I feel distant- so
Far away tonight
From my world and
Close to my thoughts.

Too close, I meant-
Lost in them, in fact,
And in particular
In the thought of you.

I’m probably not
Meant to think so much,
Especially these thoughts
About you all the time

And I hope you don’t
Mind all the names-
Sweetheart, my love,
That I shouldn’t say

But what can I do
When I dream and hope
So hopelessly of
A future
For me
And you.


Here is my third and final Stucky Big Bang piece. The armor is based on this character design, while the background is lovingly stolen adapted from Mucha.

Art for Winter’s Knight by waffilicious (Fairytale AU)
Steve’s life is turned upside-down when, on a visit to his favorite park, he finds his best friend, Bucky, dressed in what looks like very intense Ren Faire armor and claiming to be the Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court. Pulled into the world of Faerie, Steve is determined to find out exactly what’s happened to Bucky and bring him back home to the human world.

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Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton
  • Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton

In which the spectacular Josh Keaton (Shiro’s va) talks Shiro’s time in captivity; breaks my heart a little bit  

(Taken from the Let’s Voltron podcast. Listen to the full interview, which I highly recommend doing, over here)


me trying to romance Jaehee after doing Zen’s route.

Reblog if you are now dangerously dependent on a tv show or a band because you started loving them at a time of your life when things were really bad…and now you need the band/show, just to function \_(ツ)_/

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….