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more gen fic recs for that anon: amillionsmiles on ao3 has a hunk-POV team bonding fic called "the ice cream discourse" + a pidge-centric fic!

I know this author!! I really liked their Keith character study :3

These are awesome recs Nonny, thank you for sharing them!

The Ice Cream Discourse (2194 words, Hunk-centric)
“I think, seeing as we’re on a mission to stop the Galra empire from asserting their dominance over the entire galaxy, it’s kind of hypocritical for you to be imposing your opinion of certain ice cream flavors on others, Lance,” Pidge says. “There were too many words in that sentence for me to digest, Pidge.” “Listening to you gives me indigestion,” Keith offers, deadpan. // or: the one in which the team makes ice cream.

I Miss you Sideways Daily (3073 words, Pidge-centric)
“I know how it is,” she sighs fondly, snatching up the empty plastic bags from the table and throwing them in the trash as they exit the cafeteria. “The three of you just zoom off to your own little world sometimes.” “As long as we come back, right, Mom?” Katie teases, already thinking of next year, when she’ll don the orange and white uniform as well. Her mom smiles, rising on her toes to kiss Matt’s cheek, pinching Katie’s side with her other hand. “As long as you come back.” (or: Katie and Pidge and her family. Before, after, and from now on.)

i now present to you: an outline of every gerlonso fic ever

“song lyrics title that might or might not reflect on the tone and/or plot”

out of context song lyrics and/or out of context quote from someone famous


rambling metaphor about smell of grass/clouds/rain/the color red/the roar of the crowd/singing of *someone’s* song.


flashback to stevie gerrard as a smol babby, with scabbed knees and untied shoes.  he falls down and then gets up again.


stevie sits alone, staring off into the distance as grey clouds roll in.  he almost feels cold.  maybe it’s death coming early.  or maybe it’s just his broken heart.


something poetic about a football and how awesome it is.


xabi arrives in liverpool & steven falls in love with his playing, and then with him.  he never says a word.


one night they go out for drinks.  carra does something raucous and embarrassing.  xabi smiles slyly into his beer.  steven *really* falls in love.


anfield is singing again!!!


something about istanbul.  it’s magical af.


once they almost kiss but don’t.  it’s raining.  everyone is wet.


things fall apart.  stevie feels his chest get all tight.  he wants to cry out, but no one will understand his pain!!!!1!!


dialogue that boils down to:

  • don’t leave xabi!!!
  • i have to return to my home planet now, esteban
  • no stay here pls i luv yeh
  • goodbye amor~~~~


anfield singing again except this time the rain is like needles and steven is tearing up.  he shivers in the wind and he thinks he sees xabi in the crowd but then he remembers xabi is a million miles away~~~


xabi calls him from spain.  he decides not to pick up.  BUT THEN HE DOES!!!  but it’s too late and xabi has already hung up.


you’ll never walk alone lyrics shoved in there for shits & giggles


the grass is turning brown and stevie’s heart has been broken, but he lets the ~~*magic of anfield*~~ heal his soul, and he will carry on!!!!!


a line of depressing poetry to put us out of our misery

love, emma [a part 4 preview]

summary: boy/girl friendships can be quite complicated sometimes—especially when said boy’s in love with said girl and and the whole world seems to know about it but her. a modern day captain swan au, loosely based off love, rosie.

note: my calendar says i haven’t updated this since january. my calendar is right. there aren’t enough words to express my apologies for that, but i will say that good things will happen from here on out! like how there’s a chance that there’ll be a part 5 to cap this all off! and some more things to come. 

for now, here’s a preview, so you all know things are happening. 

also, i want to give a special thanks to ale // @killianswench for the amazingly awesome aesthetic she made for this fic (which you can find here) and to morgan // @ive-always-been-a-pirate for always being so constantly enthusiastic whenever i cry about this fic to her. she cries back so it’s just a cycle of crying. 

jump back: [one] | [two] | [three]

from the beginning, also on: [ao3] | []

As the post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s Eve snowfall begins to pick up with the wind, covering the bottom edges of the window of the hospital room, a red-headed nurse continues her morning rounds.

Checking the numbers on the machine, she writes them down with frown. The numbers read the same as they have for the last couple of days, with no sign of change.

“It’d be nice to see your eyes one of these days.” She walks over to the other side of his bed to look over the other machines.

“Oh, I should introduce myself!” She points to the nametag on her scrubs. “Ariel,” she says softly. “That’s my name. We should be on first name basis considering you’re the first patient I see when I make my way around this place.”

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I’ve been a little MIA lately - life is kind of kicking my ass at the moment - but I was absolutely delighted to get messages and mentions yesterday and today in honor of fic writer appreciation.

I’m such a mess right now that I literally don’t have the words to properly explain to you how much your appreciation means, but seriously. It’s huge.

So thank you to @emmaswanchoosesyou, @mahstatins, @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, @wheres-your-rum, @galadriel26, and @the-captains-ayebrows. Your likes/reblogs/general praise for those fics I post is always wonderful, but to have crossed your mind when I’m sort of in a fic-posting lull just makes me …. 

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And since I missed out on a day to call out those people whose work I love, here is a list of the fic writers who make me a living incarnation of the heart-eyes emoji! It’s a limited list because I’m short on time and energy, but seriously I love you guys.

