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wardens can sense other wardens (e.g. anders in the deep roads), so alistair loghain and stroud should have called out thom. (not to mention the inquisitor - he says he hears the song in front of the other warden and then that he doesnt in skyhold). overall the false calling must have caused a lot of confusion if that slipped somehow. or bioware forgot their own lore again

I mean, yeah. I’m pretty sure Thom was deliberately written so we’d notice inconsistencies in his story.

But I’m happy to accept the false Calling as the reason Alistair or whoever the warden contact is didn’t notice the lie. Same thing happened in The Calling, where you’ve got a warden who stopped being able to sense the darkspawn because the song was so loud:

The humming had eclipsed any sense he had of the darkspawn. Any attempt he made to reach out with his mind to sense where the creatures were found only a wall of beautiful sound instead. Like a weed, it had insinuated itself into his consciousness, blocking out anything useful.

So Alistair might not be able to sense other wardens over the sound of the Calling. It’d be completely in keeping with their lore.


Thank you guys so much for the support!!! I happy you guys actually enjoy the blog!! Like I’ve mentioned before, I have queued two months worth of asks! Expect an update everyday!!

Other then that, I have a few M!As that will be going on along with the queued asks! Those will be starting in a little while!

Again, thanks so much! From me, and the guys, too!

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Hi love, sorry if i'm bothering you, but i read 'Coax the Cold' (by MediaWhore) some days ago, and i'm completely in love now. Do you have some similar fics? I couldn't find any merman fics on your Navigation sheet, and i don't even know if you've already answered this question. I'm sorry if you have. I'm kind of new in this fandom (and tumblr) and i still don't really know how to move here. Thank you so much, have a lovely day/night.( i hope my english is clear =* )

I’ve never made one ! Thanks for asking me ! (fair warning, Mermaid!AU  are not really my thing so I haven’t read all of them … but I’ve been told they’re pretty good!)

- Purer Than The Water (like we were) : Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.“Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.” (33k)

- with your love we could breathe underwater  :  Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.  Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one. AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated. (28k)

- Coax the Cold  : England, 1897. English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that. (86k)

- The Importance of Body Language  : Harry really has no idea how he’s going to get out of this one. After the little incident with the fishing wire, he’d been told that under no circumstances was he to visit the surface of the water, as he is the heir to the throne and his safety is essential to the continued existence of their underwater society. Or something. Harry loves his mum, but there’s really only so much talk of royal duty a prince can take before he does something drastic. Like purposefully disobey her strict instructions to stay under the sea for the rest of his natural life, and instead swim too close to a human ship and get himself spotted by none other than the unfairly attractive Prince Louis Tomlinson, for example.Needless to say, Harry is fucked. A Little Mermaid AU. Sort of. (11k)

- at least as deep as the pacific ocean (i wanna be yours)  : louis is the very entitled prince of the seven seas!! harry is a goofy sailor boy!!! a lot of hijinks ensue involving slippery mermaid tails and happy fun little sea creatures!! (9k)

- The Song of a Siren  : Harry loved beautiful things. Ever since his youth, the boy had been drawn to items that he thought were marvellous. Whether it be the shiny broach his mother wore to mass on Sunday or the robin that often sang in the morning, Harry admired them all. Though the thing Harry found most beautiful had always been the sea. At the young age of sixteen, the boy left his family and joined a crew to sail the ocean. After many years, Harry finally attained his own ship and became captain. The year was 1720 when Captain Styles and his crew of twenty men set sail from an English port to travel the world in search of the most beautiful treasures they could find. (Or the one where Harry is the captain of a pirate ship and Louis is siren who learned new tricks.) (22k)


Caught up with an old friend

Took a break from looking at other houses… Went to get a tea and birthday cake pops from Starbucks and this guy is putting his “vintage” bike on the bike mount thingy , lol i cant believe it.

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daddy lessons by Beyoncé aka mercy and her 2 dads

ok i hadn’t listened to that song before until this ask and 1) good fucking song though why am i surprised 2) jesus i’m taking the wheel back b/c i gotta talk about this 

b/c here’s how i see it: angela was jack’s little girl and he’d be the moral-compass-overprotective-I will teach you everything you need to know-side of this song, the “take care of your mother/sisters/etc.”, the “he made me fight, he made me a soldier” “he told me about men like you” “he told me not to cry” “he held my hand” bits of it too. 

but angela was also gabe’s little girl, and gabe was the less fussy but more compassionate, more emotionally aware one, and he’s the side that’s “classic vinyl” and motorcycles and “he held me in his arms and taught me to be strong” “he made me dance” (he’s also the “baby girl he’s playing you” bit because gabe’s the only one of them w/any observation skills but that’s minor) 

and both of them are the “daddy said shoot” part because they both had to drill it into her head that her safety came before anyone else’s and she better damn well shoot that tic tac gun of hers if she’s ever in danger, be strong practically and mentally and shoot– 

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Watching the gif of the mets game reminded me of when Taylor said in her 73 questions vogue interview that her leg jiggling thing makes others think she's nervous. But she clearly was nervous (and jiggling her legs) at the game so Karlie was trying to calm her. She did it too in the best best friends interview. And she was nervous as hell for that. The leg thing is when she's stressed. That 73 questions had loads of obvious kaylor refs and perhaps some other subtle ones only they understood.

