I really hope I’m not overstepping here, but the Ghostbusters ship disagreements made me realize something tonight. 

We can all argue over which ship is the best and which is the most canon, but when it comes right down to it, this movie was just so gay that we all saw different ships. And all these ships have enough evidence that honestly if a sequel were to happen any of these ships could become canon and it wouldn’t feel forced or out of the blue. And I think it’s just so cool that we got a movie with such strong leading ladies and where you can ship any of them and it just works.

Ship who you want (personally I think they’re all valid and even though I ship one more than others I also wish that we could just accept all of them without argument), but let’s also appreciate just how blatantly gay this movie was.

(This is just my opinion. If you disagree, and it’s totally fine with me if you do cause I get that this is a heated topic, be kind about it?)

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But why do you tag it as klance then? That soundi really mean, but it's not meant that way :/

No it’s a good question! Honestly I did because it could be interpreted that way! I put all the relationship ships in there that made since with the chapter. I’m not going to deny people their fluff if it isn’t exclusively just about the romance ship you know? Plus if people don’t think it’s Klance enough for them then they can find another fic, it’s up to them! I think the first couple of chapters were really heavy on the Keith and Lance interaction and I thought it was pretty cute as a Klance shipper myself! I know I enjoy their relationship as a whole (including their friendship) rather than just their exclusively their romance, so sometimes I get disappointed when I only find stuff solely about their romance and not their friendship as well. So i wanted the fluff/friendship in the Klance tag as well since I know I enjoy that and others probably do too! Does that make any sense? ha ha

And yes I think I will write a fic about the romance stuff too! But that might be later on! I want to explore every aspect of their relationship from friends to lovers! 


Can we stop this whole “Shipping Riarkle means you’re ignoring Smackle.” BS because we just had a post go through the Fandom that says Smackle is more than just her relationship. If that’s the case why does it matter if someone is a riarkle shipper? Believe it or not, you can ship Riarkle and Love Smackle as many people do.

Stop going back on your statements. First, you’re mad people ignore Smar*e then when people acknowledge the relationship you get mad because you believe that Smackle is more than just Smark*e. If that’s what you think why the hell is it a problem that people ship Riarkle. The two aren’t either or. You can love both. There is no problem with loving both. And you know damn well you would be mad if people started saying you don’t like Maya because you ship RL. It’s basically the same situation…How can you not see that?

Also stay out of the Riarkle Tag. We have enough BS in there as it is.