On today’s edition of Reichenbach Rewatch: Just Fuck Me Up Why Don’t You: 

I noticed this little detail among the clues of the kidnapping case. There’s the copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that was left in the little girl’s trunk, and what looks like a paperback book aimed at kids.

Okay initially I assumed this was just another of the little girl’s belongings that was in her trunk, and maybe that’s what the police thought it was, but then I took a closer look at the title: Poppy Love. 

POPPY LOVE. As in, morphine addiction. And also, if that weren’t bad enough, a play on “puppy love,” which strikes me as just exactly the kind of shitty thing Moriarty would say to Sherlock about his feelings toward John.

Then I had a look at the book itself. IT GETS WORSE HANG ON TO YOURSELVES. 

So Poppy Love is a character. This is a book in a series. Other books include Poppy Love Takes the Floor, and Poppy Love: All That Jazz. The books are about dancing. This is the particular book that appears on this table o crime:

Give him a puzzle and watch him dance. 

I love dancing. I’ve always loved it. 

Given the content of TRF and the general themes of Sherlock getting his comeuppance I mean I just. 

Do we blame Kevin? Or is this too artful for him?

idfc 4|| Liam Dunbar

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Chapter 4

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Hayden and you were sitting on the outside of the school under a tree, you wanted to tell her the news away from everyone.

“So? What did he say?” Hayden’s eyes were wide open and she was desperately grabbing your hands

You looked at her with a sad face and rested your hand on her shoulder “Sweetie, I’m sorry but…"You watched as her face went pale and the joy from her eyes left 

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I’m very busy, and I’m tired a lot. I was talking to Ryan Tedder about this the other day, because we’re equal left and right brain people. So there’s part of our brain that we shut off when we’re in the studio. There’s part of our brain that we turn on when we are out doing an interview or promoting something or waking up at six in the morning for hair and makeup. I think if that pressure came from other people, I would feel very weighed down by it. But the pressure comes from me, so I can’t really say anything about it, because I’m the one saying to myself: you have to make a better album than you made last time. There is no other option. Otherwise, don’t make an album.
—  Taylor Swift on her motivation (x)


Picking up from where I left off months and months ago, Fai is the artpiece for the Deluxe Cover of Volume 4. Because I cheated I know we start to cycle through the side characters after this volume - meaning Mokona doesn’t get her own one, or at least not yet. Which is a bummer, but still, we have Fai. Sort of. 

If you remember the other covers (there’s a tag if you wanted to quickly recheck them) Syaoran, Sakura and Kurogane all differ from Fai’s art in that they all face us head on. Despite their drastically different poses they all stare straight at us and aren’t attempting to hide anything. This wasn’t important before because it was all in theme, but now we have Fai doing the opposite. His body is turned completely to the side, he’s partially hidden by his coat, and his head is tilted slightly to the side, denying us the “front on” look we had from everyone else. He isn’t even standing up, and while the other three had gorgeous backdrops that visually tied to an exact location, Fai’s is vague. He’s sitting on a massive outcropping of ice with no discernible “place” anywhere around him. While it’s easy to assume this is somewhere in his homeworld, it’s not something we’ve actually seen in the series before. It’s unfamiliar, it’s indistinct, and it’s perfect for showing how Fai differs from the rest of the cast. The others were easy to read, relatively simple to understand. Fai works hard to be the complete inverse of this. 

If you don’t look too closely the image is a relatively straight forward one. All the main signifiers for “Fai” are present: he has his coat, his magic staff, his limbs are hunched together because he has no idea how to sit down properly, and he’s smiling. But the smile should be the first clue that Fai is being less than straightforward here, because Fai smiles for a lot of reasons, and most of them are misdirection. Compared to Sakura’s (and even Kurogane’s) covers Fai’s smile barely seems like he’s trying; his lips are making the motion but his eyes look tired, maybe even disinterested. This is the Fai who sits atop a mountain of secrets and refuses to share any of them, hiding it all behind a fake demeanor and pretending they don’t exist. 

