On this day in music history: April 24, 1959 - “There Goes My Baby” by The Drifters is released. Written by Benjamin Nelson (Ben E. King), Lover Patterson, George Treadwell, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, it is the first single featuring the second incarnation of the legendary R&B/doo-wop vocal group. The transition in group personnel takes place when The Drifters manager George Treadwell (former husband and manager of jazz singer Sarah Vaughan) fires the remaining original members after clashes over money and musical direction. Treadwell replaces them with a group of singers formerly known as The 5 Crowns, drafting them to become the new line up of The Drifters. For their first release as The Drifters, they record “There Goes My Baby” with the songwriting and production team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The track is recorded on March 6, 1959 at Atlantic Studios in New York City, marking the first appearance of new lead singer Ben E. King. Leiber and Stoller’s groundbreaking use of strings and other orchestral instruments changes the face of R&B and pop music, going on to influence many songwriters and producers in the years that follow. Producer and songwriter Phil Spector sites the song as a major influence for his “Wall Of Sound” production technique. “There Goes My Baby” spends one week at #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart on July 27, 1959, peaking at #2 on the Hot 100 on August 17, 1959, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1998.

House archetypes - Attack on Titan


Eren – Bold, determined, hot-blooded – The Avenger

Reiner – Follows his own moral code, literally cannot face himself if he doesn’t, weird discrepancy between his ideals and his behaviour – The Knight

Connie – HIS HONOR !!!, family guy, importance of balanced relationships – The Warrior

Nanaba – Brave but modest, will protect you whatever the cost, responsible and reliable – The Savior

Jean – Really cares about doing the right thing, acts tough but believes he’s not but in reality is, will punch your face anytime – The Fighter


Christa – Puts other people’s problems before hers to escape them, whole-hearted lover, dutiful – The Promised

Marco – Fair, trusting beyond reason, deserved  b e t t e r – The Sacrifice

Moblit – Responsible, loyal, caring & worrying – The Companion

Petra – Humble, devoted, secretly an absolute badass – The Soldier


Armin – Thinks outside the box, values strategy more than force, has two modes either really calm or really passionate – The Successor

Bertoldt – Quiet, focused, represses his emotions but is really sensible – The Isolated

Mike – Introverted, believer in mankind’s freedom, has his own method that few understand but everyone respects – The Analyst

Hange – Eager for discovery, bold of mind and temper, still a very capable and tactical leader – The Scientist


Mikasa – Will crush you if you get in her way, dependant on one and only and a single person, a talent for dramatic entrances – The Guardian

Ymir – Brutally honest, values independence above all, is actually the most selfless wannabe punk you will ever meet – The Armored

Annie – Smart and cunning, cold blooded, most likely to be the villain with daddy issues™ – The Snake

Sasha – Strongly attached to her land and her traditions, stubborn as hell, can function in group but puts herself first – The Survivor

Erwin – WILL SACRIFICE YOUR BABY FOR HUMANITY AND DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT, womanizer without trying, most likely to be the good guy with daddy issues™ – The Leader

Levi – Despises You And Will Let You Know, control/clean freak, selective but absolute trust – The Efficient

I know there are two (2) more Slytherins but I couldn’t see any of them in any other house so. Fight me. The palm of the most difficult character to Sort goes to my baby Armin Arlert who I almost put in Gryffindor (he’s the bravest of them all according to Mikasa and also did you see how he just *clutches his heart* with that mad glistening in his eyes and also his indestructible hopefulness are both very Ravenclaw and very Gryffindor to me but his realistic and collected side won him the Ravenclaw ticket).

a mix of 70 songs that Calum has tweeted the lyrics to at some point

1. weightless by all time low. 2. uptown funk by mark ronson ft. bruno mars. 3. what happened to your band by mcbusted. 4. redundant by green day. 5. spray on pants by kisschasy. 6. little things by good charlotte. 7. duality by slipknot. 8. the only reason by 5 seconds of summer. 9. missing by everything but the girl. 10. something in the way by nirvana. 11. motivation by sum 41. 12. break your little heart by all time low. 13. situations by new found glory. 14. 21st century breakdown by green day. 15. have faith in me by a day to remember. 16. sing by ed sheeran. 17. the rock show by blink 182. 18. if you dont know by 5 seconds of summer. 19. deuces by chris brown. 20. till the day i die by story of the year. 21. bleed american by jimmy eat world. 22. teenagers by my chemical romance. 23. closing time by semisonic. 24. you’re gonna go far, kid by the offspring. 25. long way home by 5 seconds of summer. 26. times like these by foo fighters. 27. american idiot by green day. 28. snuff by slipknot. 29. longview by green day. 30. heart out by the 1975. 31. come home by tonight alive. 32. the great escape by boys like girls. 33. sink or swim by lewis watson. 34. stacys mom by fountains of wayne. 35. there goes my baby by usher. 36. all back by chris brown. 37. fate by our last night. 38. revolution by the used. 39. shes got a boyfriend now by boys like girls. 40. many of horror by biffy clyro. 41. i dont wanna miss a thing by aerosmith. 42. machines by biffy clyro. 43. show me by kid ink ft. chris brown. 44. hold on by good charlotte. 45. wrapped around your finger by 5 seconds of summer. 46. counting the days by good charlotte. 47. young girls by bruno mars. 48. p.y.t. (pretty young thing) by michael jackson. 49. no such thing by john mayer. 50. fix you by coldplay. 51. surrender by angels & ariwaves. 52. sitting waiting wishing by jack johnson. 53. all of me by john legend. 54. 1985 by bowling for soup. 55. feelin’ way too damn good by nickelback. 56. dark blue by jack’s mannequin. 57. you’re nobody till somebody loves you by dean martin. 58. my stupid mouth by john mayer. 59. keep your hands off my girl by good charlotte. 60. i dont trust myself by john mayer. 61. disconnected by 5 seconds of summer. 62. motel pool by travis garland. 63. empty apartment by yellowcard. 64. the middle by jimmy eat world. 65. 12 through 15 by mayday parade. 66. underclass hero by sum 41. 67. what i like about you by the romantics. 68. i love you 5 by nevershoutnever. 69. i miss you by blink 182. 70. teenage dirtbag by wheatus.



Usher - There Goes My Baby