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If you're taking prompts from that angst list, could I request “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” With stucky? :) Or really any of them. Your writing is awesome, it'd be fun to read whatever you choose! :)

Everyone breaks up at the end of senior year. It’s just a thing that happens. In fact, he and Steve were smart about it — they broke up at the beginning of summer so they could be over the initial heartbreak before school, so they could enjoy the first few weeks. And sure, it was tough spending the summer knowing Steve was a few blocks away and not being able to climb up the fire escape and drink frosty root beers, but as the summer progressed they started texting again, and had even gone to get coffee together the week before Bucky was set to move to Northwestern.

Now it’s almost Halloween and they’re talk each other almost like they used to.

And Bucky is over him. He swears.

“Texting your boyfriend?” Wanda asks over a lunch of cafeteria burgers and fries on October 30th.

“Not my boyfriend,” Bucky corrects as he types out ‘LOL’ to Steve.

“But it’s him, right?” Wanda asks.

Bucky glares at her over his phone.

“And that’s all the answer I needed,” Wanda says, stealing a fry from Bucky’s plate.

“You have your own!” Bucky says.

She dips the fry in ketchup. “Yeah, but yours are crispier,” she says.

Bucky rolls his eyes and then his phone starts ringing. Confused, Bucky looks down and sees the picture of Steve sitting in the branches of a tree that Bucky took the summer before their junior year. Bucky swallows hard. He probably just butt-dialed him. It’s probably just a mistake.

Bucky’s going to answer it anyway.

“Sorry,” he says to Wanda as he stands up. “I gotta take this.”

“Enjoy talking to your boyfriend. I’m going to eat your fries.”

“There better be a fresh plate here when I’m done,” Bucky says, then answers. “Hullo?”

“Hey Bucky,” Steve says, and that pain in his chest is totally normal, right? It’s just how you should react when you hear your friend’s voice for the first time in months.

“Hey, uh, Steve. Thought you were butt dialin’ me or somethin’.”

Steve laughs, low and throaty, and if Bucky weren’t maneuvering through a crowded cafeteria, he’d close his eyes and focus on taking it in. “Nope, I just… I have something going on, and I want to talk about it. Can we chat?”

“Of course,” Bucky says. “Whatever you need, Steve.” His throat’s closing up for no reason, none at all.

“Thanks, Buck,” Steve says. Bucky finally gets outside to where it’s quiet. “It’s just, I’ve always talked to you about this kind of stuff and it feels weird talking about it with anyone else, so… I’ve just been wanting to talk to you about it.”

Bucky bites down on his bottom lip. “What kinda stuff, Steve? You okay?” Bucky asks, suddenly worried.

“Yeah!” Steve says, “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just… There’s this party tomorrow night, a Halloween party and there’s… well, there’s this guy.”

Bucky swallows.

Is this how it felt when the dinosaurs saw that meteor up in the sky, unable to do a thing before it killed them all? Because all at once it feels like the world is ending.

“A guy?” Bucky manages to say.

“Yeah, he’s… He’s a junior. I met him in an art history class. And he’s… really great, actually. I dunno, I haven’t felt like this in… Well, he asked if I’d be at this party tomorrow night and I’m just nervous in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.”

“Don’t worry, Steve,” Bucky says, “I’m sure he’ll love you.”

The ‘like I do’ is implied.

— —

Bucky forgot how fucking horrible New York is on Halloween.

“Can’t believe I’m doin’ this,” he mumbles as he dodges drunk NYU students dressed in culturally appropriative costumes on his way into apartment 602. He gets in with no difficulty and starts the processes of scanning the crowd. Steve usually stands out, but it’s Halloween and knowing Steve he’s probably in some awful, obscure costume that no one understands.

And then he hears some guy say, “Are you listening to me, Steve? Jesus, why would you hide your body in that turtleneck?” and Bucky knows that Steve recycled last year’s Andy Warhol costume.

It’s easy to spot the white wig and the creep hovering next to Steve. Bucky pushes his way through a small throb of gyrating people with all the adrenaline of draining his bank account for a plane ticket to New York just on the off-chance he can win his ex-boyfriend back.

Which just so happens to be the situation.

“Anyhow,” the creep says. “Maybe we should go back to your place and we can take that turtleneck off, huh?”

“I’m not…” Steve starts then seems to see Bucky a few steps away. “Buck?” he asks.

“Steve!” Bucky says, finally getting to him. “Who’s this?” creep asks. Bucky ignores him.

“Bucky, why’re you here?” Steve asks.

“Because it’s really fuckin’ rude to ask your ex who is obviously still hung up on you about some new guy. What the fuck, Steven? Your mother raised you better than that!”

Steve looks stunned and silly in his white wig and all-black ensemble. “I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“Didn’t think?” Bucky asks.