Following that train of thought, other things in the picture have the same thought process in mind. Unlike the others, who all held items that represented them but more importantly drew visual focus back towards them, Fai attempts the opposite. He holds the staff down and away from himself, deferring attention anywhere but himself; the staff draws focus down to its own elaborate decoration or else up to the blank top corner; the ice pillars split in the middle, drawing focus to either side; and in the middle of all this is Fai’s coat, not Fai himself. He’s off to the side, squashed between these three other elements and even contorting his limbs so that he’s visually taking up the least amount of space out of everything on the page. The other characters were on display in their covers, but Fai is in hiding. He’s using his own signifies to hide in plain sight, and even then he shows as little as possible, and its the biggest parallel to his own personality I’ve ever seen. Even his coat reflects this. It’s the same general pattern as his phoenix tattoo but it’s way more complicated. It’s a complex mess of tangled lines that make no clear patterns or images. It has an order to it, but it’s turned away at an angle that we can’t see the whole thing even if we wanted to. It’s a web, like the lies Fai tries to slip behind, and the longer you’re looking at it the less time you’re looking at Fai himself, which is exactly what he wants. 

On a meta level you know he’s doing this all on purpose. Technically he’s here, he’s participating, he’s smiling, but he’s doing it all so you don’t look too closely. He’s trying to subtly turn your attention anywhere else but at him - because there are parts of himself he doesn’t want anyone to see. He wants you to dismiss him as exactly what he appears to be, because if he doesn’t like who he really is then he’s sure that nobody else will. So he hides. 

He doesn’t know yet that he’s wrong.

Anakin reaches out with his right arm, next shot it’s his left arm.

Mistake on animators or mistake on Anakin??

“Whoopsie! Anakin’s/My right arm is mechanical! He/I can’t feel with it! hahaha/…fuck you, Dooku”

It’s only like a month or two after the Battle of Geonosis, right? Anakin is still used to reaching out with his right arm, not his left.

…I made myself sad when I wanted to laugh. Tis the curse of fanakins :(
‘It means a lot to me’: Hope after pre-inquiry meeting on missing, murdered Aboriginal women
“I believe she actually listened to us. Having her here and listening to us today is huge. It means a lot to me,” she said.
By Julia Wong

Some members of Edmonton’s Indigenous community are feeling hopeful after a consultation with the federal government on how a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women should be shaped.

Amanda Gould calls herself a survivor. The Edmonton woman, who is Indigenous, managed to escape a bad relationship, which she said left her worrying she would become just another statistic.

“I felt like I was going to die out on the street. When I was being chased by him, I thought for sure something was going to happen to me,” she said.

“I’ve had guns to my head. I just about drowned in a river.”

Gould has several Indigenous friends who have been murdered. She’s been advocating for a national inquiry for approximately 10 years.

“There are so many stories that are out there, that haven’t been told,” she said.

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Step 1 is now complete! I’ve been accepted into the art of taco making and will start my job on the 15th of the month of love! This has made my father very proud of my efforts! All that is left for me to complete is to bring my academic level to an honorable score, which in turn will make my mother proud of me. This will allow trust into the family once again, which will allow me to draw when I see fit!

I have no idea why I talked like that XD

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RG Veda was CLAMP's first work and it SHOWS, because even if it is a GREAT storyline, the pacing was a rollercoaster ride; I agree that the battle isn't quite long enough, and the whole Ashura cuts himself off thing is kinda confusing. And don't even get me started on the questionable "gays are evil" implication. I have a question though: which do you think is more tragic, RG Veda, or X/1999? And I'm talking in terms of feels here. Basically which one made you feel more intensely WORSE OFF.

Oh man, it’s super curious to me that RG Veda was CLAMPs first properly published work. There are so many things that I recognise as staples of CLAMP’s style in hindsight, but it also helps me appreciate just how far they’ve come since then too. They’ve changed so much over time, to the point where I still think you could link RG Veda, X/1999, and Tsubasa together and get an accurate impression of their changes in attitude towards their story elements. It’s very nice to have RG Veda as a proper ‘starting point’ now too. It’s very useful in that respect. 

