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Mike’s basement

See, I was thinking, once all this is over and Will’s back and you’re not a secret anymore, my parents can get you an actual bed for the basement. Or you can take my room if you want, since I’m down there all the time anyways.


A beautiful Brumblebee for @salty-sighthound <3

I’m still taking commissions for these pet portraits! 20 USD for colored like the first one, 15 for monotones. I make a couple different color options for you to pick from for no extra charge.

sonamoo as wlw girlfriends
  • Sumin:the always smiling gf, teases u all the goddamn time, kisses out of nowhere, named every single of her plushies and says they are your children, throws random pickup lines at u that leave u both blushing and wanting to fight her, doesn’t do hugs often but when she does they are those bear tackle hugs, asks u to help her use the Internet™ and spends a whole month using nothing but the dog filter, only knows how to cook 2.5 meals but she still cooks for u bc she loves u
  • Minjae:a soft and cute bab and likes to be treated as such, uses too much emojis, sings to u all the time, calls u Darling and likes to be called Princess, watching movies with her is both terrible and incredible bc she never shuts up and is always making jokes or imitating the characters, remembers all ur typos and brings them up every time she can, always share her food and snacks, prefers linking arms with u, selfies so much selfies not only hers but COUPLE SELFIES MANY OF THOSE, is tiny but would still fight an army for u
  • D.ana:cuddliest gf, loves and lives for skinship!!! Wherever ur around she molds herself against u its adorable, picnics dates, writes cheesy lyrics abt u but too shy to show them, couple items, scaredy cat that falls for every prank, tries to convince u to go the gym with her, always smells nice, nose rubs, “steals” ur hoodies and tshirts and u cant get mad bc shes too cute, whispers compliments to u in the dark of night, always giddy and giggly bc she loves u too much and she cant contain herself
  • Nahyun:the most embarrassing supportive gf, shows everyone ur selfies like “look at her isn’t my gf amazing the most beautifullest,, well the second most beautiful only after me hihihi jk shes the most beautiful!!!”, also has a pic of u two as wallpaper and likes changing it every week, outside dates BUT ALSO movie date nights!! texts u until the crack of dawn, she’s cuddly too!! loves holding ur hand linking arms and leaning on u, remembers ur orders in coffee shops and restaurants, always has some cool new app/game to show u, sends u memes with no context, does the most to see u happy bc if ur happy shes happy
  • Euijin:awkward lil babie, does her Serious Face but ends up laughing at all ur jokes anyways, Japanese drama marathons, pokes u when ur not paying attention to her, risky™ pics, has cold hands and feet and laughs the hardest when u jump with the contact, gets easily embarrassed aw, packs u lunch and snacks, “tell me what ur wearing so we can match”, does that thing of staring at u with heart eyes but whenever u do smth greasy she goes “babe…. That’s g a y”, likes lying and sitting on ur lap, trusts u with her life and love u lots
  • High.D:You know those cute help-mywife posts?? Dohee is all of them, soft hugs, likes nuzzling into ur chest, lipstick lesbian™, she always whines that u ruined her makeup making out but shes just being whiny mcwhiniest, surprise gifts with no reason, does smth cheesy like compares u to flowers and runs away bc she cant!!!! handle the cheesiness, serenades u in almost every date, couple rings, u taught her how to skype/facetime so now she wants to do it every day bc she cant sleep without seeing u :(
  • NewSun:cool chic soft butch gf, makes u playlists, probably confessed to u with one, likes putting her chin over ur head, makes u watch those obscure tv shows and artsy movies and has a blast watching ur reactions like if ur watching horror movies and u hide behind her when smth scary comes up, sends u random pics like two cats laid on top of each other with a “its us”, cheek kisses, hand kisses, FOREHEAD KISSES,, always there if u need to rant, helps u pick ur outfits bc she knows how to make a Look™, would still love u if all ur wearing is a ridiculous watermelon bikini though :)

Handwriting Tag ✍🏼️

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 Ok I have 4 four writing styles and I made a khichuri of all four cause I’m half awake orz. I tried to not tag those who I tagged the last time but if I tagged any of you again then sorry cause I’m not functioning properly 😂

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so, since bioware decided not to name the Dalish clan that has an ENTIRE MISSION ARC in the first game, I have taken it upon myself to name it myself and that’s how it’s going to be referred to when Nanna is talking about her connection to that clan.

So from now on, Nanna’s going to refer to Lanaya and Zathrien’s clan as the ‘Alhannon’ clan.

Bias List Tag

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Basically donโ€™t read this if you donโ€™t care for Jongdae spam which I mean everyone should cuz heโ€™s beautiful but whatever you can have you own opinion just know that itโ€™s wrong :)

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Here is my third and final Stucky Big Bang piece. The armor is based on this character design, while the background is lovingly stolen adapted from Mucha.

Art for Winter’s Knight by waffilicious (Fairytale AU)
Steve’s life is turned upside-down when, on a visit to his favorite park, he finds his best friend, Bucky, dressed in what looks like very intense Ren Faire armor and claiming to be the Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court. Pulled into the world of Faerie, Steve is determined to find out exactly what’s happened to Bucky and bring him back home to the human world.

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