Here's how it works

I ship what I ship

You ship what you ship.

You let me ship what I ship.

I let you ship what you ship.

I will not call you names and insult your ships

You will not call me names and insult my ships

I leave you and your ships alone

You leave me and my ships alone


chocolate-rin asked:

N & O for the fandom ask~

N: name 3 things you wish you saw more of in your main fandom

Hmm. That’s actually a good question. Ummmmm. More bisexual Sousuke. Bury me in copious amounts of Makorin or Sourin fluff I can never get enough of that. Well written Kisumi cuz honestly… I get annoyed by how he’s portrayed a lot lmao…

O: random song and what ship it reminds me of

Ahhhh I’m trash but Centuries by Fall Out Boy makes me think of Sourin from sousukes POV lmao…

( chocolate-rin

On mobile so I can’t tag but thank you!)

no seriously, why do people tag their hate? do you honestly think someone who likes a character you hate or ships something you don’t is going to read your post and go “oh, clearly, i was wrong and i no longer like this character/ship. so glad i saw that post!”

look, i cannot stand grant ward. he’s maybe my least favorite character in the entire marvel cinematic universe and i would drop him off a cliff in the first episode of season three if it was up to me. but i am never, ever going to tag my hate. i am going to use every anti tag i know of to make sure that those who do like him can avoid my posts.

you don’t like a character? fine.

you don’t like a ship? even more fine.

but stop tagging your hate. please have enough respect for other people’s opinions to understand that not everyone agrees with you and when people go to certain tags, they want to see pretty graphics and cute headcanons and metas and fanfics, not how much people hate their favorite character/ship.

esidisi-kars asked:



  • How I feel about this character: Definitely one of my favorite characters out of what I’ve seen/read of the entire series. I absolutely love him and his overall characterization!
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Hmm… pretty much just Polnareff honestly, Abdul/Polnareff is one of the few ships I can really get behind 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Oldseph definitely lmao, and I can see him and Kakyoin getting along pretty well as they’re both pretty knowledgeable about other cultures in general and would have plenty to talk about. I can also see him and Jotaro having more or less this ‘mutual silence’ relationship or just being comfortable enough with each other– really he is kind of like the mother hen of the group, hence my tag for him. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Hmm… I don’t know if this really counts as an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn’t think that the others of the group (besides Joseph) would have warmed up to him right away seeing as he would be a pretty intimidating guy 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Let the man live please…. ah but seriously, I would have liked to know more about his background beyond just what happened with Dio, since we get to see that from the others.

anonymous asked:

I love how Laurel bother so many Olicity fans, I love how they said they despise her but still, keep talking about her, she is such a threat to them, is hilarious because is a huge controversy, first you said she's not relevant but still you talk about her all day long. I mean, they don't trust their ship? Is not strong enough? Didn't they even win a TCA last night? OPS, I guess not.

I used to think like that, but honestly sometimes you just can’t connect with a character. But there’s no need to come to that character’s tag or friendly blogs and talk shit about that. 

Unfortunately in every fandom there are a few people who are just there to pick fights.