I agree with the thing about pacing wholeheartedly. It was up and down in a lot of parts, but the ending itself was entirely its own thing. Some sections were long and stretched out lovingly (especially for some of the minor characters who hadn’t actually mattered UNTIL that point) while others wrapped up in a page or two without proper explanation. Ashura’s cocoon thing was the worst example of that, because without a clear marker that the conflict was over my mood couldn’t catch up with the narrative for quite a few pages later, and it left me very confused. CLAMP have improved so much since then though, so I should be happy about that. (Don’t even get me started on the gay thing though I am still so mad about Kendappa I can’t even say)

But which is more tragic? Ooh. That’s a good question but also a very hard question. In terms of feels I would probably say X/1999, at first. The narrative had me stressed out for almost the entire time - and it was a long series, with awful things happening all the way through, with no guarantee that anyone was going to survive any given chapter. RG Veda differs in that you could be relatively confident that the main cast weren’t going to be killed off until the end of the narrative, at least (though that didn’t stop it from crushing your heart with side characters along the way). On the other hand, X/1999 is missing it’s ending and this prevents it from being a proper comparison. RG Veda’s climax was SO INCREDIBLY TRAGIC that it tips the scale in its favour, but I have no doubt that CLAMP would have done even worse in X/1999 if they had managed to complete it. But as it is? RG Veda has the more “complete” version of being the most tragic series, but X/1999 is the more “consistent” version.


It was moments like these that made me realize Marik really did regret what he’d done.

Having only half your body and face left probably sped things up XD; Knowing you’re dying can change a lot about what you think and feel. (And in Marik’s case he saw firsthand what happened when his hatred and rage got control of his body without anything to moderate it.)

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Hi beautiful can you rec me some of your favorite mutuals? i unfollowed literally everyone after the babygate thing because people were hating on a baby lmao byeeee


Also these are the only ppl i care abt on this dumb site so u should def check them out

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I’m doing this in a hurry so i left out a bunch of people i’m sorry pls dont drag me i still love u and everything and ahh if ur not in this list and u feel hurt then ur probably supposed to be in it sorry sorry gotta run

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I have a lot of serious shit going on right now, but I can't stop feeling like something was wrong with 3x04. Is it me? Or was it like, deflating? I mean, I'm all in for Lexa avenging Costia, but aside from that it left me wanting... I feel like we hit rewind on the Clexa connection... Also, F Pike & co.

it’s a slow burn, it’s going to be a slow burn for the next episode or two and we’ve gotta be patient. i know we want another kiss but that wouldn’t be accurate.

lexa is giving clarke time, she’s still timid around her because she knows she hurt clarke bad and she knows building something great takes time! the final scene made me really interested, it was intimate and you could see the gears turning in clarke. i think she finally realised how she feels for lexa, in the final moment when lexa left, you could read clarke like a book. she knows how she feels and it scares her. and i think the writing between them right now is really, really good! we’ve gotta give it time. it may seem like they are going backwards but trust me they’re not. it’s nothing but up from here.

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I made him my everything and now I'm left with nothing. I asked you about studying during a break up but the pain hurts so bad that I feel like it's impossible. And I don't wanna fuck up on midterms because some bitch broke my heart

you are still left with yourself. l know it hurts but just be assured that this is temporary. JUST temporary. you really dont wanna look back and regret that the pain made you fail your midterms. you will literally hate yourself for it. I did. 

l know me or anyone saying it will get better or the pain will go away sound .. impossible but it will happen. hold tight and dont beat yourself for it. if you cant study, dont. your mental health is more important than midterms. really. give yourself a break and get back on track when youre okay again. but atleast give it a shot. dont just give up okay ? 

I feel so bad I left my sisters 21st with my friend and am staying at my friends boyfriends place bc I really don’t wanna see my mum, I haven’t seen her for like a month and I just know she’s gonna give me so much shit and i really don’t wanna deal with that