Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake met as children in 1993, both members of The Mickey Mouse Club. They started dating in early 1999 and split in March 2002. Their breakup inspired Justin to write “Cry Me a River”, and Britney responded one year later with “Everytime”. Although they were not together for very long they remain one of pop’s most iconic couples of all time. 

“I don’t know Britney Spears the pop icon. And she doesn’t know Justin Timberlake, that guy from N’Sync. That’s not the way we look at each other. You could take all this away and I’d still have her. That’s what matters in life.”

“I don’t have too much to say about her situation. I can’t remember the last conversation I had with her. But this thing that happens online bothers me—these anonymous commenters. People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people. I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. Also, in Britney’s defense, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the shit I did then either.”

“You were my sun

I was your earth”

“Cry Me a River”, Justin Timberlake.

“I may have made it rain

Please forgive me

My weakness caused you pain

And this song is my sorry”

- “Everytime”, Britney Spears.


What was this path for, and where did it lead? Was Radiant Garden the only kingdom on its world, were there any other cities beyond the mountains?

(Is each world like its own planet, complete with their own unique solar system and whatnot? Radiant Garden, at least has its own day/night cycle, judging from the Final Episode in BBS.)

since I’m already ranting about stuff I may as well bring up this other tangentially related thing that’s been bugging me for a while too. I get really bothered by folks who insist that you should do things that make you uncomfortable because they benefit someone else. That if you really loved someone you would be uncomfortable for them (rather than thinking if you loved someone maybe you shouldn’t force them to do something they’re uncomfortable with)

like, ok, for example, specifically I got really bothered by some of the commentary that cropped up after “Fusion Cuisine” because a lot of people seemed to think that Pearl should’ve just sucked it up and ate food even though she has a pretty violent aversion to it. That if she really cared about Steven she would’ve done it and she’s a bad caretaker for not doing that for him. And, its like, why should she be forced to do something she’s openly averse to? Because Connie lied to her parents forcing Steven to have to have the Gems act ‘normal’ and not be themselves to preserve their friendship, to the point he guilted them into fusing which they openly stated they didn’t want to do and that it is difficult and not something they do lightly, to go to a mundane human event that they’re naturally uncomfortable with anyway? (and y’know, no one ever gives them credit for doing that for Steven, sure it doesn’t go as planned but they tried for him, they did something they didn’t want to do for him, but because Pearl can’t eat its not enough apparently, they need to completely give up who they are because it will help Steven? Please.) Why is Pearl’s affection for Steven suddenly on trial because of something Connie did? Why does she have to do something she hates and is terrified of to prove she loves Steven? Why would you even insist that someone you care about should do something they’re afraid of to prove they love you? (I mean, Steven didn’t, he told Alexandrite she didn’t have to eat and wasn’t upset at the Gems for screwing up the plan, so why did some people take away from the episode that the Gems, Pearl in particular, were in the wrong here?)

I get that its a weird aversion and maybe people just plain don’t understand that with some people, sometimes there’s totally normal stuff that you just can’t do. I’m a pretty particular person, I try to be accommodating about most things but there are some things, seemingly small and insignificant, that I can’t do. I know its ridiculous, I know I should be able to do it, but I can’t and I know its inconvenient to others that I can’t. And I loathe so much when people turn it into some kind of friendship trial and make it all about them. Don’t pit yourself against my weird problems and expect that’ll make me magically get over them because it won’t, you will lose and it’s really not fair to think I (or anyone else) can simply overcome a fundamental character trait just because its inconvenient to you that I have that trait

like, its great to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, try new things, and expand what you’re comfortable with but that’s really something you need to do for yourself, not because its inconvenient to other people that you’re uncomfortable with it. You can be motivated by other people but ultimately it comes down to you and I don’t think its at all fair for people to expect that if someone really loved and cared about someone else, they would do something they’re uncomfortable with. Either you can live with someone’s personality traits or you cannot, its not fair to force them to change or say they don’t really love you if they can’t.

tl:dr - the idea that if you really cared about someone you would fundamentally change an inconvenient trait of your personality for them or force yourself to be uncomfortable for them is really messed up.

things that are bothering me

- people blaming kuroko for what happened teiko arc
- people thinking the GoM did no wrong “they were just too strong”
- people thinking mental conditions and sad backstories excuse assholery. Like I understand sympathizing and what not, bUT THEY ARE NOT EXCUSES PLS.
- people blaming kuroko for not talking to ogiwara afterwards but he tried and ogiwara transferred schools without telling him, what kind of message do u think that conveys
- The GoM getting 1000 excuses for their behavior but Kuroko showing one character flaw is suddenly unforgivable. It’s not that Kuroko’s done nothing wrong (hes not perfect) but he does grow to learn to accept Seirin as more than a means to an end. Wow the main character undergoes development who wouldve thought .__.

