reasons why faith would have been a better option for buffy in season 6:

~she has the outsider perspective like spike did, and had been “evil” so buffy would feel more comfortable and wouldn’t feel like she would be judged by her. basically she had all the positives

~faith and buffy had more of a connection pre season 6 than spike and buffy. of course, this is subjective, but that is imo

~this is the most important one. faith UNDERSTANDS what buffy is feeling. she knows that feeling of depression, self loathing, and self destruction, in a way no one else on the show does. she’s been there herself. but she’s getting better. so, seeing someone else, especially buffy go down that path, she would do everything she could to pull her back. compared to spike, who doesn’t really understand, and has always been a cheerful motherfucker. who is excited to see buffy fallen, and encourages that unhealthy behavior

Basically, fuffy would have been a way more healthy, positive, sensible development and wtf writers

My boss is from Denmark, and yesterday he was telling me about Julemanden (“Yule Man”), the Danish equivalent of Santa Claus.

I was surprised to learn that Julemanden is virtually identical to the U.S. version of Santa Claus. But there was one difference…

Since Denmark is a Nordic country, and elves (like the Ljósálfar and Dökkálfar) are an important part of ancient Norse culture, I asked him how Julemanden’s elves are portrayed.

He replied, “Oh I guess that is one difference. Julemanden doesn’t have elves. He has gnomes make his toys.”

Ever since that conversation I can’t get that thought out of my head BECAUSE IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!

Of course they’re gnomes! Why the Jingle Bell do we call them elves?!

tl;dr: Forget adopting metric, what America really needs to embrace is Christmas Gnomes.

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Tbh, I really don't like the MC(s) as characters. ;_; I don't find them very interesting plus they kinda defeat the purpose of the players being themselves in Otome games. I personally like the idea of the MC(s) being blank slates for the players' imaginations more, I hope that's okay!

OF COURSE! It is completely fine. Everyone has their own preferences :3

I feel the same! To me, the MCs as characters make me feel a bit awkward but then again that is just me. I am the definition of awkward. But, I have come to accept the default MC in the CGs lololol Her beautiful eyeless featureless face <3

I do much prefer MC to be a blank slate. It is much more interesting to see how differently everyone’s MC interacts with all the characters. BECAUSE they could be anything from a shy cutie to a bike riding millionaire ^o^ Also this is YOUR game! You are the MAIN CHARACTER.

 “The Main Character always comes last.” Am I right or am i right? lol Also I like to pretend I am as pretty as MC ToT

So over the weekend my company sent out a $10 off a $10 (or more) purchase. This coupon is of course a nightmare for the store and a hit with the customers. It ran from Thursday-Sunday. It was pretty much a shit show of people coming in to spend exactly $10 and get their stuff for free. I worked all four of those days as the manager on duty.

First day this woman comes in and argues with us about a sale that’s no longer going on that we have no signs up for. I was kind and gave her the benefit of the doubt that an associate told her they’d been sale that day because she’s a regular and usually doesn’t give us trouble and let her have them at the sale price with her $10 coupon. I made it known that I’d be there all weekend and we wouldn’t make that exception again. Which was true.

She came back the next day with her kids (7-12 year olds) all who had copies of that $10 coupon to purchase some stuff. That’s cool no worries.

The third sale day she came again, this time with more kids (like 6 of them. I don’t know if they were all hers) all with coupon in hand. At this point I gave her a warning because she was absolutely abusing this coupon that’s a one per person per day. Because the logical thing to do is print a million copies and send each of your ten kids in with $5 to pay tax on whatever you want them to get for you.

She came back the final sale day with MORE PEOPLE TO BUY THINGS FOR HER. I watched her scope out the store, waiting for me to leave so she could try to one up my associate. I let my associate know to come get me if she pulled out more of those coupons and hung out in the stock/break room and ate my lunch. She comes in the store with her group and picks out all the things for each kid to purchase for her and sends them up to the register. Associate comes to grab me from the back.