Steve barks out a laugh. “Yes!” he says. “I didn’t.”

“That’s why you need me,” Bucky says. “Someone’s gotta do the thinkin’.” He pauses, suddenly self-conscious after his big speech. “I mean, if you want to. Think. Be with me. That sort of thing.”

And that’s when Steve starts grinning. “Yes,” he says, emphatic. “Yes, Jesus. Bucky, I missed you. I love you.”

It takes them about four seconds until they’re grabbing at each other, kissing, and knocking Steve’s wig off. Bucky hears the creep mutter, “What the fuck?” but he doesn’t care.

He’s here. With Steve. And that’s how it should be.

Maybe One Day

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Bokuaka

Summary:  Akaashi can hear the increasing giddiness in the man’s voice as he says each of those hey’s, the ey in a slightly rowdy manner but managing to stay unbearably endearing. He can picture his face, eyes lit with excitement, twinkling like the infinite galaxy up there in the sky. He can picture the tiny dimple in his cheek, the crinkles on the corner of his eyes, his chapped lips stretching over his mouth.

A/N: ANGST. Not saying any more because I don’t want to spoil it. For @nairuru –> (enabler extraordinaire) 

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i now present to you: an outline of every gerlonso fic ever

“song lyrics title that might or might not reflect on the tone and/or plot”

out of context song lyrics and/or out of context quote from someone famous


rambling metaphor about smell of grass/clouds/rain/the color red/the roar of the crowd/singing of *someone’s* song.


flashback to stevie gerrard as a smol babby, with scabbed knees and untied shoes.  he falls down and then gets up again.


stevie sits alone, staring off into the distance as grey clouds roll in.  he almost feels cold.  maybe it’s death coming early.  or maybe it’s just his broken heart.


something poetic about a football and how awesome it is.


xabi arrives in liverpool & steven falls in love with his playing, and then with him.  he never says a word.


one night they go out for drinks.  carra does something raucous and embarrassing.  xabi smiles slyly into his beer.  steven *really* falls in love.


anfield is singing again!!!


something about istanbul.  it’s magical af.


once they almost kiss but don’t.  it’s raining.  everyone is wet.


things fall apart.  stevie feels his chest get all tight.  he wants to cry out, but no one will understand his pain!!!!1!!


dialogue that boils down to:

  • don’t leave xabi!!!
  • i have to return to my home planet now, esteban
  • no stay here pls i luv yeh
  • goodbye amor~~~~


anfield singing again except this time the rain is like needles and steven is tearing up.  he shivers in the wind and he thinks he sees xabi in the crowd but then he remembers xabi is a million miles away~~~


xabi calls him from spain.  he decides not to pick up.  BUT THEN HE DOES!!!  but it’s too late and xabi has already hung up.


you’ll never walk alone lyrics shoved in there for shits & giggles


the grass is turning brown and stevie’s heart has been broken, but he lets the ~~*magic of anfield*~~ heal his soul, and he will carry on!!!!!


a line of depressing poetry to put us out of our misery

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Hi! I've recently found the Font of All Things Awesome to Read- in other words, your AO3 page- and I went through and basically read every Donatello-centric fic I saw. I loved them! My favorite right now has to be 'I hear static, I hear you'. The way Don finally gets respected, and genuinely appreciated, really is my favorite part. I can hardly wait to see how he's managed, from BEYOND THE GRAVE, to figure out a way back home; I know that at least a few people won't take him for granted again!

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Forever is composed of nows

By @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated

Felicity bites her lip to keep herself from making a sound, and the sudden burst of love that sparks in her chest is nothing compared to the look on Oliver’s face as he stares down at his daughter, hanging on her every word. He needs this, needs his daughter’s easy acceptance and love of him more than anything else to get him through today, more than he needs her, even. He needs Ellie telling him how great her life is because of him, he needs her showing him over and over again that she loves him, that he’s a wonderful father, and he needs to believe it.

And for this tiny moment, she thinks he does. Because she does.

Oliver’s arms curl around Ellie, making her seem even smaller as she settles in his embrace like there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be. He breathes out, a long, slow exhale that seems to carry the tension living in his body along with it before he dips his head to press his lips to her hair. He breathes her in, savoring the moment of closeness.

Felicity lets out a tremulous breath herself as Ellie does something for him that nobody else on this planet ever could, something she’s been doing ever since Barry brought her back. Slowly but surely Ellie’s filling in the cracks that have splintered his heart, shattered his sense of self-worth, letting the damage from all those years of brutal trauma fade away. Breakfast is forgotten as something far more sustainable fills him, fills his soul, fills parts of him that were positively famished.