There are so many things that I dislike about what Game of Thrones is doing (has done), and I manage to temper that with enthusiasm about the things they do right when talking about the show in my podcast and in general, but this week it is just too much for me, so I won’t be on tomorrow’s book-to-show episode.

I am trying to tell myself that the Sansa plotline might go surprisingly well, but I just keep expecting the worst, given the quotes from interviews and the show’s previous actions. Usually I can quash these problems I have with certain plotlines (and lack thereof), but I’m so worried (and irritated) about Sansa that it ruined the episode for me.

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This is a weird question, but how do you just...let go. How do you get in sync with everything? Do crystals help? I've done a lot of investigating, but it seems like there are varied strategies. Thank you!

Hi Anon, this is not a weird question <3 It has taken me a lot of time and practice to find what works best for me to just let go. It’s all about what feels right and what makes you feel good. It’s about making the decision and CHOOSING just to do it, just to let go.

For example, certain things that certain people did that bothered me; I just decided I was done obsessing about it and “controlling” the situation. In reality, what do I care what decisions they make? It’s their life path, they are free to do and think and feel what they want and so am I. For other things like worrying about where money is going to come from or stressing about too little time in my life, I just gave it up to the universe. I sat outside one night last summer and asked the universe to help me. I was letting go of the worry and stress, it’s as simple as it sounds, and I trusted the universe to take care of my problems. And it did! We are all just used to needing to worry or stress or control the situation, but that only creates more of the negativity. Just think simple and trust the universe. 

I do believe crystals help. I have a Shiva lingam and a quartz crystal that I sleep with under my pillow every night. I have noticed a huge change in my sleep and my life since doing this. I haven’t looked to much more into crystals, but I know I want to start incorporating them more into my life. I follow a few blogs I love for more info if you’re interested. 

I’ve also made it more of a priority to spend more time with myself doing little things that make me feel amazing. I love just chilling to relaxing music while drinking coffee or tea. I love going for walks or just going downstairs away from everyone to have quiet time. This is when I see all the little things in this world and that nothing is a big deal. Nothing really matters. While taking a walk notice nature and how it just is – no bills, no worry, nothing. Trees and flowers have no worries – they are masters of letting things be as it is. 

I’ve realized we all are creating our lives, we are in charge and responsible for everything and how we perceive and react. When this becomes clearer, it becomes easier just to do it – just let go and let the universe take care of everything. Be happy in the meantime! I hope this helps and please let me know if you have more questions or need more specifics. Just let me know you want to stay private and we can keep talking. Much love and peace to you! <3

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do people who know you in real life follow your blog? do you ever worry if anyone you know reads it?

yeah, quite a few do! after a couple of my posts got popular and ended up on pinterest lots of friends recognized me and found their way here, and i also talk about it to friends who ask about it. 

it doesn’t bother me at all! i take great pride in all of the things that i do, including this space. if i wasn’t proud of what i was doing enough to allow others to see, i wouldn’t be doing it. ya feel? life is too short to be embarrassed about the things you like or the things you do that make you happy. own what you like and what you do and live authentically :)

You're The One That I Want

This imagine was requested. I hope you enjoy!

The music resounded throughout the stadium, and I watched my sister rock the stage in awe. She was in her natural element, a glow on her face as she sung her heart out. The crowd absolutely loved her though I wasn’t in the least surprised. Roxy is too good not to have millions of people love her. Me, on the other hand, I may as well have been the ugly duckling between the two of us.

I didn’t have the small, petite body that she did. I had curves…maybe too many, although I happened to love my hips. That was one of the things she didn’t have. My bland chestnut-colored hair did nothing in comparison to her platinum blonde hair. I was average, but she was more than that. She turned more heads than I ever could, and it never used to bother me until now.