I didn’t even have to say anything to her because she already knew. Though I’m sure my totally unamused look said more than enough. As soon as I walked out of the stock/break room she quickly gathered her kids and scurried on out of my store.

I wasn’t joking when I said I’d be there all weekend. I also wasn’t joking when I told you that you werent going to fuck up my store’s performance rating by completely abusing a coupon that I shouldn’t have let you use as many times as I did in the first place.

breaking news: comparing chinese economic growth to american economic growth means Nothing. it’s a solid Nothing

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i had never noticed how shy iris is, normally people assume barry is the shy no chill one, but iris is so shy it is beyond cute

I think Iris is tougher, more outgoing, and more confident than Barry, but of course definitely has the capacity to be shy and vulnerable like anyone. It is utterly adorable to see that Barry Allen of all people is the one to reduce her to such a state

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Oh my goodness, Hana is looking more grown up everyday. What a cutie pie (and of course, Luna too)!

Isn’t she just? She can even hold her bottle for a second or two! (To be fair, the end of the bottle is resting on my wrist in this pic.)

So big!!!

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headcanon of sonny's kinks and turn-ons

Kinks have been requested in another ask, so these will just be turn-ons!

Warning: NSFW

  • Literally everything you do can get Sonny going
  • He finds you so ridiculously attractive that everything is hot
  • When you pull down the bottom of your dress/clothing to cover more of your legs because it reminds him that he’s one of the lucky few that gets to see you in all your glory
  • The way you purse your lips when someone else comes onto you and you aren’t having it
  • When you take control (at work or at home), because he finds you amazing and he loves seeing a more confident side to you
  • Your ability to put your inhibitions aside and do whatever you want, regardless of what other people will think of you for it
  • When you call him “Dom” or “Dominick” instead of Sonny!!! 
  • Of course, he also has more “average” turn ons, too
  • Seeing hickeys on your neck from the night before (especially if you’ve been trying to conceal them)
  • When you wear nothing but one of his over sized shirts!!!! 
  • Literally anything involving your legs
  • Lingering arm touches
  • Seeing you dance
  • Footsies—He’s not a big foot guy, but there’s something so insanely seductive about you secretly trying to turn him on in public
  • Hair (mainly because he loves tugging on it/running his fingers through it in bed)
  • Your back
  • Freckles, if you have any
  • When you sit in his lap
  • Your hand on his thigh
Alberta names its price for a federal tax on carbon: Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
The Trans Mountain expansion would create a twinned pipeline to carry oil from Strathcona County in Alberta to Burnaby, B.C. The expansion would triple the pipeline’s capacity from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day.
By Vassy Kapelos

Alberta’s environment minister says her government is willing to talk to Ottawa about a federal price on carbon of up to $50 a tonne if the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is approved.

“Kinder Morgan will ensure that we realize many of the economic benefits of economic access,” Shannon Phillips told Global News in an interview. “Of course more is better, but that is the one we have in the regulatory cue right now and that is the one project that we are looking to the federal government to resolve.”

The National Energy Board approved the pipeline expansion back in May, attaching 157 conditions. A final decision now rests with the federal government, and specifically cabinet. The deadline for that decision is Dec. 19.

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Yes, Yuri on Ice might be just baiting people but even if they are you can’t change the fact that there is a lot of bonding and flirting and just a lot of passion going on. And even though there are a lot of m/m manga (and sometimes anime) out there it doesn’t affect a lot of other anime in terms of representation because in the end it’s still Japan. Sadly not every country is as eager to have different characters and make a lot of people feel represented. Of course a more straightforward mentioning of actual romance would be interesting? nice? .. but I am honestly not sure if it’s something the anime would need since it’s still filled with lots of emotions to experience and honestly romance isn’t part of the genre for YOI so I personally don’t mind that there isn’t any romance (aka them addressing it directly) in YOI since it still gives you a lot of emotions whilst watching and not just between the two main characters but just in general because you can tell how much love they put into and and consideration for the sport they put into the anime so far. 

So.. I’m kinda agreeing with people that more representation would be nice and having someone reassure us that it’s not just baiting but I also personally don’t feel like it actually needs romance in it as long as it gives us the same vibes as it did so for. It might be nice if people cheered up a little and not try to make it less of what it is just because they don’t openly address relationships.

Another change

Will didn’t have nothing against changes, he honestly didn’t…but sometimes those said changes were more than what he could take in. Of course the blond wouldn’t say any of that out loud, especially now when he found himself rearranging boxes, trying his best to make space in the room, enough for him and his mother to sort of freely wander along their new acquired house.

The blue eyed couldn’t say that he was new to moving around the country, with his mom being a singer, it wasn’t unusual for him to be jumping from car to car, constantly sleeping in beds that weren’t his, ones his back wasn’t used to and that could be really uncomfortable considering how wore off the mattress was, a shapeless figure always colliding with his body after a rather tiresome day.

This whole situation was different though, his stuff never moved along with him. Sure, he often brought a bag with him to all those trips, carrying a pair of shirts and shorts, a stuffed animal sneakily coming as an extra passenger when he was younger, but things like his entire wardrobe, his set of drawers, his large wooden desk or his own bed structure always stayed at his comfy home under the bright Texan sun, not on the back of the moving truck that had taken them to their new residency.

He didn’t held harsh feeling for his mother because of the sudden decision especially since she had given up a lot to take care of him for years, always putting him in front of everything, letting wonderful opportunities go just to prioritize the life of his son, not giving him up even when that would have been the easiest thing to do, and for some the obvious as she had been young when she had him, the father nowhere to be seen, showing no signs of coming back. Taking all of that in consideration, Will had agreed to his mother suggestion, reason for why he was no longer standing under the sky of Texas but looking at the clouds of New York through the half opened window of what would supposedly become a living room.

“Alright, that’s the last one.” He heard his mother said before closing the door behind her with a careful kick, trying not make an unnecessary loud noise. She placed the couple of boxes she was carrying on the last empty corner of the room, gracefully stepping back to avoid knocking into something, they both knew the place was messy enough already. “Well, at least until the next round comes over.”

Will let out an exhausted sigh, his arms obviously tired of all the heavy lifting he had done for the last half an hour, if his bed had been put up together he would have for sure just laid there, waiting for dreams to get to him. But of course he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t even sit down on the floor because he would probably hit something due to his clumsiness, not to mention the obvious lack of space. He could bet that, if all the boxes scattered around him could breathe, he would be left without any air whatsoever.

“Do you want to rest until then? The day is quite lovely outside… Maybe you could meet some people from around the block.” Naomi, his mother, approached the topic softly, her eyes fixed on him even though the effect wasn’t the usual  as the locks of hair that were always curling behind her ears fell over a portion of her face. He knew what she was implying, and he couldn’t really blame her, not at all, it had been the other side of the country from where they had moved from, there’s where their previous life had been left behind. To be honest, Will, even though he missed the setting of his childhood adventures, wasn’t missing the people he saw there. True, he would always look bad and see tons of familiar faces, most of them friendly with easy going expressions plastered a considerable amount of time, but the blond never fully connected with any of them. Sure, he talked to his neighbors and classmates, although about nothing too meaningful, casual and vain topics, maybe not about the weather but that didn’t make the interactions particularly important nor relevant.

He was about to answer, his mouth partly opened, when he was suddenly interrupted by the honk of the second truck of the day. The blond wasn’t sure if he should be glad or if he should begin complaining mentally. His mother, however, was faster than him, quickly ruffling his hair before motioning towards the door, the wind having fully opened it while they found themselves distracted.

“How about you get a few more boxes before taking a well deserve break?” She asked, pushing him towards the entrance gently, adding before he could start complaining. “I’ll manage the rest, don’t worry.”

The blue eyed boy sighed in defeat, knowing for a fact that the insistence in his mother’s voice wouldn’t disappear anytime soon. He just had to accept defeat because there was no way the other was letting the matter go, he had gone through similar situations before that thought him how true the statement was and how useless would any attempt of fighting be.

His mother gave him a satisfied smile, realizing she had won once again. The blond stepped outside of the house, absently playing with the end of the sleeves of his hoodie, trying not to let his growing anxiety get to him. Contrary to popular belief, he was particularly awkward with new people, that feeling intensifying when no one know was around, leaving him without any sense of familiarity. He was so caught up by his own thoughts that he didn’t register the man on a wheel chair in front of him until he ended up tripping with one of the boxes the helpers had put outside, scattering its content around and bumping into the other, who would have been laying down on the hard ground if he hadn’t grabbed the sides of the wheels, forcing them to stay straight but sending him to the floor with a rather loud noise. He was sure bruises would show up on his knees and arms the following day.

“Uh, I… S-Sorry, it wasn’t my intention…” He trailed off nervously, avoiding the other’s glance, waiting for a rant that never came, instead, his ears only registering an amused laugh.

“Don’t worry, it seemed like you were quite busy.” The man said, shrugging the incident off as if it had been nothing but an insignificant paper cut and not just some teen that had almost knock him out of the item he apparently so needed. “It also looks like you could use some help.”

And with that having been pronounced, he pointed to the items on the ground before leaning down slightly, his hand trying to reach for a small anti stress ball that had landed next to him.

“There’s no need.” Will stated quickly, rushing to grab the tiny object before the man could harm himself in any way. He heard the other chuckle softly, watching with the corner of his eye how his head moves from side to side in amused disbelief.

“I’m really sorry, Sir.” The blond said, though his mind was more focused in filling the box, that was now on his lap, with the missing items, hopefully before a car ran into any of them.

“You’ve apologized enough already.” Brown eyes staring at him, not leaving but rather analyzing his actions and movements. “Now, how about you pass me that box so I can make your job a little easier?”

Will really wanted to say no, he really did, there was no way he would lend the work he had been assigned to do to someone else, someone, mind you, that probably had by far better things to do that to help out a clumsy boy that could easily complete the said task on his own. The older male seemed to notice what was going on in his mind as he stated shortly after he had previously directed a word to him.

“I insist.”

The blond hesitantly handed him the item he had requested, staring at him questioningly for a couple of fractions of seconds before slowly gathering the objects, his eyes looking at his surroundings from time to time, the last thing he need right now was being hit by a car.

“I’ve never seen you around here before.” The man said suddenly, attracting his attention from the recollection task.

“I’m new, just moved in.” Will simply told the other, placing a hand full of other small objects back where they initially where.

“Ah, yes. That would explain it.” That was the only response he got from his companion, the only sound that he made until a couple of minutes later.

At first, Will wondered if he had offended him in any way, but the soft smile adorning the other’s features seemed to indicate otherwise. The silence set over them both, over the street, wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, if he were to be honest, it was nice in a very peculiar way. The situation stayed like that for a while, the older one being the one who broke the silence.

“That would be all.” He spoke as he carefully handed him the now full container.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to.“ The blue eyed uttered, a small grin on his face as he slowly took a couple of steps back. If the box fell again, at least it wouldn’t get to hit someone.

“But I did.” The other stated, no malice present on his tone, Will was about to ask what was that supposed to mean but the only one who could answer that opened his mouth to pronounce something else before turning around, down the street. “Have a nice day, kid”

And just like that, he disappeared figure his view a lot faster than what he had expected. Will pressed the box closer to his chest, his eyes fixing its attention towards the floor as he mentally wished for the ability to not fall down due to having two left feet for apparently the most common and easy activities. The blue eyed bitted the inside of his cheek as he slowly started to make his way back home, making a mental note to splash some water to his face as he was sure something had gotten into his eye, there was no other possible explanation for him to had seen a reddish flash at the end of the container.

However, he couldn’t help but feel that something about the box was now different.

“You have your mother’s face and my charisma! Not to mention the silly eyebrows… She would’ve been so proud.”

Made this for specifically for @brideoffunkenstein, @codenamedoctordamsel, @riveralwaysknew, @thespacehairandthespaceidiot and @alwaysweetie because I know they stan River more than the rest of the Whovian population (except Alex, of course!) You all will always be some of my favorite accounts to follow! 


Even though I firmly believe you can eventually build an audience with anything, I still occasionally fall into a depressive mood and feel as if it’s impossible for my work to be marketable.

And then I get even more depressed because I have such a hard time doing any finished pieces and haven’t figured out how to get into the habit of more fully inked/colored work. This is mostly a mental block.

Of course, all of this is irrational but knowing that doesn’t change these feelings as much as I’d like.

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Hi! You speak and read in japan right? Why Nami calls Sanji-Kun? with the suffix? And why Sanji calls Nami-San and not Chan? I'm not understand.. I only know that Sanji calls Nami-San because he considers it as a queen o not? I'm confused...

Hello my darling anon (I’m running out of pet names at this rate ^^)!  Thank you for the ask!!

Oda kind of, sort of answered part of this in his own cheeky way in one of the SBS Corners in volume 80.  For those who can’t follow the link at the moment, the short of it is this:

Oda said that he heard something interesting from his staff one day: When women get older, they want to be treated like they are young, and when they are young, they want to be treated like an adult. The staff asked if Sanji knew that, and Oda replied “O-of course. That’s it.”

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Seifer is staring almost sadly at the cup of coffee sloshing onto it’s saucer with a faint frown. He hadn’t come to be rude, after all. He’d heard of Squall’s problems with prohibition enacted, the other had lost his license and as such his livelihood. 

“Look. I’m serious. I can get you some quality stuff to sell out the back. It’s the good grain alcohol they make in the south. I got a good hook up… besides I’d hate to see my Pop’s old place go out of business even when he ain’t here.” 

Cid of course had suggested something more ‘productive’ for the old bar but Seifer knew the potential it had in selling exactly what had been banned. 

“I’ll even help you hide the real bar if you don’t want to be selling it out the front.” 

A sip of is coffee is met with a face before he pours a shot of whiskey into it from a flask,” I mean it’s either that or close shop, right?”

As promised, the Lizzie version of my dear Grell drawing <3 Thank you for all the love on that post, by the way <3

I deliberately made it very contrasting: pastel colours, cute, pink, cute, pink, more cute… xD But still with a hint of creepiness with the Ciel doll, (I’d argue it’s creepy than the Sebastian one…) that has presumably cake icing on it instead of blood. Or maybe that’s Lizzie’s illusion…? ;3; Either way, when she notices that doll hanging off her Ciel bunny, she’s gonna flip, cuz it’s not cute at all. Heh. She also added that flower and hearts and stars on the Ciel bunny’s hat to make it even more cute XD too many cutes in this description…

My first time drawing twin drills and of course Lizzie herself ;3; She was a bit more of a struggle than Grell was, because I didn’t want to add too much shading and cross hatching - I was scared of ruining the cutesy pastel vibe - but I’m happy with the result. Especially that bunny, ahhh~~ <3

Elizabeth Middleford © Yana Toboso

Art © littlekittylion-art. DO NOT remove these credits or use this piece without my permission. Thank you.

Kitty xx

I know Bomb x Ross seems like a ship that doesn’t make sense—

But?? Honestly?? They could work it into the sequel??

The relationship between the birds and the pigs is obviously gonna be a complicated one— But coexistence is possible ((seen with Gale and Silver))

A romantic relationship between a bird and a pig could be what the two species need to form a friendship—

And there’s probably a few other ways they could work that into the story, but…


and of course they’re just adorable together


My literature class is becoming more and more irritable. I really wanted to love this class of course, this is my major! But my professor shows up an hour late, doesn’t teach anything, completely changes the subject matter from poetry (currently) to anything imaginable. Everyone is doing midterms and we are two weeks behind schedule 😶

Math is going well + studying for it because geometry has me lost.