♡ jimin from future hearts ♡ I hope these translate well on other devices/monitors, these are my first digital drawings & fan art so I’m sorry they aren’t super great (+ i did these on my kindle w/ an art app lmao) I also hope it’s okay I changed the tattoos from your edits, they were a pain & i re-did them like 14-15 times??? I kind of got the hang of them in the second drawing, yet they still look like crap. ;-; I’ll do much better on Jungkook, i promise. But I hope you like these anyways & thank you for your amazing writing! 💕


Sometimes I see a picture of David gazing at Gillian and I think that he’s like the high school jock, not one of the asshole ones, but the guy who has three letters in more offbeat sports (cross-country, swimming and tennis) but also is in all AP classes and gets into arguments with the English teacher about the meaning of the word “utopia” and sometimes his smile is dorky and shows too much teeth and you love that and at every party he wears mostly black and just chills in the corner sipping his beer but sometimes he DJs because of course he knows about those Icelandic and Scottish bands way before anyone else in your town and when you go outside for a smoke he comes up and talks to you and he’s so tall and has to bend at the neck to look you in the eyes but when he does and you make eye contact you feel like you’ve kind of been touched by the hand of god.

She Is...

Request: Hey! If you are still going through request’s would you be able to do an “Imagine where Joker and Harley try to fight over The Reader but Reader gets caught and thrown into jail or the asylum because of Mr. J and Harleys carelessness so they go get them?” Its okay if you don’t want to do it or if your busy… I’ll understand! :33< @official-dragon-empress 

Word Count: 951

Warnings: Death, guns, shocks. 


A/N: Reader, Harley and Joker are in some kind of love triangle. I don’t really know xD. God, I went way to far with this. xD. Hope you enjoy it!! <3.

“Fucking hell guys! Can you stop?! You’re making me go nuts!” You scream at the two behind you, Joker and Harley couldn’t stop fighting over you all day. Who was going on a heist with you tonight?

“Well, you’re kinda already nuts!” Harley giggles at you, you smile. God you loved her craziness, but still, she’s super annoying.

“Come on (Y/N)! Why don’t we have some fun tonight?” Joker winks at you, runs up to you and picks you up from the ground.

“I don’t know you guys, I’m pretty tired.” You sigh, they couldn’t stop arguing. Joker sighs as he lets go of you, you fall to the ground

“Fuck!” You scream scared, you didn’t expect that. “That was necessary!?” You shout at him.

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if you’re reading this
(and i hope you’re not reading this)
the poems are a lie.
i get by without you,
most of the time i’m smiling
and it doesn’t feel like i’m drowning.
you are not the only thing i breathe for.

if you’re reading this
(and i’m so embarrassed if you’re reading this)
the poems mean so much less than my words
and if you rely on this as our sole way of communicating,
the picture is being painted all wrong
and i don’t want you to think this is all that i am
and believe me when i tell you
you should believe me, not them.

if you’re reading this
(and i kind of hope you’re reading this)
i loved you in the purest way i’ve ever known
and i hope the poems remind you that you destroyed it
and sometimes it still hurts to touch
and i can’t stop touching it some days
because some days,
i still can’t believe love gave up on us.

if you’re reading this
(and i’m so angry if you’re reading this)
i’d ask you why you’re still reading this
but you won’t even talk to me,
ask myself why i’m still writing shitty poetry about you,
ask the sky why neither one of us can let go
of something so wrong for us.

if you’re reading this
(and i know you’re not reading this)
at least i’m not talking to myself again
but here i am, talking to myself again,
knowing you don’t even care enough to read this.

—  if you’re reading this / @scarredconversations
I’ll Take Care Of You-Let Me Take Control

Request: (by Anon) Could you do a dean x dom!reader but the reader is a very loving dom? Like she may be in charge but she uses that to her advantage to make sure dean feels special. Really fluffy please because happy/loved dean is my kink. PS. I hope you reach and exceed your 100 follower milestone you deserve it and more

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex (but be safe at home guys!), explicit language

Words: 2183

A/N: This was my first time ever writing smut so feedback would be welcome. Also thank y’all for being here and especially the very kind Anon who’s kink to see Dean happy I absolutely share. If you have any requests feel free to put them in my inbox and if it should include smut then please ask for it within the request. Other than that I hope you enjoy it

You walked down the bunker stairs close behind Dean, covered in some dirt and blood. Dean was doing an aggressive walk, showing off how pissed he was by just the way he was walking and you thought the reason for him being upset was just stupid.

