Fourth Grade

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“Can you write an imagine where the reader had a crush on Theo, but he moved away. When he comes back, she feels even stronger for him, but she can’t deny that he’s been acting strange. Finally, she musters up the courage to confront him about it, and he still dodges the questions and avoids her. But when she gets taken with Liam and Hayden he becomes furious and tries to save her. After he finds her, he admits that he had feelings for her all along.”

Warnings: Swearing, violence

Note: I don’t know if you all know what a “Chinese burn” is cause I’m not sure if it’s like an international term but trust me when I say they hurt! x

“What do you have for lunch today *yln*?” A harsh voice said.

You froze in your seat and slowly looked up to see Todd, the notorious grade four bully towering above you.

“N-nothing.” I squeak.

“Let me see!” He snarls ripping the lunchbox out of your hand. 

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How to Improve Your Grades in High School!

Like many other High School students, right now, you may not be satisfied with the grades you’ve been receiving in your report cards. Below, I’ve compiled a list of steps and tips that - if followed - will ensure better overall grades on report cards!

Analyzing - Understand what your teacher expects, how they determine final grades and how they grade single assignments and tests.

Consider what impacts your grade for a course. List out all of the courses you’re taking, and list down what your teacher takes into consideration when giving out quarter/trimester/semester/final grades. The following are examples of class assignments that may be taken into account:







2. Find out how your teachers calculate or determine report card grades.

If you’re in the second semester - For each course, review each assignment/test/exam/etc that is graded, and try to see how your teacher determines your grade.
If it’s the first semester/class session - Ask your teacher.

Questions to ask your teachers include:

Is the class graded on a curve?

Are assignments graded based on percentages or based on criteria/standards?

What goes towards my grade?

Does my behavior affect my grade?

What type of assessment is weighted more heavily when determining grades - tests, labs, papers, etc?

Are assessments at the beginning and end of the semester weighted the same towards my final grade?

Will my grade be an average of percentages?

Will my grade be determined by a trend in letter grades?

3. Figure out why you didn’t get a desirable grade the last time final grades came out. Ask yourself how you were as a student last semester. Questions to ask yourself include:

How did I study?

Did I study at all?

Was my studying effective?

How much time did I set aside studying for tests?

Did complete assignments last minute?

Did I save myself time to fine tune/edit papers/projects?

Did I plan ahead?

Did I do all my HW?

Did I participate in class?

Did I behave in class?

Did my teacher seem like they liked me?

Action - Steps you can follow to maximize your grade to the fullest.

1. Prioritize assignments. If tests are weighted more heavily than labs, focus on studying for tests. You need to make sure that if some assessments are weighted over others, those are all what your target grade is. If you want to get a B in Algebra 2 and tests are heaviest weighted assessments, make sure those tests are B’s or higher. If you want to get an A in Spanish and Oral Assessments are weighted the most heavily, make those oral assessments amazing. At my school, our last few assessments are the most important, so I make it my highest priority to ensure that I get A’s on all of them.

2. Never score beneath 2 letter grades of what you’re aiming for more than 20% of the time. For example, last semester I was aiming for an A- in Honors Biology (cut myself some slack for my first honors course as a Freshman!!) and my single letter grades were A-, A, A-, A-, B, A-. There were 6 assessments of our learning total, and on one of them I had gotten a B, which was 2 letter grades lower than an A-. I still, however, am due to receive an A-, because I only got a B once.

3. Do ALL of your homework (even if it doesn’t count towards your grade). Trust me on this - doing homework is what can be the difference between an A and A-. Homework is so, so, so important in preparing you for assessments. It solidifies learned information/gives you a preview into information you’re going to learn in a future lesson, and gives you practice. I do my homework every time it’s assigned for my math class and have received an A with just 1-2 short study sessions. I know people who never do their homework and have less satisfactory grades.