She was finishing up her set, so I decided to go get something to drink from the vending machine. I was passing by the 5 Seconds of Summer dressing room when I heard my sister’s name. I didn’t want to pry, but my curiousity got the best of me. I paused by the creak in the door.

I heard someone sigh. “All I’m saying is you should go for it. Roxy is hot.” I recognized Michael’s voice.

Calum chipped in, “Too hot for little Ashton here.”

My ears perked up while I tried to understand the context of their conversation. My heart practically jumped through my chest at the thought of Ashton and my sister together. Of course he likes her. I was naïve and stupid to think otherwise. It’s not like he would ever go for a girl like me.

“Guys, I-“

Luke butted in, “No, Ash. She would be perfect for you.”

Michael interrupted him, “Listen to Luke. For once in his life, he’s right.”

I couldn’t bear to hear anymore of their conversation. I didn’t want to acknowledge the sharp pain in my heart. It was like I could hear the faint crack just as their words had ruined every ounce of hope I had.
Ashton and I were not very close. I wasn’t very close with any of the boys, but from the moment I met Ashton…there was something between us. I liked the way he talked with me as if I had his undivided attention. I liked the way he looked at me as if I was the only person in the room. Maybe that was all just something I imagined up in my head.

I sauntered over to the vending machine to get a lemonade. I slipped in my dollar and pressed C4. I waited and waited. The lemonade didn’t come out. I hit it once with the palm of my hand. It still didn’t come out. Suddenly, all the rage and jealousy I felt tumbled out of me. I repeatedly beat the defenseless machine, not caring about the damn lemonade anymore. All that I could think of was Ashton and my sister. My sister and Ashton.

“Hey, hey.”

I turned around to see Ashton with an amused expression on his face. I wasn’t in the least bit amused, but I did feel mortified. A tint of red covered the apples of my cheeks. I ducked my head in humiliation.

“The stupid machine ate my dollar, and I can’t get my juice.”

He chuckled. “I’ll get it.”

He tapped on the left side of the machine once and the right side once. Then my lemonade popped right out. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“Thank you.” I said somberly, reaching for my drink.

I twirled it absentmindedly in my hand. Then I shifted on the souls of my feet. I couldn’t think of anything to say since nothing seemed right.

“Are you alright?”

I nodded. “I’m fine.”

I looked up to see him quickly mask his confusion with a smile. “I’m glad the two of you are here. The boys and I were just talking about how-“

“About how you like my sister? Yeah, I am well aware. What do you want? Do you need me to talk to her for you? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to.” I snapped.

He raised his hands in surrender. “Woah, Y/N. I was just going to say- You know what, never mind.”

I immediately felt like an ass for shouting at him especially since it was not his fault that I was conflicted with my own issues. It wasn’t Roxy’s fault either.

“I’m sorry, Ashton. I didn’t mean to snap on you.”

“What’s wrong?”

I gazed at him for awhile. He looked genuinely concerned. I decided to indirectly tell him what was bothering me. Maybe he would finally get it.

“Have you ever felt jealous of one of the boys?”

He shook his head. “Not really, no. I’ve always admired Michael’s boldness with his hair. But other than that, I’ve never been jealous of any of them.”

I laughed. “Oh.”

“Is this about Roxy?”

I hesitated, “Never mind. It’s so stupid.”

He took my hand, and I felt goose bumps rise up the entirety of my arm. “That isn’t stupid. Besides, you have no reason to be jealous of her. You’re so beautiful.”

I smiled at his shocked expression as if he wasn’t supposed to say that. “Thanks, I guess.”

“You should know something else.”

I smirked. “What’s that?”

“I know your sister gets a lot of attention, but I have no feelings for her. We are strictly platonic. To be honest, you’re the one I want.”

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Which on of the Harry Potter books is your favourite and why? Who is your favourite/least favourite character? If you could change something in the story, waht would it be?

