i feel like i’ve been making a lot of text posts today and i know my aesthetic followers are probably getting annoyed but i swear this is the last one.

okay so if you’ve been following my lily.txt posts lately you will notice my love for bubble tea. i decided to splurge and actually bought milk tea powder, tapioca pearls, and steel straws so i can have bubble tea whenever i want and not just once in awhile since where i live there are no bubble tea places and the closest one to me is still kind of far. i only bought one flavor cuz they’re expensive and it’s a hugeee bag omg (2.2lbs!) but now all of my bubble tea dreams can come true :)

I know it’s only the middle of august but I’ve already got that fall feeling. You know the one, like deep in your soul that just feels warm and cozy and comforting? Well, that’s how I’m feeling right now, and probably will continue to feel until winter.

damn I’m making a lot of text posts today but anyway I have come to the conclusion that if a thin person wears something mildly out of the ordinary it is a fashion statement and the next big thing and if a fat person wears something mildly out of the ordinary it is a fashion failure and they must be shamed for it

actually you know what for a thin person it doesn’t have to even be mildly out of the ordinary they can deadass just wear a t-shirt and sunglasses and bam bunch of attention what a fashion forward son of a gun

the only sounds ever made by your character in Skyrim are your shouts, and from what I’ve seen they are all race and gender specific. so does that just mean. they got a bunch of people just to scream into a mic for money ?? did they just take a random guy and tell him “shout like a cat-man into the mic”??? 

So I’m scrolling through my dash and I see a cute picture of Ash and my first reaction was to say “Aww.” Then the next picture was a cute picture of Mikey and my first reaction was to say “You motherfucker.” If this doesn’t explain my relationship with these boys then idk what does.

Where the story ends (it does not)

Err, so after a lot of text posts today, one more. Bagginshield fic, a bit of an experiment in style/ composition. Enjoy?

The story ends as the sun pierces the early morning fog and lights up the battlefield. Bowed over Thorin Oakenshield’s motionless body, Bilbo Baggins from the Shire cries out his heart in the cold breeze of late autumn.

But does it truly end there?

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here is something important to me:

if anyone - anyone at all, i don’t care how close you are to them or how convinced you are you can help them - if anyone tries to make you responsible for their mental health, or make what you do or who you are on any given day vital to their mental health or recovery, leave.

do not allow this. protect yourself. do not drain yourself, your gifts, your talents, your health, for these people. leave them. leave them. release them back into the universe. let them find their own way back. take care of yourself first, i am begging you, because if you don’t you will forget how, and that is a long, painful, lonely journey, lonelier than you would ever be living without these people in your life. be brave, let yourself grow, do not let energy vampires take you down with them just because they can’t stand to be in the sun with you. you are worth more, you are worth so much more than this, just for trying. do not sacrifice your strength for someone who will throw it away, you need to be strong for yourself, for what you will bring into the world, because there is something and these people will give everything they have to take it away from you, they have nothing to lose.


put down the pen you’re using to write these people into your history, they officially no longer belong there, they are trespassing, this is your story and it always has been. be strong. get away. throw the pen into the ocean, if it’ll make you feel better. your life is your own. i promise.