4. Create goals for each assessment you have coming up. If you know the assessment schedule before a new semester/class starts - great! Create goals for each of the assessments based on how your teachers grade. For Chinese Intermediate 1, I’m aiming for an A this upcoming semester, and I’ve already set goals for each of my assessments that I know I are feasible.

5. Be a teachers pet! This is super important. Your teachers will be more understanding towards you, and it could bump up your grade. HS Students - you never know, this teacher might be one you ask your college rec from!

6. Use your time efficiently. Don’t waste time that you could be using to work on an assignment or study! Create little note sheets, flashcards, quizlets, or have your laptop on hand to study and work when you’re doing nothing.


- Hand in neat work. Giving in clean, crisp, beautiful assignments will impress your teachers and make them think that you’re as clean-cut as your assignments. Aesthetics matter!

- Have the mentality that you’re going to ace a test before you take it.

If you have a friend that’s doing really well, see what they do, and ask them for their study tips.

Be organized.

Always plan for tests/assignments.

Review notes after class, it’s a proven way to solidify and memorize content learned in class.

Be a present in class (participate take notes).

The Signs as things the weird kid who sits next to me has said
  • Aries: "Terrorism isn't a bad thing"
  • Taurus: "We pounded her pussy to death"
  • Gemini: "Drugs are the only thing that makes this life worth living"
  • Cancer: *Talking to self* "But mother why I love him"
  • Leo: "Everybodys a nazi! Im a nazi, your a nazi!"
  • Virgo: *Me* "What are you doing?" *Him* "Not doing my work thats for sure"
  • Libra: "Your jew is evolving!" *pokemon theme song*
  • Scorpio: "I'm gonna gouge out your eyes and sell them to the devil"
  • Sagittarius: "I'm gonna read 20 million thomas the train books"
  • Capricorn: "Father how much does one hooker cost?" *Answers self* "Your soul"
  • Aquarius: "Death is great"
  • Pisces: There goes my grade🎶 *To the tune of Here Comes The Sun*

anonymous asked:

So my professor is teaching us about white balance and color grading but he didn't give examples so I didn't really understand in class. I know it's not your job but can you help?

Sure, I’ll do my best but keep in mind I’m using solely what I know and not using any only resources. So if what I say isn’t sufficient, feel free to use online knowledge bases like Youtube and what not. 

From my experience, white balance/color temp boils down to how cool or warm an image is. Keep in mind though, Color Temperature is a standalone variable, while White Balance is made up of Color Temperature and Tint. (WB example below)

The color temperature of your images can be altered one of two places. In your camera’s settings so that whatever you take is processed with you pre-defined settings or you can altered the temp on your computer or phone using some type of photo editing tool like VSCO, Photoshop, or Lightroom. 

I’m glad you brought up color grading (I’ll refer to Color Grading simple as grading, White Balance as WB and Color Temperature as Temp from here on). Grading is how you achieve a specific or desired look in your images. Have you ever seen any of the Matrix movies? 

This is a common technique in film, often used in action movies. Granted, the Matrix series pushed the limits of the effect but it paid off. The technique throws green hues over the shadows and orange/yellow tints over the highlights. The contrast is provides is visually pleasing and helps minimize distractions by the viewing. 

As far as my work goes, I grade with the intent of preserving as much of the original image as possible while boosting (increasing) oranges/yellows so highlight sunlight and skin tones. Use this image below for reference next to the default version of it. 

Decreased orange luminosity and saturation goes hand in hand with lowered yellow saturation and higher yellow luminosity. Saturation meaning the vividness of the color and luminosity pertaining to the brightness of that color in the image. These are adjustments available to people using Lightroom, just to avoid any confusion. It would take me quite some time to get over each and every adjustment made. If you’d like, here is the RAW file for this image, along with the full size JPEG, unedited and edited if you’d like to try your hand at editing the image for yourself.

