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Dear Gamer Boy,

All of your other nicknames are too obvious. Even your star sign would be too obvious since it’s your name…

I really was hoping you’d leave the ‘and chill’ out of Netflix and Chill. I should’ve known better.

You want me to be ‘yours’ so badly even though the only time you want to spend with me is between the sheets. Nevermind that I don’t feel the same. Nevermind that I never offer these things first. Nevermind that you can’t be bothered to call a booty call a booty call…

You were such a good guy, but I wish you would move on. My heart isn’t yours any more and I don’t want yours either.


Girl in the Glasses

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"She'll go away after the show. Yeah, I told her. No, she doesn't think that," Quinn rolls her eyes and smiles. "She's happy for us, Rachel. Well, she might do that, but it's only because she cares. Yeah, I will. See you soon." From WSADW ,What was Rachel saying on the other side?

“Hey, Rach. I’m sorry to bother you before your show.”

“You never bother me, Quinn. And I’m really looking forward to seeing you after my show.” 

“Hmm, yeah…me too. I…I can’t wait. Actually, I was wondering if you have another ticket available tonight. I kind of forgot that I’d already made plans with Santana and…”

“Quinn! How could forget that you had a prior arrangement tonight?”

“Well, I was thinking about other things at the time.”

“If…if you’d rather reschedule…”

“No, we are not postponing our date" 

“But Santana…”

“She’ll go away after the show.”

“Did…did you tell her?  About us?”

“Yeah, I told her.”

“I’m not sure I want to know what she said. She probably thinks you’re making a terrible mistake and that you could do so much better than me.”

“No, she doesn’t think that. She’s happy for us, Rachel.”

“Oh, I’m sure. She’s happy she’ll get to threaten me with the razorblades she keeps in her hair if I ever disappoint you.”

“Well, she might do that, but it’s only because she cares.”

“I’ll try to keep that in mind when she’s tossing insults at me. Look, I have to finish getting ready, but I’ll make sure to have two tickets waiting for you at the box office. Just wait for George after the show and he’ll bring you backstage. Be safe on your way to the theatre, Quinn.”

“Yeah, I will. See you soon.”

“See you, baby. I love you.”

The hair thing, though

Okay, so I just rewatched episode 7 to get the fully beauty of it again. And one thing that bothered me was why Yuuri did the hair thing again, touching Viktor’s “balding spot”. And then I realized what I hadn’t the first time because I had been too swept up in Yuuri’s crying. 

So obviously right after the fight happened it was time to go, (”Tick tock, says the clock” in the words of Andrew Minyard b/c I’m rereading aftg) like right after that. When they’re walking, you can see it on the faces of the reporters and how the two refuse to look at each other. They’re mad at each other. This is the first time that they have actually had a falling out. And then someone makes the comment of, oh what happened between him and Viktor? There is still so much tension between them. 

They can’t even look at each other before Yuuri gets on the ice, and it’s like Viktor is trying to figure out how to resolve it when he’s giving Yuuri tissues. And then Yuuri does the thing. It’s a way for him to let Viktor know they hey, it’s cool, I forgive you.

And here’s why it’s important!!!

Viktor is always the one picking Yuuri back up and trying to make him feel better. But here’s Viktor, screwing up like a real human being for the first time in front of Yuuri and it was a bad mess up. But this is now Yuuri’s time to be the one to comfort Viktor and pick him back up after his mistake. In an attempt to get Yuuri hyped up for the routine, he screws up and Yuuri is left to pick himself up for the first time since Viktor’s been there. And then in turn, tries to help Viktor too. And it worked, which is why Yakov makes the remark that he does. 

These babies are learning and growing together and it is like a ray of sunshine in this dark world..

Maybe, Possibly

Summary: Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.

Genre: Reality

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

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basic things you should know about your main characters
  • how is their relationship with their family
  • what are their beliefs, if they have any
  • what is their motivation (preferably something unrelated to their love interest/romantic feelings, bc people care about other things, too, kthx)
  • who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming
  • what are their plans for the future, if they have any
  • how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour (i mean. you can’t tell me a character is shy then have them do things shy people wouldn’t do, like?????)
  • how do they feel about things they cannot control? 
  • and last but not least: 

Hi, in case you didn’t know, it is Ace Day! So in celebration, I made a Jedi with the asexual flag colors. So I guess I will say a few things about me for now.

I am Gray-Asexual, which means I rarely experience sexual attraction. I am Biromantic (homosexual when I do feel attraction), which means that I can fall in love with and desire to date members of either sex. I am sex repulsed/indifferent, which for me means that ideas of me having sex or other people having sex make me bother me immensely. I am also nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.

(Updated for aceday 2016)

Yuri on Ice!!! Theory

I have this theory about Yuri on Ice!!! based on the opening. I first noticed it during episode 3′s opening.

Yurio has black skates

Yuuri has silver

Vicktor has gold

This really bothered me because i know all anime op’s always have meaning. so i thought about it and have developed this theory … 

I think that Yurio will have to pull out of the final because of injury (after ep 9′s free skate) this is probably the most logical thing that could happen. He’s pushing himself too much and this worries me

I’m worried about my smol angry Russian kitten boy.

or maybe some other reason (something to do with his grandad? I really hope not)

pls no! i just want Yurio to be alright 

I think that Yuri might get silver over all (silver skates). Maybe JJ will win … it’s hard because the competition is so good, so anyone could win … 

This leads me onto Vicktor, he has gold ice skates, but he’s not competing this year … so he can’t win a gold medal … 

But he can win something gold … so, a wedding ring? 

maybe? Please!