Dean and you had gone hunting without Sam, who was a few cities away searching for an important book he “absolutely” needed. When Dean proposed to go hunting, you didn’t mind, all three of you had been hunting together for a while now so there was no question about how you’d get along. It was fairly easy as well, a Djinn in some warehouse that had killed two people already. Given the size of the warehouse though there was no other way but to split up. Somehow you couldn’t overpower the Djinn as he suddenly appeared behind you, he just got you sooner than Dean was able to find you.

It had been close, very close but this was your job and you knew the risks; so you thought about Dean being upset because “he”, as he claimed, almost got you killed was just ridiculous. But that wasn’t the way he saw it and it came to no surprise when he just threw his duffle bag into a corner and went straight for the whiskey in the library.

Your duffle bag hit the ground as well as you hurried over to Dean, taking the drink out of his hand and putting it back down on the table. “Excuse me?” Dean spat out in an offended voice, he was upset and wanted to drown his thought and problems in alcohol but you wouldn’t let that happen, not today.

“You, Dean Winchester, are not going to get drunk just to forget about your problems.” You said and pointed at his chest, making sure he felt it, “I know what you’re thinking.” Now your voice was much calmer and loving but everything Dean did was roll his eyes and scoff at you as he turned to walk down the hallway.

You followed suit, this whole thing wasn’t through yet. Both of you ended up in the middle of Dean’s room, his back turned to you as he searched for something. “This is ridiculous Dean!” you shouted more at the frustration inside yourself than him. You wanted him to react to you and talk to you, but this was Dean and talking it out wasn’t what he did and that was the frustrating part.

“You don’t know anything, (Y/N).” Dean said with his back still turned to you and in such a quiet voice it could’ve been a whisper. Alright, this wasn’t going to work with him coming to you by himself, you would have to force to see him that he was wrong. Keeping that in mind you walked over to him, one hand pushing at his shoulder so he turned around and faced you.

It was almost like seeing someone cry but without the tears, the emotion and heartbreak were clear in his eyes there were just the tears missing. Seeing him like this broke your heart, he was your friend maybe even a bit more, though you’d never say that out loud. You took Dean’s face in your hands, almost surprised when you found him leaning into the sensation rather than pulling away from it.

“Listen to me, Dean Winchester. It was not your fault this one was a close call, I know the risks myself and this was okay. You saved me so don’t blame yourself for what could’ve happened because it didn’t. You are a good and lovable human, Dean.” You had involuntarily leaned closer to his face with every word that had left your lips, now there were only a few inches separating your lips and you could feel his hitched breath against your skin, “I am going to prove it to you.” And just like that you kissed him.

Not in an aggressive and desperate way but in a gentle and slow manner, taking your time with Dean. He was no good with words, or at least that’s what he said about himself, he was all about physical feeling and sensation to express what he thought or wanted, you could give him that. As your teeth caught his bottom lip, Dean moved his hands to your waist holding onto you like you were a safe point.

You slipped your tongue into his mouth, taking your time exploring the feeling and taste of him. Dean Winchester tasted like leather, whiskey, mint and home; tasting like something gentle and warm that was hidden beneath all the walls he had built up over the years. Neither of you were fighting for dominance, it was just pure bliss and you were enjoying it, getting lost in the sensation of one another.

Slowly you moved your hands from Dean’s face down his chest until you reached the hem of his shirt to lift it slightly, waiting for Dean to maybe pull away if all of this was going too fast but there was no sign of that. You took that as a confirmation for you to carry on and lifted his shirt over his head, not rushing anything. The goal was to show Dean how beautiful and gorgeous he was, in his very own way, and you wouldn’t leave his side without knowing he knew how amazing he was as well.

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anonymous asked:

heyy first off i want to say that i love both of your imagines so much (keep up the awesome work but don't stress yourselves out too much okay?) could you do a super fluffy josh imagine where its like a hotel night and just cuddling n such? thank youu much love

thank you so so much for the kind words, me and Kylie appreciate all the support we’ve gotten.  Here you go, this request was so cute, hope it’s what you wanted. lots of love. 

-tay xx.