Some things to keep in mind. Editing should, as far as I’m concerned with my own work, done in order to preserve the images overall sense and feeling. I edit based on how the shoot felt at the time, based on the setting, and based on the person’s personality. 

There’s no formula and art is entirely subjective so by all means craft your own style. I believe the subject should be complimented by their environment, and vice versa. Oh and I grade warm most of the time, hope this helped. Since I get these string of question pretty often, I’ll answer them here as well. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, I shoot exclusively RAW, I editing with Adobe Lightroom, and I create all of my presets/filters manually.


My Final Major Project is now complete! This is the very last project I needed to complete for my course. Now all I need to do is make sure I’ve completed everything asked of me in my sketchbook and portfolio which goes towards my final grade, and hand it in on Monday morning. The title of my project is “A Bermudian in Scotland” and features a Scottish landscape scene with Bermudiana flowers embroidered in the foreground. I’ve never done anything like this before and am pretty proud of myself. I of course can’t help but be critical and pick out all my mistakes or keep thinking of what else I could do to make them better, but I’m still pleased. My favorite is the second one I stitched with the cherry blossom tree. I’m learning as I go and can see a big difference in technique between the two even though I started the 2nd one the same day I finished the 1st. My work, along with the other art and design students work is now hanging in the classrooms/temporary gallery to be exhibited starting in June. I’m a bit nervous knowing other people I don’t know will be scrutinising my embroidery, but I’ll have to get over it. ☺

Here's my ring, asshole (Part one)


Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually posting something. Yeah, so it’s not a complete chapter and it’s only one thing instead of two, but let me explain, okay? I actually have a lot more written down but I can’t think of an ending. There was no smut in the request so I don’t know if socially-awkward-weirdo wants any or nah. So it’s voting time. I will only consider the first 3, maybe 5 ending ideas because I actually want to update soon. Go as crazy as you want. I will definitely appreciate it.



Request by socially-awkward-weirdo (shoutout, btw to an awesome blog): Hey, can I please have an Andy Biersack imagine where he gets all jealous of me and Ashely just messing around? Thanks :-)


“Hi, welcome to —” Oh. “Hey, guys,” I smile. Andy never comes to the restaurant when I’m at work. What’s going on? They all nod at me hello.

“Hey. Room for three more?”

“Uh,” I scan the list with the openings. Okay, so table 32 was requested by some rich people but they can go fuck themselves. Last time they were over they tipped me like 10 cents.

“Yeah. Follow me?”

I grab a few menus and two wine lists and turn on my heel, walking towards the back of the room. His friends follow.

“This okay?”

He nods and grins at me and I smile back a little unsettled. They take their seats and I tell them in my fake I-make-a-living-out-of-this-so-you-better-fucking-tip-me voice that someone will be with them shortly and I scatter away, biting my lip. Andy’s acting too innocent. Something’s up.

“Y/N! Get me a coffee, please.”

I roll my eyes at Jena and go to the kitchen. She’s such a bitch. We’re supposed to have equal shifts at hosting but she’s always hanging in the back on her phone, pretending she’s stacking stuff. Well now it’s my turn. The place is gonna be packed soon and I’m planning on taking a break. Knowing that Andy’s here will surely give me two left feet and I hate embarrassing myself.

Once in the kitchen I do pour a cup of coffee but not for the bitch. This one’s for me. I rarely take my coffee black but the sugar is too damn far away. And the cream is all the way in the fridge, in the furthest point from me. So fuck that.

I make a face as the bitter liquid goes down my throat.

“Oi, Pedro! D’we have any of those sweet tarts ready?”


“Dude, come on. Kinda having a bad day here?”

“Fifteen minutes, chica.”


Yeah, so I’m in my winter break but I’m pretty sure I flunked that last exam. Who the hell cares about World history? Like I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna be under a Mongol attack any time soon. If my grade goes down just one point I’ll be stuck with a C after months of work to get it up at least a low B.

Fucking Mongol attacks.