But, like i said it’s only a theory, i don’t know whats actually going to happen. With this fucking anime anything could happen…

Rant incoming

Okay okay so I have a friend..Let’s call her Janet. So Janet suddenly like BTS and Jimin. That’s great that Kpop is getting the recognition it deserves and spreading. The thing that bothered me is not too long ago she said things like ‘Kpop idols are gay. Why do they wear makeup? They look like girl’s? Shut up about your Chinese music?’

I think it’s so sad that 16 year olds have this mentality and think it’s okay. Why can’t people just appreciate music and culture for what it is? It’s Kpop so it’s different and unique which attracts so many fans. Why put it down because you don’t like it and others do?

If you’re one of these people, please stop. It’s annoying, unecessary and damn disrespectful. Those idols didn’t work their butts off just to he shat on by some ignorant teenagers.

I’m actually really insecure. I feel like I’m always gonna fuck things up or people will lose interest in me cause I’m too clingy or too passionate or too much of some other trait that bothers them

Something that’s always kind of bothered me… Why does it matter that the Weasleys are poor? If they’ve got magic, why do they even money? How come they don’t they just turn the Burrow into a bigger, fancy house? Why do they even need to pay for anything other than food and school things? Like if Ron’s pants are too small and worn-out, just turn them bigger and fix them *with magic.* Maybe the Weasleys just aren’t thrifty enough. Learn👏 to👏 D👏 I👏 Y,👏 Mrs.👏 Weasley👏

I think about you too often and
Too often I wonder if you’re thinking of me
How often do you think about how things used to be
How often is too often
You’ve always meant a lot to me

I still see your smile on blank screens
I still hear your voice in day dreams
There’s always something about every other girl that reminds me of you
Sometimes I catch myself calling them your name
I wonder if you ever call him mine
I mean I don’t mind when my mind wonder
I just wonder why
I just wonder why sometimes

Like why nostalgia feels like a place so distant sometimes
Like how we got so distant sometimes
But I guess it’s good to keep a distance sometimes
I wish things were different sometimes

Sometimes I think of you way too often
And it bothers me

Okay I understand that some people feel salty about the ending because honestly, it WAS a tad anticlimactic. We were led to believe that the series would end with Yuuri winning gold and both of them retiring. Some wanted that ending along with a Viktuuri wedding.

But look at the brighter side of season 2, since they’re in Russia, we get to finally learn Viktor’s backstory! Season 1 was about Yuuri’s development and backstory but maybe in season two we get to learn about the other half of Viktuuri, Viktor. Because honestly, a wedding would be pushing it. I wanted one too but I felt like it would be too hasty if they crammed it in one season, and in the finale at that, AND especially since we still don’t know much about Viktor.

I guess one of the only things that bothered me this episode was Viktor returning to skating. He loved skating but this episode proves that he loves Yuuri more. I doubt that he would have returned to skating if Yuuri retired. The only reason he came back was because Yuuri would be there by his side. Lol I’m rambling now.

TL;DR It was a tad anticlimactic but season 2 would possibly explain Viktor’s past. Viktor returning to skating felt awkward and a bit force though. BUT YUURI ON ICE IS WONDERFUL

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how do the paladins + allura & coran calm down a really frustrated/angry s/o?

  • Shiro, Allura, and Hunk will do what they can to distract you from whats bothering you, and just get you out of the situation. suggest you do your favourite thing or make you your favourite meal, something to cheer you up!
  • Keith and Pidge get kinda defensive, completely taking your side and being supportive. like “yeah that really sucks! that upsets me too, !! we should to scream at the world together”
  • Coran and Lance are kind of a mix of the other two  sets. they are both very empathetic, and so they connect with how youre feeling easily, but they try and stay wise and in control and offer advise or insight, or just to let you vent if that’s what you need. 
It’s not that I don’t show interest, if I care about something then I will. But then it’ll just stress me out so I try and tell myself to not care too much. Back then, I read an article that said, “If you don’t care what others think of you, you’ll be happy.” So from that, how ever may people around look at you, I decided to just follow my own beliefs. Especially for the people who have the same position (idols) as us, we will surely get good and bad criticisms, get judged from here and there. But then these kind of things are inevitable. And if you get bothered with these comments, you’ll slowly get off track. So for me to avoid this kind of situation from happening, I’ve chosen to not care about the things around me.

Min Yoongi

trans©: xingyoon

I have a hard time finding happy mediums. I tend to talk people’s ears off or not say anything at all. I’m either on my phone all day long or don’t bother picking it up. I eat too much or not enough.

But if there’s one thing I don’t ever want to find a happy medium with, it’s my relationship with Jesus. It’s reading my Bible. It’s talking to God. It’s loving others. It’s loving myself. Give me passion, give me fire, give me frenzied, manic, unhinged love for God and His Son and His Word and His people. I’m so tired of lukewarm.

Give me scalding, God. I can handle it. I promise you, I can handle it.