Thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing female worker at mart wall. I got off work at midnight only to find out once I was home that I literally only had one pad left and had work at 6 AM the next day and was basically fucked. Mart wall is the only store open that late in my area so I didn’t have any other options. I went in to get pads and they had those aisles blocked off due to cleaning. There were only two male workers down them but it was an emergency so I begged them to just grab me a box since no customers allowed. They laughed and said no and that it was too gross which made me teary eyed and embarrassed. A lady working came over to see what was happening and went and grabbed me some and assured me it’s no problem. Literally a life saver!!!!

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):



HAPPY ENDINGS - queer short film

inspired by the lgbt fans deserve better movement (, this film is a much-needed happily ever after.

check out the blooper video here:

soundtrack: homecoming (jeff cardoni), ghost (halsey), chains (radical face), wolves without teeth (of monsters and men), stranger in a room (sara hartman), on the roof (the antlers), you won’t remember… (bibio), varoeldur (sigur ros), tricks on me (jed whedon)
cast: ariel lowrey, michaela murphy, nicholas hathaway, bobby berry, elizabeth karron, aja faranda, juan duran, taylor jackson, silke enkerlin, emily golding
filmed: canon t3i (28mm lens)
edited: final cut pro x
completed: 2016
location: new haven, CT


Skimmons Week: Day One

When she was on Maveth, before she found Will, before she started to see survival as something that might be possible, Jemma had a dream. It was an uneasy dream that seemed to bleed into reality. She hadn’t eaten in days, and dehydration had been setting in rapidly, so she hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

Her hands broke the matted thick dirt of the planet’s surface as she tried to follow the roots of the grassy plant back to its water source. As she dug deeper and deeper, her fingers began to tingle. The ground began to paw back at her. Rock encased her hands, then her wrists, her arms, her head. Everything was pressure and discomfort. Grit filled her mouth.

She awoke to find another sand storm rubbing her face raw and stumbled away to find shelter from the winds. Sometimes, when she feels especially trapped in her new reality, the dream rushes back at her full force. Sometimes she wakes expecting to be swallowed by the earth. When she escapes Maveth and returns to Earth, the memory of the dream begins to fade. She had new worries and new memories to deal with. It slips her mind entirely and Jemma doesn’t think about it ever again.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kikithedeceiver!!! :D

Inspired by the chat during the livestream, I give you sparkly idol Kano! :D
(He’s dressed as Yuki from Idolish7 because seiyuu)

And and Kido is there totally not snapping photos and grinning under her sweatshirt! And sparkly idol Momo is there because favoritism she provided the outfit! ^^ (if you’d like, I have a version where it’s just Kido ;))

So um yeah! I hope you like it! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for being my friend :)
Confessions of a Broken Heart Chapter 4, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction

In the show, Rick and Michonne’s relationship starts out as not trusting each other then they slowly build a strong friendship based on mutual respect and caring about each other that, at long last, eventually finally blossoms into romance.

This fic is a little different. In this AU, Rick and Michonne meet and they hit if off almost right away. Their relationship starts with infatuation and lust. As you can imagine, this is not a particularly solid foundation for a lasting relationship and that, coupled with Michonne’s still very much broken heart, leads to some trouble. 

Will Rick and Michonne overcome everything and manage to find happiness together?

Type 0 week 2016 - Day 1, Dawn or Resolution
(Dawn as in “time of a new day and start of new possibilities)

Sice/Seven. Another night on their way to their next destination is over and Sice and Seven slowly rise from their slumber. Happy Ending AU. / AO3

(Yes hello, new year, new Type 0 week! This year different from last year, but I tried. Nothing better than to start this week with fluff.)

A quiet night hung in the air – a soft wind blew and barely made any noise, a few leaves rustled here and there in the wind, but it wasn’t much. Not many local animals were awake at this early hour of the day and grazed their surroundings with their sounds. The first birds already chirped not far away, announcing that the day would start soon, but that was it.

Sice stirred in her sleep.