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Not couples per say but.... Henry and Vic, Ruby and Cady! Either would be awesome 😊

ooh, this is a great prompt! I was just thinking a couple weeks ago that, given how wrapped up in his work Walt is and has always been, Ruby was probably a huge part of Cady’s childhood as a babysitter and person to turn to. Ruby and Martha were probably good friends too, because Ruby’s how you reach Walt when he’s out solving crime aka always…. I’m sad that we never really hear about what things were like before Martha’s death tbh.

Spoilers up through S5, but entirely ignores the S5 cliffhanger stuff. Cady’s worried about her dad. 1,120 words

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Request -- Hi! Could you write a Gadreel x Reader where the reader knew his vessel and they used to date, but it was a bad relationship so the reader is hesitant to become friends with him but they eventually fall for each other? You're awesome by the way! I love your writing!!!

(I haven’t written Gadreel in a while, so here you go! I hope that you like it!)

The wooden porch beneath you made the slightest creaking noise when you shifted your weight, and you almost cringed at how it broke the spell of silence, save for the wind rustling through the trees, between you and Gadreel. The both of you still didn’t say a word, though, and the angel next to you continued to use his feet to rock the porch swing you were sitting on back and forth. You squinted against the afternoon sun as you leaned back into the cushion once again, unable to control your blush when you realized that his arm was stretched out behind you and unaware of his imperceptible smile when he saw you flush out of his peripheral vision.

You hadn’t expected to be alone with Gadreel in your life because of your past with his vessel. As soon as he had showed up wearing your ex-boyfriend’s flesh, all of the unpleasant memories from your previous relationship had flooded your mind. It had taken you at least a week before you could utter a single word to him. Now, after a few months, you were close, close enough that you could talk and laugh easily with him without a tempest of arguments with the man that he was possessing running through your head. This angel was one of the most eloquent ones you had ever spoken to in you life, even though it made you upset inside whenever you noticed that he was choosing his words very carefully, as if afraid to make even more trouble than he already had in his existence. He could put your mind at complete ease, which was what he was doing by taking you where you were now.

The two of you were somewhere in a delicate countryside, on the porch of a house that had belonged to a couple who had been possessed by angels as well. Gadreel had told you this sadly, and you knew that he wished that he and his siblings could have other options for roaming the Earth. It was a quaint little cottage, abandoned not too long ago, with sunflowers and roses still blooming in the garden, the edges of their leaves and petals only browned a tiny bit. It was the perfect place to have your mind cleared from everything hunting, but your worry was now placed on if Gadreel could hear the sound of your heart rate rising each time you thought about him.

“It is quite beautiful today,” Gadreel looked straight at you as he spoke, his green eyes sparkling in the sunshine. The wind rustled your hair as you turned your head to meet his eyes, and he had to restrain himself in reaching over and tucking the flyaway locks behind your ear before you did yourself.

You were surprised that he had been the one to speak first, and you were so taken aback by his molten gaze that you almost forgot to respond. “…Y-Yeah. It really is. Thank you so much.”

He gave you a grin, one that made your heart flutter. “It is my pleasure. Besides, it is not often that we have the ability to escape the calamity that is beginning to dominate this planet.” A sigh left his mouth as his smile faded, and you could practically feel the guilt that was suddenly starting to overwhelm him. You abruptly remembered the four words that you had heard just before falling asleep on one of the library’s tables in the bunker as he sat in front of you: It’s all my fault.

“Hey,” you told him, shaking your head. You lifted his chin up with delicate fingers so that he would look at you. His features were etched with misery. “This is the place where we’re not supposed to be upset, remember?”

Gadreel’s expression became desperate. “I know, but I just cannot…” He took in a shuddering breath. “When I am with you, Y/N, his memories overtake me when we sit in silence.”

You didn’t need him to explain, knowing right away what he meant by his memories. Playing with a loose thread on your sweater, you just shrugged, even though your heart was pounding. “Oh.”

“It pains me greatly to see the agony that he has caused you in the past,” Gadreel whispered, suddenly going rigid. Panic was clear in his eyes when you were level with his gaze again, and you instinctively put your hand on top of his in order to help him relax. It didn’t help much, but it was a relief when his tenseness disappeared even the tiniest bit. “I knew who you were the first time that I laid eyes on you, Y/N. I knew every bit of information that he did about you, how he used painstaking details against you and how the intimacy you shared wasn’t the intimacy that he craved…” He instantly stopped talking when he noticed how you were biting your lip to the point of drawing blood, and he interlaced your fingers. The action caused you to hear your heartbeat in your ears. “You must forgive me. I’m being quite insensitive, and I realize that now.”