I sigh as one of the waitresses storms up to me. “What?”

“Andy Biersack is here.”

“Huh.” Took her long enough. Should I play like we’re not currently dating or act like a mega slut?

“Yeah. I know.”

“‘Yeah, I know?!’ What the fuck, why aren’t you rushing out to go see?”

“Because I’m pretty sure he wants a quiet night without any annoying bitches drooling on his face.”

“Ouch. That hurt.”

“Yeah, well my head hurts from having this conversation.” I grab a basket and toss it at her. “Here, go give him some bread and butter.”

I will never understand why people like eating bread and butter before a main course. Gives them something to do, I guess.

I drink the rest of the coffee wishing it was tequila and jump up on a counter, going over tonight’s floor plan. There’s a party of 25 people coming over at 10:30pm which makes me frown.

Why the fuck do people do this? If you know the place closes at fucking 11:00pm don’t come a half an hour before. Like seriously? I might want to do something else than smile at you two hours after closing time, like sleep.

It’s gonna be a long night.

“Here, Y/N.”

I look up to see Pedro with a plate full of those delicious cream tarts. I grin and settle in, munching happily and browsing 9gag. I giggle at the occasional dick joke.


I growl and look up. Jena’s frowning at me.

“What do you want?” I snap.

“Are you fucking serious? The place is full and you’re just sitting here?”

One of her false lashes is unattached in the corner so it’s pretty hard to actually concentrate on what she’s saying. Maybe she’ll get fired for indecency.

“Nope. I’m actually being super productive,” I mumble while stuffing another tart in my mouth. Damn these are good.

“Can I have one?”

“Ask Pedro.”

She tries to grab one but I shift out of reach.

“Dammit, Y/N!”

“Ask Pedro.”



“Canna have some cream tarts?”

“Ask Y/N!”

I grin, happy to be the chef’s favorite.

“The answer is no, bitch.”

“Whatever, ho. I don’t need any cellulite anyway so you’re doing me a favor.”

Cellulite can be her middle name considering how much she has.

She turns to leave.

“Oh, table 32 requested that you take care of them.”

“What?” I choke.

“Yeah. Now get your fat ass up before I report you for ditching on the job.”

Did she just call my ass fat? That’s ironic since she’s like five times my size.

I get up and smooth my dress of any wrinkles and crumbs. I grab a small wad of paper and a pen.

Before I come into sight, I make an effort to get rid of my scowl. I don’t see a reason to smile so it’s hard to.

“Hey! Have you guys decided on what you’re having?”

It’s weird that they’ve been here so long and haven’t ordered yet. Something catches my eye on the table. Have they been playing poker? Really? Andy sees me staring and laughs.

“Yeah, we couldn’t decide who’s paying.”

I giggle. Boys. “Who lost?”


I smile at him and he shakes his head but you can tell he’s amused.

“Would you guys like to start with some drinks?”

“Uh, margarita for me?” Ashley says. It came out as a question.

“Vodka and coke,” Jake adds.

“Just water for me. I’m driving.”

“Okay. Are you guys ready to order as well or…?”

“What would you recommend?”

Agh, fuck. The only thing I was hoping to avoid.

I am not a fucking waitress so I don’t know the damn menu. I don’t even know the specials for today. So I launch in this incredibly descriptive speech on my favorite meal which is just a schnitzel and rice with vegetables. I mean, I like it.

“Yeah, I’ll have one of that.”

“I’ll get a roasted steak on hot rocks,” Ashely says.

“Is medium-rare acceptable?”

“Whatever you think, tuts.”

My mouth drops open, shocked. What the hell did he just call me?

He’s grinning.

Andy either didn’t hear it he ignored it because he simply says something about “chef’s choice”, closes the menu and hands it to me in dismissal.

“Thanks,” I snap. He glances up but I’m already walking away. I need a minute to cool off.