@tnlph, @mermaidswans, @blazingbaubles@lenfaz, @laschatzi, @piratesails, @hooklineandswan, @initiala, @flslp87, @zengoalie, @pocket-anon, @fergus80, @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan, @dani-ellie03, @kat2609, @spartanguard, @weezlywrites, @xerxesrises, @ilovemesomekillianjones, @curiousthingdarkness, @startswithhope, @belovedcreation, @cutieodonoghue, @oubliette14, @captain-emmajones, @acrobat-elle, @nowforruin, @nothandlingit, @phiralovesloki, @whimsicallyenchantedrose, @literatiruinedme, @totheendoftheworldortime, @navykillian

I’m sorry that I haven’t been singing everyone’s praises as much recently, but just know that once I have some more time and energy to dedicate to tumblr/AO3/FFN I will be back with a vengeance



I found this awesome FREE writing app on the playstore that I’m going to use this resbang season to keep myself on track!

This app is really cool so far. Here’s some features 

  • Set an amount of words to write and a completion date
  • The app can also calculate how many words you need to write per day to meet that goal!
  • input entries to track how many words you’ve written per day and what total you have so far 
  • you can also write notes like maybe you weren’t feeling good, or what you worked on specifically, etc!
  • the app can also predict when you’ll be done judging by your pace (my app says I’ll be done a 50 k fic by oct 2nd) 
  • SET A TIMER!! now you can do your quickies all in this app as well as in chats or with friends!! with a way to actually tell you your time is up!!
  • Set your app to give you rewards (guavas) upon either finishing a quickie or a certain benchmark of words during a quickie to get a guava (I set mine to 700 words/guava) 
  • spend the guavas on rewards that you can customize! ie: one guava for a cookie, 6 guavas to build a house on sims :)))
  • also creates widgets on your phone so you can track your progress without opening the app!

It’s a super useful tool that I’m really enjoying to help me with resbang and other written projects! I highly recommend it if you feel like you might fall behind in your writing projects!

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Awwwww….I….oh man…I don’t know what to say except an awkward “thank you so much ah~ this means a lot and is exactly the kind of nice thing I needed to hear today so yes thank you very much” That just - wow. Here, have a blushing Rainbow Dash…because…I like the colorful pony gifs…. ^_^

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a fanfic quote

”You weren’t listening last night,” John comments.

“How did you know?”

“The silence was different,” John says, rolling on his side to face Harold.           “I would recognize your silence anywhere.”

This is a quote from a fic I’m currently in the middle of reading and it is so haunting that I’m forced to make this post. I keep reading those words over and over again and I’m just so dumbfounded. I mean, just how and… I..there are no words. Gaahh! Like, honestly, “I would recognize your silence anywhere.” How can you honestly write something that awesome?? Kudos to the author iteration. The fic is called A Bottomless Well of Jealousy and you can find it here.

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Hello awesome person let me start this with how much i love your baeksoo. how do you write those things why do they always do things to me did you put something in it did you ask satansoo to abracadabra those *^* "send me a one word prompt if you want" omf jhdka is 'door' okay? i mean you don't have to write it i really just wanna say i love your baeksoo in anon bc i'm creepy like that bye

this is honestly so nice, not even the tiniest bit creepy! i’m just so happy you like my fic enough to say these things!!! thank you for the prompt too and i’m sorry that this took a little while, i really hope you like it. thank you for reading!! i’m called ssstrychnine on ao3 and this fic is there too.

Baekhyun is used to Kyungsoo shutting doors in his face. It happens for a thousand reasons, he’s too loud or too touchy or too much. Baekhyun doesn’t care. In fact, he likes it, because Kyungsoo’s face is always the same before he does it, his eyes flat, his lips pressed together, an expression that is just so Kyungsoo that Baekhyun can only love it. Sometimes he presses his face to the door, squishing his nose against the cold wood.

“I love you,” he calls through the keyhole. “I love you.”

“I hate you,” Kyungsoo calls from inside, because he knows what Baekhyun is expecting. “I hate you.”

Baekhyun is charmed. It’s always been like this. He’s always found himself wanting to push back when Kyungsoo tells him not to. He wants to see his lips parted, eyes wide, that little part of him that is still surprised, even now, when Baekhyun goes too far. Kyungsoo is sleeping, this time, though it’s the middle of the day. He’s been filming all night and Baekhyun will let him sleep, of course, and he’ll only press his palm to the door for a moment, before leaving. He wants to open the door, he wants to slip under the covers with him, cold sheets against bare legs. He wants to tell him to have sweet dreams. 

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HEY BUDDY. TODAY IS THE DAY TO APPRECIATE FIC AND FIC WRITERS AND I APPRECIATE YOU TO A WONDERFUL DEGREE! No seriously, I don't think I've told you enough how much I love your stories and your sense of humor and the way you capture the character of my faves. You've written so many scenes that make me feel like "Yep, this is the way it happened" and I just want you to know I treasure every word! <3


You are so kind to me, oh my goodness.  Thank you so much…  These kinds of things are so nice to hear ya know, especially from writers you respect ;v; 

Yes according to my research you too are a fanfic writer.  *whips out receipts of Awesome* hmmm yes~  So let me take this opportunity to say that the way you write these characters, and in particular Otacon, is so perfect.  I zero in on Otacon because you just give him so much love from the writing standpoint, your Hal is so multi-faceted and real, and it’s exactly what Otacon deserves yet doesn’t always get.  My nerd-loving heart cannot get enough!  You have so many fantastic ideas, but more than that you have this incredible knack, even in silly skype headcanons, for setting up a scene and carrying it out in a way that reveals more about the characters and their feelings…  It’s so good!  Many moments of “hrrrrrngh!!” haha

But more than that, bud, I gotta say you are simply a delight to have in this fandom.  You were the very first person to approach me here and single-handedly made a nervous newb feel very welcome!  Your support for other writers and artists around these parts is super cool and does not go unnoticed!  Continue spreading your positive energy, great otasune wizard!  The fandom wouldn’t be the same without you!