SO. I just scrolled back through my photos to find #proof of Kit Purrson. I am missing a few but “kit Pursson” was definitely a name given by N through discussion with fans, because of course Kent would name his cat after himself. I’m kind of upset that I don’t have more tweets but Kit’s name was established, as seen with the use of the shortened “purrs.” Also Kit Purrson had his own Instagram, where he would model along with money and champaign (sadly I don’t have these tweets either) So yes Kit Purrson is canon and was an integral part of Kent’s on twitter character development that sadly most comic readers missed out on. 

DR3 NG Codes

I don’t know about you guys, but these NG codes, I think are very specific to each person. What’s weird is how they are not random at all. 

So far we learned only 8 NG codes that were confirmed.

And 1 is in question.

What I mean is that, let’s look at the NG codes again.

Naegi: Can’t run.

Asahina: Can’t be punched or kicked.

Tengan: Can’t answer a question with a lie.

Kizakura: Can’t unclench his left hand.

Izayoi: (While not shown.) Can’t eat anything.

Ruruka: (While also not shown.) Can’t let anyone leave the building.

Seiko: Can’t let anyone step on your shadow.

Bandai: Can’t witness violence between participants.

Juzo: (Also wasn’t shown, but they mentioned his unabilitiy to punch so many goddamn times, that I’m surprised you’d still be in doubt.) Can’t punch.

Munakata’s is supposedly that he can’t open doors.

So far we have no idea in terms of Kirigiri’s and Ryota’s.

I just wanted to mention how oddly specific the NG codes are. I feel like the mastermind knew how the events would play out. Or maybe because they put those rules is because that’s how they WANTED things to turn out.

one of these things

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Met A Celebrity: Most recently Candice Pool & Casey Neistat outside my office #heroes. I’ve spoken with Ariana Huffington a couple times. Never met in person, but have gotten to correspond with Derek Sivers via email, who is lovely (if you don’t know him, go devour his website for your health). I got to work with Kevin Kline & Angela Lansbury a few years ago for a non-profit gig I directed.
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Clexacoon Plushies FAQs

Right now, Clexacoon Plushies is an idea/goal. @immochiball graciously allowed me to try to bring their art to “life”, as you would say. @immochiball will mainly be designing it and I will be the one tasked with talking with toymakers and raising funds to make them. So, to sum it up: Clexacoon Plushies are just ideas right now. Additionally, in order for those ideas to become reality, we need funding. So in this situation, should we launch a pre-order process or something, it has to be 100% fully funded before we move forward.

As for your questions with regard to shipping and buying logistics, you can address them to me. Questions about design would be best addressed to @immochiball, but because we’re in the early phases of design, we don’t really have much more to expand on besides what @immochiball has already said.

You can help us out a lot by filling out this survey (LINK).

That said, here are the most common questions popping up:

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So, I made an actual fanart For Steven universe :I

Really not sure what I was going for. I just really like their recent episode and was like, oh crap I need to draw something :U.

Soooooo yea. Just more procrastination I guess?
When the Dust Settles - Chapter 6: 20 Questions
Rating: Explicit Relationships: Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Pre-Relationship, Eventual Smut, Just hear me out, Fluff and Angst Summary: Jamie is a barista, Mako is a construction worker, and this coffee shop is the best place in town.
By Organization for Transformative Works

I can’t believe there are 6 chapters of this mess it was JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A ONE SHOT FOR FIN??????

Taking things too far, as per usual…

i think im having gay feelings

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If you were to associate Master Yi with a tree, specifically a leaf type, what would it be? Based on color, shape, history, etc.



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To the S,M,&T, how would you react if their sacrificial bride who was also their s/o was a werewolf? And could turn into a soft, fluffy, bad ass wolf. ^^

Shu: “So your a wolf?” You nod and he stare at you for few second before asking you a question “Can you turn into wolf for me?” Once you did that he lay his head on you “You make a nice pillow”

Reiji: “I see so how long was you going to hide this from me?” You explain to him and he nod “Care to show me what you look like? Before I figure out what your punishment is going to be like”

Ayato: “So your wolf? COOL” Ayato smile big as he begin to ask you so many questions “LET SHOW THOSE TSUKINAMI BASTARD THAT YOU’RE THE BEST!!”

Kanato: “A wolf?” You nod and he continue to eats his pudding that you made for him “That doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re still mine then that fine”

Laito: “Who know bitch-chan can be a cute wolf too?” Laito smile “I wonder what you be like in bed as a wolf girl~?”