Third. It’s always been my favourite. I guess the plotline was the most interesting to me, what with the potential of time-travelling, and there was the introduction of Sirius too. I like the other books too but #3′s always stuck with me whenever someone asks which book’s my fave. As for favourite character, I love writing Harry (obviously) but my favourite character following canon would probably be Luna. Least favourite… I can’t say I specifically have one that I hate or anything. I don’t even hate Ginny for all that Harry/Ginny bothers me. It was just their development (or lack thereof) into a couple that I hated. One thing I could change - who Harry ended up with. Also, his second son’s name. Or really, almost all the next generation’s names. They pretty much named every one of them after dead people. It’s like they didn’t move on at all, still stuck in the past. Like I get remembering those who gave their lives to the war, etc, but this is a bit much, and naming kids after people they used to know puts certain expectations on them and I don’t like that. Like what if James Sirius turned out to be a bookworm? He would’ve been pressured - even indirectly - to prank just from people always looking at him suspiciously when a prank went off. But ‘Albus Severus’ especially. I understand that Snape was brave in his role as a spy but ‘the bravest man Harry knew’? To the point where he named his kid after the man who tormented him for six years for something his father did? I actually like Snape - his snark is great, and he did do some good stuff - but there’s also no denying that he was petty and ridiculously biased when it came to Harry. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Dumbledore, so there’s that.

I still think about it
because I’m scared by how little I care.
It bothers me that I’m not bothered
to do anything about it at all.
I feel either too much or nothing at all.
And I try to make myself feel bad, I
keep reminding myself to feel bad, but
then I just feel sad
about all the sadness I have caused.
And then I just feel sad for me, and
my careless selfishness. I’m too much
and you were nothing. I’m sorry that I
don’t feel sorry at all.
—  Not an apology.


   Nothing affected me anymore. It was the exact same thing every single day, so I learned early on not to let anything bother me. Was that healthy for my sanity? Hell no but I could manage. I had to manage.

   Eight more years. I didn’t get the opportunity of parole, so there was no way I would be released early for my good behavior. But what behavior? I was caged in a dark hole for twenty-two hours a day. They swore it was for my own safety since the other prisoners didn’t take too kindly to rapists and pedophiles.

   I was neither of those things.

   I was a man who had consensual sex with my wife and mother of my child, but because I was a man and she was a weak woman, I was labeled the scum of the earth.

   Of course I was abusive–I was not oblivious to the beatings I gave her–but I was no rapist.

   No one ever listens to a man’s side of the story, and because of that I have to spend the next eight years behind a steel door that was just as cold as my heart.

   Did I even still have a heart? I doubt it. I felt it wither away two years ago when I lost my little girl.

   I replay that accident in my mind every second of every day and night. It haunted my thoughts and my vision, my dreams and my nightmares.

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What other versions of Will are there beside from the werewolf verse?

        well the werewolf one is a big one, ahm… there’s the dragon age au
        (info here, verse tag here) which i haven’t gotten to actually write in
        very much but am kind of dying to. idk i think about aus a lot tbh, there’s
        a western au i drew some stuff for but never posted here (i have an art
        blog that i keep quiet), where will is a newly appointed deputy, jack is
        the sheriff, and hannibal is one of the few doctors on the frontier that
        resides in this town where rude visitors tend to disappear. i’ve been
        trying to figure out a fem!will faceclaim but im just not sure, but there’s
        that one too. im always open to aus i love them a lot, i like over-analyzing
        everything and trying to fit each piece into place. lmao im such a LOSER

        and if you have ideas or questions you should definitely send them my way

yes it’s fucking political, everything’s political*

(*many thanks to Skunk Anansie for the title)

This whole Brooklyn Zine Fest thing makes me so sad. I always expect more from zine/punk/radical communities than I do from the rest of the world - meaning I expect them to be less racist, misogynist, homo and bi-phobic, transphobic, ableist, etc., than the rest of the world is. I’m often sorely disappointed, but I still hold out that hope, most of the time. (Note: me saying that is not me saying that I never fuck up. Cos I do.) My thoughts around this are too big to fully unpack right now, but I want to echo what Jenna Freedman said in this piece: As a person with white and many other privileges, I am perhaps the most bothered by the idea that a zine fest could or should be apolitical. To be honest, I don’t think anything is apolitical.

I was thinking about a similar thing, before this all went down. At the Long Beach Zine Fest panel discussion, Teka-Lark Fleming said something (and Senay Kenfe echoed it) along the lines of: “I just want you to remember not to take the politics out of it. Stand against the status quo.” That stuck with me, and Ocean and I talked about it later. I said that I think doing a zine is inherently political, no matter what that zine is about, and that I don’t understand people who do zines and try to fit them into the status quo.

