Here's how it works

I ship what I ship

You ship what you ship.

You let me ship what I ship.

I let you ship what you ship.

I will not call you names and insult your ships

You will not call me names and insult my ships

I leave you and your ships alone

You leave me and my ships alone


disnerdgirl asked:

I dread looking at the Frozen tag because it's flooded with people trying to justify Elsanna and they disgust me. I also don't like looking at the Big Hero 6 tag because I always come across Hidashi fan art. I don't care how much they love each other, there is nothing okay with siblings engaging in a romantic relationship.

And what’s even worse is that they’re going out of their ways to prove how “canon” it is and how Elsanna has more “romantic” chemistry than Kristanna does. On the one hand, I’m fine with whatever they ship and I understand some people not shipping a certain ship because they don’t have enough chemistry to them, but honestly, the fact that they can’t see a normal healthy sibling relationship and instead want nothing more than to see them make out with each other really irks me. It’s sickening to say the least, and I try and stay away from them as much as I can.

Also, I don’t even think there should BE a competition between whom Anna loves more. 1. Because she loves them both very much, 2. Kristoff and Elsa are shown getting along well and aren’t trying to compete over her affections and are happy for her when they see her hang out with the other person, and 3. Because she’s not even IN LOVE with her sister, so a competition shouldn’t really even exist in my opinion. And just UGH…the whole thing is maddening. So glad you understand where I’m coming from.

9-tek asked:

Hell Jamie I never thought I'd love #Bellarke in any way, but this platonic song might just change that! Nice job! And I think you're even more awesome now, because you also wanted to do something nice for this ship as well. You're a beautiful human being ☺

Aw thanks bud! I honestly think we can all get along, like none of babies are dead and they’re all pretty safe and sound right now, WHY ARE WE FIGHTING BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT KISSING? like they might not be kissing but they sure are breathing and most likely taking naps recently and being okay, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?!

Thank you for the lovely comment tho, you’re too kind!

No but how do you call shipping people but not wanting it to actually become canon?

There needs to be a term for it bc i often get attacked by non destiel shippers and when i say i agree with them that it would be weird for it to become canon in the show they’re often so confused. I don’t know if i’m alone in this or not, but if it never becomes canon i’m totally okay with it bc i already know they love each other very much and that’s enough for me. Destiel is my biggest OTP and honestly the reason for my existence but as long as they don’t die and don’t hate each other i’m perfectly content. Does that make sense?