You leaned your head on Josh’s shoulder, watching out the window as the side view of London rushed by.  Josh and Ty were playing at the Leeds Festival this upcoming weekend, meaning you got to tag along and visit Europe.  You were exhausted after spending the majority of the morning walking around, visiting touristy spots and then the latter part of the afternoon standing around a studio as Josh and Tyler were interviewed.    

“Tired?” Josh asks softly as he leans down to kiss the top of your head.

You nod, already feeling your eyes growing heavy.

He lets out a heavy yawn, “Me too.”

You pull in front of the hotel a few minutes later.  Josh thanks and pays the driver as you slide yourself out, sticking slightly to the leather seats.

It’s still light outside, but all you can think about is getting acquainted with the bed.  

Josh catches up with you before you get to the door, brushing your shoulder lightly and intertwining your fingers.  You take the opportunity to lean into him, once again, hoping he could support your weight a little better than your tired legs.  

“I know we told Mark we’d go out with him tonight, but I’m so tired—“ you say as you enter your room.  The A/C had been running all day, leaving the temperature brisk, but cozy.  You immediately peel off your shoes and wiggle your toes against the patterned rug before practically collapsing onto the bed.

“I’ll text him,” Josh assures you, as he cracks open one of the water bottles left in your fridge.  “I’d rather just stay in tonight honestly.”

“Glad we’re on the same page.”

Josh soon falls into bed next to you, tilting his head back against the headboard and closing his eyes.  

You watch his resting face for a moment, biting your lip as you tried to hold back the creepy smile about to spread across your face.  The air conditioning system was blowing bits of his blonde hair straight up in the air.  

You crawled your way up to him, straddling his hips and planting a kiss on his cheek.  

“I have an idea.”

“Hm?” he hums, cracking one eye open to look at you.  

“Do you feel as sweaty and gross as I do?”

“Yeah,” he whispers, taking the hint.  “We should take care of that, don’t you think?”

You and Josh undress as the shower heats up.  Once the steam starts pouring out from behind the glass, you crack it open and walk in.  The water feels nice against your tired body.  It’s refreshing.  Josh helps you wash your back and hair and plants soft kisses along your jawline.  You lather up a decent amount of shampoo and do the same for him, except he has to bend down slightly in order for you to reach his hair.  

Once you’re deemed clean enough, you snap the tap off and grab the two towels from the rack.  

Josh tosses on a cotton t-shirt with his boxers, as he uses his towel to dry his hair as best as he can.  He exits the bathroom after brushing his teeth over the sink.  You coil your hair up in your towel, before wrapping up in a fluffy, white bathrobe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door.  It’s cozy and warm and feels so soft against your skin.  

When you walk back towards the bed, Josh is glancing through a CD sleeve that he must’ve found in one of the drawers.

“Check it—“ he says, “they’ve got all kinds of movies.”

You sit next to him, resting your chin against his shoulder as he flips through the pages.  

He seems extremely excited about one, and when you agree to watch it with him, his face lights up.  You honestly couldn’t care less what you watched, judging by how heavy your eyes felt, you’d be asleep within the first ten minutes anyway.  

You wait, propped up on your elbow in bed, the covers pulled up to about your waist, as Josh tries to figure out how to work the DVD player.  Finally, the screen appears and he flicks the big light off, leaving the room just dimly illuminated by the bedside lamp.  He curls underneath the blanket next to you, plugging his phone in quickly before adjusting himself comfortably.  Once he’s settled, you curl into his side, your head resting on his chest and his arm wrapping around you.  You let your leg rest next to his, curling your toes against the cool sheets.  

You try so hard to pay attention to the film, especially since Josh was so excited about it.  But once his hands travel to your hair and start to stroke soothingly, you know you’re done for.

“I’m so tired—“ you mumble sleepily into his chest, feeling slightly guilty.  “I don’t think I’m gonna make it through this whole movie.”

“Rest baby,” he says, as he brushes your hair away from your forehead.  “We have all week to watch this movie, you can close your eyes.”

His reassurance is all you need to give in to the fatigue.  You let your tired eyes finally close, and within minutes you’re resting soundly, using Josh as your pillow for the night.  

anonymous asked:

Your last comic is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it. I can relate too for I am trying so hard to leave an abusive relationship, I want it for so long but he won't let me go. This time I will succeed and this is mainly thanks to you, and to all your words of kindness and support to those who need help. I am sometimes really afraid that I will never find friends or self confidence or love again, but you give me the strength to go on. Please take care of yourself, you are precious.

YASSSS. BE FREE FROM THAT A-HOLE. you deserve better. take care of yourself too <3 <3 <3

I remember seeing you in my dreams. I remember being so uneasy; anxious over everything, so I thought of you to fall asleep; to feel at ease. I remember looking at you in the eyes and falling even more for you. I remember the words you told me. “Be who you are. I love you this way.”. I remember the hug that lasted for longer than words can describe. I remember the touch of your skin, the softness of your lips, the kindness in your eyes. I remember it all, my dear. Even if it was only a dream. I remember…

- Do not delete, remove or change the caption in any way. Do not claim the text as your own. - 


anonymous asked:

I love your stories! Could you write something about C&D owning the same (or very similar looking) pair of glasses, but the lenses are different and one of them accidentally taking the other's pair to interview and realise when it's too late? ;)

Dear Nonnie, I only just got back home and saw your message. Thank you for the kind words and the prompt. I hope this is something like what you wanted.

Chris woke up exactly two minutes before his alarm rang, managing to unlock his phone and shut off the ringer.

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dungeonraided  asked:

Can I just discuss how fabulous you draw Lukas and Ivor because holy moly and your Soren is !!! <3 Perhap a doodle of what Ivor and / or Soren think of Lukas' beta outfit if you're not busy? Love your art!! It's all gorgeous!!

ok guys stop bullying him
thank you sm for the kind words!!

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like Silas/Camilla? I thought their supports were nice, but I'd like to hear your reasons for not liking it.

I don’t like the fact that they made it so they confessed that kind of love in the A-support. For other supports, romantic love isn’t really discussed until the player initiates the S-support, whether it be with the MU and a character or just two other characters. I didn’t understand why it needed to be different for Camilla and Silas.

Regarding the canonicity with Fire Emblem: Fates, I think that’s debateable. Camilla and Silas’ A-support kind of made it feel like it had to be canon, though, in my opinion. I didn’t like that I was made to feel that way.

I think the support is sweet if you like the pairing, both for personality or looks. It’s sweet that a love like that can remain in tact enough to become an official relationship in adulthood. It’s sweet that Silas can get what he wants in the end, as well as Camilla.

Maybe I’m biased because my own childhood romance ended so terribly. But maybe it’s because of that that I dislike childhood romances because they seem like something that can only happen in a movie(not saying it doesn’t it’s just me being pessimistic).

Another reason why I may be biased over this ship is because my, “sisterly figure,” who was a large figure of torment in my life found pleasure in taking things from me. This included my friends and my sanity. With my family relations being, uh… Complicated, Fire Emblem: Awakening was the first time I really felt a familial bond(which is weird, I know, but it was a way of coping), so I felt the same with Fire Emblem: Fates. When I was trying to S-support Silas, to see the A-support between Camilla and Silas made me feel almost betrayed in a way. I dunno, it’s, again, complicated.

So I’ll definitely give this pairing the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t need to like it, just as others can like or dislike it. As long as people accept others’ pairings; it’s all about having fun.

“i drew your gaster on sai. i wanted to let ya know i hope you get some rest and can relax, i know you have been through a lot of junk lately and i hope your days get dark, darker, yet darker.. i mean brighter!! >w< so take this little drawing. i hope ya get lots o’ love!”

-MS ( @masterserris )

Aaaaa sweetie, thank you for this, he looks amazing! and your kind words mean more than you know. I appreciate it so much. *hugs*

Bedtime Stories

read it on AO3 at

by deecherrywolf

“How about, I tell you a story to help you ignore the storm?”

Her eyes widened, intrigued now. “What kind of story?”

Lance smiled. “What kind would you like to hear?”

She looked enchanted now, her eyes shimmering even more than before. “A love story!”

Lance’s nose wrinkled, not really wanting to tell a love story. What happened to his little action-packed princess who wanted tales of dragons and knights? But he supposed he could whip up a love story. He rubbed his hand on his chin, while his daughter snuggled closer.

Words: 3368, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on AO3 at

Today I attached a copy of this letter to a helium balloon, hoping it makes its way to heaven. I’ve been holding onto so much pain and loss and this really helped me release and work towards those grounded emotions. As I let the balloon go, I let go of the pain, and didn’t look back. 