And that’s how I really, truly feel. My zine is not a political zine. In fact, I often feel like I’m not radical enough for certain zine spaces or even radical enough to be around people who have basically the same beliefs as I do. Cos I just tell stories from my life, or sometimes fiction. I just write about music and road trips and like, love, and shit. But I’ve always felt like that, that is political. Just telling your own stories and self-publishing them is a political act, so trying to make a zine fest apolitical seems impossible, but also: why would you want to do that?

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How was it to be a foreigner living in Seoul? Pros and cons?

well i’d say it’s different for everyone and especially regarding how “exotic” you are appearance vise the experience may differ a lot. i for instance got a lot of attention (and not all of it was wanted, some days it really sucked bc my face sucked and ye) people will look at you; some will stare other just glance. it’s not like they do it out of neither ignorance or rudeness; just you know, they are bored at the subway or just happen to sweep their eyes over a mass of people and your hair color will catch their gaze. old people will examine the shit out of you but that didn’t really bother me (except that one posh af old lady that looked like she was gonna vomit bc of me…  -_____- ) 

the attention can both be a good and bad thing depending on your mood and personality. i tried to not think too much of it (though i sometimes forgot that i don’t look korean and became like paranoid and ye… my brain sometimes i swear to god) people might be more willing to talk to you (or not willing depending on where and how and why) and be more interested in you or whatever. i found it a bit hard sometimes though since i had to work through this wall of just being “the foreign girl” to get to be Lotten which was exhausting since me myself think very little of both gender and looks when talking and getting to know someone (except super hot guys bc that fucks me up lol) 

i feel like the things i can think of has both negative and positive outcomes; like two sides of a coin. you can get away with a lot without having to be too harshly judged since they understand that the norms might be hard to know. but you will also always be the foreign and different. (but that will not be that big of a problem as long as you find good people that make you feel like home)

generally id say that i never felt mistreated when i was in seoul, no one was ever rude to me because of my ethnicity (but then keep in mind that i am white and all of that shit) 

(though on that point i’d like to mention that when me and my friend (who’s black) were walking around and talking about how we were greeted by people she told me that she had never felt like people were staring or anything like that (it might be different for others of course) and then when walking i did realize that people were looking at me and not her OTL)

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No! No! No! JUST NOOOO0! In the newest sneak peek, Coulson and Deathlok surprise Agent 33 with a visit. Cut to Ward getting a call from his partner -- things seem to have escalated since viewers last saw them, since he now answers the phone with a smile and a "Hey baby" --and he's shocked to hear Coulson on the other end of the line. --->Awesome! Just kill me now! I can handle Skye and Lincoln...if I must, but NOT Ward and Agent-what´s her name! Technically, that's not fair. But I do NOT care!!!

Frankly, I don’t think that Skye and Ward should be attempting a romantic relationship with anyone given their current situations.  They’re both too unstable right now and still have a lot of things to work out.  The fact that they’re apparently trying to pair them both off with other characters so fast does bother me a bit, but I figured it would happen eventually.  It’s important in order for them to both develop as characters, but that’s all it’s going to be for them.  It won’t amount to anything in the end, so just try and keep that in mind moving forward.  Skyeward will be endgame, I’m certain of it, so try not to get too worked up about what happens until then.

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help my sag crush is so adorable and ALWAYS stares at me & we make eye contact a lot and he smiles sometimes (we've only talked a few times) so i took a chance and followed him on twitter and he hasn't followed me back?! we still make eye contact at school and stuff but it's awkward because idk if he is weirded out by me or just hasn't checked twitter or is too shy?? ive been trying to seem less flirty bc idk what to do i feel like im bothering him. - pisces

oh my goodness, pisces. stop overthinking it so much! haha. you’re not bothering him but you may come across as a little obsessive. sagittarius is more of a drifter who moves from one thing to the next with a carefree spirit, but you on the other hand, devote yourself to things and spend hours dwelling on all sorts of possibilities. give him some space, but don’t leave him alone entirely. try talking to him about his interests and opinions. it’s important for you to focus on what he looks for in a friend or relationship because it’s most likely different from what you look for. sagittarius usually wants someone with an open mind and strong desire for knowledge and adventure. 