“You don’t need to apologize, Gad,” That was the truth. Even though you hated thinking about your ex-boyfriend, it had been too long ago to avoid talking about. You chuckled, causing him to scrunch his eyebrows together in confusion. “After all, you’re saying the truth. It wasn’t only one time that I came to surprise him at the bar that he worked at and found him getting close with another. I was naive, and I remember just repeating over and over in my head that there was a god reason for whatever he did. Of course, now I know that that’s not true at all.”

The angel leaned closer towards you, and you didn’t move away; you were fixated on him. “You deserved, and still deserve, much more than he ever gave you.” He swallowed hard, his eyes becoming dark with intensity that bewildered you. “When you ran away from me the very first time that you had seen me, I felt as I though a part of me had been physically split in two. After all of the time I had spent in prison, I had been hoping for amicable interaction with humans, and for the days following our meeting I had been considering turning myself back in. But once we finally spoke, Y/N, I knew that I would not be able to leave your side if I could defy any trouble that awaited me.”

“Gadreel,” you murmured, bliss starting to radiate throughout your whole body. Your heart was beating faster than it had ever been today, and your smile was growing wider by the second. You were still fighting off believing in what you through the was talking about, so you decided to press on. “What are you saying?”

“That leaving you,” Gadreel caressed your cheek with his thumb, smiling softly at your almost immediate blush in response to his touch. “would possibly be the worst thing I could ever do. When I am with you, I feel like my thoughts can be realigned into something other the anger that I hold over my own head. When you are next to me…I feel like I can redeem myself. I was previously shattered, Y/N, but I am now in a better state because you continue to put me back together.” You were holding a hand over your mouth at that point, trying your hardest to hold back your tears. He misinterpreted them, and attempted to not allow his composure to be shaken. “I know that it is odd, with me in his body, after all that you have been through. But if you will have me, I will surely be one of the most joyful beings on Earth.” Gadreel seemed to be holding his breath as you processed his words, his expression bursting into complete happiness when you started to nod quickly.

“Of course I will, of course, Gad,” you told him, your grin mirroring his. You closed the distance between you, and threw your arms around his neck. He caught you by the waist, holding you close to him and combing through your hair with his fingers. “No matter what happens with Heaven and Earth, I never want to lose you.”

Gadreel pressed his lips to your temple, making a trail of a few kisses down the side of your face before responding. “I will always be here for as long as you wish me to be.”

Devil In The Details

Request: Hey fam, I was wondering if I could request a lucifer imagine. Were the reader is the daughter of Sammy and lucifer tracks her down and decides to ask her to be his vessel, she says “yes” and lucifer (in readers) body visits the boys? I think I you work your magic you could make this awesome

Words: 2,513
Warnings: None jumping out at me!
Author’s Note: I had to do this ASAP because I suddenly had an idea and boom, I was off. What is it that is so fun about writing bad guys!?

What makes a hero good and a villain bad? If it was dedication to your cause and a determination to stop those who got in your way, well then surely both sides could see themselves as a hero?

You tried to picture little soldiers lined up on a battlefield facing each other. Both armies surged forwards and clashed in the middle, they thought they were right and the other was wrong, and both would go down as a martyr to their cause. But how could you determine who was “good” or who was “bad”? Besides, most of them would end up dead anyway.

Your father and uncles from a young age had always been heroes to you. They were strong, loyal, brave and yet they always left time to be there for you. The Winchester family name was known widely and as you grew up you found that could be both a blessing and a curse.

“Oh, by the way I’m Sam Winchester’s daughter.”

You could watch a hunter’s face change as they realised you were probably on their side, but it could also strike fear into angels, demons and monsters alike. You weren’t stupid, you knew ‘Sam and Dean Winchester’ always had good intentions but you also knew that they had killed hundreds who got in their way.

So were they heroes, fighting for a cause and killing the bad men; or were they the villains, hearts set on their cause, easy to forget the so called “monsters” that they killed.

It should be a simple choice, it always had been until now.

But now you stood just an arm’s length away from the devil and yet everything he said, it just made sense. The devil of the bible, he would’ve snapped you in half and laughed about it, he was the almighty villain. However, you stood here without so much as a hair out of place. He was shunned by his family and banished to an eternity in hell, what was heroic about subjecting someone to that?

Hero or villain? Villain or hero? Where was the line and who were you to judge who was a bad person anyway?

“Y/N?” Lucifer said, calmly extending a hand and placing it on your shoulder, “hey, you alright? You look a little shaky.”

You shook your head and took a deep breath.

“Just peachy.”

You looked up into his eyes, seemingly laced with concern and ran a hand through your hair. It had gotten much longer since you’d not seen your Dad for a few months, he couldn’t judge, uncle Dean always joked that your Dad was practically alergic to hair cuts anyway. You wandered over to the small hotel couch and sat down.

Lucifer had been visiting you like this for a few weeks. You knew of the history he had with the apocalypse and all that, but no one had gone into it too much. It wasn’t from lack of asking, just that your father seemed touchy on the subject of Lucifer.

