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You ship what you ship.

You let me ship what I ship.

I let you ship what you ship.

I will not call you names and insult your ships

You will not call me names and insult my ships

I leave you and your ships alone

You leave me and my ships alone


anonymous asked:

I know that you prefer Korrasami, but how do you feel about the anons who go into someone's just to say they're disgusted that the person ships makorra and it's offensive to lgbtq people? Nothing homophobic was said or done, but I mean someone does a positive post about makorra and the people who basically think it's offensive to ship it or basically call makorra outright abusive go into their inbox with negativity. tbh those people just feel like they wanna start something.

Caught me before I started really getting ready for bed, anon! I think I’m still cognizant enough to give this a good answer.

I’ve reblogged a few posts regarding this matter (somewhere in my giant stupid archive), said a few words here and there when I’ve happened to come across stuff like this happening. 

To summarize: it’s childish, rude, and harassment when the person hasn’t said/done anything homophobic. I believe recently -ish, someone hijacked a positive Makorra post simply to shit on it? Or rather, try to undermine what Mako and Korra really have. They have an important relationship, and it stands on its own as a relationship that has unique qualities to it that Korrasami cannot share (and the same goes vice-versa).

If I had the power to stop those so-called Korrasami supporters/shippers // anti-MKs, I would. I’m an idealist (lmfao I have to be to try and get a fandom-wide event going later this year), so I keep hoping that maybe someday the hatred sent over to Makorra shippers will stop, or at least lessen drastically. 

Their positive relationship posts about Makorra should not be hijacked. Like, just let people enjoy their ship, yeah? People can prefer MK over KA, and not be homophobic! Holy shit!! There are also queer Makorra shippers!! What a novel concept! 

Anyway. Makorra was not abusive. It’s not offensive to LGBTQ+ people for people to ship MK over KA. People don’t have to love every queer ship that comes along if it doesn’t really resonate with them. The people who go into MK shippers’ askboxes and hijack posts to say this sort of shit… yeah, they seem to just want to rile things up yet again. :-/ I’ve never liked it.