Amethyst didn’t quite understand the concept of p e r s o n a l space. She just loved physical attention, whether it’d be hugs or hair ruffles. Things like that seemed to make her pretty content. So, when she went to go give Pearl a little hair ruffle, she didn’t expect the other Gem to be irritated by the gesture. In fact, it only made her confused.

“Awww, Pearl! Don’t get your legs in a twist. It’s not like I really messed it up. You still look fine! Are you really mad at me for ruffling your hair?” The shorter Gem stepped back and tilted her head. “Remember that Universe guy? I messed with his hair a little, and he didn’t seem too bothered by it!” Was she overstepping boundaries? She had no idea.

Brushing a hand through her own locks, she grinned. “Wonder how I’d look with long hair like that.”

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tokomaru pls??

Anonymous asked: toukomaru for the ship meme if that’s ok

yes indeed :D ahhh my sweet lovely children i missed them… send me a pairing and i’ll tell you:

  • Their ringtones for each other

komaru’s is every other freckle by alt-j, touko’s is the song you make me happier by lindsay ray, actually komaru put the ringtone herself and since touko was too lazy to change it she didn’t bother changing the ringtone and found it fitting a bit after.

  • Their FB relationship status

it says that they are in a relationship! under the status makoto congratulates them every week and they’re sure it’s some sort of bug that does that but it’s not true, makoto really goes each week under that status and writes the same thing over and over.

  • Whether they are addicted to couples selfies

noooo not really?? ahem komaru loves to take pictures of their food, their pets & stuff but not really??? or maybe actually i think she’d take lots of surprise selfies with touko / touko is dragged along and she can’t say anything to defend herself

  • Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together

ahhhhhh tbh all of them are super supportive of touko & komaru being together dfhdjfd fucking cuties, i’d say makoto & aoi are always 1000% behind them in everything ;;lauhghs

  • Who overshares intimate relationship details

ahhhh depends… komaru complain loudly about not being enough for touko to kyouko who’s like, shhhhh, mama kirigiri knows better, you guys are madly in love and its gonna be ok; meanwhile touko share intimate details about her relationship in her writing. it’s a source of inspiration… everywhere readers blush as they read how cute the boyfriend of the protagonist is, how gentle and understanding he is, unknowing that it is a ctually a 17yr old average girl.

  • Who steals the other’s clothes

hahaha it’s komaru 

  • Who’s the PDA fan

komaru!! loves headbutting touko in the shoulder and she loves to hold touko’s hand and give it a quick peck (leaving her girlfriend in ablushing mess og dsfs)

  • Who proposes

touko amgg, bet she’d propose while yelling because its a bit embarrassing hah ah h

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honestly tho about the self-ship/insert thing. my ex-friends used to bother me about writing self-fics and told me to write real fanfiction and that really discouraged me from writing at all. but it's really reassuring to see other people that do it too! i don't get why people get so uptight about it - like you said, it's a self-help kind of thing. it's certainly helped me. so thanks for bringing up the subject and being so supportive and open about it. i hope you have a great week!

ahhhh man people rly need to get over that whole “create only for others” mentality man. just because it’s self ship doesn’t mean making something just for yourself is less valid

i’m glad gjkdfjn!!! Q u Q you too, anon!!


It was one of those weekends where I kept saying aloud “Today is so perfect.” Annoying, I know. But it was that good. Gorgeous spring weather, no hovering deadlines, and the chance to spend time with some of my favorite people (and dogs). We ate hotdogs, watched baseball, drank beer, went hiking, grilled out, and even squeezed in some hammock time. Warm weekends are just the best.
Anyway, other things I’m thinking about:

-The topic of whether or not Hillary is likable is bothering me already. I know we do this to political men too, but it just feels a little too much like the “you’re too pretty not to smile” icky kind of sexism to me. 

- I like that Coachella and the Masters happened over the same weekend. You can now fit everyone into two categories today: 1) The ones talking about the kiddo that took home the green jacket or 2) The ones talking about Madonna kissing Drake.

-I had to do a radio show this morning for work in which the first question asked to me was essentially “Why is Charlotte a better tourist destination than Charleston?” At 9 AM. On a Monday. I bet Hillary feels more comfortable taking questions on Benghazi than I did in that moment. (See how I brought that all back around? You’re welcome.)

Happy Monday, you guys.