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Did u ever think Craig of the dead would become this popular and stem off such amazing fan art


I thought it was just gonna be a fun little thing I did for me, myself, and I? Like ffs, it was born out of this:

like i had no real plans for it except a few little headcanons maybe and now it’s exploded and people are so HUNGRY for more details that i’m holding onto with my grubby little paws just so i can deliver a fuller and more compelling story. and the FANSTUFF god that people would take time out of their day?? and their effort???? to contribute cool stuff to my idea is 

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hey i noticed that when cas said those things in that accent, dean's reaction was v weird. it was like facepalmy, almost eye-rolly what did i get myself into sort of reaction. but he couldve stopped cas at any point, right? he couldve just said "cas quit it youre making it worse" but he didnt. why? and if he wasnt embarrassed/annoyed/uncomfortable then what was that reaction? was it just jensen acting all grumpy!dean which brought that disconnect b/w how dean's written & how hes being played?

Probably for the same reason that Castiel didn’t reprimand Dean for pulling a gun after being woken up! There was a similar eye rolling vibe there for sure.

Both of these two have eccentricities that are the results of the strange lives they’ve led - Castiel being socially awkward because of his species and Dean being overly defensive because of being raised as a hunter - and while often embarrassing or inconvenient, Dean and Cas love each other whole heartedly. All parts of them, even the embarrassing bits.

So they tolerate these things. Cas tolerates the fact that Dean is a grumpy bear in the mornings and Dean tolerates the bad accents and poor aliases. His reactions in the car (1, 2) and outside (1, 2) were, “Ugh, god. This is the man I have chosen to love.” He’s biting his tongue, picking his battles, and going with it.

(Plus, the accent is a turn on. And everything Castiel does is a little bit endearing, let’s face it. Of course Dean wouldn’t say anything.)

unconventional || jeon jungkook

Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering if u could do an imagine where the reader(any gender) likes rock/metal music and has never heard kpop before yet manage to make them fall for each other. It can be any member by the way

Anonymous said: heyyyy im actually in love with your account keep up the great work!!! just wanted to pop up and (if possible) request a story on how you (a non-idol) would somehow end up dating jungkook but like kinda not too unrealistic ya feel? ahahahahha sorry if this is a struggle but yeh :^)

Jeon Jungkook x reader

Summary: Why would someone like him, date someone like you?’ Or, how someone ordinary could end up with someone like Jungkook.

Genre: drabble, fluff

Words: 803

Decided to put these two requests together as they were kinda similar!! I hope this is the sort of thing you guys wanted <3 (also you’re rlly sweet thank u ily)

I love this babyboy

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Idols had never really been on my radar. Living and studying in South Korea, it was pretty hard to not be aware of the K-Pop industry, and the artists that were taking it by storm. But I had always liked rock music more, and while I appreciated the effort and skill of K-Pop artists, I wasn’t exactly a devoted fan.

Still, I knew enough to recognise Jungkook from BTS when he walked in, across the room from me at a birthday party.

He was standing against the wall, a drink in his hand, chatting amicably to a group of people. I kept my eyes on him, not sure I was correct in my identification. But as his face turned towards me and the light hit his cheekbones I knew it was him.  It was also made obvious by the extended glances that others at the party were giving him, their eyes full of something between awe and jealousy.

“Hey, why is he here?” I asked the friend whose birthday it was. They explained that he had been a friend of a friend before he debuted, and was eventually invited as someone’s plus one. “Not that I’m complaining”, she added with a smirk in his direction, and I laughed, nodding.

A while later, I was sitting on a couch with a group of my friends when he was brought into our conversation, awkwardly giving each of us a smile. I couldn’t help but to laugh as he introduced himself uncomfortably to everyone, finding it funny how different he seemed from the stage persona I had seen all over my social media.

When our eyes met then, I hadn’t known what it would turn into.

In a whirlwind of awkward conversations and blushing cheeks, I somehow left the party with his number. It didn’t take long for him to call me, stuttering and laughing on the other end of the phone, and I found myself saying yes to a date. It didn’t seem real. His world and my world were too different, but neither of us could deny the way we had instantly clicked.

Things progressed quickly, but I was too wrapped up in him to even notice.

Of course, when people found out, it was difficult. I had friends that immediately demanded to meet him, their eyes wide and frenzied at the thought of coming anywhere near Jungkook of BTS. “You’re so lucky,” They would tell me, envy tightening their features. “you’re dating an idol.”

But it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t dating the idol Jungkook; the worldwide star. Sure, that part of him was important, but it wasn’t why I was there. I was dating the sweet, funny and awkward boy I had met at a party. Him being famous hadn’t been on my mind when I had agreed to that first date.

It was hard to ignore people’s comments though, and sometimes I did find myself wondering the question I had read, and people had asked me, so many times. Why would someone like him, date someone like you? The truth was, I didn’t know. I was completely ordinary.

“Do you love me?” I asked out of the blue one day, my head in Jungkook’s lap. I was reading a book, while he watched something, scrolling through his phone absentmindedly. He stopped what he was doing, peering down at me through his eyelashes with a confused expression.

“Of course.” He said softly, his hand coming to stroke my hair.

“You don’t think I’m… too ordinary?” I asked quietly, squirming under his gaze but needing to ask him; needing to know. “I mean, I’m not an idol.” His mouth turned up at one side, and he shook his head down at me, still gently carding his fingers through my hair.

“You.” He leant down and pressed his lips against mine. “Are anything but ordinary.” He kissed me again, and I found myself leaning up into it. He pulled back with a childish smile, looking down at me with so much fondness and light in his expression.

Jungkook was never one for many words – no long rants or lectures about how I was perfect the way I was, and he didn’t want anyone else. But I could see it all there, in his eyes. I could feel it, in the way he held my hand, and the way his lips moved so delicately against mine, like he was afraid to hurt me.

So Jungkook and I continued on. It wasn’t the average relationship – there were implications and downfalls and times I hated the fact that he was an idol. But in the end, it didn’t matter. We were just like any other couple: argumentative at times, understanding, and so in love with each other we were full to bursting. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


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on the one hand, please take care of yourself and sleep! on the other hand... *whispers* frostmaster poooorn

this is also my struggle tbh. on the other hand I’m also 5.7k fucking words (PUN INTENDED) in and I still have two fairly substantial porny bits to write, why is this happening to me

I know why this is happening to me, I did this to myself

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(Nsfw) I had a dream abt jimin once, and wow im not a jimin stan, he isn't even my bias wrecker so that was totally out of nowhere. So. The day before dream i had a huge fight with my family and i was stressed as fuck and i was stressed as fuck in my dream too and jimin was too. And we kinda talked and then i was like. Hhhh do u want to bang? And he was lets BANG..... and we did... sometimes i still see myself riding his thigh.. wild....

suddenly i cant read

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Why don't people get that Justin's depression resulted from him loosing Selena. Do they not listen to his music. One life " I only have one life and I only want to live it with you" " I did it to myself I am the only to blame" No pressure" Mark my words and the list goes on and on. Justin was fighting to get her back because HE IS and has always been IN LOVE WITH HER. Grow the fuck up people and let these two humans live and do as they wish. Also Jasmine from tennhollywood is a little bitter.

I think the drugs played a big part….. and losing her just didn’t help the situation at all…. something happens to wake Justin up… what it was idk if we will ever know…. but he loves her with his whole and Selena loves him with hers, people need to stop being bitter and let them live their lives! Also idec, she hasn’t been a fan for a while so I didn’t exactly expect her to hop back on, hey to each their own man

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything.