i was sorting through some of my older content & i compiled this masterpost of all the “fake questlines” i’ve made so far .. dont know if itll be useful to anyone else but its good to have them all in one place i guess

- kallter / stoneground (wasn’t sure whether to count this one because it was more of a dream than anything but .just 2 be safe)

- orion’s folly

- burger mystery

- birthday

- chaos in jorvik city

- one centimeter a day

Dear Charlie,

I really have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I’m 18, and yeah it’s fantastic I’ve made it here given that when I was 13 I didn’t even see myself making it to 14. But what’s it all for? I wake up, eat(though very little), and my day is full of disappointments and panic attacks in the school bathroom. I’ve been on so many meds I’ve lost count. I feel like hell, Charlie. There was a time when I was numb and I would gladly accept that over what I’m feeling now. My family doesn’t understand, my friends don’t seem to care at all, though I tell them very little to begin with because I don’t want to be that friend.

I think I may be too far gone for help, Charlie.

Sincerely yours,


November 30, 2016

thygencysparrow  asked:

*A Purrito arrives* [(Sadly, I haven't verified my email so that I could use the message feature)] Say, what's the largest art you've ever made? It's purely by size, if you are wondering.

Hey there. Lol it’s no problem. The only thing I use the conversation feature is for requests on dubbing/translations. Otherwise, the regular mail box is fine.

I haven’t made anything huge physically. I would say the biggest project I’ve ever finished was like a +60 page Pokemon fan comic ha ha.

Although, this made me count my Overwatch comic pages and apparently I’ve made ~95 pages (image count) so far lol. They don’t share continuity, but I guess it’s still counts as a big project.

Thanks for the question! Mail box is always open.

Missing you.

When I lost you, it was like… Everyone else was going to leave me too. My heart couldn’t survive the pain so it smashed, into too many pieces to count. I think of how lonely you are in heaven, how far away we are now. The memories are too much for me to handle, they hurt, they burn and they steal the rest of my soul I ever have left. Do you know how much it hurts? Can you even hear me? I just want to hear your voice again. See your face again. Hug you again. I want to tell me that I’m going to be okay. I want you to tell me that even tough your gone, you’re still with me. Why does it feel like you look a piece of me with you and you won’t give it back. You’re so selfish. Yet… I miss you. I miss you so much that I stop eating. I stop trying. I stop doing anything that reminds me of you. Why can’t this big gaping hole in my heart just go away? When I stop missing you? When does it stop hurting? When I can finally move on? Does it ever get better? Or do we just have to move through the pain? To have to walk through life trying to deal with your death that has engraved itself in the hole of my heart. The hole where you supposed to be.

Progress update!

Exercise: Not great, it’s been a very low-energy week. Only went to the gym on Monday, but went for a swim today and planning another one tomorrow. So over all, will have reached my minimum of 3 workout days.

Diet: So far so good! Not easy though. I suspect I’m under what the book says I’d be getting in terms of daily calories, but that’s not such a big deal for me. What I am finding tough is spacing my meals out. I think that splitting lunch into two smaller meals works a lot better for me, because I seem to get hungry at odd times of the day.

Shrinkage: I’ve lost a total of 3kg since I last checked about a month ago, and my thigh measurement has also shrunk! Yay! I need to lose another 4kg to be down to my pre-China weight, and then another 7kg to be down to my in-China weight (always found that I lost weight in China and gained it in Australia).

I reached an important mile stone today. I often go over the daily recommended number of calories, usually by about 100 cal or so, sometimes a bit more. Most times this happens I just go, “meh, whatever,” and go to bed, but secretly feel guilty about it. TodayI went over, so I did an extra 15min of exercise, so I’m now only about 60cal over, which I genuinely am not worried about. The bit I’m celebrating is actually having the energy to do that!


On the Washington, D.C. street where Mike Pence will be living before Inauguration Day, his new neighbors have begun displaying rainbow flags in protest. 

According to one resident, Ilse Heintzen: “[It’s] a respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking. I have no idea what [the Vice-President Elect] will think about, but I hope he will change his mind.” So far, there are six flags and counting. Good on ya, D.C. (via WJLA)

Tumblr, you’re killing art.

This is a horrible website for art. This is a horrible website for artists.

The only art that ever gets attention here is fanart, or artists who already have thousands of followers. 

Nothing new is ever added to the mix, nothing else ever gets out there, because you guys see art, and while you might think it’s cool, you keep on scrolling because it isn’t Undertale or Homestuck or whatever sports anime is popular right now. You only give attention to fanart, and even that is an elitist club where attention is only given to the chosen few fandoms.

Artists who create original work are getting less and less support all the time. I’m feeling it, and I’m seeing my friends get less support too. We’re losing followers. Our note count is going down.

“Do art for yourself!” People say. But that only goes so far. No matter how you slice it, getting ignored and snubbed constantly on pieces you spent precious hours on while you watch the notes on a quick fanart doodle soar into the thousands hurts. We don’t create art to place it in a dark room and never be looked at. No artist ever posts art here thinking “I hope no one looks at this and it gets no notes.”

Encouragement and praise go a long way to help artists with original ideas, but you guys don’t care about original ideas. They’re falling by the wayside. Soon there won’t be any new things to make fanart of. How many movies that have come out in recent years have been sequels or remakes? A lot more than new, original concepts, that’s for sure. When you look around in a few years and find that everything is stale, boring, and overdone, know that you have no one to blame for that but yourself.

Ideas need support. Ideas need to be shared and fostered and encouraged. Otherwise, they die off into nothing. 

Reblog more than just fanart, please.


Part 1 of 2 (I made it 2 parts instead of 3)

I got so many MariChat “Passionate Kiss” requests, I basically stopped counting.  XD  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and draw a scene from @imthepunchlord ‘s fic, Curiosity and Satisfaction, an Enemy AU (YES I KNOW, DON’T JUDGE ME, I’M A SUCKER FOR THOSE) where Adrien ends up befriending Marinette as Chat. 

In this scenario (it’s in Chapter 4, I believe) a love akuma is terrorizing the city and there’s no time to hide (did you catch my DJWifi “photobomb”? Mwahahaha >:3 )

This is BY FAR the steamiest thing I have EVER drawn.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  And it’s not even that risqué (it’s just two people kissing) but still!!!  I’m nervous about posting it on the internet where it’ll remain forever!!  ヽ( ⁰д⁰)ノ  Help me feel good about my decision!!


I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: it comes down to whether you want more false positives or more false negatives. Do you want to have such stringent requirements for ‘counting’ as lgbtqiap that some people who many consider lgbtqiap get left out? Or do you want more lenient requirements so occasionally someone may ‘count’ who some people within the community think shouldn’t count, but get included anyway? 

I am always going to err on the side of false positives and inclusion, because that’s the kind of community I want to be a part of. The potential negative impact of having a ‘faker’ or something in lgbtqiap+ spaces is far outweighed, in my mind, by the persistant negative impact of this sort of aggressive, vigilant gatekeeping that causes people to have to prove their oppression and hold it up to some shifting standard of what’s ‘oppressed enough.’ 

A community built on that kind of code doesn’t feel safe for many of us whose lives don’t fit a very specific narrative. Hypothetical false positives are far less damaging to our sense of community and inclusion than this sense that any of us could have our lgbtqiap membership revoked whenever gatekeepers come up with a good enough excuse to exclude us.


remember that one da:o redesign post from a year ago that i wanted to remake because it was really ugly because its taking ages lmao so here are the ones i have so far, romance options + anora c;


Hi all :)
There’s a bit less than two days remaining for this round of the competition so if you’re enjoying Always Human it would be absolutely amazing if you could pretty please vote!

(If you’ve voted before you can vote again, you’re allowed to vote daily :D)

If you can support me in this I would be infinitely grateful - if I can get through to the top 4 I’ll have the chance to draw Always Human full time. And that would be awesome!

To vote all you need to do is click the black button that says “vote for this comic”. The site will then prompt you to log in with facebook, twitter or line. You’ll then need to click the vote button again - the text will go green once you’ve voted.

Thanks again for all the support so far. Every note and message and ask and like has meant so much to me. There’s no way I would have gotten this far in the contest without you guys and I’ll never be able to adequately describe just how grateful I am for that.

Thank you <3

Everything is always marked with a number:
2 weeks since I last kissed you,
1 week since you last called,
4 days since we last talked.

I wish we could lose ourselves in time
So that I could go back and press pause for just a minute
Just so I can look into your eyes for a few more seconds,
Run my hands through your hair a few more times
And whisper “I love you” until the way it rolls off my tongue is forever engraved in your brain
So that you can never forget me
Or the way I loved you with every part of me. 
I wish we could lose ourselves in time 
And find ourselves again in the future
When you aren’t so far away 
And I can finally hold you in my arms again.

But instead, here I am,
Stuck counting down the days until I get to see you.
Here I am,
Terrified that you’ll forget my touch in the next few days,
My hysterical laugh in the next week
And the way I loved you in the next 2 weeks.
Here I am,
Terrified that when you come back
I won’t be able to hold you in my arms anymore.

—  I wish we had more time, or that time didn’t exist at all
Spoonie hacks: hatching Pokemon Go eggs when you cant walk too far

ok so last night my partner and I did some experimentation (since we couldn’t actually find the answers online) and it looks like pokemon go doesn’t use a pedometer to count the distance you need to walk to hatch the eggs.

What it looks like is that it uses the gps and a timer system, and so long as you stay under a certain speed or under a certain time between the gps points, you get that distance counted towards your ‘walking’.

What this means is that without the pedometer function travelling using a wheelchair does count towards your kms/miles. Yay!

However it also means its harder to work around than a pedometer (where you just tap your phone against your leg for 20 mins or so) for those of us with mobility issues, fatigue, or problems leaving the house that impact how far we can reasonably walk.

But, we did find that because of the way the gps and the timer works, if you drive around under our guess of 20km an hour you can still rack up your distance and hatch those eggs!

Please note: Driving while using a phone at the same time is dangerous and illegal! and driving at such low speeds can also disrupt traffic and be dangerous and is illegal in some places!

So, with safety in mind, the best way we’ve found to do this is with a buddy in the passenger seat keeping both your phones from locking, catching the pokemon that show up and hitting the pokestops for you, and the driver focusing on the road while driving slowly.

Places we have found that are good to do this in the city are:

  • large outdoor carparks (underground carparks won’t get gps)
  • areas of heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic
  • quiet residential areas 
  • housing estates that are still under construction
  • and industrial areas at night

If you don’t have a buddy or a car, busses crawling through traffic will definitely be slow enough, and other possible options include sticking your phone to a remote control car or drone and driving it around, or sticking your phone to your dog and playing fetch, however I haven’t tried these out since I don’t have an rc car, a drone or a dog.

Feel free to add ideas or let me know of your spoonie hacks around this mechanic!

I make spell jars, and I make a lot of them. So, naturally my most asked question is “Where to you buy those tiny jars??”. I buy them at Dollarama, but it is a Canadian chain. So I have made a list (with links) of places you can buy tiny jars online for everyone who doesn’t have access to these! I will add more if I find more! These are all US based, as far as I know. Probably also available in Canada also. I can work on a UK version also, but most of my requests come from the US!

These are all in USD!


24 count, 1 ½ inch tall bottles for $6.99
50 count, extra mini tiny jars (they are so small omg) for $7.99
30 count, 2 inch tall bottles for $17.99
12 count, vintage milk bottle style, 4 inches tall for $17.99
9 count, various sized jars for $8.49
10 count, 1 inch jars with eyepin in cork for necklaces for $4.48
15 count, 3 inch, vial style jars for $8.99
5 count, 1 inch, star shaped jars for $2.89
5 count, 1 inch, heart shaped jars for $2.89


18 count, 3.5 inch jars for $11.97
4 count, various sized jars for $3.56

Hobby Lobby–

4 count, 3 inch jars for $2.99
tiny, black (not clear) 3 count jars with eyepin for $5.99
2 inch, square jar for $1.99
2 inch, round jar for $1.99
2 ¾ inch, triangle jar for $2.67

Hobby Lobby has a whole “Fairytale” line that is aesthetically pleasing as far as witchy things go, also! 

37/100 Days of Productivity

My goal for this month was to get my sleep schedule back on track for school. I woke up at 6:30 today which counts as a success. This morning, I read for a few hours before work and bought some used textbooks. I looked really smart drinking my chai tea latte with a book in hand and two physics textbooks in front of me!

Anyways, I have another full day shift at work and then I’ll have a driving lesson later. School starts soon enough so I’m going to review my precalc and chem notes as well.

My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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ok Alyx I am in AWE right now!!!!!!!! Like I cannot even express my exciTEMENT when I was opening this. The detail and work you put into this, like “impressed” doesn’t even begin to cover it; handbound, the special touches, your card, it was all very personable and I still can’t believe you made all of that!!!

Seriously, if anyone wants some quality traditional art go to her shop it’s amazingggggfmdsasfjdks thank you so much for gifting us with your art<33