Huddled in warmth she silently stretched herself, not moving too much from the spot she lied on inside the sleeping bag. With her arms safely wrapped around the warm body in front of her, she sighed at the embrace, inhaling deep the scent of her girlfriend. Skin on skin she lied inside this single sleeping bag with her, feeling every breath of her, every tiny stir she made.

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Lance: I’m glad you all could be here to commemorate the worst day of my life.

Shiro: No, I thought the worst day of your life was when you didn’t get pulled on stage at that AC/DC concert. 

Hunk: Or when your mum substitute taught our sex-ed class.

Pidge: What about the day when we made you stop wearing your visor upside down?

Keith: I thought the worst day was the day you got that haircut that you currently have right now.

Lance: Remember that time when I got my shirt caught–wait a minute, why am I participating in this?!

                                                                  Monday Motivation

Photo: British artillery with a special message - July 1916

Les anglais en France - [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol]

anonymous asked:

25 for Elmira?

Excessively Detailed Headcanon Meme - send me some! :) 

25. How do they see themselves 5 years from today?

That’s the problem, Elmira doesn’t really see herself anywhere.

At the time of the Conclave, Elmira has already spent 6 years traveling and roaming around the Free Marches. She still returns to Clan Lavellan between her travels and uses it as a pit stop. The clan’s elders aren’t very happy about it, but Keeper Deshanna lets Elmira come and go as she pleases on the condition that she brings back useful information.

Elmira really should have just left Clan Lavellan with Navash (when she was banished from the clan). Elmira should have left when she didn’t receive her vallaslin. Elmira needed to come to terms with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to achieve what she wanted to if she stayed with Lavellan. Unfortunately, there was still a part of her that held onto the hope that she would have made her way back into the clan’s good graces.

Deshanna sending Elmira to the Conclave (to help Navash) was probably the best thing she could have done for Elmira. After joining up with the Inquisition and seeing Navash again (my canon Inquisitor), Elmira finally works through the pile of feelings that she just never dealt with after Navash was banished. It might have taken her a long time, but she does it. During the events of Trespasser, Elmira finally has that heart-to-heart with Navash and they finally talk everything over.

After the Inquisition is disbanded, Elmira parts ways with Navash and the Inner Circle with nowhere to go. Returning to Lavellan would have been a dead end. Fortunately, while Elmira was with the Inquisition, she learned about Clan Vaharel and filed that information away for another day. Elmira decides that this Dalish clan may be a place where her skills as a mage could be appreciated. She heads north to the Silent Plains and joins up with Clan Vaharel.

Five years from the events of Inquisition, Elmira’s finally in a place where she can truly belong and call home. Her skill and talents as a mage are appreciated and she’s a respectable mage in the clan. She’s got friends who care about her (awesome bros like Thelrion and Iralen) and a badass healer girlfriend named Sahine. Not too shabby.

Thanks for the ask! :D

As always, Clan Vaharel, Thelrion, Iralen, and Sahine belong to my bro @vir-ghilani​! :)

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I hope everyone will finally see what Emma has given up to help them and all of that through this story arc and don't continue to be the way they have been. I mean honestly folks she deserves a happy ending to.

Anon 2

I hope Snowing and the others will realize this season how much Emma has given up for them ever since she came to town and that they’ll help her go through what we know she’ll be going through and help her get her happy ending this time to help her to realize yes you do deserve happiness. They owe her hugely.

Got 2 similar asks, thought I’d put them in the same reply.

Emma and everything she does has been taken for granted.

I’m just glad they decided to finally look into this whole Savior business and the personal cost to involved with that.

Leo: I’m glad you all could be here to commemorate the worst day of my life.

Percy: No, I thought the worst day of your life was when you didn’t get pulled on stage at that AC/DC concert. 

Jason: Or when your aunt substitute-taught your sex-ed class.

Piper: What about the day when we made you stop wearing your visor upside down?

Frank: I thought the worst day was the day you got that haircut that you currently have right now.

Leo: Remember that time when I got my shirt caught–wait a minute, why am I participating in this?