Dear Abuelo and Abuela, (Grandfather and Grandmother)

I miss you more than I can ever begin to put into words. Your absence in my life kills me with each passing second. It’s as if there is a big void in my life. Both of you were my heroes. You both treated me with so much love, kindness, and respect. I love you both more than I can ever love anyone and anything in this world. I think about you both all the time and what heaven must be like. I can’t help but have tears running down my face because I’d do anything possible to have you both back here. Although I know you both are in a better place, I need you so bad. Days have been hard for me and I have grown up so fast. I think about all the immature things I had done when I was younger and how much I regret ever mistreating you. You both are my everything. I could do no bad in both of your eyes. I was your little angel. The family has really separated since both of your passing and I’d give anything for family unity, although I know how far-fetched it is for me to want that. Please don’t let God take Dad anytime soon. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’ve been doing all I can to hold both Mom and me together.  I am really trying to do everything possible for you both to be proud of me. Every single day I strive for excellence. I keep my goals and my headstrong attitude for victory in everything I do. I take all the lessons that you both have taught me when you were living and put them into good use. There is not one moment that goes by that I don’t miss you both. I feel you both sometimes watching over me. It keeps me strong and motivated. I know that my time will come to be with you both again, but in the meantime, I am doing what I promised both of you. I am going to make something great of myself.

Love Always,

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MAMAMOO Scenario: Cuddling

Mamamoo Prompt: First of all I love your scenarios. What would they be like while cuddling? (Like, are they the little spoon or the big spoon and how they would hold you or like to be held, this kind of thing). ^-^

Originally posted by femaleidol


I think that Hwasa would love to be held, yet she wouldn’t express it. When you’re cuddling in bed, without a word, she’ll bring your arms around her waist and will push herself into you, back pressed against your chest. You’ll be able to feel her soft fingers linking with yours as you sit in silence. 

 She loves to sit on your lap in a straddling position, her arms wrapped around your neck, her head resting comfortably into your shoulder. When she talks, her mumbles tickle you a little. Slowly, she’ll press light, soft kisses on your neck and jaw. She won’t want anything further, but is comfortable enough wrapped in your arms.

When you’re in public, she will playfully sit sideways on your lap, her legs hanging off the side. You might accidentally get a mouthful of hair when she spontaneously hugs you hard. It would be unexpected, and there would be absolutely no warning, but she won’t let go until you give her some attention. At home, she is calmer, and will just slowly and tiredly cuddle into you. Whether she puts her head on your shoulder or when she sits inbetween your legs.

Originally posted by them-idol-feels


Byulyi tends to be a bit more affectionate, and you’ll be cuddling almost 24/7 (I mean you’re not complaining). She will express her affection for you often.

When you’re cuddling in bed, she likes to be the big spoon. Her long arms will wrap around you, almost as if she is protecting you. When she’s asleep and you’re cold, she somehow instinctively pulls you closer to her warmth. She will often naturally pull you into either a spooning position, or let your head fall onto her chest, and have her hand brushing through your hair.

She loves when you sit inbetween her legs, with her arms wrapped around your waist and her head resting inbetween your shoulder blades. You can feel her breathing lightly. Sometimes she’ll rest her head on your shoulder instead, kissing the back of your ear lightly, as well as your cheek. She doesn’t talk as much when you’re sitting like this. When you ask, she replies with “Because you make me speechless Jagi.”

The only time she would be the little spoon is when she is sad. If she is upset before bed, she will crawl in front of you, like an invitation. And of course you will comply, because it is rare to see Byulyi like that. You’re worried for the first while, but she will tell you in the morning.

Originally posted by wheeinthisish


Kim Yongsun is one stubborn person. In public, she will barely even touch you, her hatred of PDA made it difficult for you to express affection. So when you’re around anyone (especially the two maknaes), she’ll be quite conservative with cuddling or contact at all. 

When you’re in bed, she’ll take your arms and wrap them around her waist, and she’ll snuggle further into you. She prefers to be the little spoon, because she loves feeling the rise and fall of your chest as you sleep. “Jagi, come cuddle with me.” She’ll say, breaking out the signature pout. You’re starting to think that you’re the older one out of the two.

In those moments, your cuddling are like touches of heaven. It’s warm, cozy, she feels like home. Her favourite position is when you have one arm draped around her shoulder. It’s not too obvious, but she’ll blush like crazy and her heart will start racing. 