I should spit in Ashley’s fucking margarita. Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do. Spit in his girly drink before mixing it so he won’t be able to tell. I know he won’t know but damn will it feel good.

Then I realize it’s the outfit.

I usually wear jeans and an oversized hoodie in my free time and slacks and maybe a shirt for work. But I’m behind in doing laundry so I had to wear this dress. I mean, it’s completely appropriate. It stops two inches above the knee and it doesn’t even have a low cut. And I even went further and wore black tights and five inch platforms.

Yes, it’s fun to dress up sometimes. Fight me.

I finish preparing the drinks and slip a little umbrella in the glasses.

So maybe I overreacted at the “tuts” comment.

I take the glass to the kitchen and spit in a very unladylike fashion and stir it a little to dissolve the saliva. I place the glass carefully on a tray and go fetch the others.

And fuck Andy. I realize that I’m actually more pissed at him than at Ashely. Yeah. He’s been like this for a while. I don’t even know what I expected. A little male dominance or something? Or whatever men do. But maybe in his eyes I’m simply a friend and nothing else.

Holy fuck, I bet he’s getting bored. Isn’t it typical for rockstars? Hooking up on a regular basis?

I should put that to the test. Yeah, now that I think about it I realize what Ashely’s doing. I mean, I hope that’s what he’s doing. Trying to make Andy jealous should be fun. Not that I actually like Ashely like that, and he made it very clear that I’m not his type. Still, it’s not like I have anything better to do.

I grin at my plan and quickly make another margarita, and leave the old one behind. I hurry to their table with a smile.

Ignoring Andy, I make a big show of pouring the vodka in front of Jake. He’s sitting next to the wall so I can’t reach him directly. Ashely’s sitting next to him, and he’s the closest to me as Andy’s sitting in front of Jake. I bump into Ashley’s knee and wave it off in a oh-sorry-I’m-so-clumsy manner. He grins and motions at me to come close so he can say something.

“What exactly are you doing?” he whispers.

I grin. “Pouring Jake’s drink,” I whisper back.

“I can see that. But what are you doing?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I hand him his margarita and his fingers rest on mine a fraction of a second longer than necessary.

I lean down again and mutter under my breath, “I guess I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and I back away. This is kinda fun, but I don’t want to get fired for being unprofessional.

“I’m glad you guys came tonight,” I announce.

When I catch Jake’s eye he snorts and looks away, taking a sip of his drink. He knows. And he also knows I know.

“I’m sure you are.”

I straighten up and tell them that the food will be ready shortly. I don’t miss Andy’s eyes burning on my back as I leave. Well, whatever. If the asshole wanted something he could find a way to say it.

I should spit in HIS fucking food.


I’m staring blankly at a wall when I someone taps my shoulder, making me jump.


“Here, follow me.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Considering you just did I suppose you can,” I smile.

He grins and leans in. “Are you wearing a bra?”

What the fuck! I wanna ask if my tits look soggy or something but I manage to keep my mouth shut.

I smile at him. “Are you wearing panties?.”


I think he reaches for my behind but I make a smooth escape by dropping my pen and bending down.

Ashley huffs and goes in the bathroom and I get my legs to function again and demand them that they get me the hell outta here.

I’m not good at this. I can’t flirt and, honestly, it’s exhausting. And also pointless.

I go find Jena. She’s stuffing her face with bread and butter.

“I need you to take care of 32.”

“Hell no.”

I think for a second.

“I’ll let you keep the tip.”

“Deal.” She scurries off but stops at the kitchen door. “What do I say if they ask about you?”

“Tell them…” Uh. “That I’m on break.”

“Rude ass bitch,” she says but she’s laughing.

Whatever. They’ll have to deal. Honesty, Andy can go fuck himself.

About 20 minutes later I exist the kitchen and head for the storage room. I turn the corner and bump face first into someone.

I look up to see two icy cold blue eyes glaring hard at me.



Part II