Sure, the guy wasn’t entirely innocent, but who was these days? Recently, he’d come up with a proposal though, it was simple, you said yes to being his vessel and you’d both save him and gain some power to help people. You were a Winchester, you weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t let his outstay him welcome and once he was topside you’d let him regenerate and then he’d find a new vessel. It was simply a means to an end for both of you.

“You’re really sure about this, huh?” You muttered.

“I can’t hold an apparition forever, come on,” he said with a wink, “you and me, we’d be great.”

“So hypothetically if I said yes, it’s short term, right?” You mused, “and you’re absolutely not going to hurt my family.”

“My my, we are our daddy’s daughter aren’t we?” He drawled, “come on, I pinky swear.”

It had taken a long time to come to this decision, but you took a deep breath and shrugged.

“Fine, I’m in.”

“Oh sweetheart, am I glad to hear you say that.”

His fake form phased out and you were left alone in the dimly lit hotel room. There was no sound for a moment and you took a cautious step forward, but there was nothing. You let out the breath you were holding and shifted your weight awkwardly, there was just nothing… quite the anticlimax, apparently. You’d have thought it would be more dramatic, maybe he was already there and that was it? Swallowing on a dry throat, you lifted your foot to take a cautious step.

Suddenly, everything seemed to swim in front of your eyes and you broke into a cold sweat like you were going to faint. You swayed on your feet slightly, unable to keep your balance and just as your legs gave way, a bright blue light seared through the room. 

And then, it all went black.

Lucifer opened one eye slowly, then quickly followed it with the other. He blinked a few times and once he’d decided it felt settled he stood up quickly. Everything was so much more ‘physical’ here on this plane and it had been far, far too long. He rolled his head from side to side and let out a small sigh, the female form was weird but you weren’t the first female he’d taken - vessel, of course.

“Oh, it is good to be back,” he pronounced each syllable clearly, letting the words drip off of his tongue and ambled over to the mirror. He could feel your consciousness scratching at the edges but it was no more than a sowing needle fighting against a machine gun.

“Hey sweetheart,” he said grinning into the reflection. “Now if I give you your voice, you’ve got to work with me.”

The faint scratching stopped and he twisted your mouth into a dry smirk. Lucifer gave it until the count of three and then slowly unpinned the virtual barrier.

“Atta girl, welcome to the party,” he said, raising an eyebrow.

“Is this… is this it?” You said, regaining some control again.

Lucifer threw back your head and let out a barking laugh, “oh no, Y/N, this is just the tutorial, wait until the real fun starts.”

With that, he clicked his fingers and ice began to creep up the sides of the mirror, you watched in fascination as a few tendrils of smoke began to wind their way to the floor. A second later and the mirror shattered into pieces. Shards sliced the air, spinning off in different directions before clattering to the ground. A faint stinging became evident on your cheek and in the reflection of a shard you saw a slice about an inch long starting to bleed.

“You just-”

“Give it a moment,” Lucifer snapped at you.

He picked up the shard you’d been looking into and maneuvered it so that you could see your reflection. The cut sealed itself, the skin knitting itself together to leave just a smear of blood on the surface. He licked a finger and wiped the remaining blood away to reveal clear skin underneath, not a mark to be seen.

“Excuse fingers,” he said with a wink.

“That’s a mir-”

“Ah ah ah, don’t say the ’m’ word, that’s the other family business,” he cut you off again, “now, talking of family, how about we go have a coffee and a catch up?” He took a step before letting out a small giggle and adding, “I wonder if they missed me!”

You tried to say something again but there was a block up against you.

“Oh yeah, you too of course,” he said with an exasperated eye roll.

If you could have frowned, you would have, but there was nothing, you were just floating in your own body. You felt a small jolt of panic as you realised how little control you actually had. You tried something simple like moving a finger but there was nothing, just a wall in your way.

Another wave of panic washed though your conciousness. This wasn’t part of the deal, was it?

“Hate to be a downer but we never signed anything, but I can hear all your little musings so please keep them coming, it’s like a live soap opera,” he said with another giggle. “I love your giggle by the way, can really put that manic tilt on things…”

You suddenly remembered about your dad and uncle and a whole new air of dread took over.

“Aw, no need to be so glum, sweetpea, I just want a chat with your old man!” Lucifer leered as he began to walk towards the door, “now, let’s go find your father, I think this could be one for the photo albums.”

24 hours later

Sam yawned as he reached for the ringing FBI phone. He dreaded to think what one of them had been caught up in this time, but he steeled himself and picked it up.

“Hello? Director Tyler, is there a problem?…. uh huh, yes he is one of ours… No, he’s there for a reason… I trust his judgement on the situation, what he say goes and that is final, Officer… I said it is final… Good day to you too.”