Originally posted by wheeinthisish


Wheein is like a puppy. She craves attention almost all of the time, although you’re not complaining whatsoever. The way she suddenly cuddles into you, or backhugs you in public is unexpected, but comforting. She’s willing to show everyone how much she loves you no matter who’s watching. (Although Hyejin loves to gag at your sweetness)

When you’re alone, she’s a lot calmer. Maybe it’s because she’s tired from the day’s activities, but she’ll just lean into you. You’ll be watching a movie, and you’ll wrap your arms around her torso and hug her close, encircling her waist gently as she rests her head in the crook of your neck. “I’m tired.” She yawns, cuddling further into you. 

You’ll pick her up and bring her into the bedroom, but she’ll hug onto you like a koala, so it’ll be difficult. But eventually you’ll be able to set her down gently, lying down beside her so she can rest her head on your chest. She’ll listen to the soft beat of your heart, and slowly fall asleep.

anonymous asked:

for 4 words prompt, can I ask sugakookie with "you love me, right?" or "please talk to me" i mean insecure maknae is my fav hehehehe thank you!

Oh my goodness anon, you must know I love hurt/comfort and Sugakookie. This is like the best combination. Insecure!Jungkook OTL I die. Anyways, I didn’t add smut because it probably doesn’t fit and I really wanted to go overboard with the angsty feels and fluff so this is what happened LOL. Let’s go! P.S. It’s non au (Yoongi has mint hair because I love and Sugakookie share a room), hope you don’t mind.

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Wrong Side of the Tracks: Chapter 2

(I made the aesthetic above for this pic, all images were Google searched)

Summary: SPN AU High School/  Sam Winchester is one of the popular football players-you know the kind. Drop dead gorgeous, all the girls want him kind of guys. Olivia Harvelle is a unique girl from the wrong side of the tracks,  who dresses for herself, she loves music, reading and writing poetry. Between his friends and hers everybody makes trouble for the couple. Will they finally be able to overcome the stereotypes that loom over them or will they be doomed to be star crossed lovers?

Characters/Pairings: Teen!Sam x Teen!OFC(eventual), Dean Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle

Word Count: 1280

Warnings: None

Tagging: @theerinpage @skybinx-blog @bloodysideofhell @demondean-for-kingofhell @smoothdogsgirl @rockingmotherhood @ellen-reincarnated1967 @winchesterprincessbride @jotink78 @mrswhozeewhatsis

“That’s Liv? Damn, she grew up hot!” Matt said eyebrows raised.

Jo raised her hand and smacked the back of Matt’s head. “Hey asshole! Don’t even think about it, Cohen. As a matter of fact, none of you at this table think about it. Every one of you are dogs. Well except maybe for the puppy here,” she said motioning to Sam, who choked on his drink at the comment.

“Excuse you?” Jess looked up at Jo with complete disgust on her face.

“Did I stutter,” Jo spat.

“Jesus, Jess, give it a rest,” Seb said rolling his eyes.

Everyone’s attention was drawn back to the stage as Liv finished singing and then the room erupted in applause with Dean being the loudest, he was whistling, yelling and clapping. Chants of more started throughout the room and at the table of football players everyone but Jess was yelling. Liv stood on stage shaking her head no, that she was done with singing. “Ash!” she yelled.

“Oh God, hope you guys like Skynyrd,” Jo said with a chuckle as she walked away.


Sam was trying to keep his eyes on Olivia, but Jess was having none of it. Every time he turned away from her, she was grabbing his shirt and bringing his attention back to her. “C’mon Jess stop. I’m here with you, can I at least talk to my friends,” Sam said, looking down at his phone as his text alert went off. “It’s Dean, he needs to talk to me, I’ll be right back.” He bent down to give Jess a kiss so that she didn’t start screaming about that and headed off towards the pool table, his eyes scanning the bar looking for Olivia but not seeing her.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“Hey, Dean!”

“Sammy! When did you get here?” Dean said with a big grin.

“About twenty minutes ago, I think. Uh, do you think I could get a ride home with you tonight? I need to talk to you about something,” Sam said.

“Yeah sure. You and Jess fighting?” Dean replied with a smirk.

“Something like that,” Sam laughed. “Look if she asks you sent me a text that you needed to talk to me, okay?”