Hmmm good point anon 🤔🤔🤔 we see you Taylor

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Any tips on how to keep a dog cool in the summer? My dog isn't handling the hot weather as well as I thought he would. He's a 7 and 1/2 year old 14 lb (I know it's a little on the heavier side we are working on it) miniature pinscher, and he HATES water so swimming and stuff like that isn't really an option.

Oh yes! There are lots of ways. Here are some good ones:

  • Wet their ears and paws. The water evaporates and cools them, there is a lot of blood flow through the ears especially so this helps.
  • Keep your dog well hydrated by bringing/providing fresh water at all times!
  • Frozen treats like watermelon (in moderation) or commercial dog frozen yogurts are a bit relieving, but not the most effective at actually cooling them down. Do not!! Give them ice cream.
  • Provide them with a cool place to lie. A slab of marble or cold metal can work, and your dog is small enough you could get a piece small enough for you to fit in your freezer. They make small granite slabs for chinchillas that might work for you! Alternatively, you could use ceramic tile, which is also cheap. Just throw it in the freezer to cool, then lay some outside.
  • This one is a bit obvious but keep them indoors! Especially if you have AC. And only take them out for walks in the morning or evening, when it is still cool.
  • Keep them well groomed. This does not mean shave them! Some breeds of dog need regular shaving, others should not be shaved ever. Your minpin does not need to be shaved but she does need to be brushed to remove shed hairs. Even short coated dogs need regular brushing! Any extra shed hair can make a dogs natural coat less efficient at keeping them insulated.

That’s all I can think of really, for a dog that does not like to get wet.

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Bad Bad Things is a really great webcomic that features trans + queer people with mental disorders and its really good!! But there is a bit of gore, and some nudity;; one of the main characters is has ptsd and is missing a leg!!


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so tell me how thames came to be, not the do but his creation if you get my drift ;)

Dear anon,

I shall pretend I understood your drift but let me notify you in advance that my mind is a bloody clusterfuck so uh

The do, which I assume is when thamesie’s parents did the do thus leading to thames’s birth, happened on a beautiful day, where clouds wept, waves  wrecked, and winds howled in dismay. Please, refer to your textbook for further details of the do.

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pls send some good vibes i’m at the vet w/ one of the new baby rats cuz i think he has some kind of tumor :( he seems fine otherwise so i hope it’s nothing life threatening….

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U know you should totally write from a Papyrus POV again.

Ok, so here’s an author thing that I think maybe we don’t talk enough about. 

So, I grind out 2-3 chapters a week and most of them are OKAY. Some of them are GOOD. One or two are maybe GREAT. 

I’ve written a few of what I consider far above par chapters. They are the following:

CoBC chapters:




ES chapters:


DoBD chapters:


and, of course, the fucking standalone I’ll never match up to again:

In Which Nothing Strange Happens To Papyrus

Ok, so the thing about all of these chapters: they’re lightning in a bottle. They’re fleeting writing magic that I managed to capture. Some of them are great (like the skarmageddon chapters) because I’d put months of concentrated work into them. But others…

The Paps chapter is great, like a few others, because I was sitting there and something fucking clever happened in my brain that I can’t consistently recreate. I wish I could. I’ve sat down and tried more Paps POV. It comes out shit. I had it once, I wrote it, and now it’s kinda gone, and the more I think about it the more I psych myself out, BWOMP. I hope I can do more of those Papyrus POV chapters done someday. For now, I write what I think I can do competently. 

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are we giving gay webcomic refs now? i can help with that! Rechargable, Shoot Around, Rock and Riot, and Sharp Zero are some really good ones imo

Ooooh I forgot about rock and riot!!! :o

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First, have you watched arrow at all since you started watching the flash? Second, can you recommend any fics that are Captain Hook and princess Emma? I'm not sure what the specific tag would be since it's not really lieutenant duckling.. Thanks! Also, love your blog :)

Thank you. 

I’m up to date on both shows but Arrow just feels like a chore lately. I should just stop watching.

As for Pirate/Princess fic, the ones that spring to mind are Beyond the Horizon, Strangeness and CharmThe Curse of Bean Sidhe and Under the Crimson Flag. But I mostly read Modern AU so my fic rec isn’t helping very much. I know there are some good one shots or shorter fics out there that I probably reblogged here.

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it took me literally 4 years to get my love for painting and art back never give up bc I honestly love every single piece of yours I've seen on here and I've used them as my own inspiration for my stuff💖 just wanted to spread some good vibes to one of my favorite stoner ladies on here, when I get off work in gonna smoke the biggest bowl for ya💖🌻

this is so so so nice and made me feel so much better 😌 definitely pack yourself a bowl because you are such a sweetheart and deserve it! 💖✨

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hey everyone!  for this week’s task, we will repeating an old task which was quite a hit amongst the roleplay. we all love ask memes, all types of them: questionnaires, text prompts, reaction prompts & even questions to you, the mun. we will be allowing all types of ask memes this week, so get finding some good and interesting ones!  as before, it is up to you whether or not these memes (mainly the reaction prompts between characters) remain canon in the roleplay. i tried my best to find some links to a mix of ask memes { x x x x x x } we hope you all have fun with this task!  as always, if you have any questions please just ask.

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