Sam hung the handset back on the receiver and pulled a face at the phone, Officers hated Feds just as much now as they did in his prime, apparently. He hated having to be on call but the bunker couldn’t be tracked so it came in handy for helping out others.

“Director?” Dean smirked, striding into the room and placing a cold beer onto the small table in front of his brother.

“It was Redwood being arrogant and wanting an exclusion zone again,” Sam chuckled, picking up the bottle and taking a sip.

“I like him.”

“You would.”

Sam raised an eyebrow challenging Dean and Dean was just about to open his mouth to say something witty back, when the sound of the bunker’s door opening snapped his attention.
“You expecting anyone?” Dean said in a low voice.

The younger Winchester only shook his head in response as he sprung to his feet. They broke into a light jog and skidded to a stop in the foyer.

“Son of a bitch, is it-?” Dean started.

“Your favourite niece?” You finished for him.

Sam cracked into a grin and made his way up the stairs to meet 'you’ with a big hug. He squeezed you tightly and you wanted nothing more than to be able to return it properly, or better yet, tell them to run, but Lucifer most definitely still had his finger on the trigger.

“Where’ve you been?” He said when he released you.

“Met a guy, it’s like we were one and the same, what can I say?” Lucifer said in your most squeaky clean voice. You thought your hardest string of abuse at him but the block was still there.

“You’re kidding?” Dean scoffed, looking impressed.

“Nope!” Lucifer replied with a cheesy grin, “he’s not from round here, but honestly he’s great.”

“That’s… that’s really great,” Sam replied with a wide smile, “come on in, do you want a drink?”

“Yeah, I could kill for one,” Lucifer giggled again. You could feel that he thought he was being funny, this was all just a big game to him and had you control of your stomach, it’d make you feel sick.

“So when can we meet him?” Dean chipped in.

“Oh, you already have,” Lucifer grinned wider, you’d like to say it was a warm smile, but he wouldn’t know what a friendly smile was.

“Huh, is he a hunter? What’s his name?” Sam asked curiously.

You wanted to scream out at them, to tell them to run or hide or anything other than stand around chatting but there was no use.

“No, he’s not a hunter.”

“You’re getting out?” Dean said, his eyes lighting up at the thought of you having a normal life. It physically hurt to see the hope in his face and Lucifer.

“No, but you could say he’s gotten out.”

Your Dad and uncle looked confused for a second but shrugged it off and it was just as they let that guard down that Lucifer decided to strike. He flung Dean back against the far wall without so much as a flick of your wrist and then turned to face your father. Sam’s face changed from shock to nothing short of furious in a split second as he looked at 'you’.

“What are you?” He spat, eyes darting to Dean, who was just stirring, before back to Lucifer.

“But Daddy, it’s me!” Lucifer said in a child like voice.

“What have you done to Y/N and what are you?” Sam growled, chest heaving as he glared at the form in front of him. He clenched and unclenched his knuckles and took a shaky breath, you could see he desperately didn’t want to hurt you.

“Don’t you remember me, Sammy?” Lucifer said, dropping back down to your normal voice, “we used to have such fun together, you and me? Sure, the smell was a little off but we had one hell of a time!”

Sam stayed silent and you could practically see the cogs whirring in his mind, he furrowed his brow for a moment before his face dropped.

“Impossible,” he gulped as you watched the colour slowly drain from his face.

“Unfortunately not,” Lucifer grinned, “come on, no hug for for your long lost cellmate?” He said, raising your arms for a hug, “Y/N gives good hugs.”

Sam bit his lip hard, he was seething but you could see he didn’t date hurt your body. Dean was on his feet now, slowly piecing it together but Lucifer didn’t seem to bothered about him.

“Let her go,” Sam said as coolly and as calmly as he could stomach.

“Spoiler, she said yes,” Lucifer said with a shrug, “I’m here to stay and I’m as at home in her as I ever was in you, bit more cramped, sure, but-”

“How did you get out?” Dean snapped, stepping forwards.

“With my winning smile,” Lucifer said sarcastically. He held up a hand and both Winchesters found themselves speechless. You fought against what he was doing but there was no point in even trying.

“Look, this was a charming little catch up. I’ll get Y/N back before curfew but if you don’t mind, boys, I’ve got some business with my brothers and sisters upstairs.”

Lucifer turned on his heels and began to walk towards the exit. He paused and ran a hand through your hair, fiddling with an end piece.

“Oh and boys?” He said over his shoulder, “this visit was for old times sake, I promised her I wouldn’t hurt you and this time I didn’t.”

He left a few seconds pause.

“Don’t give me a reason to.”

And with that, he disappeared, leaving nothing but a heavy silence in his wake.

