the top sometimes I stg. you literally can’t say anything anymore without someone being defensive over it. 💁🏻💁🏻

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Do you ever get shiphate anons

I got a couple a while back, but I just delete them. It’s just part of having anon on. It’s better to just not respond to it, because then everyone following your blog has to see it and have their day soured by it, too (potentially, anyway.) 

Luckily, I notice, trek fans are a pretty mature group. Like, even the people who openly hate Scotty/Jaylah are considerate enough not to tag the hate or waste time blogging about how much they hate it, so~ *shrugshrug* 

Honestly, I think Scotty/Jaylah’s been pretty lucky as a ship so far. I’ve never seen it get hated on as bad as like, how I’ve seen Spuhura get hated on. Feels bad, man. Spuhura’s not a horrible ship, either. 

Like, you can still ship Spirk or Spones even if Spuhura’s happening in the movie? That’s what fanfiction is for? Or, like, what ever happened to poly!Kirk or poly!Spock? Isn’t it the 24th or 23rd century when all this is taking place? 

Just poly it and call it a day, man.

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