Subaru: “Tch so what if your a wolf as long as you don’t go near the freaking Tsukinami then I don’t care” *He actually do care*

Ruki: “Care to tell me where you’re from and what your family is like?” You explain to him everything and he nod “Don’t think you won’t be punish for not telling me in first place”

Kou: “Awwww M neko-chan should of been a neko not some dog” he scoff “But at least I can still drink your blood and make you into neko”

Yuma: “Heh never though sow be a wolf” Yuma smile and touch your head “You can still help me with my garden just don’t turn into wolf form near my garden”

Azusa: “That cute….” Azusa smile lightly “Can you scratch me…?”

Carla: “Where are you from? And I like to know now” you explain to him about where your from and he nod each time “Well then.. You better stay normal and no turning into wolf form unless there is a battle against Sakamaki and Mukami”

Shin: “COOL!!!” Shin smile wide and turn into his wolf form “Let go explore around the forest!”

Kino: “Don’t turn into wolf unless you’re outside. I don’t want you to pee on my ps4”

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okay, honest question. you said you should wait until you're done working on yourself before you enter into a new relationship. i think i agree, but my question is how can you ever know for sure that you're done growing and improving yourself? shouldn't personal growth be a lifelong process?

let me be clear: i never said you need to be perfect to be ready for a relationship. i said it’s best to be emotionally health and have emotional intelligence. that means having the ability to know how you feel, why you feel, and how to deal with how you feel

personal growth is a life long process. working on yourself is a life long process. but there is a difference between being emotionally healthy, and emotionally unhealthy. and i think people who are not emotionally healthy need to do the work to become healthy before entering into a relationship.

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Uh... can I push the memes aside and ask for some HCs about the Rubies? I swear I am filled with thirst for all of them.


  • The Rubies follow you around like lost puppies everywhere you go, they can’t help it that they like you so much.
  • You like something? Each of the Rubies go out and gather that thing and it turns into a huge competition to see who can impress you the most.
  • Whenever you cuddle they all just pile on top of you because they want to be held by you so bad.
  • When you show them around Earth, each Ruby does whatever they can to be closest to you and ask you the most questions/share knowledge to impress you. Dirt? A bunch of rocks. Babies? Overcooked humans. Why are you laughing?
“Choose life.” That’s God’s call for us, and there is not a moment in which we do not have to make that choice. Life and death are always before us. In our imaginations, our thoughts, our words, our gestures, our actions … even in our nonactions. This choice for life starts in a deep interior place. Underneath very life-affirming behaviour I can still harbour death-thoughts and death-feelings. The most important question is not “Do I kill?” but “Do I carry a blessing in my heart or a curse?” The bullet that kills is only the final instrument of the hatred that began being nurtured in the heart long before the gun was picked up.
—  Henri Nouwen

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Hi there, Owen :) So I really hope you can/will answer this question - What's your personal opinion on Morby? I know you say people can ship what they want, but what do you feel about it? Since it has been canonly stated that they have a brotherly relationship in the show...

I personally am not really a shipping person. I’ve never really been someone to sit there and wish and desire for two characters I like to fall in love with each other. I like to let the story take me where it takes me and leave it up to the writer. In the end I will generally have ideas of like “This person should’ve end up with this person” or something, but I’m not really that invested in the idea and it’s usually based on analysis of the structure of the story, not anything more. That’s just never been the main focus of cartoons or any kind of media for me.

Shipping wasn’t something ingrained in me as a teen, and I think it’s more something that has come heavily into focus only in the past decade or so, influenced heavily by the anime scene coming onto the scene in the US. As a teen, I was vehemently anti-anime, so anything that felt like it had an anime-influence was banned from my mind. I was always much more of a sci-fi and mystery kind of person and I cared more about the hows and whys to something mysterious than the who’s and their personal relationships. I only started becoming interested in that in my early twenties.

So Morby? I don’t know, I don’t think it makes sense from a structural point of view. They’re two very straight guys with a history of dating members of the opposite sex and being quite into it. HOWEVER, I think it is certainly fun to think of that sort of stuff in an alternate universe kind of way, especially if the media you’re watching doesn’t include many of the kinds of relationships you desire to see. As long as you don’t believe that your story trumps the creator’s and you get mad at them because you pinned all your hopes and dreams on a fantasy you concocted in your own brain, then it’s all A-OK by me.

At the same time, if in the end JG asked me to help make Mordecai and Rigby into a gay couple, I would try my damnedest to make sure it was natural and made sense.

Anyway, draw what you want. Ship who you want. I love anything that anyone does that is interacting with the work that I create or help create. I love that it reflects the artist’s dreams and desires and that they feel something from what they’re seeing. Cause if they don’t feel anything from what you’re making, what’s the point?

My OTP is godecai afterall.