I hope I “worked my magic” on this one as the request asked? Bit nervous on it so let me know! :P

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

I’m making this post to say THANK YOU to such amazing people who have the gift of weaving words together and making us feel something over and over again. You’re all awesome, incredible people. Thank you for sharing us your fiction. ❤❤❤❤❤

modestlydreaming she knows how much in love I am with the Wolf Au esp Xiumin but chanyeol’s CONFESSION got me hooked. I love how you actually put the convo as the story telling style & I even praised you for it- I was on anon back then but never anymore.

keypea Sam lead me to you but your TFLN series got me big time! Now potion maker min is casting his spell on me! not to mention those drabbles that always seem to hit me- like always!

duizhangdeluxe rockel yeol brought me here but I’ve found a kindred spirit with love for Kris & plushies! Plus she’s 1 of the most accommodating people there is. I avoid messaging her when it’s night so she won’t stay up late coz of me. She’s that nice!

causekpop I keep trolling her page before but I had to follow her when she had CEO luhan. And she at times write for super junior, how can I not adore her.

cnsarangkiseu how she weaved together separate stories of 12 men that lead you to THE ONE, I will never know. That was one incredible journey that I revisit often.

thereaderwriter I love love love her office Au but Dénouement made me believe that every single one of her creations is something to behold every single time.

peachjuiceglow I was never a kyungsoo stan but she’s making me ponder it otherwise. Between Us got me here. Her unconventional wolf Au hooked me. Plus her stories just keep getting better.

thesammtimes I saved for last since she brought me to most of them. Most appros, my guilty pleasure of romance novels brought me to her Guilty Pleasure page, to her Romance novel and it’s been awesome like forever. You’re still the mother of all evil, Gangster Big Momma & Den mother extraordinaire and constant life ruiner. Awesome!

quantitatitivity  asked:

Hi! For that drabble meme, could you please do 84 ("I'm dying.) with Sterek but make it lighthearted? I love how you can turn angsty prompts into cutesy ones instead. It's awesome. Please and thank you!

[This is pure fluff just for you, honey. Thank you and I hope you like it!]


“I’m dying.” Emmaline whines, clutching at her father’s shirt. “I’m dying, daddy.”

“You’re not dying, sweetie.” Emma’s dad says, running a hand over her back. Despite his words he shoots Derek a desperate look like saying ‘she’s not dying, is she?’.

Derek smiles fondly, reaches out to ruffle Emma’s hair. “You have the chickenpox.” Emma looks up at him confusedly, her pretty face dotted with blisters. “It’s nothing bad, but you won’t be able to play outside with other kids for some time.”

Emma’s bottom lip quivers at Derek’s words and she turns to her dad with pleading eyes. “Hey, listen to the doctor.” Mr. Stilinski says. “Thank you.” He tells Derek, smiling softly.

Derek’s stomach fills with stupid butterflies and he has to take a deep breath to recompose himself. He feels like a teenager all over again. Ugh.

“It’s –” he clears his throat, “it’s my job.” Mr. Stilinski nods, brushes his daughter’s hair with his left hand.

The fact that he’s not wearing wedding ring doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I can’t play with Thomas, daddy?” Emma interrupts Derek’s train of thought. “Not even for five minutes?”

“I don’t think so, baby.” Her father answers. “You don’t want him to get sick too, right?”

The little girl shrinks into her dad’s hold. “No.” She whispers.

She looks on the verge of tears again, and her dad is not too far from joining her. “Here.” Derek decides, scribbling a few words on the paper he has in hand. “This will help you feel better.” He offers the paper to Mr. Stilinski, smiles when the other man arches an eyebrow.

“Chocolate ice-cream?”

“I heard it’s her favorite.” He winks at Emma, laughs when she lets out a loud ‘whoooop’.

“It is! It is!” Emma celebrates, clapping her small hands happily. “Daddy, ice cream!”

“I know.” Her dad laughs. “I’ll buy it when we head home. Here, hold Mr. Snuffles while daddy talks to Doctor Hale for a moment, okay?”

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Three Little Words (DeanxReader)

Anonymous asked:

hiya what about a fic where Dean hadn’t said I love you to the reader yet even though they have been dating for a few months but she understands and when they are laying in bed together he finally does it and she tells him how much it means to her that he trusts her and cares about her enough to say it. Sorry that’s long but ya thanks and you’re awesome!!

You shifted, turning over to a more comfortable position on the bed. Your eyes fell upon the face of a man, your boyfriend. It was no secret Dean Winchester and yourself had feelings for one another. In fact, you had been “official” for the past three months.

You smiled, remembering your first date. It wasn’t necessarily awkward, because you had been friends and partners for some time. The funniest part, was watching Dean try to be a gentlemen. Opening doors, pulling out your seat. And though your first date was at a local bar, Dean had insisted the bartender serve you wine. It was quite strange, but at the same time, nice.