Dean looked at his brother in surprise. Sam never liked to lie about anything, so this must be serious. “Yeah, sure no problem, will probably be here for awhile, I’m trying to talk Charlie here into singing a song,” he said, cocky smile in place as he threw his arm around the red haired girl next to him. “Ain’t that right Charlie?”

“Dude, really? You expect me to go up there after O? Are you nuts? Let alone the great job that Ash is doing up there,” Charlie laughed.

“Hey, leave Ash alone. Everybody needs to get in touch with their inner redneck every now and again,” came a female voice from behind Sam. “Here, got everyone drinks, well except for Sam.”

Olivia walked around Sam and handed drinks out, and smiled softly at Sam. “Sorry, didn’t know  you were over here.

“You know who I am?” Sam asked surprised.

Olivia rolled her eyes, “Duh! Dean talks about his little brother all the time, let alone that we go to the same school Sam. Who doesn’t know the best football player we have?”

“Right,” Sam said, his cheeks turning pink with embarrassment. “Um, you were great up there, by the way.”

“Thanks,” she murmured, blushing deeply herself. “ So-”

“SAM!” Jess screamed from across the bar.

“Wow! She’s got some volume, doesn’t she?” Charlie murmured to Dean. “Scared of her.” Dean nodded in agreement.

Olivia looked at her best friend with her best bitch face and mouthed Shut Up.

Sam ran a hand down over his face, “Just call me Petruchio.”

Olivia busted out laughing at Sam’s comment, “Really? You know Shakespeare’s work?”

“Of course he does, the little geek. My little brother is super smart, Liv. Did you expect anything different from a Winchester?” Dean said proudly.


“I better go, before she breaks every glass here screeching. Dean come get me, when you are ready to go home.” Sam said face still red. He almost walked right into Jo, who was fast walking to where Liv was standing.

“Are you happy?” Jo asked.

“What?” Liv replied looking totally confused. At the sounds of the next song starting from the karaoke machine, she slapped a hand to her forehead and squeezed her eyes shut.

Behind the bar, Ellen closed her eyes and prayed for strength. Why her youngest child thought it was a good idea to call Ash to the stage, she would never know. As it was, they would never be able to get him down now.

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The guitar music twanged from the speaker and Ash let out a loud “WOO!”

Well, I was raised in a sophisticated kind of style.

Yeah, my taste in music and women drove my folks half wild.

Mom and Dad had a plan for me,

It was debutantes and celebrities,

But I like my music hot and like my women wild.

Yeah, an’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side,

When they wear their clothes too tight and their hair is dyed.

Too much lipstick an’ er too much rouge,

Gets me excited, leaves me feeling confused.

An’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side.

You should’ve seen the looks on the faces of my Dad and Mom,

When I showed up at the door with a date for the senior prom.

They said: “Well, pardon us, son, she ain’t no kid.

That’s a cocktail waitress in a Dolly Parton wig.”

I said: “I know it, dad. Ain’t she cool, That’s the kind I dig.”

Yeah, an’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side,

When they wear their clothes too tight and their hair is dyed.

Too much lipstick an’ er too much rouge,

Gets me excited, leaves me feeling confused.

An’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side.

I like ‘em sweet, I like 'em with a heart of gold.

Yeah an’ I like 'em brassy, I like 'em brazen and bold.

Well, they say that opposites attract, well, I don’t agree

I want a woman just as tacky as me.

Yeah, I like my women just a little on the trashy side.

Yeah, an’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side,

When they wear their clothes too tight and their hair is dyed.

Too much lipstick an’ er too much rouge,

Gets me excited, leaves me feeling confused.

An’ I like my women just a little on the trashy side.

Yeah, I like my women an’ I like 'em on the trashy side.

Olivia ran to the stage as the last lines of the song faded out and the bar was silent as the other teens weren’t sure how to react. She was struggling with Ash to get the microphone away from him, when someone thankfully started playing a song on the jukebox. ‘I will kiss whoever did that’ she thought, looking towards the jukebox she blushed when she noticed Sam walking away from the machine, he winked at her and smiled causing his dimples to pop. Liv swore that her heart was going to explode and she wondered when it had gotten so hot inside the bar.

Her own smile dropped and she quickly turned back around when Sam made it back to his table and Jess grabbed his face and pulled him down into a very passionate kiss. She shoved Ash off the stage, then jumped down and ran from the room.