True, now that you were dating, Dean had become more cautious and protective of you during hunts. He would never let you go first, or last, into any place that could be potentially dangerous, and he insisted you carry a gun, not just a knife. But all of that didn’t seem to matter, because you loved him. Yes, you loved Dean Winchester.

A small weight on your chest reminded you that you had told him, but he had not returned the gesture. It didn’t really matter as much as it had in the beginning of your relationship, and now you knew he would say it when he was ready.

The man shifted in his sleep, his arms wrapping themselves tighter around your body, so your face was pulled into his chest. You sighed.

You loved being like this, quiet, content. Just being in Dean’s arms, how safe it felt, how you knew nothing could ever hurt you here. If even for a little while. To just exist. To be. It was bliss.

He always smelled the same, and you felt yourself get high just off his scent. The mixture of leather, whiskey, salt, and gunpowder. It clung to his skin and clothes, giving you butterflies. He smelt like he tasted; salty, minty, and alcoholic. It gave you shivers you couldn’t explain. Oh god, you were totally, head over heels, in love with this man.

Your fingers traced little circles into his chest while you were thinking to yourself. Your fingertips, like butterflies, had woken the man in your arms.

“Hey…” His voice was groggy and rough, and you bit your lip as it sent shivers down your spine. “That tickles…”

“Sorry baby. Go back to bed.” Dean looked up and squinted at the digital clock.

“It’s 2 am. Why are you still awake?” You shrugged, snuggling closer to him.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Dean yawned, rolling on his back so he could properly stretch and you frowned, your main source of warmth gone. You laid your head on his chest and he began to stroke your hair, his eyes closed.

“Were you thinking?”


“What about?” You sighed, your eyelids finally becoming heavy.


“… Huh?”

“I said you. I was thinking about you.”

“But… Why?” You rolled on your stomach and propped your head up on Dean’s chest, so you could see his face.

“Because you’re my 2 am thoughts.” Dean chuckled, the vibration travelling up your arms and making you giggle.

“You’re strange you know that?” You laid your head back down, closing your eyes.

“Oh come on. You know you love it.” Dean chuckled again, his voice getting a little quieter at his response.

“I love you.” Your body went rigid for a moment, before you were able to will yourself to sit up again.


“I love you (Y/N). I know I should’ve said it sooner, but I was… Afraid to. But I’m not anymore. I love you.” Thoughts raced through your mind and a grin spread across your face.

“I love you too Dean.” You leaned forward, tasting the familiar mixture of whiskey and mint, smiling under Dean’s lips.

I know that might have been one gif too many, but what can I say? I have a small obsession with sleepy!Dean… ^-^


maruloki-deactivated20150420  asked:

I've been out of the tumblr fandom for 3 years now, I don't watch the show religiously as I did before yet I am still gravitated to DeanCastiel fics. Whenever I have a bad day, I stay under my covers and read til the next day, til I have to go to work again and come home to the same routine. It helps. And this tumblr is amazing. Thank you... It's probably cheesy to say that even at the age of 21, fictional characters still save me from the clutches of permanent darkness.

From jukebox-dive:

Not an ask :D and no need to respond. I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are for maintaining this site. I’ve come here many, many times after a long week at work or when I’ve needed comfort or distraction, and you’ve never failed to provide exactly the right thing, particularly when the thought of searching on my own is too daunting (especially since I’m new to this massive fandom). So, thank you for your work and for sharing your love of fic and authors. You guys are the best.

I want fic about the process of Ransom and Holster learning how not to be assholes about the gay thing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of everyone being open-minded and awesome about it from minute one. But I’m also really interested in sports culture, hockey culture in particular, and with the way R&H were talking about pussy early on in the comic, I think they would probably have some casually-homophobic habits to work past. I don’t think they’re homophobic in the sense of actually hating gay people–most athletes who say stupid homophobic shit in the locker room are just following familiar language patterns, not really thinking about what the words actually mean.

I think they’d be defensive the first time they were called out on it–by Shitty, maybe, during their freshman year, before Bitty ever showed up. They’d laugh it off, call Shitty oversensitive, say they were just messing around and he should get a sense of humor. He’d get pissed, and they’d back down, all “sheesh, okay, whatever bro,” and they’d keep saying shit as long as he wasn’t around.

But then when Bitty came out to them, they’d realize that this is actually important, that saying that shit is not actually okay, and they’d try to stop. And they wouldn’t be perfect. Maybe they’d hurt Bitty’s feelings by accident. But they’d apologize, and try hard to be better, and eventually get rid of their old habits altogether, after a lot of work. Because that’s what it takes, when you grow up in that kind of culture.